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Beefy Cock Hungry Men Fucking Raw Way

NakedSword Originals/NakedSword X Rhyheim

Most men wouldn’t be able to handle the amount of cock that both Elijah Zayn and Gabriel Coimbra are serving, but Matheus Matos is always up for a challenge. After starting the raw threesome by swallowing both of the big-dicked tops, Matheus drops to all-fours to get rimmed and barebacked. Beams of ambient light bounce off Matheus’ perfectly round bubble butt as each of the well-endowed hunks takes control of his holes by stuffing their XXL cocks into his mouth and ass. After going for a ride on Gabriel’s oversized dick, Matheus gets back on his knees to continue getting rammed until his lower back and tasty crack are being drowned in streams of jizz.


Liam Angell might not be an expert on all things, but that boy does know a great cock when he feels it, So if he says Beau Bennett has the best cock he’s has ever taken, you can take that to the bank. Will Angell hasn’t figured out how to work that monster meat into his own hole yet but, he’s more than happy to assist Beau knocking up Liam and he joins Beau so the two can fuck their boy together.

Curtis & Grayson

Tall, dark-haired Curtis and blond Grayson know just what they want as they enter the studio and start kissing. Grayson sucks the top, then says, “Fuck yeah, give me that dick. “You want it?” Curtis teases as Grayson grinds on him, then slides his cock in the bottom’s hole. Curtis pounds the hot blond from behind and then turns him on his back until Greyson cums, then Curtis gives him a hot load in his mouth.

Casting Couch #488: Jacob Lord, Andre Cruise

Andre Cruise inducts Jacob Lord into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by seduction, incredible cock sucking skills, ass eating and raw ass fucking

Fucking Jacked

Clark Reid impresses the twink judges at the bodybuilding competition with his big muscles and boy-next-door smile… while Malik Delgaty makes a different impression when his big dick falls out of his briefs! After eyeing each other in the locker room, Malik comes in just after Clark takes a big load on his chest and tells the bottom to suck him. The top fucks Clark doggystyle, then the jacked bottom rides him on the bench. Clark takes a deep pounding in missionary, then Malik puts him up against the wall and drills that muscle ass till Clark cums on the mirror, then licks it off… But Clark’s got a creampie surprise for the judges when the winner is announced!


A plumbers tool is then retrieved from the workbox and stuffed into his sore mancunt before more fucking follows and the ultimate tradie act of ownership follows as he gets heavily spunked in and left used. Starring adult superstar legend Manuel Scalco and Spanish blonde sub Aaron Mark filmed real time in his own property…This is as hard & real as it gets & is an officially rated XXXX scene not for the easy offended that will likely get banned in some territories.

A Fuck To Remember

Things get romantic between Trevor Brooks and twink Sam Ledger as they take a walk in the woods and make out under a tree. The guys will remember this day forever, and their kissing quickly turns to more as Sam sucks the top on the couch. Trevor holds Sam’s thin body as he fucks his hole, then drills him spoon before sucking the bottom’s cock and rimming his hole. Sam loves every inch as Trevor pounds him in superman and missionary till he cums. Trevor turns the bottom on all fours to fuck him in doggystyle before busting on that hole.

Michael and Milo’s First Time

From feeling uneasy about kissing another guy to their first gay anal experience, Michael and Milo go a long way in this video. They suck, fuck AND kiss, and coat each other with their big, sticky loads. Michael and Milo (aka Tyler) give us their stats. I start by telling them to undress each other, and it snowballs from there. Michael goes down on Milo, and Milo sucks his first cock ever. Michael gets Milo to suck his big dick more, then I make him jack it. But Michael’s got another idea.

Twink Trip Part 4

Jordan Lake repaired the camper van, so now all four twinks are off to the festival. They hit the club and enjoy a show by queen Ocane Aqua-Black, but then Jake Preston and Troye Dean notice Maverick Sun and Jordan are nowhere to be found. They track down the missing twinks in the bathroom, where Jordan is deepthroating the top. The truth about who’s been fucking whom comes out… and the guys are ready to cum! This hot foursome suck and fuck in the bathroom until Jordan is covered in cum to make this the best Twink Fest ever!


Yes, our favorite Ginger is back and he’s cute, funny and sexier than ever! In this video we took him on a shoot with us and he was so horned up after watching us shoot the video, that he asked if we could make a fuck flick while we were still at the hotel so he could get off and the answer was YES! Absolutely, any excuse to get in that sweet tight little ginger ass! We always have a blast with him and the sex is always amazing.

Straight Stud Donny

21-year-old straight stud Donny sees the cameras and knows that there’s another guy on the other side of the gloryhole, but he’s so horny he doesn’t care. Donny leans hard against the gloryhole wall as I suck his big, super-stiff rod. It only takes a couple of minutes, and he’s moaning loudly and unloading in my mouth. When I suck him clean, he stands there stunned for a second before stumbling off while he’s pulling up his pants.


This was supposed to be Jaspers solo stroke video, a video of him beating off to see how the camera liked him, but he was sooo cute and really wanted to suck my cock and swallow my load while he beat off so lol! Yup, I gave in hahah. I fucked his sexy face and fed him a huge load as he jerked off his big cock, mmm mmm…this was a fun video to shoot and shoot 😛

Rough Trade Brian Beats Off

20-year-old Brian took some convincing to come over. He’s really rough trade, so I really want to watch him jack off. For being as rough as he is, Brian is surprisingly soft-spoken. He tells me he’s never jacked off in front of another guy, but I’m not so sure about that. I tell him to strip naked and play with his dick while I set up some porn for him. A little naughty neighbor video is just the thing to make Brian good and hard. He jerks his dick until he shoots a big load from his swollen purple cock head.


