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Interracial Men Barebacking

Global Entry: Portugal ft. Lobo Carreira, Rafael Ferreira

NakedSword has just landed in Lisbon and is already on the way to talk with ripped hunks Lobo Carreira and Rafael Ferreira about Portugal before filming the duo’s steamy flip-fuck. Once Lobo has swallowed down Rafael’s uncut cock and taken his face for a ride, the star flips his body upside-down and begins jerking off while Rafael stuffs him full of meat. With his own big dick stiff as a brick, Lobo then goes to bareback Rafael and pound out his muscular bubble butt until the versatile bottom is covered in ropes of jizz.

Dirty Cop Part 3

Harrison Todd gets so horny while driving, he just has to start stroking himself… but then he gets pulled over for driving erratically! When his glove compartment is full of dildos instead of his license and registration, officer Colton Reece brings him back to the station. Colton grills Harrison about his extensive rap sheet for indecent exposure, then tells the twink to try getting naked in the police station, which makes Harrison super hard. The dirty cop shows the law-flouting twink who’s boss as he fucks him on his desk doggystyle and missionary, and he pulls out and cums on Harrison, then chokes the twink while the bottom jacks off and orgasms. But he shouldn’t have left the scofflaw alone with his computer…

Funhouse Fuckaround

Dominant Papi Kocic starts kissing and undressing blond Cole outside. By the time the men enter their extravagantly decorated funhouse, they’re naked and ready for more. Cole sucks Papi, who pushes the bottom against a wall as they stroke each other’s cocks. Papi bends Cole over the table, rimming and fingering his hole before sliding his cock inside. He pounds the horny bottom against the wall before putting him on hands and knees on the plush bed, and both men cum as Cole gets drilled in missionary.

Dean & Victor

Twinks Dean Young and Victor De Orange’s casual day at home soon turns serious as the guys kiss and undress each other on the couch. Blond Dean sucks dark-haired Victor, who demands a taste of the bottom’s hole, then fingers him before sliding inside. Victor fucks Dean on his back, and the blond rides the top, then lets Victor hold his hands behind his back as he fucks him doggystyle. The bottom cums as Victor pounds him in missionary, then gets in position for Victor’s hot load in his mouth.

Tim & Kyle

Tim and Kyle meet up on the trail, where the guys show off their hairy chests and share some flirty kisses, and by the time they’re back at the house they’re hungry for more. Tim kisses down Kyle’s chest and sucks him, and then the top tells the redhead to sit on his face. Kyle’s tongue in Tim’s hole feels so good, Tim exclaims, “I need your dick!” Kyle responds, “Ride my fuckin’ cock,” and the bottom does just that. Kyle puts Tim on all fours and pounds him in deep, hard doggystyle. He flips him on his back till Tim asks for his cum on his face, then Kyle watches as Tim jerks off.

Austin & Allen

Tall, muscular stud Austin Wolf leans against a pillar outside by the pool, sensually touching himself as he soaks up the sun. Allen King approaches and the top gives him a rare smile before they kiss and head inside. Allen tugs down Austin’s jeans to suck his cock, and Austin gets the bottom’s hole ready with his tongue and his fingers before fucking Allen doggystyle. He lifts Allen onto the kitchen counter to fuck him deep in missionary, then climbs up to watch the bottom ride him. Allen orgasms and gets down to suck out Austin’s cum.

The Taste Of You

Black-haired top Cade Maddox puts cute bottom Dillon Roman’s hand on his dick as they kiss on the bed, and the guys slip out of their clothes. Dillon sucks Cade’s big dick, and the top puts Dillon on all fours to get his hole ready with his tongue and fingers before fucking him doggystyle. Dillon rides him and the guys 69 before Cade pounds the bottom on his back, then gives him a facial that both guys share.

Axel & Michael

While Michael is in the gym showing some of his favorite workouts, Axel is lifting nearby and notices the end of a jeweled plug poking through the bottom’s shorts! He has to follow Michael to the locker rom and watch him undress, and soon Michael notices the top with his dick in his hand. Axel tugs out the plug and tongues Michael’s hole before the bottom sucks him, then Michael rides the top on a bench. Axel pounds Michael on his back, then puts him up against the wall to drill him till he orgasms, and Michael gets to his knees for a facial.

British Twunk’s Gangbang

The tan-lined cakes of British Twunk are ready to be rimmed, barebacked, and double penetrated for the stud’s first-ever gangbang with NakedSword X Rhyheim. Hung fuckers Rhyheim Shabazz, Roxas Caelum, Marlon Costa, and Farley give this muscle jock the ride of his life as their big dicks pound his ass and stretch his hole all night long. Then, with his taint smothered in cum, British Twunk moves to the floor where the quad of tops flood his mouth and cover his naked body in the endless waterfalls of hot piss escaping their oversized cocks.

