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Darren James fulfills a member’s challenge on the Toilet!

“My Sweaty Arse” – Master Harvey tastes his own.

“Scott Shearer”

“Night At The Barracks”

Steven Wild slurps on Cody’s stiff rod with reckless abandon.

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The SneakyPeek cameraman spies in the window of a caravan to catch a sexy tough guy coming out of the shower and toweling himself off. Without knowing he’s being filmed his cock and big round ass cheeks are captured on video.

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Juan Carlos is a super hot latin footballer who’s got what it takes: a very well formed body, a stiff big cock, a meaty muscled ass, a tight hairy hole and lots of masculinity.

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Chris is 19 years old, straight, really tall and got a huge thick uncut cock. He’s a fuck master.. Checkout his videos and u’ll see for yourself!

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Devin’s huge cock is going to make him famous

Super cute gay guy Brandon Lewis is fascinated by the bromance of his straight friends Liam Magnuson & Jack King.  A few suave questions later, Brandon takes their bromance to the next level and ends up sucking their straight cocks and get fucked in his gay ass!



Web Wankers Caught On Skype

There’s no time for dinner for muscled Collin and twinky Giovanni in this hot scene.

A bunch of the guys walked into the house after tossing the ball around in the backyard. They were all sweaty, and looking to grab a beer but instead found Angelo sniffing on Jansen’s underwear. Jensen grabbed Angelo by the head and shoved his face into his sweaty crotch. He was fed loads of cock then cute blond boy Jansen bent over the bench-press and asked to get eaten out. Both dudes took turns licking and fingering his smooth virgin hole until finally stuffing it with their big dicks. After loads of fucking and pre-cum dumping – two of the dudes laid on the couch with legs up in the air begging to get fucked. Kev took turns fucking both dudes, going back and fourth between the two holes. Finally he and Angelo dumped their loads onto blond boys hole, and punched it back in.



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Cute young Kyle has just turned 18 and gets fucked deep and hard by hung Mike Stafford. Kyle gets a face full of cum as his birthday present.

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These two inked up boys are ready for action! Anton has a lean physique, hard abs and stiff cock. Diego is younger and not as experienced as Anton but when Tori bends over, Diego is ALL OVER IT! And despite his tattoos and efforts to look more street savvy with his pal Anton, Diego still has a boyish innocence about him as he pulls down his pants. He waits, his stiff dick in his hand, as Anton takes his turn fucking Tori. Diego is ready when it is his turn for sloppy seconds! Diego’s hard young cock doesn’t disappoint. Tori is on her hands and knees allowing Diego to penetrate her as she blows Anton. It’s a spit roast with these two straight boys fucking her at both ends. Diego flips her on her back so he can watch her suck Anton’s dick while he continues pounding her! Anton tells Diego “Okay, I’m coming” before dumping his sperm load!

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Scanning the rural countryside, you are likely to see many wonders of nature, but none so striking in this landscape as the picturesque physique of Zack Lemec. Perched on a boulder underneath the bright sun, he smolders and shimmers as the light glistens off his sun drenched body. Stripping naked to soak in the rays, he basks in the warmth and fondles himself by a deep blue pond. Working himself into a frenzy, he sits back against rock and reclines amidst the foliage, natural as can be, and without a care in the world. The good life, he thinks, as he explodes forth in a gooey offering to the day… the good life indeed.

next door buddies Dirty Work

When your boss calls you a piece of shit, you can bet you’re gonna need to do some fast talking…or some good sucking!Conner Maguire has been summoned by his work superior, Johnny Torque, to chat about his performance on the job lately. Conner is a self-admitted slacker. In fact, he tells Johnny he doesn’t even know what his duties are! That’s why Johnny’s decided to let him go. But Conner needs this job! He comes up with a quick plan to stick around; he’s willing to take Johnny’s long, hard cock deep. And Johnny’s willing to entertain Conner’s efforts! Watch Conner slurp and bob on Mr. Torque’s fully-flared, massive cock. Then you’ll see the boss get a taste for himself when he wraps his own mouth around Conner’s pulsating beast. And before too long, Johnny’s going to take advantage in every way possible by sliding his firm erection into Conner’s tight ass. You’ll definitely be talking about this one at the water cooler!

cody cummings CREATIVE JUICES

Cody Cummings has recently received an honorary PhD in Literature from a fairly prestigious university on the West Coast. As an effort to give something back, he’s agreed to tutor students in his free time. On this occasion, we find him at the home of diligent and aspiring Jay Cloud. Jay has been struggling with a case of writers block lately and he has a composition due in just a couple days. He’s very grateful to have a mentor like Cody to help him clear his mind.After a little work, Cody can see Jay is dealing with stress. He rubs his shoulders to help him loosen up a little. The guys decide that taking off their shirts will certainly aid in the process of relaxation. The sight of Dr. Cummings’s bare chest and arms causes a sudden swelling in Jay’s cock. Cody recognizes a unique look in Jay’s face. It’s a look that shows he desires a healthy, fat dick in his mouth. Cody is here for one reason, to help Jay in any way he can to break through and find creative inspiration. If allowing him to suck his bulging erection is the answer, Dr. Cummings is willing to do it! Watch Jay let his worries melt away while he enjoys Cody’s fat dong sliding between his lips, in and out of his mouth, all the way down his throat. You’ll see why Cody’s method for stirring creative juices is so effective.

visconti triplets Filthy Overalls 2

Filthy Overalls — Jason Visconti, Jimmy Visconti, Joey Visconti



falcon studios Smoldering Hot

If the size of the tent in Rylan Shaw’s jeans is any indication, Bobby Clark’s cocksucking skills are about to be put to the test. A nipple-pinching make out session on the outdoor deck ends with two naked studs swapping blow jobs, and … yes … Rylan’s cock fully delivers the length and girth promised by that bulge. But the best action happen inside, with Rylan writhing on his back while Bobby’s tongue probes and bastes his hole. Bobby’s barely furry buns wave in anticipation of the pounding he’s soon to deliver. With Rylan still on his back, Bobby sidles up to him, enfolds him in his arms, and slides his tongue, still covered in Rylan’s ass juices, into Rylan’s mouth while he slides his cock into Rylan’s juicy hole. The room is filled with the sounds of passion as Rylan pulls his monster cock in rhythm to Bobby’s strokes. A switch to reverse cowboy position offers prime views of two white hot bodies in perfect conjunction. They take turns controlling this smoldering fuck that culminates with Rylan shooting buckets of jism across his abs, soon to be mingled with Bobby’s load.

next door twink Oiled & Ready

Joey Tiger is a fucking wildcat newcummer. Insatiable and full of energy, he rubs Joey Hard down with oil and watches his friend live up to his namesake. Growing rock hard between Tiger’s slippery touch, Joey matches his intensity, and quickly he is full of enthusiasm as he facefucks Tiger’s mouth. Showing little gag reflex, this newbie sucks cock with flare and style, as Hard wets his fingers and inserts them into this hot young ass. Joey looks back as the other Joey smacks his ass with his huge, oiled up cock, and from his knees, he begs for insertion and a nice thorough pounding, which Joey obliges before pulling out blowing a load all down the new guy’s throat.

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Troy Daniels lies on his back surrounded by the pack of horse-hung studs who take turns fucking his mouth and ass. But a cock in each hole isn’t enough for Troy; he needs one in each hand too. The pack moves around the cock-hungry bottom, taking turns plowing his greedy hole until they can’t take it any more. The pack urges each other on as one at a time they pull out and unload, glazing Troy in gobs of creamy white cum. Covered in sweat and jizz, Troy realizes he has finally exhausted the gangbangers! He pulls out and jacks his own rock-hard cock until he blows.

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Captain Josh West catches Private Brian Bonds hiding in his locker jacking off to gay porn. Captain West explains that since the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ there’s no need to hide; he grabs Bonds’ cock and drags him out into the barracks. West pulls apart the young Private’s ass cheeks and coats his hole with thick white lube from his canteen. He shoves an inflatable dildo up Bonds’ ass to stretch out his tight hole. He then orders Bonds to lie on his back on the table so he can ‘wreck his ass’ with a huge fake latex cock from his personal arsenal. All of the hardcore assplay makes Bonds’ dick rock hard. West smacks the horny bottom’s worn out hole while Bonds jacks off and shoots his load.

SCARYFUCKERS — Power House Breeders

When Marco walks into the room, Alex T is still bent over, with an ass sprayed with cum. He quickly turns around and lets Marco enter his mouth. Quickly excited, Marco grabs Alex by the skull and fucks his throat.
After a little balls-to-jaw action, Marco is nice and hard, and ready to plow Alex’s ass. Alex bends over and lets Marco slip inside his tight but well lubed asshole. He slams that little man-entry fast, hard, and all the way in!
Feeling so good, but wanting to feel even better, Alex props himself up with one hand while stroking himself. The sensation of that cock pounding his ass away while he strokes his own manhood is overwhelming! Marco fucks Alex like an animal, and explodes right into Alex’s crack, leaving Marco with a little breathing time to recover from taking seven men in him.

BOUNDJOCKS — Dirk Caber Coaches Dean Monroe





raging stallion 2

Muscular latin stud D.O. drills Trenton Ducati’s asshole

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Cody Cummings Free Gay Porn Photos and HD Videos Thu, 31 May 2012 13:25:23 +0000 cody cummings - BEAL SEDUCTION

We catch up with Cody Cummings and Justin Beal down in the garage, just hanging out, leaning against the quad ATV and getting acquainted. The chemistry is obvious between these two, and so Cody just lets things happen naturally, allowing Justin to indulge in all the body worship his heart (and hands) desire. Justin starts by peeling off Cody’s shirt and rubbing his back, working his way down Cody’s back with soft delicate kisses. Pulling Cody’s pants down to reveal his supple toned ass, and reaching around to work Cody’s ever hardening shaft. Justin strips out of his clothes and he is already rock hard as Cody leans back on the quad. Justin sucks Cody off, getting his dick all wet, then jacking it as he licks Cody’s balls and asshole. Cody is quivering and close to losing his load throughout. Hardly able to control himself, he tries to hold off while Justin blows his hot load all over Cody’s stomach, and then Cody can control himself no longer, as he puddles himself with even more cum, shaking and convulsing as Justin rubs his cum-stained stomach.

cody cummings - You Bet Your Ass

Cody Cummings is just chillin’ out, sending a few tweets while his pal Johnny Torque plays air hockey with a new friend of Cody’s, Randy Dixon. Johnny gets bored playing without stakes, so he suggests the two play for a sexual prize.Cock loving Randy is into the idea, so they get serious on the table, pulling out their best moves in hopes of receiving a nice hot blowjob! Cody’s interest becomes piqued. He hears talk of dick sucking and his own fat piece begins swelling. When Johnny sinks the puck into Randy’s slot for the game point, Randy is happy to slurp down on a nice, fat boner. Cody watches from the couch, jerking off and gazing longingly. Since it’s Cody’s place, Johnny decides to share. And Randy has no problem with Cody sliding his enormous erection into his mouth. Johnny sees an opportunity and sidles up to fuck Randy’s tight asshole. Watch him pound newcummer Randy hard while Cody enjoys his soft lips around his bulging member.

cody cummings - SHADOWKISS

Cody Cummings stars in maybe the most erotic scene of his career. Half bathed in blue light, he searches the shadows for some show of life. Feeling the tension of the city night fill him up, he swells with desire in the dark alleyway, until a shadowy figure emerges from the distance. Anthony Romero knows these alleys well, but he never intended to find a guy like Cody waiting around for some attention. The two of them exchange glances in the dark and with a nod and an affirming grin, they inch closer and closer to each other, their mouths whet with anticipation until at last their lips meet. Skin caresses skin, body to body, mouth to mouth. Until the next time they meet, a kiss in the shadows will have to suffice.