It’s a Daddy-lover’s Paradise! If you’ve got an appreciation for the bulky and hairy, this Pool Party is the place to be. Twinks, otters, and fellow bears all welcome!

Straight 19-Year-Old Cory Becomes A Willing Tickle Victim

When Franco found Cory, he had to have this straight 19-year-old over for a session. Franco starts exploring with a brush and feathers on this polite young guy, but fingers seem to be the best tools. Cory’s face quickly turns red as he struggles with the hardcore tickling. He has nowhere to go with his ankles and wrists bound…he can’t resist the fun! Cory screws up his face when Franco digs into his armpits and ribs, but the tickling has only just begun. Franco chuckles and he continues to tickle his helpless victim who pants, giggles and turns even deeper shades of red. 


I have been hanging out with this amateur quite a lot– He originally hit me up on Instagram, and the second we met it was an instant mutual attraction. He fucked me silly in the first vid I posted, so here you can see how verse he is! This is a compilation of clips we took, and then I had my camera bug come the next day for a crazy HOT day time flip scene in the gym. Posting that NEXT, so stay tuned. Also THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PATIENCE, I haven’t been editing/posting because I rented the house and got an awesome apt in West Hollywood for when I’m in the city.

Muscled Beefy Hunks Fucking

Malcom At The Gloryhole

Malcom is the first in a new group of college guys who want their dicks sucked before taking off for the summer. Malcom opens his shorts and slips his shaved dick and fat balls into the gloryhole, where the Pledgemaster starts the magic. He blows and strokes Malcom to completion and sucks all the cum off his dick.


Here we have catalog entry number 116 named Teddy Hunter. He is a young steer who has been part of the MuscleBearPorn bull breeding program for over a year. Note his structural soundness, overall reproductive development, and his testicular size and health. Will Angell is a virtuoso when it comes to raising fine breeding beef. This piece of meat would be a trophy in any rancher’s pasture.

Deep Sniff

Roommates Drake Von and Noah Way have been trying not to act on their mutual attraction, but after they kiss at a club, Noah waits for Drake to get in the shower, then steals and sniffs his sweaty shirt while he fingers his hole. Drake catches the tguy masturbating and watches, then kicks Noah out of his room so he can jack off. But Noah peeks in at him, and soon these roommates are giving in to temptation. Noah sucks Drake as the top fingers him, then rides his dick. Drake fucks the trans cutie in spoon and doggystyle, and the twink sniffs Drake’s shirt some more as he gets fucked in missionary till he cums. Then Drake pulls out and blows his load on Noah’s tdick.


Will Angell is the puppet master leading gorgeous Brit stud John Thomas through an out-of-body experience when he plugs John’s hungry hole. It seems that the key to turning John into a painting, snorting, drooling pig is through his perfectly swollen hole. Will is mesmerized by this submissive bottoms abilities and truly John takes a fist better than anyone in the world.


Even the director’s gotta have some fun. From the vault comes a variety of personal sexscapades, orchestrated by PPX’s own General West. Texas has a lot to offer if you know where to look, and General West, the King of West Texan Porn, knows all the right places. Check out our Bonus page and get your voyeur on… videos are 100% FREE!

Beefy Uncut Latino Stud Jerking Off

Beefy Latino stud Rodney responded to an ad I placed online for straight guys looking to get into porn. His uncut cock is hard in a flash, and he’s eager to shoot his wad. Rodney tells me about the first time he had sex, a quickie with a girl in the hallway. He also tells me about seeing his cousin’s big dick at a sleepover after he came in naked from the shower. Loving my lube, Rodney strokes away at his big uncut cock. I ask him to stand up and show off in some muscle poses while he’s hard, then he leans back on the couch and jacks out a thick load of jizz.

Horny Frat Bros Part 4

Fratboy twink Joey Mills is awoken by his roomie Logan Aarons squirting whipped cream in his mouth, but Joey goes for the squirt gun stashed under his bed and soaks the prankster’s shorts. Logan’s got more tricks up his sleeve, and as Joey leaves the room he finds a long string that leads him to a balloon wrapped around Logan’s hard cock. The pranking turns to wanking as Joey pops the balloon against the top’s muscle ass, then sucks his dick, and Logan comes out on top as he pounds the twink. Logan fucks Joey in a stand-and-carry before the bottom rides him. As soon as the guys blow their loads, their squirt war is back on!


The lust was instant and strong with these two. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other all weekend so as soon as they got in bed, it was on. It was on and the clothes were off. Eros enjoyed Sam’s pretty smooth hole until it was nice and lubed up with his spit to slide his cock in. The harder and deeper you fuck Sam, the more vocal and intense he becomes, and the more his eyes roll to the back of his head. That’s how you know you’re doing it right. Once Eros fucked the load out of Sam, Eros hopped on Sam’s cock and rode him until he nutted too. They fucked a lot this weekend, but this one was definitely the hottest!


We cannot get enough of this sexy FUCK! He has it all….a sweet disposition, handsome face, muscular hairy ass big yummy cock and he absolutely has some serious skills! This video was also going to be just a solo stroke video but it turned into Hunter training him how to squat and work out then it morphed into him doing squats on our faces and us throat fucking him and blasting our loads all over his tongue beard and face lol so fucking HOT!