Big Dicked Dads Breeding Twinks

Global Entry: Sicily: Giuspel and Alex Palmieri 

Muscle hunk Alex Palmieri is in Sicily with NakedSword, bending over for hairy daddy Giuspel, and eager to film his first-ever scene for a porn studio. After getting rimmed and wrapping his lips around Giuspel’s big dick on the outdoor terrace, Alex uses his spit as lube while his thick cakes go for a bareback ride on Giuspel’s girthy cock. Alex, covered in his own cum, then drops down to receive a creamy facial and be blasted with a hot load of his partner’s nut.

Taking The Edge Off

Jay Stroke is horny at work, so he checks he’s alone before taking out his dick. He’s so into jacking himself, at first he doesn’t notice Joey Mills approaching! The twink has a naughty idea, and he ties Jay up, teasing him with kisses and caresses, then finally strokes his cock… but doesn’t let him cum! Joey edges Jay over and over, teasing him with his mouth until Jay is straining to bust. He sits on Jay’s face and they 69, then Joey gives Jay’s cock and balls some concentrated attention. Joey rims Jay until he’s begging to cum, then finally lets Jay unleash a hands-free cumshot that turns Joey on so much, he jacks off on Jay’s hairy chest.

Sweet Twink Sweat

Tattooed twink Callum West doesn’t have the sauna all to himself for long. An old man hits on him, but Callum brushes him off. When hunky twink Maverick Sun sits down next to him, that’s more like it! The guys flirt, and Callum opens his towel to show Maverick his hard cock so the bottom sneakily sucks him. The twinks toss out the horny old dude so they can suck each other freely, and Callum fucks Maverick doggystyle, then on his back on the bench. The sweaty bottom rides Callum’s cock, then takes a hard pounding in piledriver till he jizzes all over himself, and he’s ready to get another hot load on his face.

Blake & Heath

Blond Sean Cody newbie Blake takes notice of bearded Heath when he comes into the gym, especially when Heath strips off his shirt. Blake comes over and kisses the bottom, and his dick is so hard it’s soon coming out his shorts! Heath sucks it, then lies back on a block to get fucked before he rides the top. Blake lies on a bench while Heath sits on his face, then pounds the bottom against a weight rack before he pulls out and cums, and Heath cleans off the top’s cock as he jacks himself off.

Big Dicked Geovanni Deep-Throated

I invite my adventurous buddy Brian over to see what he can get newcomer Geovanni to do on camera. Geovanni may not be willing to suck dick, but he clearly doesn’t mind getting a blowjob from another guy. I put Geovanni next to Brian on a small sectional so they have to touch. I know Brian won’t mind, but I’m surprised when Geovanni gets hard so fast. I tell Brian to suck on Geovanni’s boner. While Geovanni enjoys the BJ, he reaches around to help stroke Brian’s dick. When Brian gags, I give them a break and try to get Geovanni to return the favor…


James York and buddy Will Angell take it old-school and have a good old-fashioned bate session together. Just like back when they were learning what their cocks were good for and would get together with some school buddies and stroke off together. Masturbation is the most natural and earliest learned way for men to get off. Ready for some great male bonding? Then take those cocks out and get stroking baters.


If you like hot muscle boys fucking raw, you’ll love this video. Michael is finally back looking better and bigger than ever. He may have gained a lot of muscle since we saw him last, but you can tell he’s all about Greyson’s muscles and big pecs as he drops to he’s knees and starts to service him. The passion and energy between two hot muscles studs like them will always remain unmatched. Greyson’s got that nice boyfriend dick that you can just lay back and take like a champ until he’s done using you, and nuts all over. He left Michael perfectly satisfied and covered in loads.


Three hardworking blue collar nasty fukkas have spent the day erecting scaffolding in the hot sun so they are as sweaty as fuck and their man sap has now risen and its break time. In the building world lunchtime means its time to fuck and breed your fellow workers sweat dripping holes…its in all workmen’s contracts. Worldwide apparently. These three tattooed donkey dicked cocksmen who wouldn’t know how to put on a condom even if the on-site supervisor insisted are just plain lustful bastards hungry for hole. Led by Yankee mega daddy Rick Kelson who has copious hot hair & fur where most guys can only dream off having a bit of bum fluff with his best buddy & pierced work wingman the most experienced ass bandit Italy has ever produced Ale Tedesco decide that the new lad, Kaleb Bleu needs two loads of pure thick Alpha spunk mixed in his young trainee mancunt.


The party is all GLOW and no STOP! Part 4 is the finale to PPX’s first black light event, and hopefully not the last. Stay tuned for b-roll footage to get a closer look at all our favorite fucking friends.


Kyle deep throats @ South Beach. He enjoys the wonderful feeling of giving him pleasure and letting everyone watch what they did together!!! Enjoy the show!