cody cummings - Cody Brody and the London Bridge

It’s a cool night in the city while Cody Cummings closes the bar. He’s tired from dealing with club goers all evening and wants to go home to sleep. But two stragglers, Brody Wilder and Parker London, are hanging out until the last possible minute. Despite Cody’s appeals for the men to finish their drinks and leave, they proceed to get a lot more comfortable.Before Cody can intervene, Brody has pulled out his dick and Parker’s given it a taste. Yes, this sexual encounter has already progressed too far for Cody to stop it now. He’ll have to wait it out. But as he watches Brody and Parker, he realizes his own cock is fattening up. When Parker encourages Cody to join them, Cody reluctantly moves a bit closer, eventually removing his pants. Soon Cody is stroking his large erection just inches from Parker’s face. As Brody slides his fatty into Parker’s tight asshole, Cody pushes his swollen cock into Parker’s mouth. Then Parker switches with Brody so both dudes can get their lips around this incredibly hot bartender’s boner. This is a ‘cock tale’ for the books!

cody cummings - Triple Exposure

Cody Cummings is bringing you along for an epic ride! Join him, the gorgeous Ty Roderick, and the luscious Trey Turner. They’re posing for pics, having some laughs, and enjoying each other’s toned, beautiful bodies. While Cody gets a few solo shots in, Ty is keeping Trey warmed up by sucking his large, pulsating cock. When Cody steps in to join the guys, Trey wraps his plump lips around Cody’s throbbing dick for a few nice photos. Then Ty does like Cody does when he crams his boner into Trey’s mouth too! Then it’s time for Ty to indulge his hunger for tight ass. He’s fucking Trey hard while Cody stuffs his man mean deep down Trey’s warm throat. And when the photographer’s job is done, this threesome keeps going in explosive triple-threat fashion! It’s a rare and exclusive Cody experience you’ll definitely remember.

cody cummings - Blow Hard

Cody Cummings is just arriving at the gym, stripping out of his tight blue jeans and into his workout gear for a good sweat and some muscle contraction, and boy does he find what he’s looking for! Amid changing, Cody begins to get a little hard, so he indulges himself and begins to gently stroke his cock through his pants. Unbeknownst to him, new gym member Joey Hard has walked into the locker room and has been watching Cody for a few minutes, taking the opportunity to begin to fondle his own dick. When Cody and Joey actually make eye contact from across the room, they are both rock hard and hell bent on finishing, so they decide to join forces. After all, two heads are better than one, and that old adage sure proves true for Cody when Joey begins to suck him off with his hot mouth. Joey’s mouth feels so good that Cody can barely hold out, finally cumming all over himself as Joey does the same. Workout finished!

cody cummings - A Fantasy Fulfilled

Cody Cummings is finally satisfying his deepest carnal desire. He’s yearned for this intense passion for too long and can no longer resist the ultimate temptation. Brandon Lewis is joining Cody as he succumbs to the flames of burning desire. His craving for flesh has now become too strong to ignore. Brandon’s mouth upon Cody’s thick, throbbing cock is pushing this mortal man of flesh to cross his own boundaries into a new realm of forbidden pleasure. As he feels Brandon’s warm, inviting breath on his neck and lips, his inhibitions melt. He’s experiencing new sensations with every caress, slipping deeper and deeper into the place where his unfulfilled fantasies have been waiting.

cody cummings - All The Right Moves

Nick Spartan has been a long-time Cody fan. In fact, he’s jerked off to Cody’s films for years. That’s why he’s salivating with excitement while waiting for the illustrious Mr. Cummings to emerge from the bathroom when he’s finished with his shower. Cody’s been planning something a little different this time. He wants to be very vocal with Nick, right off the bat, guiding every step of the way. That’s fine with Nick, but once he presses his lips against Cody’s warm skin, carnal instinct takes over as Nick let’s his mouth run wild. He’s licking, sucking, and even biting Cody all over. And you won’t believe Cody’s reaction when Nick finds his most sensitive zone! See Cody’s desire build just before he shoves his thick, hard cock into Nick’s eager mouth. This young fan’s been craving a hot load from the Next Door Stallion for way too long!

cody cummings - Head Shots

Cody Cummings is back with one hot little twink! Corey Jakobs is about to get inaugurated into the Cummings scrapbook, as the two of them recline by the fire place for a steamy photo shoot that leads to some extra flares off camera. Corey is clearly intimidated at first by Cody’s meaty cock and his perfect physique, but in no time he begins to get more comfortable, and before you know it, he’s got himself a face full of Cody’s man snatch.

cody cummings - An Orifice and a Gentleman

Cody Cummings is a widely esteemed author and poet laureate. He’s recently hired a new office assistant by the name of Tyler Sin. Tyler is a quiet young man who is tidy and dresses in freshly pressed suits. He’s the type of boy upon whom Cody doesn’t have much time to waste, so the two only discuss clerical business when together and Cody is very curt even then. When Tyler was offered the position, he was told his duties would include the occasional servicing. Tyler took this to mean some kind of typewriter maintenance. He was quite wrong. Today Tyler received a memo from Mr. Cummings. It explained in no uncertain terms that Tyler would be required to suck Mr. Cummings’s dick and allow him to blow a load in Tyler’s open mouth. Tyler knew when he became an assistant to such an eccentric artist he would need to perform unusual tasks. If this time it meant bringing the illustrious Mr. Cummings to orgasm by pleasuring him orally, he would do it. Tyler wondered whether this servicing would help facilitate Mr. Cummings’s creative process. In that case, Tyler realized he would be becoming part of the grand process, perhaps an integral cog in the production of a masterpiece, surely an unsung but significant character in the intricate weaving of American history.

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Wet fucking and cock sucking. The WELL-HUNG studs bare it all for you! Cum see the wildest fucking that will make your cock rock hard.

drill my hole - the badge

The Badge on Drill My Hole: Spencer Reed, Connor Chesney

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19 Year Old Tricked Into Giving A "Private" Webcam Performance

Gay Creeps: Straight Guys Tricked Into Sex

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Straight Fuck Fest – Straight boys involved in gay groupsex

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One of the hottest and wettest vids ever! Watch brand new model Roman feed gorgeous twink Dustin Fitch his scorching hot piss from his big uncut cock, then return the favor! Drinking, soaking, sucking, rimming & fucking! Dustin gets fucked TWICE and is so turned on from all the piss he cums twice!

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Brock Cooper makes his porno debut in this All American solo for NextDoorMale. A California kid with chiseled abs and winning smile, Brock is seven kinds of perfect rolled up and spread out on the sofa for your viewing pleasure. Watch as he slowly exposes himself to the world, a star in the making just waiting to shoot off for the first time. He spreads his legs and reclines back on the red leather couch, arching his back and finally squeezing out a healthy load for all of the world to see.It might be his first, but one look his way will tell you it won’t be his last.

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JT is a hot little fucker with tattoos, piercings, and scars to accompany his ‘fuck you’ attitude and big cock. The attitude works hairy Conner into a dick-sucking frenzy. Conner licks and tongues JT’s cock before swallowing it whole. The oral encounter that ensues is an extensive study in dick sucking. Each guy takes a turn on their knees, feeding dick to one another in the soft light. Both boys blow loads all over the concrete floor.

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Nude Sexy Teen Boys with Webcams Stripping and Jerking off

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All those muscles, all that mojo — these guys aren’t called beefcakes for nothing. Featuring their private XXX videos and photos sent in by online users and hackers, there’s a lotta tasty all-male action in store for you!

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These school boys thought they could smoke spot during recess. Campus security had their eyes on them for a while. Not because of the pot..but mainly for their sweet asses. We got those asses cheap. They either took it like a man or got suspended indefinitly. Watch how these virgin asses get pounded by three campus security guys. Taking turns to get a taste of every ass available to them.

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Big dicked Duke is back and smoking hard! Duke strips down, smokes half a pack of Marlboro lights and gets his big cock shooting!

next door buddies

Marko LeBeau has made an epic mistake; dressing in the Varsity locker room when one is not a member of the Varsity squad is strictly prohibited and the punishment is simple. Not a member, then you get the Member(s). Tyler Torro and Brec Boyd are well versed on the rules. Having come up in the system, they have made the same mistake and been made to serve the requisite punishment, so they have little compassion for Marko as he pleads his case of innocence. Instead Tyler shoves Marko’s face into his sweaty crotch, then makes him repeat the same thing on Brec. Whipping their cocks out, Tyler and Brec take turns fucking Marko’s mouth and there is nothing he can do about it. Moving along, Tyler bends Marco over a bench, and while Brec shoves his cock in and out Marko’s mouth, Tyler does the same with Marko’s ass, instantly realizing when Marko shrieks with pleasure that he enjoys it, and that this is maybe not so much punishment after all. So Tyler puts the pedal to the metal and really tries to fuck Marko extra hard, but the harder he tries, the more Marko seems to love it, as he reaches down and begins stroking his own dick. Marko figures if you can’t join them, beat them (off), so he pulls on their cocks longingly until they both cum all over him, whereupon he is so turned on that he cums as well. As he does, Marko thinks to himself, “This is a mistake I’ll have to make again very soon.”

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Bearded blond, pale Logan and smooth, brown Micah may look very opposite, but they both love sex and sucking cock. They take turns gagging on each other’s meat in a sloppy, spit drenched start to this non-stop romp of energetic man-sex. Micah get so excited deep-throating Logan’s giant, uncut cock that he blows his first load. Micah rims Logan, then plays with his own hole before he rides Logan, who then rims his stretched-out hole before fucking another load out of Micah followed by his own hot blast.

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Rocker Brenden Pierce is a straight boy who’s about to rock around some cock in this very sexy video, and Steven Ponce our Bait guy is looking forward to playing his instrument. Brenden answered an ad Caruso placed for "models needed for adult videos". He emailed a photo and profile which Steven, who has been assisting Caruso for a while, saw and immediately knew he wanted to have sex with this dude. So Caruos made the pairing happen but wasn’t too sure it would be successful, because after speaking with Brenden it appeared that anything but straight vanilla pussy sex was pretty much off the table. Well it wouldn’t be the first time we had to trash a shoot because a straight dude got pissed and walked off. So, Caruso has both guys strip down and we see that Steven has put on some muscle and let his chest hair grow back which is pretty hot looking.  Meanwhile Steven can’t take his eyes off of Brendon. Both guys work up their cocks watching some porn until Caruso is ready for the bait and switch. Brendon is sorely disappointed that there won’t be any girls available. Caruso then makes a offer of double the money to do something else. Brendon doesn’t like the smell of it already and asks Steven if he’s alright with what’s going on. Surprisingly when Caruso gets to the details, that they have to have sex with each other, Brenden is good with it. He says he never even thought of doing anything with another guy, never had sex in the same room with a buddy, but he really needs the money…guess the rock career isn’t booming yet. Brenden gets into the sex action so fast it’s amazing and also does some very hot sucking, kissing and fucking – all with what appeared to be lots of feeling. Don’t miss ‘After the Shoot’ to hear what this straight boy has to say about his first gay experience. Rock on!

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Real College Boyfriends From All over the world! Exposed by Facebook and Myspace! Self Shot, Jealous Ex’s and even secret gay lovers have sent us all of the pictures! Real Hacked Accounts!

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Let’s find out just how much this horny butt can take!?