This amateur bud of mine services me regularly, usually before work in the mornings. I had Nico Bellic stayin with me for a few days, so I thought my bud could provide some awesome daddy/son bonding time while he serviced us both to completion. Lots of verbal as my son & I sit side by side, 2 men enjoying amazing service!

Slopes & Sex Part 2

After leaving their friends alone in the hot tub, Malik Delgaty and Troye Dean head inside and Malik takes a bath. Troye peeks through the door to watch the hung top rub lotion into his chest, abs, and cock, and Malik calls Troye inside to join him. The bottom sucks Malik, then they fuck doggystyle. Troye rides the top, and Malik props the twink upside-down against the tub to give him a deep piledriver drilling. As Malik fucks him doggystyle, Troye has his first vacation orgasm, then the guys go out on the deck so Malik can cum in Troye’s mouth in the fresh mountain air!

Nico Stiles Gay For Pay

21-year-old Nico Stiles is building his gay-for-pay resume, and today he’s matched for cock size by hung Daddy Franco Dax. I ask Nico to tell me how he feels doing gay-for-pay work because he seems pretty laid back about it. The way he’s acting is a green light for me. I get in there and grab his dick when he leans forward to show his ass. I rub Nico’s naked body, and he says it feels good. It feels great to me! I pull out my hard cock and make Nico stroke it while I play with his dick and balls. I’ve got to get that giant dick in my mouth. I suck Nico’s cock and turn around so I really deepthroat him. He throws his head back and moans with pleasure. Then I jack Nico’s cock until he takes over. The whole situation is so fucking hot that I shoot an enormous load all over Nico. He jacks his cock while watching himself in the monitor, and when he cums, I swoop back in to eat it up.


J was coming over for a deep tissue massage and a stretch after his game, and got exactly that. Something tells me he was hoping for the extra treatment, and Jacob did not disappoint. The full body massage didn’t last long before J had Jacob’s thick meat in his hands and mouth. It was at that moment he realized exactly how stretched and deep this massage was going to be. But he took it like an absolute champ. He came over to get massaged and hopefully used, and that’s exactly what happened– he was left on the table massaged, loosened up, and covered in Jacob’s load. Another 5-star happy customer!


If you’ve ever wanted to get an inside look at what it takes to get a porn shoot up and running, here is your chance! From lights, to camera, and all the way to action, expect intimate shots you haven’t seen before. Watch the boys as they get oiled up, geared up, and stretched out. And afterwards, check out the entire scene from a different angle! Tag Team Fuck – Cam 2 is now available to stream.

Checking And Mating Him

Instead of studying chess openings, Troye Dean preps for the MEN U chess tournament by sliding a vibrating plug in his opening so his friend can help him cheat. He’s a little sweaty and suspicious when he sits down across from his opponent, Luke Connors… but that’s nothing compared to when his plot is uncovered as Luke pulls down his pants and finds the toy! Luke agrees to a rematch, but first it’s time to mate Troye. The bottom sucks Luke’s cock, and the top rims and sucks him before the cheater rides his dick. Luke fucks Troye doggystyle against the wall, then cums on the twink before Troye jacks himself off.


I’ve made several vids with Apollo already and we’ve been hanging out a ton off cam. I love his eager sub vibe and we really click together. In this vid, we start fucking in the late afternoon. I breed him deep then take him to dinner, where I tell him to follow me to the bathroom. I turn on the cam and fuck him in epic fashion- each thrust exposing my cum as it drips out of his sweet ass. The next morning he sucks me off in the gym after a workout!

Gay Porn Group Sex

Roxas Caelum, Andy Rodrigues, and Yan

Andy Rodrigues and Yan are already sucking each other’s big dicks when Roxas Caelum joins them in bed for a bareback threesome. After taking both men down his throat, Roxas sprawls out with his ass in the air and his face at dick-level for the hung duo to stuff him at both ends. Roxas’ entire body is serviced as Yan pounds his hole and Andy sucks him off before smothering his face with his muscular ass. Roxas then alternates between both tops, getting fucked by each of the men and even taking the chance to worship Yan’s feet while Yan is still deep inside his hole. Now on his back getting drilled, Roxas takes his hand to his own XL erection until he’s covering himself in a hot layer of cum.

Horny Frat Bros Part 2

Men U frat bro Finn Harding is so horny he’ll fuck anything, so when his roommate’s boyfriend, Troye Dean, rims him in a case of mistaken identity, Finn’s into it. After Troye’s BF Trey says he’s going to take a rest, it’s time for these horny frat bros to get it on! Finn sticks his huge cock through a hole in the mattress for Troye to suck, then fucks the bottom doggystyle. They try to keep quiet as Troye rides him on the floor, but can’t restrain their moans as Finn fucks Troye missionary, then on all fours! Finn cums on the bottom’s face and Troye jacks himself off.

I’m Following You

Adult industry newcomer Greg Riley is spying on unsuspecting porn stars all around Fire Island with the mission to learn their best fuck techniques. Little does he know, the bareback performer he’s currently following, Tony Genius, is on his own mission to recruit Ricky Roman as a porn star secret agent for The Swords. Before, though, Ricky insists that Tony take care of his pent-up load. Not thinking anyone is watching – especially someone as unhinged as Greg – Tony obliges and begins sucking off his buddy from the front and the back on the Fire Island coast. The two men flip-fuck across a fallen tree with each of them getting the chance to stuff the other as ocean water crashes into them. With Tony on his back getting rammed and Greg still peeping the public hookup, The Swords agent lets out a satisfying nut right before Ricky pulls out of Tony’s hot hole to shoot his own ropes.


