It’s been a good long while since we’ve filmed one of our audition videos, and Connor was the perfect guy to have restart this CF trademark. He’s hot as all hell, and any video with him in it is a thrill to watch!For those not familiar with the audition videos, the premise is pretty simple and yet the results wonderful. One of our hot young college men is put in to a room all alone with a few cameras set up to catch them do their thing. It’s a great way to really see the guys personalities, how they take to showing off in front of the cameras, and get themselves off without any interruption or direction from anyone else. It’s just the model and you, the viewer!
I didn’t see any of Connor’s audition until after it was already shot. After he’d been in the room with the cameras for awhile, he came out to say he was all done, a mischievous and oh so hot smile on his face. I could hardly wait to see how he did and so rewound the tapes while they were still in the cameras and proceeded to watch the footage on the viewfinder and… well… hot damn! I couldn’t stop watching until I saw him blow his load! This young stud has looks that kill, a great body, and his facial expressions (and those gorgeous eyes!) really make this footage priceless.
Without a doubt, this isn’t the last intimate audition video you’ll see and I certainly hope we’ll also be seeing plenty more of Connor!