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Dutch guy Michael Beau on Male Model Netherlands

cody cummings

For new cummer Brad Foxx, the working interview on the set at is not quite what he’s used to. Somewhat intimidated by the lights and the camera crew, his nervous looks betray any sense of control. Luckily for him, what he lacks in experience, he makes up for in exuberance and willingness to please, which is certainly a plus in Cody’s book.As Cody paces this working interview, Brad moves from task to task with eagerness and ambition, first by slowly undressing to expose his well-toned, young body and then next he sits in front of Cody and strokes his dick rock hard in no time at all. But where he really excels is when Cody asks him to suck him off. Brad grabs Cody’s dick as if it were his own, and sucks the tip of Cody’s cock in a teasing fashion that drives Cody to the point of bursting. Laying on his back, Cody straddles his face and fucks his mouth for a few hot minutes before Brad moves further below and tongues Cody’s balls while Cody and Brad both cum almost simultaneously.As Cody exhales it’s fairly obvious that Brad will be back sooner than later.

high octane

Claudio is busy working poolside with his tight tattooed body when Fredy swims over to him. His little bathing trunks aren’t hiding much, and soon Claudio is massaging Fredy’s massive thigh. Sporting big pecs, Leslie joins the duo and kneels beneath Fredy and helps him unleash his cock. Soon Claudio is in the middle of the boys as he gobbles up Fredy’s dick and Leslie punishes him with a particularly strong fuck. With Claudio turned onto his back (and his abs crunched so tight it’s amazing), he gets it from Fredy this time. Claudio cums first, all the way up to his chest, followed by impressive hits from the other two.

southern strokes

I had been talking with Xavier for quite a while especially because we share the same passion for things line motor-cycles, boats, Trucks and anything that goes fast.  Xavier decided that he would bring his bike up one afternoon and ride around the Ranch.  Of course I couldn‚t pass up the opportunity to live out one of my fantasies and have Xavier yank one out for us after riding. Xavier was really nervous when he first arrived but he is the kind of guy that isn‚t gonna let you see him sweat.  He is laid back and cool as a cucumber.  Has Xavier likes to put it „I have a voice and I know how to use it‰.  Xavier took off his shirt and went for a ride while we all grabbed our cameras and followed his every move.  Xavier finally pulled up onto a dirt mound and slipped off his bike and relaxed in the Texas heat. Xavier is 5‚9‰ tall with a set of washboard abs, long dark hair and a laid back surfer type attitude.  Don‚t let Xavier‚s laid back attitude fool you.  Once he dropped his pants and started stroking his cock, it didn‚t take long before his legs started trembling.  Xavier sat back and put his head on his bike‚s seat as he pumped his throbbing cock faster and faster. Xavier let out a gasp as he shot a thick stream of cum all over his sweaty abs. Xavier really looked relieved as if he had just expelled some poisonous snake venom out of his tool.  Xavier let us all know that he is definitely open to hooking up with another boy so we are gonna hold him to it.

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Straight Thugs Tearing Apart Young White Boys

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Jimmy Johnson and Ty Tucker both make their premieres on this week, and prove how awesome and how flexible they actually are! The scene is hot, steamy and athletic! You won’t believe the positions these two find themselves in. Yum!

dirty boy video

Dark haired amateur twink Aiden Summers made quite a splash in the Boing Show so we asked him to come by to flip fuck with Brayden James! They were immediately hot for each other. Brayden grabs hold of Aiden’s quickly stiffening cock through his black briefs and works over his nipples with his tongue. The male on male action heats up as these two hot boys grind and hump! Aiden sits on Brayden’s rock hard meat, slowing working it in to his ass. Brayden flips him on his back, holding his ankles over his head thrusting hard and steady as Aiden gasps and moans! Now it’s Brayden’s turn to have his ass pounded. On his hands and knees, he needs some rim job action to relax enough to take Aiden’s fat cock. He manages to take it all, Aiden fucks him deep and hard until pulling out and dumping his huge load right in Brayden’s face!

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All Next Door Guys Latest HD FREE Porn Videos Sun, 29 May 2011 15:07:59 +0000 nextdoortwink JACK ROOM

Cliff Jensen, Logan Tyler & Alexx Snow have formed a sort of informal club. Gathering once a week, the meet to discuss the stories of their recent personal sexual conquests. Usually it gets pretty hot pretty quickly, but today, Cliff has a special treat: video footage of his latest tryst. Before you know it, the three of them are all really horny, and decide to whip out their dicks and go to town. Watch as the three of them trade stories, then trade positions.

trystan bull GYM NUT

The best thing about getting to the gym early, as far as Trystan Bull is concerned, is that there is usually no one there, so Trystan gets the run of the place. This affords certain luxuries, like no wait on the weights, getting to play whatever music as loud as he wants, and of course, Trystan’s favorite part of the workout, the masturbation cool down. And they say the early bird gets the worm, but in Trystan’s case, the early bird gets the nut.

marcus mojo Cooling Down And Stroking Off

There’s a cool breeze blowing as Marcus Mojo winds down his workout for the day. He’s just finished up a run through the hills and is doing his final few exercises. After a set of arm circles, it’s pushups, then a quick upstairs/downstairs routine. Each of these are excellent ways to wrap up a good cardio session, but there’s still a cherry on top.
Marcus retires to the luxury of the billiard room and removes his clothing, item by item. Shirt, shorts, and lastly socks come off. Then it’s a sensual release as Marcus tugs his hard cock and rubs it slowly on a corner pocket. This is how Marcus gets sexy when he’s all alone. Join him!

cody cummings CODY CAM 2

The Cody Cam is back! And this time up on the casting couch, it’s Calvin Koons. Calvin is still new to the biz so he’s not totally sure what he’s gotten himself into, but soon enough he’ll find out why the call Cody the Next Door Stallion. Calvin is unsure at first, but in no time he’s gagging on Cody dick and putting fingers in his asshole. And you have a first hand POV look at all the action.


New from the makers of the Cody Cummings Bend Over Workout comes an exciting new workout regimen that is sure to please everyone. The Half Hour Hand Job Workout is 30 minutes of double fisted action, with your host Cody Cummings, and his two demonstrators, John Magnum and Kandi Milan showing you how its done. With them guiding you at every step, you’ll learn several new workout positions/exercises, and in no time you too will be able to ‘work it like a pro’.

next door buddies DUNGEON REPAIR

Fixing dungeons for a living, Tony Newport has seen some pretty kinky shit. He’s seen the aftermath of all kinds of carnage, but never has he seen a place as trashed as Christopher Daniel’s dungeon. And this isn’t the first time either. It makes Tony wonder, ‘What the hell is this guy into?’
Well he’s about to find out. Seems Christopher has been thinking about Tony as well, so when Tony exhibits a certain curiosity as to the goings on around the house, Christopher sees his opportunity to have a little fun. In no time at all, the two of them are fucking and sucking all over the place. Turns out Tony knows more than just how to fix these toys.

next door buddies IMPROMPTU RUB DOWN

Adam Wirthmore is a hard working guy. He’s staying at a fairly upscale resort while attending a business conference on risk management. Hours in the convention hall chairs have put knots in Adam’s poor, aching back. He could sure use some relief. After calling the front desk for a massage, one Phillip Hermore shows up at his room.
When Phillip explains that the massage tables are locked up and the staff masseurs have gone home already, Adam is totally bummed out. He offers Phillip a good tip if he’ll try his hand at rubbing out Adam’s tension. Adam could certainly use an extra nice tip so he agrees. After becoming slightly acquainted, Phillip finds himself giving Adam a ‘front’ massage. Apparently this includes some passionate kissing and a little cock stroking to begin. Adam can’t help but return the favor by wrapping his lips around Phillip’s luscious, hotel staff boner. Watch Adam blow a hot, sticky ‘tip’ all over Phillip’s chest as these guys have some unexpected fun!

next door buddies AFTERNOON BONER BREAK

Logan Scott works at a chain department store. He spends most of his day in the ‘fine menswear’ section, helping middle-aged dudes try on cheap suits. To break up the mind-numbing boredom, Logan usually pounds a few beers and jerks off in the staff bathroom during his lunch break. He’s always wondered about the mysterious hole in the stall wall. How did it get there?? Why would someone put it there? Logan also noticed that it’s perfectly cock height. ‘Strange,’ he’s thought. When a lost customer, Max Chandler, wanders into the staff bathroom during Logan’s break, Logan uses the hole to peer out at him while stroking his meat.
When Max notices the hole, he becomes curious as a kitten, looking through to see what’s on the other side. Logan takes this rare opportunity to plop his large dick out the hole, right in Max’s face. If there’s one thing Max has learned from getting lost in department stores (which often happens to him), it’s to suck any cock that comes into his ‘bone zone.’ Max’s bone zone is a 2 foot radius in any direction from his mouth. After enjoying this stranger’s thick hard-on, Logan comes out of the stall to meet his fellator face-to-face…and dick-to-asshole.

next door hook ups SPECIAL TREATMENT

Rubi Knox is so excited to have just received her first schedule as a professional masseuse. She’s worked very hard to get here and can’t wait to give her boyfriend, Cameron Foster, a very special rub down.
But Cameron has only one thing on his mind, you guessed it, a happy ending. Rubi knows from massage school that any manipulation of the cock is strictly prohibited in a professional environment, so she tells Cameron it ain’t gonna happen. She does have a surprise up her sleeve though. Once Cameron is lying naked on the massage table, enjoying Rubi’s tender kneading, Rubi figures she’ll take her shirt off to give her man a little eye candy with his rub down. When she sees the size of his swollen dick, she can’t help but stroke it. Since he’s already getting a little special treatment, she figures she’ll go a step further and suck him a little. That only makes her hornier, so she climbs atop Cameron’s hard cock and let’s him fuck her for an ending reserved only for her favorite client.

next door hook ups PREPARTY

James Huntsman knows that it’s all about the tiny details. So while he’s supposed to be getting ready for a little friendly dungeon party, the fact is that he has spent most of the day getting the room ready, and very little time getting himself ready. Lucky for him he has remembered one little detail- Rubi Knox’s favorite red jock. As soon as she sees that, Rubi goes from crazy mad to crazy horny in no time. See what other tricks James has hidden up his sleeve… and in his pants.

next door male ME, MYSELF, AND I

Alexi Auclair is making a video for his portfolio one afternoon, when all of a sudden he gets the urge to get off. He decides to let the laptop camera run, filming the whole affair while simultaneously watching it. The whole loop has him charged in a new and exciting way, and in no time he begins playing with the camera, toying and teasing it with his ripped body, firm ass, and stiff cock, building up into a voyeuristic frenzy until he explodes all over himself.

next door male brandon lewis

Beneath the surface, below the level where civilization exists, a man with a wickedly insatiable appetite indulges his deepest yearnings. Thriving upon dank, dungeon air, Brandon Lewis enjoys the feeling of steel rubbing on his long, hard cock as he slowly fucks a link of chain fence.
His eyes show a craving for flesh while he strokes his dick, thinking of leather slapping his round ass on a moonless night. Watch this sexy fiend in heat closely as he satisfies his dark urges in an eruption of subterranean carnal pleasure.

next door male THE WRIGHT HOLE

Donny Wright has been hanging out in the men’s stall at the gym again. Can’t really blame him. It is a pretty good place to troll for some action. And right on cue, in walks someone to piss, just as Donny is beginning to get good and worked up. After watching through the gloryhole, all the while stroking his cock, Donny decides to finish up, rubbing his dick against just about everything in the room before finally cumming all over himself in a sticky, spoogy mess.

next door male CHAIRMASTER

Spencer Reed loves his job as a general handyman. He likes the people, the hours, and the pay isn’t bad, but the thing he really enjoys is using his hands and working with tools. Such is the case today, where Spencer has finished his latest task, but upon returning, he discovers his client has left the house and that he is all alone. No worries, though. If there is one thing Spencer knows how to do, it’s killing time with nothing but his hands and his tools. Watch as he lounges, relaxes and works his throbbing cock to its spoogy climax.

visconti triplets Bedroom Behind The Scene

The Visconti Triplets recently had plenty of fun entertaining their latest boy toy, James Jones.
Watch exclusive behind the scenes footage features Jimmy, Joey, and Jason, having their way with James, and teaching him a thing or two about fucking in porn!

visconti triplets Bedroom Foursome

The Visconti Triplets have a new boy toy today. Young, fit, and hung like a horse, James Jones is ready to take on all three triplets.
There’s plenty of work for James, and he takes full advantage, making sure he sucks and gets sucked before the main event…. where Mr. Jones bends Jimmy over, takes good aim, and slams his massive rod into the fit triplet’s tight ass.
Jimmy moans in absolute pleasure as he gets jackhammered from behind by James’ plentiful tool.
Finally, Jimmy, Joey, and Jason all hover over James, and unload their stick man juice on him.

visconti triplets Bellboys - Ring The Bell 3 Times 2

Jack Dragon is back, and ready to pound some ass.
The tall, tatooed, built hunk of a man gets his toes and cock sucked by Bill Carter, a cute, young, slim, blond twink.
Once warmed up, the fucking begins! The action’s intense as Jack tears into Bill, and Bill enjoys pleasures (and tastes) previously unknown to him. All this pleasure is too much for Jack and at some point, ends up blasting his load into Bill’s mouth.

visconti triplets School Foursome

A mind is a terrible thing to waste… and so is a hard dick! That’s why there’s school! It’s a free for all as Professor Jack Dragon takes his time and teaches Jimmy, Joey, and Jason Visconti how to properly suck and fuck cock in class. What’s clear is that all three Visconti Triplets have a bright future. It’s not long before graduation rolls along and they get their diploma all over their faces!

visconti triplets Military Backstage

When you watch the Visconti Triplets gangfuck one eager dude, it looks like quite the fuckfest on screen. Not to say it isn’t, but it takes a lot of hard work. This week’s update takes you behind the scenes on a shoot with the Triplets and their onscreen co-star.