Cain Marko is Dad Will Angell’s prized bull. This jacked up ginger beast has a sweet blue-ribbon hole that is made for MBPs breeding program. Will gets into stroking and stretching his piece of livestock’s hole until he’s delivered two feedings to keep the bull well-fed and growing.


If you’ve been subscribing since the beginning, you’ll remember the ORIGINAL Pussyboy. This cutey effortlessly takes my throbbing dick every single time, without fail. Scroll back to the beginning (2018) to check out our original set of vids. Remember there is the keyword search at the top of the screen. Anyway, I use his mouth and breed him super deep. Enjoy!

Balls Deep In My Bucket

After Malik Delgaty sticks his dick through a hole in the fried chicken bucket for a sneaky bj from Laura Fox and cums on her tits, she goes to change… but he’s still hard, and his buddy Trent King notices! Laura catches Trent sucking her man’s cock and is ready to fight, but Malik assures her they can work it out and play nice, starting with Trent licking her pussy while Malik fucks his hole. Laura sucks Trent as she rides Malik, then Trent tongues the top’s hole while Malik fucks his GF doggystyle. Trent comes on Laura’s face as Malik fucks her pussy, then his buddy and his girl share his cum.


Four horny men finish in the day, just checking out to head to the pub. The lads start checking out each other’s packages. The lads grab each other’s crotches and soon take off their dirty clothes. That middle guy has got a dream body and a fucking massive tool in his pants. He takes the bottom bitch mouth for a warmup. Soon that’s a bitch is sucking three cocks on his knees making them as hard as possible so he gets the fucking of a lifetime. The other boys take turns blowing each other’s dicks, licking the sweaty day off their balls. Hard and ready they start lying down and that sub lad gets his hole eaten. Now cocks are being sucked and soon being ploughed into his ass. What is it puss, is your asshole hungry? All these blokes act like animals with huge Hung hammers. Watch him get fucked up against that mirror with cum dripping and slinging out, have to see it. You’ll see in double, double the dicks, double the cum. After the boys had a spin each, they completely drenched his face with a brilliant bukkake. Each bloke is super hot and takes a cock like a man.


Horse Market is back! One of PPX’s biggest events is returning for a new chapter. Same rules apply: the Mares, or bottoms, stay blindfolded while the Stallions, or tops, are free to graze the fruitful pasture. Mares are herded in by our stable hands as stallions warm up and survey the plentiful livestock. Time to get saddled on for Part 1!


Nick and I first started talking at the dog park because we have similar breed dogs who loved playing together. He eventually asked what I do for work, and while he seemed surprised by the answer, he didn’t ask many questions… at first. I didn’t ask about his sexuality, but were hanging out smoking one night, and he brought up how his ex gf used to play with his ass during sex… which led to fingers and eventually toys (this was after other “casual” sex talks). He said it was some of the best orgasms he’d ever had. “I agree, but imagine instead of a small cold toy, you had the real, warm thing”, I said jokingly. “My girl used a 7″ dildo on me so it wasn’t that small, but I wouldn’t be opposed to trying”, he said not so jokingly. Fast forward a few weeks, we hooked up a few times. At first, it was just me sucking him off and rimming him with the occasional finger or two to make him cum, which he LOVED. Btw, holy shit the size of his dick was NOT what I was expecting! We eventually fucked, but the first time I came in less than 2 minutes because being inside him was my goal from the start so I was extremely turned on? The hottest part was that me cumming in him made him nut instantly. He was a little hesitant at the idea of filming at first, but said he’d be down if he could wear a mask. Over the course of the next few weeks and lots of fucking, he became very comfortable and submissive with me, which led to this video being hot af. He’s gonna be a whole different person in bed if he gets with his ex again.

Butt-Fucking Friends

Trevor Brooks is excited when his girlfriend’s gay BFF, Jake Preston, comes over to hang out, but not for the same reason she is! Trevor and Jake are butt-fucking friends who’ve been getting it on behind his girl’s back, and today they’re going to be as sneaky as possible. Trevor fucks Jake doggystyle, then they hide under a blanket and stroke each other’s cocks when his girlfriend comes back. Jake sneakily sucks the top, and when the coast is clear he rides that dick. Trevor fucks him in missionary, cumming on his hole and pushing it in with his cock as he keeps drilling him till the bottom shoots his load.


I had been chatting with Nick on Twitter, and I knew we’d have some badass chemistry.  His chiseled, extremely gorgeous face keeps my boner on brick, and I can’t get enough of his perfect body, dick, and ass.  The boy has it all going on, and I made sure to enjoy it all!  He’s all bottom, but trust me I would bottom for him if he wanted! Definitely looking forward to more vids with this stud, especially in daylight so we can all appreciate his beauty! Stay Tuned!

Jason At The Gloryhole

Blonde surfer Jason is back from the beach and looking to have his cock sucked. Of course, the quick and easy way to get relief is at the Straight Fraternity gloryhole. No strings attached and it’s guaranteed to be great! He walks right up and sticks his uncut cock through the hole and into my mouth. Jason presses his body against the divider and braces himself as I slurp on his shaft and extra-tight foreskin. After shooting his load on my face and tongue, Jason wags his cock in my face and walks off.

Belly Icing

Big, thick, furry bellies are always appreciated around here. Will Angell shows Teddy Wilder how much he gets off on rubbing a hairy bear’s full belly. After snacking on that round ass Will gets Teddy to unload his bear juice all over his stomach. Then he gets off on stroking that sticky belly while he breeds Teddy’s hole.