DUEL: Scott Carter, Adam Tyrant

Daddy Scott Carter is home and demanding attention from Adam Tyrant. Scott and Adam swap cock sucking, ass eating and raw ass fucking until the cum flies.


When the masks go on we get extra horned up and fuck like NO ONES WATCHING!

OH LA LA! : Manuel Skye, Mika Ayden

Manuel Skye’s flexing muscles have gotten Mika Ayden hot and horny. Swapping cock sucking and ass eating Manuel fucks Mika then feeds him his hot load of cum

Men Breeding Boys

Live Wired: Sc 4

After answering some fun and flirty interview questions, handsome stud Greg Riley gets on his knees to service Ricky Roman’s thick cock with his wide-open mouth. When Greg hops onto the bed on all-fours, though, Ricky redirects his attention to eating Greg’s warm and hairy manhole. Then, after they 69, Ricky flips Greg onto his back and slams his bareback dick right up Greg’s chute. When Ricky pulls out, Greg shoots his huge load onto his own stomach before Ricky adds to the puddle on Greg’s furry belly.

Moonshine Melonballer

Cousin Asher just may have bit off more than his ass can chew. He wanted to make something fancy for the big potluck dinner we’re having, so he went and picked himself a watermelon from the farm down the way (don’t worry, they won’t notice) and then decided to make some of them Moonshine Melonballs. Only problem is that to get the moonshine, he went into Uncle Drew’s stash and.. that night not end well. No matter, though. Right now he’s teaching cousin Jack how to make them Mellonballs and while they’re at it they decide to fuck one of ’em because what ELSE are you gonna do with an extra watermelon? Anyway… before long Jack got hisself balls deep up in Asher’s hole and then they keep fucking good and hard until they both blow big loads RIGHT AT THE SAME TIME. That’s how we roll at Lot 45.

Cum Facial

Estheticians Joey Mills and Big Dick Fig take great care of hot client Dom King when he arrives for his four-hands facial. They have him change into a towel, taking a peek at his hot ass and big dick, then start things off with a massage. As Fig oils up Dom’s ass and legs, Joey sneaks under the table and sucks his cock! Then it’s time to start the facial, and Joey fucks Dom’s mouth and sits on his face, then rides his cock as Fig fucks Dom’s feet. The tops double penetrate twink Joey, then spit roast him! Joey cums hard as Dom pounds him in doggystyle, and Joey is the one who takes a facial before both guys cover Dom’s face with cum!

Bussy Control

Sam Ledger’s boyfriend leaves him an unforgettable surprise: a MenSexGear Saddle RC Prostate Stimulator to enjoy while he’s away. Sam tests its limits, sliding the ultra-soft silicone design that can be controlled remotely into his hole before he gets dressed. But as its 10 unique vibration patterns come to life in the middle of his job interview, Sam finds himself in an unexpected and thrilling predicament. Malik Delgaty gets the full story out of the twink, and soon Sam is sucking the hot interviewer’s cock and getting fucked on Malik’s desk. Malik picks the bottom up for a stand-and-carry and flips him upside down to suck him. Primed by the Saddle’s persistent vibrations in his ass, Sam cums as he rides the top, then takes a facial.

Levi & Hayden

Tall, dark-haired and bearded trainer Levi is in the gym teaching some of his favorite upper-body exercises, where he’s joined by blond Hayden who shows off his own favorite workout. Later, as the guys disrobe in the locker room, Levi sees Hayden watching him and beckons him over. The guys kiss and suck each other, and Levi rims the bottom, then fucks him from behind against the lockers. Hayden rides Levi and cums all over the top’s cut abs, then the guys flip fuck as he pounds Levi doggystyle. Levi rides the hairy hunk on the floor till he cums!

Twink Fucker – Uncut

Every twink in the city wants to test their hole against masked, muscular top the Twink Fucker, and best friends Jake Preston, Shae Reynolds, Niko Vaz, and Sam Ledger are no exception. Sam is the first to secure a dick appointment, and he gets slammed on the bed and pounded till he takes a facial. Just as Sam leaves, Niko arrives and hides under the bed where he hears every second of Shae getting bounced on that cock till he takes a load on his face. The Twink Fucker finds Niko in his hiding spot and swaps the twinks, putting Shae in the drawer while he uses his still-hard boner to pound the brown-haired hunk’s face, then lets Niko ride him. Shae and Niko meet Sam outside and the three sneak back in to watch as Jake arrives to get pounded. Once they’re discovered, the Twink Fucker takes his biggest challenge yet, putting all four twinks right where he wants them to use their holes and have an orgy!


We are going to let you in on a private moment. This is not about you the viewer. This is about Jason and what he needed. We all have things that challenge us and letting a guy fuck him on film was one of those things for him. So, here you have Jason Collins and Will Angell, two true friends who respect and trust each other having a moment together. This is not going to be some slamming fuck fest like you might expect from us, no bothering with camera angles and production value. Just a real moment of care and connection between true friends.


