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Fucking Hard Younger Boys

Gimme That Bubble Butt Boy

NakedSword Originals

When horse hung daddy Wade Wolfgar hit you up on video chat and asks if you have time to help him with his raging hard-on the answer is always YES. Just ask Michael Boston, the handsome young stud with an award-winning bubble-butt. Michael is all too eager to strip and show off, sucking on a giant dildo and stroking his own rock hard cock while Wade jerks off and tells him exactly what to do to get them both off. Michael lies on h is side and opens his rosy hole to the thick fake cock, pushing in all 10+ inches to the base. Both guys pull in close and jerk off for each other until they both blow.’s Fab 3 Part 2 – A Gay XXX Parody

Paul Canon / Calhoun Sawyer

The Fab 3 continue their total lifestyle makeover of landscape gardener Calhoun Sawyer as food expert Paul Canon addresses the truly sad state of Calhoun’s kitchen. The hot chef and his eager student work up an appetite as they make some tangy and creamy guacamole, feeding it to each other with their fingers. Then Calhoun gets a taste of Paul’s big cock, and Paul devours the sexy Southerner’s ass! This chef’s favorite position is, of course, spoon, and he reaches around to stroke Calhoun’s cock as he fucks his ass on the counter till the bottom cums. Paul blows his load into the guacamole bowl and feeds Calhoun the tasty treat!

Nailed It

Deep Dicc / Casey Everett

Going on an interview was never fun for Casey Everett but he was looking forward to meeting with a wealthy gentleman, Deep Dic, to be his assistant. After listening to what he had to say and taking one look at Deep, Casey knew he would have to work his ass off for this position. Deep Dic doesn’t disappoint in making Casey understand what kind of work might be required from time to time. Casey definitely “Nailed It” by taking that big, thick, black dick and landed himself a new position he’ll be very happy with.

Brysen – Solo

Brysen / Nolan

To help introduce his solo, Sean Cody hottie Brysen is joined by his boyfriend Nolan. The guys have been keeping busy during quarantine with massages, gardening, and working on their skincare, and of course, “Lots of sexin’ and lots of bickering like a married couple,” Brysen jokes. “But more bickering leads to more sex, so…” puts in Nolan. “More wild, crazy sex!” says the sexy top. Nolan steps behind the camera as Brysen strips down and lies back on the couch, stroking his big, thick cock and teasing his hole with his fingers till he cums on his firm abs. Brysen’s not done yet: he lubes up his own molded dildo and literally fucks himself, riding that dick and surprising even himself with how big it is! Brysen manages to take every last inch of himself and finally gets to enjoy what all his scene partners have been feeling as he blows a big load!

Jizz For Breakfast

We like to nip problems in the bud here at the Halfway House, whether it’s morning, noon, or night. This resident unfortunately got his punishment before he had even woken up. He was in for a big surprise that morning, too. But, to be honest, he did a great job sucking off two cocks at the same time. He did such s good job that cock tears were streaming down his face by the time we were finished with him.

He’s not a natural born cocksucker, but he’s learned his lessons well here, and because of our constant work with him, he sure can make his fellow man feel good. So good, in fact, that both of our loads were huge that morning. Now, I know from experience that he doesn’t fancy the taste of cum, but he’s been broken in, and he’s now such a good little boy that he takes what is meted out to him, without complaint. Two huge loads, and although some of it missed his mouth (and was plastered all over his face), what did make it in, he swallowed it down. Nothing like jizz for breakfast!

Interracial Fuck Suck and Tickle

Remote Control: Episode 4

Elijah Wilde / Aaron Oaks

NYC native Elijah Wilde is using his time in quarantine for some mind-improving reading, cooking, and just catching some sun on his fire escape, while spiritual Brooklyn newcummer Aaron Oaks is meditating in the city’s parks and working on a mermaid mural on his apartment wall. These guys can’t wait to get together for an in-person collab, but for the moment they’re getting each other hot and bothered on video. The ebony top is hungry to sink his tongue into Aaron’s ass, while the horny bottom can’t wait to have Elijah’s cum in his mouth. These guys talk dirty as they stroke their cocks, and Aaron fingers his ass and fucks himself with a toy before they give each other the perfect view of their cumshots.