Eddie & Deacon

Sparks are flying right away as Eddie and Deacon kiss in the bedroom, undressing each other and licking and sucking each other’s chests and nipples. These experienced guys are very well matched; the only question is who will top who? They settle it quickly as Eddie sucks Deacon, then Deacon bends the tall, muscular hunk over and eases inside Eddie’s tight hole. \”Fuck yes!\” Eddie yells as Deacon fills him up, then rims him, and the horny bottom can’t get enough as Deacon pounds him in missionary. Eddie rides the top before the guys cum on each other’s faces.


Joshy Boy has been decorating his house He swears down that white substance he’s covered in is paint lol
Still, he always has time for a quickie in between painting!

Rhyheim Shabazz and Jeff Virg

After taking Rhyheim Shabazz’s entire oversized cock down his throat, Jeff Virg is ready to bottom for the superstar’s more-than-impressive dick. With Jeff’s leg propped up on a table, the hung top quickly makes room for himself between Jeff’s bubbly cheeks and is soon grasping onto Jeff’s naked body as he thrusts himself in and out of his hot hole. Ready to get even more stretched out, Jeff then moves to the bed where he drops to all fours, rides Rhyheim, and throws his legs back to get pounded by the star’s huge bareback dick. Barely able to handle Rhyheim’s size, Jeff takes a series of deep breaths before Rhyheim pulls out to bust right above Jeff’s deliciously used hole. For dessert, Rhyheim licks up his own seed and then spits it directly into Jeff’s waiting mouth.

Zee’s Audition

Zee has got a bulge in his shorts from his big, uncut cock. I ask him about the first time he had sex, but it’s hard to pay attention when I can see up his shorts. Zee reveals his thick, uncut cock, and I tell him to start jacking. He shows me his hairy armpits, then lies back and looks into the camera while he beats off.

Beef on Beef

MuscleBearPorn is where the big beefy boys come to play. Big, thick, meaty men are what we are all about. It takes a big tough guy like Liam Angell to take the pounding Rusty Taylor dishes out. A sturdy, solid man pushing a big thick cock up into your guts isn’t for the little guys. Rusty is amble all over just like a dream man should be and he knows how to push his weight around.

The Cum Forum

Hairy bottom Jay Cub was looking for a new challenge at the professional development event, but when he peeked through a curtain to see sexy twink Jordan Lake jacking off in the kitchen over a plate of pastries, he decides that dick is his next project. Jay eats a freshly glazed eclair right in front of Jordan, then sneaks behind the snack table to suck his cock. When the coast is clear, they go into the kitchen, where Jordan pounds the bottom doggystyle and missionary, and Jay rides him on the floor until he orgasms, then takes some more of Jordan’s delicious cum in his mouth.

Gael And Yuri Oberon

Even the most skilled cocksucker likely wouldn’t be able to handle Yuri Oberon and all his inches, but Gael is uniquely talented. In the latest NakedSword X VoyR hookup from executive producers Tim Valenti and Rhyheim Shabazz, Gael is already hard as he drops to his knees to expertly service his hung partner. Then, with one leg propped up on a nearby ledge, Gael invites Yuri to get a taste of his hole before the two flip-fuck across a sunlit corridor. As natural light pours from the windows over their naked bodies, the two versatile men swap positions, with Yuri riding Gael’s thick dick and Gael mounting Yuri as he pounds him from the rear. Once Gael is on his back getting fucked, Yuri continues working his ass until Gael’s fat cock is shooting out two separate loads that leave his furry muscles covered in a glorious mess of cum.


In Part 3, Sean shows Sparky how to breed ass like a true Daddy before passing the torch and letting Sparky try for himself. Stay tuned for next part’s sloppy finish.

Leon Hazed: Blindfolded, Blown and Tickled

6′ 2″ straight guy Leon is definitely nervous about this video. He’s fantasized about being in a three-way with a girl and another guy, but this is first time getting off with a guy alone. He agrees that I can do anything to him while he’s blindfolded in the chair, so I start playing with his balls and flicking his nipples. Leon gets hard right away, and when I go to suck his cock, he gasps with pleasure. I lick Leon’s big nipples, fondle his balls and finger his ass until he shoots a big load on his stomach with a moan. Then I keep going with his cock in my mouth, and he almost jumps out of the chair! While Leon is still over-stimulated, I haze him with a surprise tickling. Leon’s so blown away by the experience that he sits back with a huge grin and can hardly speak.

Carter & Oliver

Real-life boyfriends Carter Collins and Oliver Marks, better known as the SW College Boys, need no introduction, especially not to each other, so they get right to getting naked before sucking each other on the bed. Oliver moans as Carter tongues his hole then fucks him missionary. “Oh god yeah,” Oliver says, and Carter tells him, “That hole feels so fucking good.” These totally vers hotties show that they’re equally skilled topping and bottoming as they flip fuck, and Oliver bends Carter over the bed, then fucks him on his back as they make intense eye contact. Oliver hops back on his BF’s cock, and Carter tells him, “Fuckin’ blow it all over me! ” as he cums, then keeps riding till he takes a creampie.

Outdoor Creekside Fuck: Big C Breeds Sebastian Bluu

Jared & I are lovin the new ranch– The land is so beautiful and there is a natural creek that runs through it.  I decided to take Sebastian down to the creek for a scene, and fuck did it turn out good.  Sebastian does as he’s told– sucks daddy’s dick real good and bends over until bred.  I get a whole bunch of awesome angles and the scenery is truly magnificent, even breathtaking.  I take Sebastian back to the city house after to share him with Bigdickfig– Stay Tuned!