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Next Door Straight Males–free gay porn photos and videos in HD Sun, 20 Mar 2011 19:45:38 +0000 nextdoormale1a

The cameras are rolling as Paul Wagner invites you behind the scenes at his latest shoot. Join him in his office as he puts in a little ‘extra work’, undressing and stroking his cock while reclining in his chair, stretching out on top of his desk, and putting in some ‘extended overtime’ and cumming all over himself, giving new meaning to the term, ‘taking care of business.’


Tyler Torro has been locked up in Katie Summers’ basement for about three days now, wearing nothing but a blue jock strap and an extreme amount of disdain. Katie is kind of a twisted bitch, and as such, she has decided to play a game with her captive. If he wins the game, he not only gets his freedom, but he gets to fuck Katie as well. But if he loses, well it’s pretty much more of the same.


Calling The Pocket
James Jamesson seems like a sweet guy. He and Alex Andrews have had a great time hanging out, just palling around town and cracking jokes. When James suggests a game of pool to cap-off the day, Alex agrees wholeheartedly.

But James becomes increasingly aggressive while the guys shoot what Alex thought was going to be a friendly game. Alex decides to hang his plump ass out of his pants to see how James will react. Just as Alex thought, James demands a taste of that tight, pink hole. Alex is more than happy to allow a tongue in his ass, and even more excited to jam James’s giant boner into his mouth. But James always gets what he wants, and all day he’s been itching to fuck Alex hard.


Skinny Dipping
It’s been hot and sunny over here on the California coast, so what better pass time is there than taking a nude dip in a cool pool.

Luckily for Tommy, NextDoorStudios just happens to have a pool that’s always available for naked young men to cool off in.

Besides swimming a few laps and working on his back stroke, Tommy decides that it’d be fun to also get himself off.


Katie Summers has been having problems with her shower, and has decided to call for help. Cliff Jensen has diagnosed the problem and decided that while her shower is definitely in need of fixing, his “tool” would be best utilized servicing something else: Katie’s body. Watch as Cliff & Katie take turns orally before moving on to different positions, ultimately climaxing when Cliff’s huge pipe finally bursts.


Rey Gold
He’s back and his name is Rey Gold. He’s quite the popular stud, and we’re proud to have the opportunity to have him back on our set. He’s a bit older and more refined now, but still the same charming, young guy that we’ve become accustomed to. He was in the area on summer break when we offered to film him again. Since, deep down inside, he’s an exhibitionist; Rey couldn’t refuse another chance to show the world what he’s got.


Master Strokesmen

It’s a rare breed that rise to the level of Master Strokesmen. Since medieval times, kings, nobility, and those with the means have hired Master Strokesmen to teach them the coveted power techniques for jacking off. Only a few remain today, rarely displaying their awesome ability.

Cody Cummings is certainly the most prolific Master Strokesman of our time. Today he’s taken on an apprentice, Tyler Andrews. Cody admires Tyler’s very natural, smooth n’ sexy stroking style. And by the size of Tyler’s fat boner, he knows he’s in the presence of greatness. During this session of epic cock-jerking, Tyler decides to wrap his lips around Cody’s thick, meaty dick. Cody enjoys seeing this type of dedication in a prospective Master Strokesman.


Paul Wagner is not your typical muse, but in Hunter Vance’s eyes, he’s a masterpiece. Not that it really matters: truth be told, Hunter isn’t much of an artist, but that isn’t going to stop him from getting what he wants. Using the old “model for me” routine, Hunter has Paul in the perfect pose, but the gig is up when Paul sees Hunter’s sketch, and realizes that Hunter is no Rembrandt.

But it’s ok, they can still paint a Pollock.


School Jason Solo — Jason Visconti
Jason Visconti’s a hard working student. Of course, he also knows when to take a little break.

Class just finished, he’s the last one in the room. He knows no one’s coming in for at least another hour, and he won’t have another opporutnity for privacy until late at night. Jason noticed a really cute guy in class he wants to fuck, and now he’s super horny..

What else could he have done, but whip out his huge dick and jerk off before his next class? He masterfully strokes his cock, and if that cute guy were there, he’d give him an A-plus!


Lee Stephens
Lee Stephens has a girlfriend AND he’s married…to two separate girls. Basically, this guy’s a player, and quite a handsome one at that. He’s also packing a big dick. He’s had his fun on a few of our other sites, so we wanted to get him onto StrokeThatDick so we could find out some of his more intimate details. This guy’s also quite the athlete, having being training in mixed martial arts since he was 3 years old, meaning, don’t mess with him.


There’s a hole in the wall, where the men can see it all. And if Cody Cummings finds you lurking behind that hole, your gonna get a dick in your mouth. Just ask Wolfie Blue. Wolfie is hanging out in the restroom stall, peeking out the gloryhole when Cody walks in from his workout. When Cody discovers his spying admirer, he decides to stuff Wolfie’s hole with his creamy filling.


Photo Shoot & Solo
If you hadn’t noticed, with each weeks video update, there’s also a corresponding photo shoot. Well, to mix things up a bit, Mason thought it would be a fun idea to jump right into his scene directly from the photo op.

So, to keep it simple, get ready to see the blonde hair hunk play with his fat uncut cock for your delight.


Play Time While Daddy Is Away
He’s a hard working boy, that Tyler Torro. The old man down the road hired him to clean up his orchard. Tyler enjoys working outside, doing odd jobs for the friendly folks in his community. Kandi Milan is the old man’s daughter. She gets lonely around the house by herself. She’s made a fresh batch of lemonade for Tyler today. Maybe he can chase her lonely blues away.

On a day like this, he can’t turn down an icy glass of delicious, tart goodness. He notices Kandi’s scant clothing and pops a chubby on the way into the house. Kandi’s plan is coming together. She lures him into her parents’ room and plants a juicy kiss on Tyler. From there she slowly moves down his body, finally wrapping her lips around his rock hard cock. When Tyler loosens up, he decides to give Kandi what shes after. Watch Kandi get pumped good by this lean, passionate stud.


Suck My Jock
Parker Perry has happened upon a sweaty treasure in the locker room. It’s a discarded jock strap still emitting steam. Parker has had a major erection since morning and being alone with someone’s fresh package protector pushes him over the edge.

After sniffing the undergarment thoroughly, Parker rubs his dick all over it. When Jeremy Bilding, the rightful owner of the junk guard catches him red handed, all he can do is chuckle and serve up a meaty helping of hard cock. Watch these guys’ post-workout workout as Parker Perry gets his sweet ass rocked by Jeremy’s building.


Dylan McLovin
He surfs, likes animals and has one hell of a huge cock. This is Skyler. He hasn’t been around for almost a year, but now he’s back and he’s down to push his limits. Today, the tanned Skyler will be enjoying himself pool side, as he takes a dip then strokes his dick! Dylan McLovin definitely loves life. He’s recently 19 year old, has been doing porn for a little over 6 months, and gets to have all the hot sex he could ever dream of. He has also graced the covers of a few magazines. What more could you want?


Tanner Mayes is stranded & bored, resigned to a quiet night of reading alone. But little does she know, a stranger is lurking…

Cody Cummings is in no mood for civil pleasantries; he’s been watching Tanner from the window, just waiting for the right time to make his move. But to his surprise, cock-starved Tanner barely resists Cody’s advances, turning this would-be home intrusion into an invasion of a completely different nature.


Anthony Smith
Meet Anthony Smith. He’s a 20 year old construction worker who decided to show up at NextDoorStudios to play around. He has filmed a few other scenes with us, but the first one we’re going to show you is this fine StrokeThatDick video, so you can get to know Anthony Smith a bit better. He’s a nice young guy, who likes to hang out with his friends, and he loves having sex. Preferably with a girl, but he doesn’t mind guys either.


What a crazy trio of guys! Parker London and Rod Daily have arrived to meet up with Samuel O’Toole, only to find him peering through his telescope while beating off! They burst in on him to find out Samuel has been watching his neighbors have sex. Rod and Parker take a look and quickly see why Samuel is aroused by the amorous activity ‘next door.’

Rod and Samuel know that it feels better when a friend tugs your cock, so they help each other out until Parker realizes he should join in. He tastes both cocks before Samuel shoves his thick erection into Parker’s tight asshole. Seeing this makes Rod’s ass hunger for cock too. And the good Mr. London is happy to pound him like a gentleman and good buddy. It’s always wild hijinks, big laughs, and super hot fun when these three goofballs pal around!


After heading home from a movie date, Brec Boyd & Kandi Milan decided to make a bit of a detour, and park at a local make out spot. Fortunately, there was more than making out going on for us to spy on.

First, Brec’s cock gets pulled out of his pants by the lovely Kandi. She gives him a good sucking while he gropes her ass.

When it’s time to fuck, Brec puts his ride in gear and pulls into the garage where the two can’t even wait to get to the bedroom, so they get naked and do their business against the Jeep.

This scene concludes with Brec spraying his load all over Kandi’s cute face, leaving his chic drenched in his spunk.


Zack Blake was really excited to go swimming with his buddy Brec Boyd. He couldn’t wait to see Brec naked! Unfortunately, it’s a yucky day and Brec is totally over the whole swimming idea. Instead he wants to take Zack into the pool house for a little afternoon delight!

Brec is a fine male specimen. He’s lean and powerful, and knows how to use his muscles to fuck like a champion. Zack is eager to get Brec’s hard cock into his asshole. He’s not so disappointed about not swimming when Brec’s finger loosens up his tight hole for an epic pounding. Watch these two hunks make the most of a rainy day.

Join Paul in his office as he puts in a little ‘extra work’!

Katie Summers has decided to play a game with her captive!

James taste Alex’s tight, pink hole before fucking it deep!

Tommy is taking a dip in the pool before stroking is dick!

Cliff and Katie take turns orally before the real hot action

Tyler decides to wrap his lips around Cody’s meaty dick!

Paul Wagner is the masterpiece muse for the Hunter Vance.

Today, Jason decides to shake his man’s meat in the class

Everything pass through the hole: feet, the cock and the cum

Watch the blonde hair hunk play with his fat uncut cock!

Kandi get pumped good by this lean, passionate stud, Tyler!

Parker Perry gets his sweet ass rocked by Jeremy’s building.

The Cock-starved Tanners Mayes can’t resists Cody’s advances

It’s Always super hot fun when these 3 goofballs pal around!

Kandi gives Brec a good sucking while he gropes her ass.

Zack is eager to get Brec’s monster cock into his asshole!