PART II BIGGEST CUM-DUMP ever FILMED with 70+ Plus guys
Well cute N Fit CumDump Lad desperate 4 Anonymous CUM
We already had quite a lot of sleazy BB obsessed guys from our BB whats app group. Coming – then someone (not me) had the idea of advertising it LIVE online and putting the
location LIVE online on our twitter and Grinda – ALL 100% true – our tweets and posts are shown in our vid here! Then the masses turned out LOL FUCKING CRAZY MATE. Never seen anything like it. My biggest fantasy coming true. Seedy horny fuckers – ALL TOP – all wanting to spit there cum up our lad! Shocking – Misbehaving lad gets Sloppy hole AGAIN & AGAIN and I LOVE fucking cum in him.


Two of the work lads were slacking today, so they get a call in from the boss to come in and help out with a big load of mess. Thick cock Benjamin shows both of the lads what the real slacking is and forces his massive nob up them both and loosens them up for a good dickin. The lads love the thick cock down their throat as they both gag and beg for more, both taking turns jumping on the bosses fore arm dick. With all that nobbing and throat fucking, the 2 apprentices feed their boss with a mouthful of cum right after his desperate hole was filled.


For this video Hunter & myself had not cum in 4 days so we were dripping precum in anticipation. You will love watching how deeeeep we get into that hairy little tight ass, and he loved every second of that prostate ramming session lol.

GEAR2022: CAM 2 – PART 2

Whatever gets you off, put it on. It’s GEAR! Just when they thought we weren’t watching, guess what. Camera B is full of close-ups and inner glimpses of putting on a real amateur PPX event!


Don’t miss this short, but super HOT 8 minute video “Hot Fucking- Big C & Apollo Fates”. I threw together some of the recent clips I’ve made with sexy sub Apollo Fates. All the porn boys love fisting him, but I enjoy using his talented pussy to please my big cock. He knows exactly how to handle my girth with ease


Bobby G shows up to eat out Zach’s cummy hole and add his load to the mix.

Joe D. Wood

Joe’s been working construction all day. He’s super horny, but so worn out that he doesn’t want to deal with his girlfriend. He decides it’s better just to get a blowjob at a gloryhole with no strings attached. Joe sticks his fat cock through the hole, and I start going to town on him. I throat his shaft and slurp his head, tickling it with my bristly mustache. I gently squeeze his bull balls and rub a little on his taint. Joe moans the entire time, and finally he shoots his big load in my mouth. I leave Joe speechless by sucking his cock completely dry.


3 bros hotel suck and fuck internal cum in each other’s assholes. Enjoy the show.x.


Fresh from his IML 3rd place finish Dean Matthews may go by the moniker Bronze Boy, but here, to us, he is 100% Golden. Always top prize in the eyes of his brother Liam Angell. The two hold nothing back when they reunite after Dean’s leather tour. It’s so good to have him back.


Meet Isaac and Fernando. They’re boyfriends whose love for each other is only beat by their love for fucking each other. “We originally met as a hookup, fell in love, and have been fucking nonstop ever since!” Fernando has a huge uncut dick that Isaac wanted to see him use on someone, so instead of this video being just the two of them, Isaac decided to surprise Fernando with an anonymous muscle bottom they could both use as they please. My friend Pierce was more than happy to take their loads. They took turns tag teaming and using him however they pleased until they both came using Pierce’s hole and he came with Fernando’s huge dick in him.


??SHOCKING ?? Picking up used ‘Johnnies’
Safe ONLY? guy fucks this boy and cums Inside condom, pulls out and walks off leaving us with
his cum?
Picking up at least 8 used condoms : )))
anonymous Sperm? left by complete strangers Picking up used
condoms to drain N play with cum inside?
??WARNING ??? viewer discretion is advised


Johnny Di Carpio first time fist and who better to show him the ropes than aaron mark. Di Carpio had been curious about fisting ever since we met him. Whilst in gc fetish we met up again with rrn handsome blonde hung aaron mark. Hes always so ready to get his hole ploughed by everyone and anyone. di cardio saw his opportunity. Aaron is has a ripped body and johnny enjoys sticking his dick into the pro btm. After sucking and fucking, cumming all over aaron and loosening his tight muscle hole johnny jams his fist right up into mark. Begging him not to stop Di Carpio was sliding his handing inside Aaron for hours.

Breeding Young Lads

Fist First Sc 3

Boyfriends Carter Collins and Oliver Marks know that they’re going to have to fork over a lot of cash to pay for their car repairs, but, lucky for them, horny mechanic Devin Franco is happy to take other forms of compensation. Deep in his garage, the two team up to rim Devin’s ass and suck down his cock. With the mechanic on his back, Oliver continues to blow his big dick all while Carter fills Devin’s asshole with his lubed hands and an oversized dildo-on-a-stick. Devin then shows off his bright red rosebud for the young couple before having Carter continue to fist him and deciding that he’s now in the mood to fuck up Oliver’s tight and inexperienced hole.