Gael, Andy Rodrigues, and Italo Andrade

One huge dick isn’t enough for Italo Andrade, and that’s why he’s wrangled up both Andy Rodrigues and Gael for his latest bareback threesome. After swallowing both men’s oversized rods, Italo gets into position to be stuffed and fucked at both ends by his two hung companions. With their cocks rock-hard, Andy and Gael each switch between ramming the bottom’s mouth and inked-up ass, making sure to never leave his hungry holes vacant of their stiff meat. A bareback fuck train then forms across the bed as Andy pounds Gael while Gael dicks down Italo. The non-stop sucking and fucking from the big-dicked trio come to an explosive end as loads start erupting until their cum-soaked bodies collapse into a make out session.

Neil Tickled Crazy

Easy-going 19-year-old Neil doesn’t hesitate when Franco asks him to take off his clothes and climb up on the table. He’s never been tied up before, so he starts to show a little concern when Franco, with a few quick ties, secures him spread-eagle and comes at him with his thick fingers. Neil smiles ear-to-ear and squeals with pleasure as Franco tickles him in his armpits and ribs with his fingers and feathers. His high-pitched laughter continues as Franco tickles his thighs and knees, and Neil goes wild when Franco tickles the bare soles of his size 9 1?2 feet. Franco lubes Neil’s feet and tickles him into a frenzy underneath and between his toes. Neil howls, shrieks and contorts his body as Franco switches back and forth from one super-ticklish foot to the other, then makes his way up his body to his bellybutton. Neil’s laughter turns a whole other shade of crazy when Franco brings back the much-missed electric toothbrush. He yells loudly and begs for the tickling to stop, but there’s no chance of that! Franco climbs on top of his new toy and tickles him face-to-face, then reaches underneath to tickle his back. Realizing how sweaty Neil is, Franco unties him, makes him roll onto his stomach and re-straps him face down. With his furry, sweaty ass up and wagging, Neil flails like a wild man. Franco tickles the hell out of his backside before setting him free, but even unbound, Franco zaps Neil a few more times. It’s clear the impact of Neil’s first tickle experience is going to be lasting.

Under The Barber’s Cape

The clear plastic window in the barber’s cape is supposed to be for looking at your phone, but after Jake Preston gets horny during his haircut, it allows the sexy salon owner, Cristiano, to see Jake stroking his hard cock! Jake beckons Cristiano over, who quickly ducks under the cape to suck that cock, much to the annoyance of the barber when Jake can’t keep his head still! Cristiano 69s the client in the chair and Jake tongues his hole, then bends him over and fucks it. Jake drills the bottom in missionary, then Cristiano rides that dick till he cums, and gets down to take a facial.

Beers, Bros & Holes

We love it when a hot sexy ripped buddy randomly hits us up to come chill and watch the game, have a few beers and then it turns out to be all about the FUCKING ! lol After a few brews and some small talk we got right into it, he was ready willing and able to take a pounding and we were all about it since we both think he’s fucking delicious from tits to toes lol. I know for 100% sure you will love this hot fuck flick as much as we loved filming it and shooting our hot loads with this beauty 😛

Ranch 3 Way- Cory & Jared Tag Muscle Bottom Sebastian Bluu Part 2

After using his ass good in Part 1, we head to his guest room to finish him off with the added comfort of a bed.  He starts off giving Jared a sensual massage while Daddy stroked.  We both fuck his sweet ass real nice– Jared has him swallow his boy load, then Daddy breeds him deep.  We got 2 angles to capture the hotness, Enjoy!  The next day, I took Sebastian to the river for some 1-1 daddy time.  Stay Tuned!!

Full-Grown Boy

Daddy-boy relationships are truly a state of mind. It’s not about wealth, power, or age. Just the fulfillment of the closest bond that can exist between two men. The hole we carry inside, the need to be a father or have a father. It may appear that Daddy Will Angell and Daddy Will Tantra could not achieve the mind-set of a boy, but Will Tantra has the heart and soul of Daddy’s best boy and he brings that love and nurturing spirit and gifts it to Will Angell in the purest sense.

Grayson & Phoenix

Before his first scene, blond Grayson takes a walk through the woods with his tattooed costar Phoenix. The guys flirt, kiss, and touch each other in nature, then return to the studio where they passionately make out and undress each other. Phoenix strokes Grayson’s long cock, getting him hard, then sees just how deep he can take it in his mouth. \”Oh yeah, suck me,\” the top moans. Soon Phoenix can’t wait to lower himself onto that big dick, riding Grayson before the top pounds him doggystyle. The bottom cums as he gets fucked on his back, then Grayson bends him over to cum on that ass.


In Part 2, Daddy Sean stakes his claim and doesn’t waste any time. He’s got a couple things to show Sparky and Luke they won’t soon forget.

Gay and Bi Dudes Making Out and Fucking Gang Bang

Raunchy Brunch

Joey Mills looks awfully tempting as he kneads dough in nothing but an apron, and his top boyfriend, Drake Von, wants to get between his buns! But just as Drake is about to cum, their guests arrive. Joey leaves him with blue balls to answer the door, so Drake sneakily blows some “cream filling” in the dough. Once Joey gets the biscuits in the oven, he comes out to sit on his man’s lap, and Drake slips his cock back into that hole while their guests are none the wiser… until one finds his biscuit is full of jizz! Looks like brunch is over, but at least now Drake is free to pound that ass in missionary and doggystyle until Joey shoots his own special sauce, then Drake frosts the bottom’s buns.