Remote Control: Episode 3

Aphrodisiac Massage

French Twinks

Justin Leroy offers Raphaël Andrioli, the newbie at French Twinks Studios, a moment of relaxation that begins with a sensual massage and that quickly turns to hard sex. Two beautiful twinks who go wild in a fucking session as wild and passionate.

Tit For Tat: Robin Sanchez, Klein Kerr

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Robin Sanchez cruise each other at the gym until Klein Kerr invites him over. Cock sucking, raw ass eating and raw ass fucking send both men over the edge with creamy loads of cum.

Isaac: Uncut Muscle Stud Blows A Huge Load


Diego brought his buddy Isaac over to do a shoot. This guy is ripped up with a fantastic body and a nice uncut cock. He and Diego talked about the times they’ve banged girls together. I didn’t know how hot Isaac was until he pulled his shirt off. Then he stripped so I could check out his uncut cock. Jackpot! I loved getting my hands all over Isaac’s body as I oiled him down. He got right down to business and was ready to cum in no time. With Diego watching him over his shoulder, Isaac shot a big load on those ripped abs and then took a big glob on his finger and sucked it off! Diego gave him a hard time about it, but Isaac said he likes the taste.

Calvin’s Tickle Ecstasy


Calvin giggles a little as he’s getting tied down, but he admits to being nervous. Franco has put Calvin in a pair of sheer white dress socks, and that’s exactly where the tickling begins. Franco shows Jeff exactly where to tickle Calvin’s feet, on the arches, under the toes, on his heels. They tickle Calvin with fingers and soap savers and take turns climbing on top of him and pinning his legs down. Franco cuts open Calvin’s socks so they can tickle his exposed soles and lick between his toes. They move up Calvin’s body while he continues to laugh hysterically, tickling him on his knees, inner thighs and abs. They tickle Calvin in his bellybutton, blowing raspberries on his stomach and tickling his lower ribs. Franco shows Jeff how to follow the muscles around the armpit to drive a tickle victim crazy, and just when Calvin can’t handle any more, they give him a break. Lucky Calvin gets to fuck Jeff’s mouth, then Franco sucks and jacks him, making him bust his nut. The session ends with Franco torturing Calvin’s sensitive cock.

Young Horny Twinks doggystyle Ebony Stepdads

The 5th and final part of the TOM of FINLAND series ‘FUTURE EROTICA’

In a new film co-directed by the iconic porn performer Francois Sagat alongside Alter Sin, MEN explore the future of Finland’s legacy — the film is Sagat’s first time directing for the company. Starring Sagat himself, the project also features DeAngelo Jackson, Ty Mitchell, and Mickey Taylor. The film is titled Tom of Finland: Future Erotica  and it includes animation by the artist Jason Ebeyer.

How will sex and erotica evolve into the future? This question is answered in the final instalment of the Tom of Finland Series co-directed by the iconic porn performer Francois Sagat alongside Alter Sin featuring animation from artist Jason Ebeyer. 

MEN explore the future of Finland’s legacy in a world where the virtual is the real, as Francois Sagat transports himself to a biodigital sexual playground and calls on fellow erotic devotees DeAngelo Jackson, Ty Mitchell, and Mickey Taylor to enact his every fantasy.

Francois watches as the lingerie-clad twinks suck each other’s cocks while he embraces the ebony stud, then directs the action according to his whims as Ty, Mickey and DeAngelo fuck for his pleasure as much as their own. After viewing the twinks share a facial from DeAngelo, Francois reawakens in his own world, covered in cum.

Dudes in Public 64: Spa

Thiago / Matias

The sauna isn’t the only thing making this gorgeous Latin twink’s temperature rise as he stares out the window at the naked muscular hunk in the hot tub. He joins him, caressing his wet body before stroking and sucking his cock. The horny top bends him over to pound his ass doggystyle, and they don’t even have to turn on the jets to make this jacuzzi hot hot hot. The bottom sucks the top’s cock as he jacks off till he cums.