Don’t you think you can get away with playing Cornhole with Tattoo Ryan’s Dad. As he says, “Cornhole is a Father/Son activity.” He found out that Cade’s been playing Cornhole with someone other than his own dad and Ryan can’t have that. But the two of them worked it out and Ryan get his ass fucked and a big load of cum in the face.

Kieran & Angelo

“You looked great out there,” Angelo tells hunk Kieran as they come back from their shirtless workout in the park. There’s nothing better after working your muscles than a nice, relaxing massage, so the guys strip down to their jock straps and Kieran gets on the table. Angelo rubs oil into the top’s back and ass, then Kieran flips over so his chest, abs, and powerful thighs can get some attention. Angelo’s fingers soon roam to his bulge and he starts sucking Kieran. The top bends Angelo over the table and rims him, then the bottom rides that dick! Angelo takes a pounding in doggystyle and missionary until he orgasms, and Kieran groans, “Hold those legs back!” as he shoots on that hole.

Hard and Pumped Part 2

Sir Peter is pumping iron at his outdoor gym when he’s joined by Thomas Johnson. The guys make heated eye contact and take off their shirts, giving each other a preview of their hard muscles. They link up in the shower, where they kiss under the flowing water and Sir Peter pins the bottom against the wall. Thomas strokes the top’s cock and drops to his knees to suck it, then Sir Peter rims the bottom and fucks him doggystyle. Sir Peter sucks Thomas, and the bottom rides him on the floor, jacking himself till he orgasms, then Sir Peter cums on his face.


This is what two men in love look like. Period. Full Stop. No further description necessary. Liam Angell loves Beau Bennett.


Ian is fully vers but loves his smooth submissive twinks he can do whatever he wants with. There’s nothing quite like slowly sliding your hard dick into a smooth hole after you’re done eating it, so we can’t blame him. Romeo is quiet, but once you put a nice big dick like Ian’s in front of him, he becomes a different person. Romeo serviced Ian and let him fuck him however he wanted until he nutted all over and in his ass.


Holly Shit! heres something you dont see every day
I invite this proper chavy sexy lad over to be fucked with the biggest amount of SPUNK shot from this lad met online
Our bottom chavy sexy Footie kit lad wants cum so badly
Never seen so much Jizz cum out of one person – private videos of him cumming
added in this vid so you can what an impressive CUMMER he is His really sexy as well, beautiful blond hair and also so fucking filthy

Alex & Lobo

Tattooed Alex Ink and hunky Lobo Carreira don’t spare a glance for their glam bedroom setting, because they only have eyes for each other. The guys undress and suck one another, and Alex hungrily licks Lobo’s armpit before sitting on his face! Lobo rims the bottom, fucking him doggystyle and in missionary, and then the guys flip, as Alex fucks Lobo on his back, then Lobo rides the inked-up stud. Lobo takes it doggystyle before cumming as he sits on Alex’s dick, then licks the top’s balls before he takes a facial.

Good Rubber Part 2

When dedicated car salesman Reese Rideout spots a new customer browsing the lot, he heads right outside for the chance at a sale… or some tail. Spikey Dee needs a new ride for college, and he quickly sees just the car he wants. Reese sees what he wants too: the twink’s mouth wrapped around his cock! He sneakily fucks Spikey bent over the trunk behind his mom’s back, then brings him inside to ride his cock on his desk. Spikey even sucks his own long dick as he takes a pounding, and cums as Reese fucks him in missionary before the skilled salesman shoots a hot load on him.


New to the area, this DL jock plays rugby and certainly doesn’t mind roughing it up with the guys. General West invites over a couple scruffy fuckbuds to give him a good stretch and a heart-pumping workout. All while blindfolded!


My bud 10 In Guapo invited me to join him for Blatino, and promised to stroke, suck, and service me the entire time. It was a short overnight trip, but jam packed with fun. I was gonna edge all night, but ended up blowing my load in his sweet ass before heading out for the night!

James’ Gay Stroke

Muscular hunk James slips off his sweatpants and white athletic socks. I have him to show me his beautiful size 13 feet, then let him start stroking to the porn I put on for him. When this nervous straight guy can’t cum, I tell him he’s going to have to jack me off instead. He strokes my big cock with both hands, and when I shoot my enormous load, I make sure to get my hot, sticky load on him.