Blame It On Rio: Beau’s First Gangbang

Only hours after stepping off a plane in Rio de Janeiro, Beau Butler is lounging around Rhyheim Shabazz’s rooftop pool, taking in the gorgeous views. He’s anxiously anticipating the arrival of eight big-dicked kings for an all-day gang bang: Blessed Boy, Gabriel Coimbra, Marcelo Caiazzo, Markin Wolf, Gael, Samuel Hodecker, Grande Simões, Andy Rodrigues, and Alex Rosso. Naked and proudly showing off this world-famous beefy ass, Beau jumps right in, going down the line of horse-hung men, sucking their throbbing dicks one-by-one. Muscle-stud Grande picks up Beau and carries him inside where the hunks swallow each other’s thick dicks and rim Beau’s ass before each taking a turn to bareback the cock-hungry bottom. When getting stuffed at both ends isn’t enough, Gael and Gabriel team up to DP Beau’s hole as the orgy onlookers stroke themselves off and prepare to feed Beau their fresh loads. Once the bottom’s throat is full of cum, the bricked-up squad heads back into the pool for a late-night dip where a more-than-satisfied Beau announces his love for Brazil.

Cock, Pussy, Scissors

When Dante Colle goes back to his college girlfriend’s house for the weekend, he sees her dad, Alpha Wolfe, fucking her stepmom, McKenzie Lee, in the kitchen and eagerly spies on them! Dante gets caught watching, but he’s so horny he sneaks up and cuts his own glory hole in Alpha’s newspaper, then sucks the DILF’s dick. McKenzie drags Dante to the bedroom by the hair, but it’s only fair that she gets her pussy eaten. Alpha walks in and catches Dante fucking his wife, and he’s gonna show the college guy how’s it’s done! After pounding McKenzie doggystyle, Alpha rides Dante’s dick and McKenzie rides her husband, keeping up the train till both guys cum on McKenzie’s big tits.

Starting The Year With A Bang

Sophisticated Euro couple Papi Kocic and Franky Fox have a very special New Year’s Eve planned. They decorate the house, dress in their fancy tuxedos, and have a toast before Franky can’t wait any longer for their first fuck of the year. He swallows the top’s cock, and Papi slaps Franky’s ass before tonguing it, then fucks the bottom doggystyle as Franky’s mouth is filled with a noisemaker. When the clock strikes midnight, the lovers feed each other grapes as Franky rides Papi’s dick, and Franky sets off a sparkler before the real fireworks happen as the guys blow their loads!

Basic Training

20-year-old Liam is back from Army training, but he’s still got a lot to learn. I show Liam how it feels to have his cute butt eaten and asshole fingered, but first I strip him out of his clothes and feel up his firm, athletic body. I suck Liam’s dick and ask him what he’s thinking about. He says “it’s a secret fantasy” and won’t tell me any more, but I can guess what he’s thinking. I tell Liam to get on his knees, and he looks so hot stroking his dick like that. I slide underneath him like a mechanic and swallow his big tool, then I eat and finger his asshole, first on his knees, then on his back. Liam’s virgin hole can only take so much of my thick finger. I keep rimming and jacking Liam upside down, but it’s just too awkward, so I tell him to lie back and beat off while I help. Liam sprays a huge load, then I drive him nuts by sucking his sensitive, cum-covered cock head.

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Dump at Danny Day- FREE Party- no charge – Its horny as fuck
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Desperate to take it up the arse. Cum whore 19yr Seedy Sloppy creamy cummy cunt
30 x Breeders – undeniable CUM being shot in Fit as fuck N cute Danny


Driving round looking for lads!  We find these two on Grinda.


Look at these two sexy muscle ass motherfuckers…or should I say Brother Fuckers lol you decide. I love the taboo chemistry between these two studs, they look like fraternal twins…So many hot moments, like when big bro is nailing the shit out of little bros asshole then spits in his face and licks it off lol so many hot moments, I could cum just looking at the muscle ass pads popping up on little bros ass as he gets railed deep fast and hard.


My first session with Apollo Fates was off the charts HOT, and he had been begging for my dick ever since.  This time, I decided to slide my fist in.  I alternate between fist and dick, giving Apollo the pleasure he yearns for… I flip him on his back and stare deep into his eyes while breeding him.  Definitely fucking with this boy on the regular!  Stay Tuned!

Muscled Hung Hunks Fucking Anal

The Swords Sc 1

After being mysteriously brought to a mountaintop mansion, a crew of world-famous porn stars finds themselves having to rescue a suited man that they witnessed jump into an icy lake. Now in the warmth of their Tahoe estate, Reign and Tony Genius are tasked with watching the passed-out stranger, but Reign would rather pull out his curved cock and take advantage of his time alone with Tony. The two suck each other off before Reign gets into position to toy with, rim, and bareback Tony’s tight hole. The eager bottom gasps and smiles as the muscular porn star drills and fills him up all over the living room. The booming sound of skin clapping together abruptly ends as Reign pulls out just in time to release a storm of cum all over Tony’s lower back with Reign then going down to blow Tony until he’s unleashing a fat load as well.

Ass Therapy

Cody Viper has come to see sex therapist Olivier Robert today because things in his relationship are getting stale with him always bottoming. But Cody’s nervous that he might not be a good top, so Dr. Olivier suggests some confidence-building exercises… and hands-on skill practice. Cody tries out rimming the therapist, and Olivier shows him how nice it can be to get head before encouraging Cody to penetrate his ass for the first time. Cody builds skills in doggystyle and even tries out piledriver. The first-time top successfully makes Olivier orgasm in missionary, then pulls out and cums.