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Todays Best Online Gay Porn Videos and Photos Tue, 08 Mar 2011 14:14:30 +0000 nakedsword-fitforservice-mustang-Samuel_Colt (4)

Fit For Service — Mustang Studios
Samuel Colt, Drew Cutler

Making sure our servicemen are Fit for Service is a tough job. Luckily there are the skilled medics whose crackerjack training has prepared them to properly treat the soldiers… and their privates.

hot_barebacking-jake_boy (8)

Jake & Boy

!Jake Wetmore and Boy Fillmore show us in this video that it is not just another day at the porn warehouse when Jake comes by with a package. The two pierced and tattooed guys get overcome by all the porn and the raw dick sucking, butt fucking and pissing is hot and heavy.

rears-table-roll-in-the-hay (9)

Roll in the Hay

After force-feeding David Novak his cock, Ricky Sinz sticks it into his new hairy bottom boy, savoring every inch that his cock goes deeper into that stunning ass. Watching both the doggy-style and missionary positions are going to have you begging to be topped by this machine of a man.

haity_boyz-bo-carlos (1)

Bo Knight & Carlos Morales

‘Centurion Man of the Year" Bo Knight and Carlos Morales taking each other on in a flip-flop fuckfest that will leave you cum soaked and breathless. Both men are more pumped and carved than you have ever seen them, their buffed pecs and legs tautly wrapped around each other in a Gordian knot of sleazy delight. Their rock-hard puds pummel each others’ perfect bubble butts like pile drivers at a quarry; there is no top or bottom here as each man takes his turn in this electric power exchange. Pounding each other like bumper cars on ‘roids, they crash and roll into Olympian cumshots, making you feel every bump and grind along the way.

hard_friction-shay-logan (11)

Lovers Shay and Logan kiss outside on their balcony as the noise of clanging Cable Cars and surging traffic rumbles below. Logan strips Shay naked and hungrily gulps down his hard cock. Next, Shay is down on his knees slurping and swallowing the hard cock in front of him. Powerful Shay is ready to take a taste of his willing bottoms’ hole and bends him over a chair and spreads his cheeks. His tongue lubes up the hole in preparation for his throbbing cock. "Are you ready to get fucked?" he asks with deep confidence. Shay plows this meaty ass from behind with building momentum fucking him harder and harder. They move over to the bed as the intensity increases until Logan can’t take it anymore and shoots his load as Shay thrusts in and out of his hole. Shay pulls back and blasts a hot load all over the chest and stomach of his satisfied man.

cody_cummings (3)

A Candid Interview Turns Hot

The much anticipated Cody Cummings interview is finally here! This is your chance to hear the illustrious porn mega-star answer juicy, burning questions. And if you didn’t notice that cameraman, Patrick Rouge, becoming aroused, you’ll be shocked at what happens.
"What do you do on your own time?" "Are guys or girls better at sucking cock?" "Will you ever top or bottom on camera?" Hear Cody answer each of these and more in this candid peek. And when Cody agrees to show off his method for getting his behemoth dick hard, Patrick jumps in to help him by bobbing and slurping on that thick meat pole. Don’t miss this unprecedented peep into the life of porn’s sexiest hunk. And stick around to watch Cody erupt all over Patrick’s waiting chest.

nextdoorbuddies (14)


Phillip Aubrey & Spencer Reed are hiding out from everyone and taking a the opportunity to catch up and release some tension. Everyone on set is looking for them, but they are hidden cleverly in the bathroom stall. When the search party comes through and doesn’t find them, they know they have a while to relax and enjoy each other, which is what they do: stretching out on a bench and trading oral pleasantries, then moving on fucking in several hot positions. Will they finish before they are discovered? You’ll have to watch to find out.

next_door_male (1)

Rocky Touch

The first time you witness Rocky Touch, you’ll be hopelessly enraptured.  The deep, hazel eyes, his firm, luscious cock, those round, well-curved ass cheeks…Rocky’s a living dream. 
And you get to join him as he strokes off while looking passionately at himself in the mirror.  It’s almost like double the Touch!  When Rocky’s getting sexy, you better believe the heat turns up fast.  He knows how to feel himself all over with delicate intensity.  As the late afternoon sun pours through the window, Rocky works himself into a hot, throbbing load of emotion that turns explosive.

colt_studio_group (1)

Ralph Hudson

Stepping out onto the poolside patio COLT Man Ralph Hudson enjoys the warm sun as he slowly reveals more and more skin.  Sporting a tight COLT tank top, Ralphís muscles are busting at the seams.  While flexing those arms, lifting up his shirt, and feeling the warm sun on his hot muscular body Ralph begins to bust out down below as well. 
Turning his attention to the growing bulge in his jeans Ralph begins to strip.  While opening the front of his jeans he reaches in and grabs a handful  of thick meaty cock.   As he pulls  it out he begins to slowly stroke the shaft, teasing himself at first with long slow strokes, then settling into a hard and steady rhythm.   Kicking off his jeans Ralph sprawls out on the brick stairs spreading his legs and getting down to business.  Milking that fat cock he pounds away as the pressure builds.  His swollen balls rise high and tight as a thick eruption of white hot cum spurts high on his hairy chest. 

visconti_triplets (9)


Jason Visconti’s a hard working student. Of course, he also knows when to take a little break.
Class just finished, he’s the last one in the room. He knows no one’s coming in for at least another hour, and he won’t have another opporutnity for privacy until late at night. Jason noticed a really cute guy in class he wants to fuck, and now he’s super horny..
What else could he have done, but whip out his huge dick and jerk off before his next class? He masterfully strokes his cock, and if that cute guy were there, he’d give him an A-plus!

nakedsword-fitforservice-mustang-Samuel_Colt (1)nakedsword-fitforservice-mustang-Samuel_Colt (2)nakedsword-fitforservice-mustang-Samuel_Colt (3)nakedsword-fitforservice-mustang-Samuel_Colt (5)nakedsword-fitforservice-mustang-Samuel_Colt (6)nakedsword-fitforservice-mustang-Samuel_Colt (7)nakedsword-fitforservice-mustang-Samuel_Colt (8)nakedsword-fitforservice-mustang-Samuel_Colt (9)nakedsword-fitforservice-mustang-Samuel_Colt (10)nakedsword-fitforservice-mustang-Samuel_Colt (11)nakedsword-fitforservice-mustang-Samuel_Colt (12)

Fit For Service — Mustang Studios
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Next Door Guys having wild sex: free gay porn pictures and videos Wed, 09 Feb 2011 19:07:48 +0000 nextdoorbuddies

Every photographer knows the best time to shoot outdoors is when the light is even, such as overcast days, or when the sun is setting. So is the case when we meet Samuel, midway through a backyard photo shoot. We take a sneak peek behind the scenes, then get the full view once Samuel decides to do some “shooting” of his own.


Cliff Jensen is late as usual. Ever the jokester, he is laughing it up one afternoon while his buddies start without him. By the time he gets with the program, Brandon Lewis & Hunter Ford are already knee deep in naked pleasure. Already having a blast with just the 2 of them, the good times really get rolling when Cliff finally arrives. After he does, the three of them proceed to suck, fuck and joke around until they all cum on Cliff’s chest.


Last time TommyD and Hayden hooked up, they sucked each other off. That’s all the could have been done since Hayden’s cock is far to big for Tommy’s tight as, and Hayden has never taken anything more than a finger of his pucker hole…until today that is. We had to bribe the tall 19 year old a bit, but in the end, it was well worth it.
This is a rare occasion. Be prepared to enjoy the devirginizing of Hayden’s ass. Tommy is thrilled to be the man chosen for the job and does a great one at that.
So sit back, unzip and see these two make out, suck and then finally fuck.


There’s a hole in the wall, where the men can see it all. And if Cody Cummings finds you lurking behind that hole, your gonna get a dick in your mouth. Just ask Wolfie Blue. Wolfie is hanging out in the restroom stall, peeking out the gloryhole when Cody walks in from his workout. When Cody discovers his spying admirer, he decides to stuff Wolfie’s hole with his creamy filling.


It’s time for what you’ve all been waiting for! Mason is going to suck your cock! Well, almost… He’s going to suck Samuel O’Toole’s, but it’s filmed in true Point of View (POV) fashion, so it looks like he’s sucking your cock.
Now if only you could afford some really cool virtual reality goggles…


Marc Dievo, Mickey

coltstudiogroupnext door twink,



Rad Matthews and Ryan Middleton were hanging out the other weekend. We caught up with them while they were in the middle of throwing the football back and forth. About 15 minutes into the game of catch, a naughty smirk appeared on Rad’s face just before he told Ryan that he had a surprise for him.
Luckily for Ryan, and for you, the surprise was his personal FleshJack. Since Ryan’s always down to stick his dick in a nice tight hole, the action begins. The two swap the sex toy before moving on to a bit more hardcore fun; Ryan slides his hard cock into Rad’s ass, giving the slim young man a solid pounding before the two release their loads all over each other.


Trystan Bull has had his workout at the gym, but the tension isn’t quite gone. So he takes a porno mag to the restroom and begins to jerk-off, unaware (or unconcerned) that there is a hole in the stall. Dylan Hauser was just trying to take a leak, but when he hears moaning coming from the stall, and sees Trystan through the glory hole, he decides to pull his dick out and jerk off too. Well when Trystan discovers Dylan, he decides to make it a party. You know what they say: two heads are better than one.


Rod Daily & Jeremy Bilding have made it through another crazy New Year’s Eve filled with champagne, music, and sex. Now it’s morning and they find themselves a little groggy from the festivities, but nonetheless, they begin the new year the way they ended the old one- naked and fucking on the bathroom floor. Happy New Year indeed.


Marcus trains hard and it shows. He’s in the gym today with his pal Brad Star, showing him some sweet martial arts techniques Brad can use on the street when shit goes down or just on his own for conditioning. They’re hitting the bag a little and even goofing around. As Marcus will tell you, the best way to stay in shape is to train in good spirits, with a smile on your face and a laugh in your belly. Today Marcus is in an especially good mood – it’s his birthday!
Brad can’t wait to party with Marcus in celebration, but first he wants to give him a present. I’ll bet you can’t guess what it is. It’s long, thick, hard, and juicy. Spoiler alert – it’s Brad’s cock! When Brad sticks it through the hole that is serendipitously in wall of the bathroom stall, Marcus grins from ear to ear before sucking it like the dick loving hunk he is. Marcus is happy to get such a great gift, but that’s not all Brad has in mind. He’s gonna fuck Marcus like every birthday boy deserves!


Parker Perry is starting trouble. While Samuel O’Toole casually surveys a scenic rural sunset, Parker decides to play a pretty wet trick on him, splashing him with a bucket of cold water. As retribution, Samuel decides that Parker owes him, and decides to take out the punishment all over Parker’s sweet mouth. Well, in no time at all, Samuel is warmed up and ready to move on to coital payback, working Parker’s ass in several different positions before finally splashing Parker with something a little thicker than water.


Wade was cleaning out the pool while Austin Wilde was sunbathing. Not long into it, Austin asks his buddy if he could help him apply some sunscreen. Of course applying lotion on Austin’s back is the least hardcore thing that goes on between these two. Other things include sucking and an attempt to fuck. We say attempt because Austin’s big dick is just too large for Wade’s tight ass.

Samuel Smith

Brandon Lewis, Cliff Jensen, Hunter Ford
The 3 suck, fuck and joke around until they all cum on Cliff

Hayden F, Tommy D
Watch these two buddies make out, suck and then finally fuck

Cody Cummings, Wolfie Blue
Everything pass through the hole: feet, the cock and the cum

Mason Wyler, Samuel O’Toole
Mason is going to sucks Samuel’s dick and it’s filmed in POV

Jason Visconti, Jimmy Visconti, Joey Visconti
The Triplet are going to prove they can be more than soldier


FleshJack Friends
Rad Mathews, Ryan Middleton

Trystan Bull, Dylan Hauser

Jeremy Bilding, Rod Daily

Marcus Mojo, Brad Star

Samuel O’Toole, Parker Perry

Wade, Austin Wilde

]]> 0
Cody Cummings pictures and videos – Straight stallion Cody in hard action with men and women Thu, 21 Oct 2010 11:48:56 +0000 cody_cummings

Lately, between his guy-on-guy, and solo scenes, Cody has been getting laid by some pretty hot chics. Today will be no exception. It’s time to let the stud play with what he loves the most, women. That’s where Kristina Rose comes into play. She’s here for one reason, and one reason only: To service Cody’s cock.
From sucking to fucking, Cody definitely gets his in this scene before he unloads he balls all over Kristina’s pretty face. Bet you wish you were in her place!