THE GO-GO GUY: Augusto Arias, Kike Gil

Kike Gil appears in Augusto Arias’ dream as a go-go dancer. Augusto eats Kike’s hairy hole before fucking him wild and raw then feeding him his hot load of cum


Building an appetite in the kicthen for dirty dick. Handsome daddy wants to suck on the lads cock. They get him on his knees and spit on his face. He’s working their cocks hard knowing they are gonna pound him after him. Whacking their long cocks in his older ass he’s loving the attention being their sub little bitch crawking on the floot licking their balls and rims. Desperate for them both give him their loads. As the moustache blonde guy pours his cum into his throat, capped lad Leo seeing a oppotunity for a tight ass hole fucks, gets close and sprays his jizz all over the daddy’s face.


Rob wanted to get used by Juven and his homies, Juven talked about doing triple penetration before and Rob was ready to do it!

Breeding Muscled Men

Gael and Exxtevao

Gael already has his own throbbing cock in-hand when a bare naked Exxtevao walks up to him. On a mission to get his hole and pole serviced, Exxtevao begins the mid-day hookup by sucking down Gael’s big dick and getting into position to be fucked from behind. Once Gael has impaled Exxtevao with every inch of his raw rod, the roles reverse with Gael busting out his hole and taking a bareback ride on tatted muscle stud Exxtevao. Next, with Gael back on top and Exxtevao’s ass pointed to the ceiling, Gael delivers the flip-fuck’s final thrusts as Exxtevao unloads a creamy mess all over his own abs.

Fan Male Sc 1

Gay porn superfan P-Man is calling into Diego Sans and Devin Franco’s Las Vegas suite to dish about their masturbation fantasies and behind-the-scenes industry info. After the XXX-rated interview, the fuck-hungry duo gets down to business with Devin deepthroating Diego’s big dick and Deigo flipping Devin’s entire body upside down to rim his horny hole. Much to Devin’s pleasure, the unconventional positions continue as Diego reverses the direction of his muscled-up body while barebacking his porn star buddy from behind. Then, with Devin on his back getting simultaneously jerked and fucked, Diego delivers his final thrusts and busts all over Devin – right after Devin unleashes his own wet load.

Balls Deep In His Court

Malik Delgaty is running late for his tennis game with Tim James. Tim’s prepared to win this time, but after a little good-natured smack talk, he gets distracted by his straight opponent’s big dick, as usual, and takes a ball to the face! Malik runs over to check on Tim, and the horny bottom pulls down his shorts. When Tim bends over to retrieve the ball, Malik serves him a hot doggystyle fuck! Tim eagerly sucks the top and demands to ride his fat dick, then Malik drills him in piledriver. Tim cums, then Malik serves up a hot load on the bottom’s face.

Groupie Coochie

Sexy rock chick Sarina Havok is putting on a mind-blowing performance for her fans, who are starstruck by the gifted musician. In particular, Aria Valencia wants to see more of her idol, so she decides to sneak backstage, where she catches the blonde-haired tgirl jerking off! Aroused, Aria introduces herself as one of Sarina’s biggest fans before getting on her knees to worship the all-natural babe’s throbbing she-cock! After face fucking the pretty brunette, Sarina invites Aria to bounce her tight pussy on her lap cowgirl-style and reverse, and then Aria sticks out her pert ass to take a doggystyle pounding from behind. Following some hot missionary sex, the horny pair get into 69 position and pleasure each other until they both climax, and then Aria asks Sarina to autograph her small, perky tits!

Sumner & Matthew

t’s leg day, so cute trainer Matthew demonstrates the proper form for your squats and lunges. Sumner enters the gym in time to get a perfect view of Matthew’s ass as he does leg lifts, and the horny top just has to touch himself as he watches! He invites Matthew to join him in the locker room, where he waits with his hard dick in his hand, and the bottom eagerly sucks it, then rides him. Sumner rims Matthew’s hole and fucks him against the wall, then puts the bottom on all fours on the bench to fuck him doggystyle. Matthew takes that big dick on his back till he orgasms, then the top pulls out and cums on his face.


You’ve got to be careful when Killian Knox asks if you’re ready for it because he’s about to pound your hole for an hour or so. Liam Angell finds out that when this man asks if you’re ready you better be serious. Killian has a beautiful big cock and it has no off switch. Luckily, Liam is always ready for a good pounding and boy does he get it good!


Great things come to those who wait. Not only is this Greyson’s first video in over 3 years, but it’s his first time topping on camera! He brought his friend River to do the honors on, and it was hot af. Their passion and love for exploring every inch of each other’s bodies was off the charts. Greyson worked his way down River’s body, eating his ass like it was his last meal, before mounting him and giving him a hard, passionate fucking. After busting the biggest load he’s ever shot, Greyson slid his cum covered cock back in River, and fucked his load out of him too.


If we didn’t think you had enough already we are about to cover you completely in your own cum. You dirty filthy animal. You can’t get enough of our cum shots and couldn’t resist watching another. You cock is aching but you can’t stop jerking off to all this hot fuckers busting their loads. We keep flooding your scene with bareback to bareback cum shots. Who’s your favourite, where do you like your cum? We want to see you cum every time you see a guy shoot his load. Be a dirty filthy man whore you were born to be.