Axel, Blake, Brysen, Clark & Eddie’s Big Orgy

What could be better than some of the hottest Sean Cody newbies paired with a few of our hottest veterans for a five-man orgy? Brysen, Blake, Clark, Axel, and Eddie chill by the pool in their matching Sean Cody swimsuits, horsing around in the water and flashing glimpses of their cocks for the camera. But the orgy action really begins in the gym, with Clark and Blake getting their pump on together until Blake fucks the curly-haired hunk. They’re joined by Axel, who helps Blake spit-roast the bottom, and then Brysen joins the party. Once Eddie arrives, he gets Clark to himself as Axel, Brysen and Blake form a train, and these guys’ powerful thrusts give the gym equipment a major workout! Clark bends over on a block and takes four big loads on his muscle ass, then lies back and jacks it till he cums.


Nico spent 3 days with me, and there was never a dull moment.  After a whole bunch of edging, it was finally time to start fucking… I nail his hairy pussy real good in his guest room before moving to the gym for more.  I usually have really good control, but after all that edging I blow uncontrolled in his ass, capturing the moment with 2 killer camera angles!  We take a short break in the pool before returning to the gym, where I bottom for Nico’s beautiful boy cock.  We invited AJ Sloan & Isaiah Taye over for a 4 way the next day, Stay Tuned!

Casting Couch #477: Lucas Mancinni, Dani Brown

Dani Brown inducts Lucas Mancinni with deep throat cock sucking, delicious ass eating and raw ass flip fucking, eat that load Lucas!

Dad Has Needs

Dad has needs that can only be satisfied by a boy like Hunter Vulpex. The big-dicked boy can sure take some cock and proves it by lulling Daddy Will into such a state he coaxes three loads out of the big bull. He may whine a little but he never stops until Daddy is 100% drained inside of him. This kid is the real deal.

2 HUGE POLICE GANG BANG 2: Fucking up the police force

This is what binge watching really means as we get to the middle part of the biggest group scene shot in the UK for 5 years. There is now not much left of either cop uniforms but the tag team of horse hung ‘Raw Is Law’ tops are about to hit top gear on those fit as fuck now rosebud swollen & flooded law enforcement mancunts. There is now spunk everywhere and it is repeatedly used by the next workman going in for some cop re-education as lube to go deeper, harder and with more painful nasty friction to ensure these 2 guys will never ever forget this day. It gets so nasty that the bed collapses and still their is almost 20 more loads to come for the two cumdumps.


Nico Bellic was in town staying with me for 3 days.  After a bunch of one on one time together, we invited some friends over to play!  Aj Sloan & Isaiah Taye are 2 of the finest boys out there, and they showed up horny & eager!  So much fucking with all sorts of top notch verse sex– After all 4 of us blow loads, we capped the day off with some pooltime and relaxation…

G.I. Jed Blows A Load

I saw hot military stud Jed out at a bar while visiting my sister and asked him if I could shoot a video of him jacking off. Jed, who’s stationed at the local Army base, agreed to do the shoot if he could wear a hat and glasses. When we get back to my sister’s house, it’s really late, so we have to whisper to make sure we don’t wake anybody. Jed has a nice fat cock and great arms. His smile is awesome, too, as well as his big feet. Jed keeps his shirt on because he has a tattoo on his shoulder he wants to keep covered. I make a lot of concessions to hide his identity, but he’s so sexy, it’s totally worth it to get this video of him jacking off. It doesn’t take long for Jed to shoot his load on his chest. I really want to lick it up, but I don’t dare!

The Perfect Cock

Cain Marco is much more than the perfect cock. As a matter-of-fact the man has the perfect everything. Will Angell gets the pleasure of watching Liam Angell’s fantasy come true by inviting Cain and allowing the boy to completely worship him. Cum was spilled as dreams came true and Liam’s hole will savor the seed of that incredible man forever.


“I was just a hole today,” Lane says, freshly fucked with a big smile on his face. We love a hung vers boy who loves a good pounding. These boys were all over each other all weekend so when they finally got naked in bed, the sexual tension was finally released all over and inside each other. Watching a bottom like Lane take a pounding while they lie there watching his top take control, occasionally reaching back to massage his ball, is one of the hottest things. The moral of the story? If you want to make Lane happy, plow a load out of him, then unload yours all over or inside him.


Don’t you think the curly haired lad in this vid looks like the boy from ‘Call Me By Your Name’? That film has enough sex in it as it is but we wanted to put our own HYB twist on it 😉
He’s an American country boy named Zayne, all the way from the wilderness of Missouri. We might need to change our name if we keep getting boys from so far afield. Not that it matters, cause just look how adorable he is!!!
He’s hanging out with Igor! Handsome, hench and covered in tattoos. These two went mad for each other


This was suppose to be our buddy Charlie comes over and jerks off for us so we can get to know him lol but that changed QUICK Before I even knew what was happening he was sucking my cock and had his tongue up my ass in the blink of an eye, then all of sudden, Hunter had his tongue in Charlies ass then, Charlie slobbered on our cocks then jumped on our dicks and rode them all the way to orgasm town hahahaha you will love this hot little pig video 🙂

Trey’s Audition

Like a lot of young guys, 21-year-old Trey likes to brag and show off. This straight stud comes across as a little cool at first, but he’s got no problem stripping off his clothes. Trey lubes up his dick and makes it rock hard for the camera, warming up his personality the harder he gets. “Look at this…BAM!”

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