Adam Wirthmore just got of the shower when he noticed Cody Cummings was outside, cleaning the pool.
There was something about the sight of the tanned hunk using the long pole of the pool net, slowly moving it side to side, to clean the already nearly perfect waters, that really turned him on. What’s a boy to do?
Well, how about pull out your cock and beginning to fantasize about the filthy things you’d do to whoever you’re watching…and that’s exactly what Adam does!
His fills his hand with his throbbing cock and fills his mind with a an image of the two hooking up. From sucking Cody’s fat cock, to rimming his ass and even rubbing his cock against Cody’s(Yes! It really happens!!!), Adam Wirthmore’s thoughts are x-rated indeed. Lucky for you, our cameras are equipment with mind ready sensors, so you get to see his thoughts as if it really happened!


It’s that time again… Time to feed Cody Cummings another hot little chic. This week, Lea Lexis, a hot little Romanian girl gets to do the honors. If you thought that some of our other girls weren’t kinky enough, then Lea will blow you away. Cody has a party with her. He even gets to stick it in her ass!
Lets just say after getting of his lifetime, Cody needs a nap after this scene.


Monica Mayhem is a blonde bombshell. Cody Cummings is a dark haired Italian stud! Put the two together and you’ve got some great fucking porn!
After going for a long walk together, the two headed back to Cody’s place. Halfway back home, Cody gets the urge to get a bit frisky with his new friend. After shoving one of his fingers into her while making out, Monica is so turned on that she gets a wild, kinky idea to blindfold her handsome friend and bring him home to give him a present. Of course this present involves stroking, sucking and fucking his fat dick!


It’s time for another HOT Cody Cummings masturbation scene. Oh wait! Who’s that??? It’s none other than Shane Frost.
Now normally, if someone barged in on a jerk off scene, we’d be pretty upset, and so would Cody. But since Shane is so handsome and is such a cock worshiper, we nor Cody, could refuse the young stud entry.
Oh, and did we mention Shane blows Cody?


It’s time for Cody to get laid again, and this week, we feed him the all new Asian beauty Miko Sinz.
As an aspiring photographer, Miko wanted to shoot Cody. Of course the Italian Stallion had no problem what so ever letting the petite hottie take a few snap of him, so we gave her one of our cameras and left the two alone for a bit. When we came back, the clothes we off and these two were really making it hot! Miko just couldn’t resist places that fat cock of his on her tongue and he couldn’t keep his dick out of her! After giving Miko a pounding she’ll never forget, Cody drenches her back with his man milk.
All in a days work!


Cody loves getting a massage, but even though he loves the gentle touch of a hot young woman, sometimes those tense muscles need the strength of a man, and that’s where Phenix Saint comes in.
After laying down on the massage table, Phenix shows up and gets to work, kneading and rubbing his hunky buddies muscles. Once Cody rolls over, Phenix goes from the muscles to the cock, slowly rubbing and tugging on it before Cody’s rock hard and Phenix decides to work the cock with his mouth instead of his hands, easily making Cody bust his nut.


Cody has been hard at work for all of his fans so when he asked us to feed him to sexy girls, we obliged by hooking him up with Kandi Milan & Cocco Velvet.
There isn’t too much plot invovled in this scene, just plain, good, satisfying sex!
As Cody watches the two girls please each other, he pulls out his huge cock and gets it ready to slam both of them… Which he does like a happy dog before pull out and unloading his balls all over the place.


Cody likes all sorts of girls, but he especially likes Latin chics. Lucky for him, we had Angelina Stolli on set and she was quite fond of the Italian Stallion’s looks.
When we let the two go at it, there wasn’t any time to set up an intro or plot…they were so into each other, the clothes were off before we had a chance to press record.
Cody gives the dark hair beauty a thorough pounding and she takes it like a champ and loves it. She also sucks his fat cock and licks his ass! Lucky bitch!


If you didn’t know, Cody & Rod Daily are buddies, even when they’re not in front of the camera. For this weeks scene, we’ll be following this studs back to Cody’s place after they’re done with one of their grueling workouts.
Cody invites Rod in for a minute to just chill out, but it quickly turns into more than just a chill session. Once the porn starts rolling, it’s cocks out and time to cum. Rod helps his friend out with a warm, wet mouth and before Cody can do anything about it, Rod spews his man milk… ALL OVER CODY!

Cody Cummings, Kristina Rose
Christina is here for one reason: To service Cody’s cock.

Adam Wirthmore, Cody Cummings
Adam sucks Cody’s fat cock, rubs it hard and licks his ass!

Cody Cummings, Lea Lexis
Cody fucks Lea in every possible holes and cums in her face!

Cody Cummings, Monica Mayhem
Busty blue eyed blonde sucks and fucks Cody’s rock hard cock

Cody Cummings, Shane Frost
Any mouth is better than a hand for getting off! So, Enjoy!

Cody Cummings, Miko Sinz
After giving Miko a pounding Cody drenches her back with cum

Cody Cummings, Phenix Saint
Phenix goes from the muscles and decides to work the cock!

Coco Velvet, Cody Cummings, Kandi Milan
For this scene, Cody had a special two for the price of one!

Angelina Stoli, Cody Cummings
Cody Cummings gives the dark hair beauty a thorough pounding

Cody Cummings, Rod Daily
Once the porn starts rolling, it’s cocks out and time to cum

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You can see Cody Cummings’s free porn vids & pics Fri, 14 May 2010 15:06:31 +0000 codycummings

If you didn’t know, Cody & Rod Daily are buddies, even when they’re not in front of the camera. For this weeks scene, we’ll be following this studs back to Cody’s place after they’re done with one of their grueling workouts.
Cody invites Rod in for a minute to just chill out, but it quickly turns into more than just a chill session. Once the porn starts rolling, it’s cocks out and time to cum. Rod helps his friend out with a warm, wet mouth and before Cody can do anything about it, Rod spews his man milk… ALL OVER CODY!


Brandon Lewis is hanging out at Justin Ryders’s pad and the cable is out which is no fun especially when all you want to do is kick back and relax. Justin comes into the room and tries to pursade Brandon away from the TV but he wants his dick sucked and something to watch at the same time.
They ran into Cody Cummings at the grocery store a few weeks back and Cody is doing some side work working for Star Cable co. Cody told them to give a call if they ever needed any help with some cable issues and what do you know they need the Codster’s help ASAP.
Cody arrives to fix the cable for the two men. Justin and Brandon are shirtless and touching all over each other as the cable man is trying to fix the TV. They think Cody is gorgeous and slowly offer him money and more money to take off articles of clothing and to watch them as they suck and fuck.
Cody’s first thought was to just take the money for the cable and leave but the price went higher and higher for some sneak peak under that sexy cable man uniform. Cody gives in and lets these hunks suck him off unleashing a hot three way orgasmic punch ending this cable service call.


It’s been raining all day at the shoot house so Cody Cummings has decided to kick back with Parker London and watch some porn together to past time.
After they figure out what scene they want to watch, Cody strips down in front of Parker and starts to stroke his tasty Cummings cock. Parker dazed by the quickness drops his pants and starts to blow Cody like a good friend should on a rainy day.
Parker keeps Cody lubed up with his moist mouth as he swallows every inch of that massive cock. The buildup is intense and the release is one to remember.


We all know Cody Cummings has many fans. But rarely does Cody get to meet any of them. Today is one of those rare occasions where Cody gets to not just meet a fan, but also get sucked off by him! That’s where Adam Wirthmore comes in. He’s been a Cody Cummings fan since the Italian stud first appeared online. After begging for a chance to meet the hunk in person, we were finally able to make his dream cum true…and that’s where the fun starts.
Lets just say that Adam gives Cody more than just a hand shake!


Coco Velvett has a sweet tooth. But candy isn’t the only thing she’s partial to; she can’t get enough of Cody’s huge cock! When Parker London heard she had some sexy ideas involving Cody Cummings and some delicious, sugary treats, his mouth was watering and his dick went hard.
With a fruit roll-up wrapped around his boner, Cody enjoys fervent sucking and licking from Coco and Parker while they share Coco’s stash of eclectic confections. Parker comes up with a fun idea all three of them will enjoy. It involves a cherry lollipop, Cody’s and Coco’s tight little assholes, and Parker’s tongue. Can you guess what it is??


Trent Locke is one of those cool guys who gets along with pretty much everyone. That’s why he and Cody Cummings have made such fast friends of each other. Cody always loves to pal around with a new amigo, especially when there’re BENEFITS!
When these two dudes are chillin’ on Cody’s bed, just watching a little porn, Trent’s eye catches sight of Cody’s notoriously large and juicy cock. With some hot sex happening on the tv, Trent is in exactly the right mood to give Cody’s stiff dick a taste. And wouldn’t you know it, Cody really appreciates the gesture from his new pal Trent.


Cody Cummings is a very hip, modern guy, or as the French would say, ‘a la mode.’ And three-ways are becoming the cool new thing all over the globe. That’s why he’s invited his pals Christy Bender and Christian Wilde join him for a sexy romp by the fireplace.
Christy is no stranger to giving awesome blowjobs and she’s making that very clear to Cody, right off the bat. She’s so happy with the Italian Stallion’s cock in her mouth, she barely takes time to help welcome Cody’s fans! Christian notices how luscious Cody’s dick looks and goes in for a taste as well. Then these two studs share Christy in true gentleman fashion, with a cock at either end.


Aryx Quinn seems like a great guy. That’s why Cody is taking the time to show him around and make him feel comfortable. After all, shooting a scene with the Italian Stallion himself can mean a lot of pressure for a newbie. Luckily, Aryx is using the opportunity to showcase his excellent cock sucking skills.
This one is two muscular dudes hanging out, just doing guy shit. And Aryx won’t soon forget his big debut with the legendary Cody Cummings!


That Coco Velvett sure is a sweetheart. She brought Cody Cummings a surprise. Can you guess what it is? It’s bigger than a breadbox, hung like a donkey, it sucks a mean cock, and loves hot, double-team action. Give up? It’s Brec Boyd, of course!
Coco has convinced him to drop by and have some fun with her and Cody. Brec knows how passionate these two can get, and he’s ready to help her suck Cody’s hard dick. And everyone knows how gracious Brec is: as a ‘thank you’ Brec fucks the daylights out of Coco. With friends like these, what more could Cody ask for??


What do you get when you take Cody Cummings, add lots of sunshine, plenty of lotion, and throw the horny, well-hung Phenix Saint into the mix?? It’s a recipe for some hot and heavy cock stroking action!
Once Phenix gets Cody’s ass nice and oily, the guys find some shade for a little break. But how can Phenix relax when that juicy dick is making his mouth water? Cody has just the thing to quench his desire. You guessed it…a rock hard boner to suck on!

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Once the porn starts rolling, it’s cocks out and time to cum.

A hot three way orgasmic scene with Cody the sexy cableman!

Cody has decided to kick back with Parker and watch porn!

Cody Cummings meets a fan, but also get sucked off by him!

Parker comes up with a fun idea all three of them will enjoy.

Trent is hot and ready to give Cody’s stiff dick a taste!

Cody invites Christy and Christian to join for a threesome.

Cody is taking time to make the new guys feel comfortable…

Cody Cummings gets surprised in a bisexual threesome party!

Cody gives his big fan Patrick Kennedy a very nice facial!