Juven and Enticing have chatted online and followed each other on social media for a while now. Juven reached out and asked Enticing if he would be down to get flown out to Los Angeles and take a bunch of BIG RAW DICKS & LOADS! Juven & Eddy Blanco set it up and let anyone walk thru that door!


An accidental double-booking resulted in the orgy mashup of the year. What could have been a disaster ended up being some of the hottest content from PPX to date. We sure were blessed by the gay porn Gods!


Been hanging and filming a bunch with Ty, the chemistry with him is outstanding. In this video, we spent the night together after I got off work. Started laying by the pool and watching the sunset, then headed to dinner, and of course Ty was Daddy’s dessert. He sucks my dick so good and offers up that ass for daddy to use and breed. He spends the night and we turn on the cam in the morning for an awesome oral session.

Casting Couch #496: James Keresford, Favio Vador

Passion is an innate emotion and in today’s casting it is apparent that Favio Vador and James Keresford have a passion and hunger for one another. This is clearly demonstrated from the onset when they enter the room, with the level of kissing that occurs between them.


We met MJ at a local gym, and our conversation took a surprising turn. What started out as a casual chat about doing a photoshoot turned into one about his kinks and fantasy of being filmed anonymously. Fast forward two days, and he’s blindfolded in our bed with a used soccer cleat and jockstrap shoved in his face while getting bred by Florien and his meaty, uncut cock. MJ may be a masculine bearded college guy, but he loves being dominated and fucked until his top can’t go anymore. Florian had his way with him and roughed him up a bit before coating his ass with a nice load. MJ left with his sweaty blindfold and a smile on his face from this good fucking.


Get in losers, we’re going whoring! One of our favourite segments is back and with a familiar face. Once our bottom enters our tricked out vintage-looking van, the blindfold stays on for the rest of the journey. Where we’re going he’ll never know, and we’ll never tell 😉

Muscled Daddies Hardcore

Final Cut Sc 3

Pilot Sean Xavier just helped destroy a top-secret Swords facility and now, armed with the name of every porn star secret agent that the organization employs, he’s returning home to trusted partner Sage Roux. It’s immediately made clear, though, that if Sage wants a look inside the Swords manifesto, he’ll have to earn it first by dropping down to service the ten inches pouring out of Sean’s jumpsuit. Sage swallows as much of Sean’s big dick as his throat will allow before disrobing and presenting his smooth hole for Sean to eat out. After the duo 69s, a rock-hard Sage rides Sean’s massive bareback rod and falls on his back while spreading his legs to continue getting dicked-down by his hung aviator boyfriend. Then, with Sean deep inside him, Sage busts his load for Sean to eat up and gets into position for his bare cheeks to be splattered in nut.

Property Bangers Part 1

Realtor Presley Scott is more interested in getting dicked down than in down payments once he sees househunter Clark Delgaty. He makes his interest obvious as she shows him around the property before sending Clark’s fiancee outside so he can suck his dick. The neglected fiancee bangs on the door while inside, her man bangs the realtor doggystyle! Presley rides the top and gets fucked in spoon position on the kitchen island, then Clark pounds him in missionary till he cums, and the top gives him a facial.

Property Bangers Part 2

Realtor Maverick Sun goes to visit his listing to make sure the renovations will satisfy his client. Construction worker Paul Wagner definitely exceeds all of Maverick’s expectations, and the eager real estate agent gets to his knees to suck his cock, but has to hide under the counter when the client walks in. Paul takes Maverick into the bedroom to play with a dildo he found, and the guys try to be quiet when the client nearly catches Paul fucking Maverick doggystyle! Once the coast is clear, Paul bends the bottom over his ladder, then Maverick holds himself up as the hot construction worker pounds him. Paul sucks the bottom, then drills his hole in piledriver till Maverick gives himself a facial, and Paul gives him another.

Ozzy & Brysen

You can see when Ozzy takes his top off in the shade he’s quite humble about his athletic chest… while Brysen waves his shirt around and hams it up for the camera! Despite their different styles, these guys agree they want to get their hands on each other. In the bedroom, Brysen whips Ozzy’s clothes off in seconds and drops to his knees to suck him. “It’s gonna feel so fucking good in my ass,” he groans. “You take it like a pro,” Ozzy responds, then puts the bottom on all fours to rim his hole. Brysen’s soon begging to get fucked, and Ozzy gives him just what he wants from behind and on his back, then lies back so the bottom can ride it! Brysen cums as Ozzy gives him every inch in piledriver, then asks for a hot load on his hole.