Stepdad’s Wish Comes True

Calix Rivera / Drew Sebastian / Zario Travezz

Big daddy Drew Sebastian finally gets his wish and he gets to hit it with superstars Zario Travezz and introducing fresh faced Calix Rivera. Stepdad gets his chance to fool around with his stepson‘s best friend but to add to the mix he also gets to stick it in his willing stepson. Huge dicks are devoured with lots of wet spit and expert cock sucking. These huge dicks go in every hole to the joy of everyone involved!

Shampoo Bottle Challenge: Bareback

Zilv / Rourke

Dominant top Zilv is poised to set a record in the shampoo bottle challenge when playful twink Rourke runs up behind him and yanks down his boxer-briefs, sending the bottle delicately balanced on his huge bulge crashing to the floor. Zilv puts the cute brat up against the wall, vowing to teach him a lesson! That’s just what Rourke wanted, because he hungrily swallows Zilv’s hard cock, then bends over the sink and pushes his ass out, teasing the dom with the sight as Zilv fingers his hole before fucking him doggystyle. In the bedroom, Zilv eats the bottom’s ass and pounds him on the bed, then Rourke worships the top’s cock, balls, and asshole before the horny pair cums together.

Better Off

August Alexander / Mason Lear

Once a cheater always a cheater. So when your significant other fucks you over it’s always nice to have someone that’s got your back or your front. Big-dicked August Alexander and Hunky Mason Lear are roommates with benefits. After chowing down on each other’s hot, hairy Dicks, The two horny studs take care of each other’s assholes with an intense, erotic flip-flop! Both taking cock, lots of it!

Youngsters jerking off, sucking and fucking

Diesel: Stocky, Handsome Mormon Fireman


Diesel is a big guy in town on vacation for a few weeks. He’s a straight-laced firefighter from Utah who saw my ad and wanted to do something wild for a change. Diesel is very quiet, shy and polite for such a big guy. He seems so innocent that it’s almost like he’s jacking off for the first time! The toy is a new experience for him and his face just beams as he learns how to use it. He says he hasn’t jacked off in weeks. Diesel is really turned on by the whole experience and cums quickly. He’s got a lot of cum, but even so, apologizes for not squirting more. Maybe next time Diesel.

The Attic 1: Bareback

Collin Simpson (Matthew Good) / Kaleb Stryker (Kaleb)

Nate Grimes explores his new step-grandpa’s house and finds something unexpected in the attic: an old gay porno flick cued up on the projector. Nate sits down to watch as the buff, shirtless Collin Simpson caresses handsome, blindfolded Kaleb Stryker. Collin sucks Kaleb’s cock, then feeds the bottom his hard dick before Kaleb climbs on top and stretches out his hole on Collin’s thick erection. The vintage erotica turns Nate on as he watches the muscular top pound Kaleb doggystyle and fuck him deep in missionary till they both cum, leaving Nate wanting much, much more…

The Master’s wishes

Max Konnor / Derek Cline

Max Konnor is the master of his domain and with the help of his two jock strapped henchmen he fulfils his and Derek’s fantasies of what it’s like to live a sexy Vegas experience. The two henchmen seductively undress Derek and prepare him for the masters taking. Max uses his incredible muscled body and his insanely huge cock to bring Derek to fits of ecstasy. The young man explodes his Cum everywhere and Max gives him a jizz shower Before the two henchmen cover derricks face in hot creamy loads.

Sucking It Up


For cases of very minor infractions, and specifically when one resident trespasses against another resident, we like to have the culprit humiliated with a sense of fairness. In this instance, the dipshit had stolen something from the fridge, and although frankly I didn’t give a damn, I thought it would be a good excuse to see this fucker choke on a massive cock. Although he wasn’t too happy about his punishment, once he had that cock in his mouth he sure did treat it right. It is literally one of the biggest cocks we’ve had around here, and yet his teenage throat could take the bruising. In spite of his excellent oral skills, he still was set to be blowing a peer of his, but we didn’t let his shame stand in the way, and I even stepped on his face right before he took that massive load into his mouth. Huge cock? Check. Cock sucking teenager? Check. Load in mouth? Check. He’ll probably think twice about taking other residents’ stuff in the future.

A Hot Fuck On Porn Night

Aaron was just gonna have a wank until his friend Ethan offered him a raw flip fuck.

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