]]> 1
Mason Wyler, Next Door Male, Visconti Triplets, Next Door Buddies, Tommy D XXX, Cody Cummings Mon, 07 Sep 2009 16:42:21 +0000 masonwyler-mason_wyler-Patrick_Kennedy (1)

Mason Wyler loves making new friends, especially ones like the lean young Patrick Kennedy.  The two really seem to hit it off quickly.  In fact, Mason decided to pop his dick out of his underwear and slurp on Patrick’s meat pole right off the bat.  What a nice how-do-you-do!
Patrick seizes the opportunity to display his fine manners by returning the favor with a rock hard cock in Mason’s ass.  “Do you want cream with that, Mason?”  It just goes to show that there’s no substitute for good ol’ fashioned hospitality.  The proof is in the pudding.

nextdoormale-Ilias (14)

Ilias is out on a stroll on a beautiful sunny day with his lube in one hand and towel in the other.
What a grand day to stroke your cock outside and bust a creamy load in the green grass. Ilias loves to rub his body down with baby oil so you can see his muscles glistening in the sunlight.
Sit back and watch a sunny day masturbation scene which will make you want to get outside and do the same.

viscontitriplets (1)

The Triplets go out to a nice, cozy country bar to enjoy a drink, some scenery and of course, some hard cock! Our three boys just can’t stop thinking about busting their hot loads, so they bring along a friend who’s more than willing to help with his mouth or ass!

nextdoorbuddies-Alexy_Tyler-Shane_Erickson (2) nextdoorbuddies-Alexy_Tyler-Shane_Erickson (3)

The tattooed hunk Alexy Tyler is back for more ass slamming action, and this time his encounter is with the tall, slim stud Shane Erickson.
The two hit it off really well on our set, so we decided to see how the sparks would fly when pairing these two up for a scene.
All the action takes place in the bathroom. First in the shower, and then on the flood. Plenty of making out, cock sucking and ass pounding to keep you cuming back for more.

tommydxxx-TommyD-Studding_Twins (1)

The Studding twins are back with Tommy and they are ready to tag team his sweet little ass.
Tommy loves these furry masculine little guys and with all their energy combined it’s going to lead to some hot sweaty grinding.
It’s the twins first time fucking Tommy and they both get to tear up that ass just the way he likes it.
Get that lube ready and sit back for an awesome 3 way cum shot that soaks up Tommy’s chest.

nextdoormale-Aaron_Skyling (1) nextdoormale-Aaron_Skyling (4)

Meet Aaron Skyline, a 19 year old semi pro mixed martial arts fighter. Yeah, he’ll kick your ass, but he’ll also get naked and show you his.
This young stud thought it’d be a fun thing to try out for some x-rated movies. Luckily, we got to him first. Instead of throwing him immediately to the sharks by pairing him with TommyD or Mason Wyler, we decided to take it easy on the young man and give him a NextDoorMale scene to get him up to speed. You may not know it, but being naked in front of a camera doesn’t always come naturally. Luckily for us, this kid wasn’t fazed one bit.

codycummings-Cody-Patrick_Kennedy (1) codycummings-Cody-Patrick_Kennedy (2)

We found Patrick Kennedy who is one of Cody’s biggest fans and he can’t wait to meet him in person.
Once Cody steps into the room Patrick’s jaw drops as he approaches him. Fully naked and ready to fuck young Kennedys awaiting mouth, Cody wastes no time in showing the respect a true fan gets from this monster cock.
What a great horny fan Cody has found and boy can this kid suck some dick and clean out a smooth asshole. All you Cummings fans must be jealous but you will be happy with the end result when Cody’s man juice is dripping off of Patrick’s wet tongue.

nextdoorbuddies-Mike-DJ (1)

You know that 25 year old hunk Mike Roberts? Well, if you don’t, you’ll get to see him in some hot ass fucking action in this scene with his buddy DJ.
These two sexual young guys were playing video games the other day when Mike beat DJ. Of course here at NextDoorStudios, when you lose at something, you’ve got to give it up, and that’s exactly what DJ does. First he services Mike’s fat cock, then he bends over, spreads his ass and lets his buddy pump him until they both cum all over the place.

nextdoormale-AJ_Irons (1) nextdoormale-AJ_Irons (2)

AJ Irons is back. Well, this is his first time on NextDoorMale, but he should have a familiar face because he’s rocked out with his cock out on some of our other hot sites.
If you didn’t know, that’s how we do it. We love letting these hot young guys experiment with their sexuality in a multitude of ways. NextDoorMale is where we let these guys have fun when no one else is around and our buddy AJ here is a natural if we’ve ever seen one.
From stroking his cock on the bed, to lathering it up and jerking it some more in the shower and finally heading back to the bed to unload his tight balls all over himself; yeah, this guy loves anything that has to do with sex and getting off. Can we blame him? We think not!

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masonwyler-mason_wyler-Patrick_Kennedy (2) masonwyler-mason_wyler-Patrick_Kennedy (4)

masonwyler-mason_wyler-Patrick_Kennedy (3)

masonwyler-mason_wyler-Patrick_Kennedy (5)

masonwyler-mason_wyler-Patrick_Kennedy (6) masonwyler-mason_wyler-Patrick_Kennedy (7)

masonwyler-mason_wyler-Patrick_Kennedy (8)

masonwyler-mason_wyler-Patrick_Kennedy (9) masonwyler-mason_wyler-Patrick_Kennedy (10)

masonwyler-mason_wyler-Patrick_Kennedy (11)

masonwyler-mason_wyler-Patrick_Kennedy (12) masonwyler-mason_wyler-Patrick_Kennedy (13)

masonwyler-mason_wyler-Patrick_Kennedy (14)

masonwyler-mason_wyler-Patrick_Kennedy (15)

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]]> 0 NextDoorBuddies, NextDoorMale, MasonWyler, CodyCummings, NextDoorHookUps Wed, 26 Aug 2009 12:02:10 +0000 nextdoorbuddies_Spencer and Gavin (1)

Spencer Reed is back and ready to play some football with a sexy newcomer. The rookie Gavin is a blonde,tanned, surfer looking type of stud.
Both of these boys love football so they decide to throw the ball around a bit on a sunny day. Spencer is a bit of a butterfinger but it might be because he can’t keep his eyes of the sexy hotty he’s playing with.
Spencer has had enough catch and decides to tackle Gavin to the ground and play with a new set of balls.
They take the action inside the house and right at it they go. Some hot heavy making out and two big cocks are up for some heated action. Gavin loves the cock and starts digesting Spencers while making sure his balls are licked clean as well. Spencer returns the favor but in a short bit Gavin finds himself bent over and taking it hard and fast from all sorts of angles.
The end of the scene is very hot when the load blasts all over Gavins back and hair.

nextdoormale-Kevin Wood (9)

Kevin Wood decided to sleep in and relax today. He had a long night and needs the rest. A leisurely shower is just what the doctor ordered and it will give Kevin an opportunity to give some attention to his recently neglected dick. He hasn’t had time to stroke his cock in 3 days and needless to say, he has some built up tension.
Some nice soap suds do the trick nicely as Kevin lays down and sprawls out in the shower. Then it’s over to the sofa where the K man knows his Fleshlight is waiting patiently to envelop his beefy cock. After using his toy to get a rock solid hard on, Kevin wedges the Fleshlight in the sofa cushions and fucks the daylights outta the thing while thinking of his favorite hole.

nextdoorbuddies-Justin Jameson, Andrew Blue (7) nextdoorbuddies-Justin Jameson, Andrew Blue (1)

While at the pool earlier, Andrew Blue saw the lifeguard’s dick from up his shorts.  It was MUCH bigger than average, which made Andrew quite horny.  He raced over to meet up with Justin Jameson who Andrew knows is always ready for action.
Sure enough, Justin was just as horny as Andrew and ready to deepthroat some cock.  And Andrew couldn’t wait to taste Justin’s ass before shoving his meat in there.  Now if only Andrew could get his hands on that lifeguard!

masonwyler-Mason - Justin Jameson (10) masonwyler-Mason - Justin Jameson (1)

It’s been pretty nice out, so Mason Wyler and Justin Jameson decided to go to the zoo earlier.  They happened to get to the monkey cage just in time to catch Lulu and Bobo fucking like only wild animals do.  Even though they had only been at the zoo for 15 minutes, they dashed off to act on their raw desires that had been sparked by watching the animals do it.
Once at the house, the boys let their passion run wild.  Mason slurped Justin’s cock like a caged beast who had just been set free.  And Justin rammed his 8.5 inch behemoth boner up Mason’s man hole.  You won’t see this action on the Discovery Channel!

codycummings-Cody - Justin Jameson (9) codycummings-Cody - Justin Jameson (11)

Cody Cummings is all set to relax and watch some porn.  He’s got a comfy bed and an air-conditioned room.  Little does he know, Justin Jameson is waiting in the wings, ready to pounce at the right moment.  When he sees Cody’s throbbing member in plain view, he knows it’s time.
Cody can tell Justin knows how to handle a large cock.  And Justin won’t be done until Cody’s ass is licked clean.

nextdoorhookups-Studding Twins - Rani Fairis (1) nextdoorhookups-Studding Twins - Rani Fairis (2)

Rani Fairis is so conniving!  She brings ice cubes over to the Studding Twins, Matt & Dave, and tells them the ice will “cool them down.” HA!  Good thing the twins weren’t born yesterday.  They know Rani just wants to heat them up and get double-stuffed by their throbbing, twin-turbo cocks!  Lucky for Rani, the guys are hot AND horny.
They’re gonna show her how real bros team up, high fives and all.  So get comfortable and cum along…when it’s all over, you’ll be seeing double!

nextdoorbuddies-Christian Wilde - Justin Jameson (3) nextdoorbuddies-Christian Wilde - Justin Jameson (2)

Justin Jameson is a newcummer and Christian Wilde is helping him get acquainted.  The guys are washing up in the bathroom when Christian decides to heat things up.  Justin is no stranger to getting sexy in bathrooms.  He loves jerking off in public restrooms whenever he gets the chance.  Luckily, he has Christian’s rock hard cock to play with this time.
Even though Justin has a fresh face, he can suck and take a dick like a seasoned pro.  And Christian Wilde is making sure Justin gets broken in by fucking him nice and deep.

nextdoormale - Chris Taylor (1)

It’s a rainy, dreary day, but Chris Taylor is finding ways to have fun indoors.  After a light, healthy lunch, Chris finds himself becoming quite aroused.  His thoughts drift toward far off places.  He has visions of well hung island men, dancing in traditional garb.  Some of them are engorged, just as he is himself.  He strokes his thick, meaty erection and imagines native hands touching him all over.
Then Chris takes an afternoon nap and experiences a vivid dream where he was a young tribesman, hunting through a jungle.  He happens upon two village elders fucking near a small creek.  The dream was so real, Chris is driven to again stroke his already hard cock.

nextdoorbuddies - Justin Ryder-Christine Wilde-Marcus Mojo-Dylan McLovin-Aaron Skyline (14)

Two’s company, three’s a crowd, four’s a party, and five’s a…gangbang??  It’s tough to keep track of who’s who when Justin Ryder, Christian Wilde, Marcus Mojo, Dylan McLovin, and Aaron Skyline join forces to suck and fuck like it’s goin’ out of style.
These boys come out horny and don’t stop until the very end.  And right about the time you start wondering who’s gonna clean up all the cum, the hairy Justin Ryder gladly assumes the role of pivot man in the hottest fuck fest you’ve seen yet.

masonwyler-Mason-Brec_Boyd (1)

Mason Wyler and Brec Boyd have come up with a simple way to beat the heat;  they’re going to take their clothes off!  And Mason knows nothing takes his mind off scorching weather like a fat cock in the mouth.  The slender, tattooed Brec is happy to provide his throbber.  Mason basks in the shade of Brec’s balls, while slurping on his hard dick.
Crank up the A.C. and watch these guys get steamy.