Stiff In The Cock

Troye Dean and his boyfriend have booked a couple’s massage, and masseur Damian Night plans to go very deep. He distracts Troye’s BF with hot rocks, then starts giving Troye’s back and ass a good rub-down and goes deep in his hole with his fingers. Damian massages the twink’s feet, getting them nice and oily before fucking them, and climbs on the table to dick Troye down. While the masseur gets to work on his BF, Troye crawls over to give him a sneaky BJ, then it’s his turn to fuck Damian doggystyle. Troye really goes deep until his boyfriend gets knocked to the floor, discovering the cheating and storming out! Damian sucks Troye, then rides him, and the guys flip again as Damian pounds Troye in missionary till he cums, then shoots his load on the bottom.

Title: Double Helix Part 3

Luke Connors got sent to the dean’s office, where Joey Mills is already waiting. The twinks compare their naughty infractions before Morgxn Thicke comes in to administer some discipline. Dean Thicke is used to seeing Joey in his office, but he expected better of quiet Luke! He asks Joey to show him exactly what he did to get in trouble and starts jacking off as he watches the twink suck Luke’s big dick. Morgxn cums all over their files and leaves the twinks to it. Joey wants to take the biggest dick in class, so Luke rims him, then fucks him doggystyle. Joey rides the top on the dean’s desk and even takes that huge cock in piledriver, then cums as Luke fucks him in missionary. The bottom is eager for a facial… and to get in trouble again soon…


Compersion: Our wholehearted participation in the happiness of others. It is the sympathetic joy we feel for someone else, even when their positive experience does not involve or benefit us directly. Thus, compersion can be thought of as the opposite of jealousy and possessiveness.
Will Angell and Marc Angelo are masters of compersion taking great pleasure in the happiness of their boys Liam Angell and Logan Stanley. Isn’t that what all Daddies should be?


Time’s running out! The stallions begin to feel the pressure as the event’s end nears closer. So many mares to mount and so little time to seed. Every thrust counts!


Colt Spence brings something that we don’t get to see very often, All-Natural muscle. No roids, no additives, just pure hard work. Lean and mean jock muscle. Will Angell loves coaching this stud and gets off feasting on his enormous meaty cock. Young stallions like this are natural testosterone factories without any supplements. Looks like his cum load tastes real good too!


Kenzo is back! Our Favorite Double Penetration Fien needs to be double stuffed! He not only craves it, he actually needs it to continue on being a cumdump! We had to call in the big homies for this banger! All of your WhoreHimOut favorite tops for round 2! Juven had Kenzo ready to go for triple penatration as well! It’s only been done 4 times before in Gay Porn! Did our studs accomplish this amazing feat?! Sign up now to find out! This IS! Love YA!


Andrew stayed with me for the week, and the sex never stopped. I took this day off work to play and lay by the pool, not a bad life right? Andrew is such a good Daddy’s boy, sucking and taking my dick all afternoon until I blow a huge load deep in his sweet hole.


Get ready for some hot Dad on Dad action. Will Angell and Dad Next Door Todd Fellow have some playtime together, but at some point two Daddies need to find a boy hole to fuck. Luckily, they have Liam Angell handy and that boy just loves to be wedged between two hard-dicked older men in need of release.


We spotted these two men getting off with each other before opening at Darklands. These lads were erecting the scaffolding for the event but couldnt help themselves but check out the darkrooms before opening to the public. We asked them if they were gonna fuck, could we film it? And they said YES! Gabbing each other’s fat thick cocks, smelling and rubbing their cocks over their mouth and getting a face full of hairy manly bush. He’s a real hot hairy hunky fucker, getting his cock wet and hard. The yellow hatted bttm eager to be fucked gets in the sling and gets pounded bareback. First load fucked right up his ass and first of thousands of that weekend. And later… HungYoungBrit rendezvouses with an American Muscle Stud for some steamy dark room action, and afterwards, a burglar fetish gets comes to fruition when two roughhousing twinks hit the shower to finish off the night’s long event.


Jay Magnus was a bit nervous about being in his first gangbang. He secretly told Juven last week that he wanted to be a part of a WhoreHimOut Episode but was nervous if he could take all that cock and Leche! Juven hit up all of his homie tops to come thru and give Jay Magnus the biggest and best dick LA has to offer! Watch as this cute twink with deep ocean eyes has his fantasy fulfilled!


Welcome to the cum-soaked two-part finale! It’s all blind eyes and creampies in this installment. With the night’s event wrapping up, our Stallions are determined to plant as many seeds as possible into our grassfed Mares.

SUSPICION: Hans Berlin, Lucio Saints

Lucio Saints is on the hunt for a suspicious character, Hans Berlin. Lucio makes Hans pay by sucking his monster cock then fucking his smooth ass deep and hard

GEAR2022 – PART 4

You can practically smell the sweat and leather in this one as the GEAR players get heated up, about to shoot their loads. It’s all leaky holes and dripping poles in the Finale to PPX’s favorite fetish wear event of the year. Who else is already in need of another installment?

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