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nextdoorbuddies_Spencer and Gavin (2)

nextdoorbuddies_Spencer and Gavin (15) nextdoorbuddies_Spencer and Gavin (3)

nextdoorbuddies_Spencer and Gavin (14)

nextdoorbuddies_Spencer and Gavin (4)

nextdoorbuddies_Spencer and Gavin (5)

nextdoorbuddies_Spencer and Gavin (6) nextdoorbuddies_Spencer and Gavin (8)

nextdoorbuddies_Spencer and Gavin (7)

nextdoorbuddies_Spencer and Gavin (10)

nextdoorbuddies_Spencer and Gavin (11) nextdoorbuddies_Spencer and Gavin (12)

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]]> 3 Cody Cummings Tue, 31 Mar 2009 16:43:13 +0000 072_resize 031_resize

Some people say three is a crowd, but Cody Cummings loves the idea of having the beautiful Madison Mason and the smooth hunk Wade drooling all over his huge cock.
At first Cody and Madison are making out in the bath tub when Wade decides to show up unexpectedly and join in the hot fun. The boys waste no time in stripping down the sexy blonde girl to reveal her beautiful, luscious body. Madison gets fucked so hard in the bath tub by Cody’s pulsating cock that she can barely contain herself.
They then decide to take the action to the bedroom where Wade pounds her, forcing the young chic down on to Cody’s rock hard dick. They continue to use her until Wade decides he wants a piece of Cody deep down his throat, which of course, Cody gives to him.


codycummings codycummings-2

Cody loves to play pool, but as he says, he likes to break balls more than stack them. That’s where the 19 year old Philippe Delvaux comes in. This young gay boy loves anything to do with balls, especially the balls on Cody Cummings.
After catching Philippe staring at his ass, Cody decides it’s time to put the pool cue down and pull out his trouser snake to teach the slim boy from Belgium a lesson in proper etiquette. What that means is, Philippe is in for about 20 minutes of cock-in-the-mouth.



Guess what?
Cody Cummings is having a problem with his gorgeous cock. The problem with it is that it just won’t seem to go soft and the beautiful nurse Kelly Summers is here to help our good friend Cody out.
The nurse sees him lying on the bed and yup, his big dick is already hard and aching for some pleasing. She wastes no time in sucking on the thick shaft of his. Once she has warmed up his throbbing member he takes the medicine right to her and gives the nurse a great fucking.


See more on CANDY & FLOOD





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]]> 1 Cody Cummings, Nikki Rhodes Tue, 10 Feb 2009 14:17:13 +0000 cody_cummings-12 cody_cummings

Once again, it’s time to feed the very, very hungry Cody Cummings a fine little female. This week, we’ll be letting our hunk eat up Nikki Rhodes, a hot porn starlet that we were contacted by. She had heard of Cody and once she saw him, Nikki knew she couldn’t resist getting his huge cock stuffed in her muffin.
Like usual, Cody makes this scene very hot and full of passion. He also delivers some major pounding with his tool. To his benefit, Nikki knows exactly how to work his cock to make it spew, which it did, all over her face and his abs.

cody_cummings-2 cody_cummings-3 cody_cummings-4

cody_cummings-5 cody_cummings-6

cody_cummings-7 cody_cummings-8

cody_cummings-9 cody_cummings-10


]]> 0 Christian Wilde, Cody Cummings, Madison Mason Wed, 07 Jan 2009 16:43:06 +0000 153_resize 190_resize

It’s three-way time again for Mr. Cody Cummings!
This time he’ll be joined by the beautiful blonde Madison Mason and the dark haired bi hunk Christian Wilde.
The three tear it up in the bedroom, where the two guys immediately start undressing Madison, groping and grabbing her tight body.
There’s plenty of cock sucking and woman swapping between the two guys. When it’s all over with, Madison is covered in cum, and Cody & Christian are drained.


194_resize204_resize 180_resize229_resize 220_resize 066_resize 077_resize 097_resize 151_resize

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Cody Cummings Fri, 19 Dec 2008 22:09:34 +0000
04_resize 11_resize

Cody gets straight to business for this week’s update. He plants his ass on the sofa, pulls out his lube, unzips his pants and begins a strokefest.
On his quest for cum, Cody grunts, moans and squirms around. When he’s ready to release his build up cum, he lays back and lets it flow out of his massive cock all over his muscled abs.

12_resize 21_resize 22_resize 26_resize 29_resize 34_resize 46_resize 60_resize 67_resize 71_resize

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Cody Cummings, Kylee Reese; Isaac, Skyler; Austin Wilde; Jessie, TommyD; Jason Visconti, Jimmy Visconti, Joey Visconti Tue, 09 Dec 2008 17:24:30 +0000

Cody gets to play with the blonde bombshell Kylee Reese for this week’s updates. You better believe Cody’s thrilled, as this girl’s a true porn-starlet and knows how to take a huge cock like his.
Cody begins his seduction in the bedroom, where he passionately kisses the petite girl while undressing her. Once the two are naked, the real deviance begins. This girl knows how to suck cock like a monster and Cody loves ramming his hard dick down throats.
When it’s time to fuck, our stud gives it to her like no other. He pounds her silly, and even tries to shove his thumb in her ass…which gets quickly denied, in an oh-so playful way.
After doing Kylee for much longer than we can fit on our site, Cody pulls out and cums all over her tits. Quite the scene from quite the hunk.


One a recent sunny Californian day, Skyler and Issac Conn were goofing around outside while their lady friends were gone. As Skyler was climbing down from a nearby tree, Issac went for the kill and pants his buddy. Seeing his friends huge cock really got him in the mood to have something long and hard in his mouth, so he went for it, and began sucking on Skyler’s massive pole.
Skyler let it slide for a few seconds, but then he got uncomfortable with one of his best friends blowing him, so he pushed Issac away and pulled up his pants. Fast forward a few minutes and Skyler’s still hard cock was begging for a release so he finally gave in and let Issac blow him. He also decided that he might as well pound Issac’s ass before blowing his load.


Meet Austin Wilde, a 25 year old athletic young guy who works as an electronics technician, a part time basketball coach and a full time nice guy.
Austin got to play with Wade on NextDoorBuddies a couple of weeks ago, and now he’s back for his NextDoorMale debut.
Austin will be showing off his smoking hot body while outside in the lawn chair and while getting himself off in the bedroom.


Tommy has his girl Jessie back on the set for some more raunchy sex.
This time, Tommy fucks the blonde 18 year old in the horse stables, giving her his stiff dick in a whole bunch of different positions. She eats it up, loving every inch of it. When Tommy just can’t take it anymore, he pulls out and unloads a huge load of warm cum all over her torso, bringing an end to this fucktastic scene.


It’s time to go to the doctors again. No one likes the small, cramped offices and the little robes that cover nothing. Well the triplets don’t seem to mind it at all! Especially when a hot doctor comes to give them a check-up! He`s very thorough and will inspect every hole!

]]> 0
Cody Cummings, Dorian Grey, India Summers; Beaux, Jonny T.; Jeremy Bilding; Anthony Smith, TommyD; Jason Visconti, Jimmy Visconti, Joey Visconti Mon, 01 Dec 2008 16:10:49 +0000

Cody was having a great time fooling around with India Summer in the bathroom the other day when Dorian Grey showed up and was surprised his buddy didn’t invite him to get in on the fun.
That didn’t deter Dorian from stripping down and shoving his cock in India’s face though. Cody didn’t seem to mind the additional sausage.
The two take turns slamming her until both of them shoot their cum.
Hot guys in a hot scene doing a hot girl. `nuff said.


JonnyT stumbled upon Beaux, a muscled personal trainer who was working on the same ranch as he was. Thing is, Beaux wasn’t working when he was spotted by JonnyT, he was touching himself while kicking back on one of the tractors.
Not wanting to be left out, JonnyT asked to join in on the fun, which Beaux had no problem with.JonnyT stumbled upon Beaux, a muscled personal trainer who was working on the same ranch as he was. Thing is, Beaux wasn’t working when he was spotted by JonnyT, he was touching himself while kicking back on one of the tractors.
Not wanting to be left out, JonnyT asked to join in on the fun, which Beaux had no problem with.From stroking, sucking and rimming each other, too JonnyT slamming Beaux’s ass, this scene packs the spunk to get your rocks off.
So sit back, unzip and indulge in this flesh fest.From stroking, sucking and rimming each other, too JonnyT slamming Beaux’s ass, this scene packs the spunk to get your rocks off.
So sit back, unzip and indulge in this flesh fest.


Jeremy Bilding is back, and ready to jack…off. To remind everyone, Jeremy is a really fun, playful guy that is so mellow and easy to get along with. That’s one of the big reasons we brought this young stud backs. The other being: he looks fantastic naked.
For his newest installment on NextDoorMale, Jeremy will be treating us to a viewing of his hot bod while he kicks back on a lawn chair, while he showers off, and while he strokes for the home run on a bed.
Fortunately this guy isn’t inhibited sexually, so look forward to seeing him show up on our other sites playing with his buddies.


Tommy would like to introduce you to Anthony Smith. A super hung 20 year old thatlikes to get down with whoever’s around.
For this scene, Tommy probes Anthony’s life before probing his dick with his mouth.Knowing that Anthony gets down with guys and girls, Tommy then kicks back and letshis new buddy service him.
The two go back and forth before Tommy cums all over himself and Anthony unloads hisballs into Tommy’s mouth, overflowing his oral cavity, making the thick cum shot rundown his cheek.


There`s nothing worse than going to the doctor. Having to wait in the little room for the doctor to come along can be grueling. Leave it to the triplets to make it fun! The doctor tells them to take of their clothes off and they do it with pleasure. They then stroke their cocks waiting for their friend to arrive with a dildo. This is some hot doctor`s-office-action, the likes of which you`ve never seen!


]]> 0 Cody Cummings; Skyler & Taylor Aims; Peter Black; TommyD; Jason Visconti Wed, 26 Nov 2008 14:46:33 +0000

Cody wanted to show off some of the models that he’s going to be shooting with on this upcoming weekend, so we let him roam our offices, pointing out the soon-to-be porn stars that we have hanging all over our boardroom.
After showing off the fresh meat, Cody gets the wild idea that it’d be fun to stroke himself to some of the photos we have of our female applicants.
We weren’t really sure about the idea of getting cum all over our office, but Cody drives a hard bargain… and he’s really fun to watch, so we gave in and let the stud get himself off on our meeting table.


During this last shoot, Taylor Aims accidentally got the keys to Skyler’s bedroom. When the hunk opened the door to the room, he surprised Skyler, who was kicking back on the bed, watching one of the many porn DVDs we had lying around. Since they are both open minded individuals, Skyler didn’t mind Taylor taking a seat next to him to watch the flesh fest too.
Of course watching porn isn’t as fun if you don’t get to touch yourself, so the two guys took out there cocks and started on the quest for cum.
It wasn’t long before Taylor offered his new buddy a blowjob.
We’ll let your imagination figure out the rest of the story.


He’s 6’2′, 180 pounds and only 22 years old. He calls himself Peter Black, we just call him hot!
Peter is this week’s NextDoorMale update. He hasn’t done any porn before, but after this scene, we’re sure we’ll get him to hook up on our other sites.
He’s a nice guy with a great body and a hot cock. We enjoyed watching him play with himself in the pool and unload his balls onto our nightstand in the bedroom. We know you will too!


Tommy enjoys showing off, and before he gets down to business in this outdoor masturbation scene, he shows off the house we’ve been filming in recently.
From the gigantic living room, to the massive bedrooms, this place is loaded. From the inside to the outside, Tommy makes his way out to the lake, where he finds a bottle of lube. What a coincidence!


Classic action with an almost vintage feel! We all know the biker-outfit look is a classic. The difference is that this ain`t no Village People video! Watch some steamy solo action as the leather gets strapped and the cock gets stroked.

]]> 0
Cody Cummings, Patrick Rouge Sat, 22 Nov 2008 13:28:42 +0000

In the game of pool, someone’s got to rack the balls before the game can get started. In this case, Patrick Rouge will be racking, or more like licking and sucking, Cody’s balls.
After they finish up their game of pool, these two head into the living room where Cody has some after game porn playing in the DVD player. Since Patrick lost, he needs to get on his knees and services his studly buddy.
After much licking, sucking and rimming, Patrick blows his load followed by Cody getting off as well.

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