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Deep In The Club

Club Inferno

“Deep In the Club” horny studs are cruising around in leather just waiting for an eager hunk to open up their holes with a hefty fist. Join award-winning kink director Tom Moore and eight piggy men who are wandering the club in search of busted holes and thick fists. Alex Killian finds Mike Monroe and Brian Bonds going at it when they invite him in, making sure they keep going until all three have had their holes stretched. Derek Cline finds Josh Mikael alone in his room and offers up his hole to fist. After Josh gets in, Derek takes charge and busts out Josh’s hairy, sloppy ass. When Alex Killian stumbles upon Dean Rogers stroking, he handballs the hairy stud before getting his own shaking orgasm with Dean’s fist planted up his ass. Next time you want to get “Deep In the Club”, make sure your holes are ready, your fist is gloved, and you’re not leaving until your balls are drained.

Best Friends Brendan and Corbin Cum Together


Brendan calls these two best friends “a package deal,” even when getting with girls. They talk here about jerking off and the first time they had a three way. When I ask them who has the bigger cock, Brendan points at his friend. Brendan is by no means tiny, but Corbin is really huge. I tell the guys to come up with a competition between the two of them, and they agree to have a cum race. The first person who cums gets to cum on the other guy. Corbin gets there first and shoots what seems like buckets of cum on Brendan. It just keeps cumming. Soon after that, Brendan busts his nut and it sounds like a good one!

Travelling for Dick Part 3: Bareback

Calhoun Sawyer / Kyle Connor

Calhoun Sawyer’s cross-country dick-hunting trip has taken him to Chattanooga, where he’s excited to hook up with muscular farmhand Kyle Connors for some ginger-on-ginger action. Calhoun loves how buff Kyle is, and Kyle is a big fan who can’t wait to get his hands and mouth on Calhoun’s famous cock. Country boy Kyle has some impressive deepthroating skills, and he’s more than impressed by Calhoun’s tongue in his hole, which soon has him begging for that dick. Calhoun fucks the burly bottom doggystyle, then blows Kyle’s mind by sucking his toes as he pounds him mish. Calhoun cums on Kyle’s face, then asks the other redhead to shoot hot jizz all over his cock.

Punch That Hole

Bo Sinn / Drew Dixon

Drew Dixon’s hungry hole needs more than just one finger… it needs all of them! Luckily, Bo Sinn is ready to lend Drew a hand. Bo teases Drew’s ass with just the tip, then slowly slides more and more digits inside until he’s fisting the bottom’s voracious hole. When Drew is good and stretched out, Bo fucks him doggystyle and that dick is so good, Drew licks Bo’s boots! Bo puts Drew in missionary and the bottom jacks off and cums, then gets on all fours to take Bo’s load all over his asshole.

Corey: Getting Off With Another Guy


I like Corey’s fat cock and smooth body. He starts out slowly getting his cock hard and playing with his balls. I try out a new clear jack-off toy with him and start to get a sense of Corey’s vocal sexuality. He moans and really starts to get excited as I stroke him. I lick Corey’s balls, and as I start to suck his dick, I can see in his eyes that this is an amazing first-time experience for him. He has one of the loudest and biggest orgasms yet!

Dirty Pigs Fucking Videos

Blow Job in the Shower

Sucking uncut fat cock

Amateur Gay Porn Videos

Handful Of Faith

Hot House/Club Inferno

Every Sunday, the religious pigs of ‘Handful of Faith’ church come together to get on their knees, practice prayer and stuff gaping holes. From the twisted mind of fetish director Tom Moore, comes the kinkiest, most get-on-your-knees-and-pray fuck-fest starring six religious fist hunks worshiping the fist gods. In the first scene, Devin Franco and Sherman Maus waste no time in finding the spirit and Devin’s g-spot as Sherman fists Devin’s hole to completion. Devin then returns the favor double fisting Sherman’s hole and making him cum huge. After leading a prayer group at ‘Handful of Faith’, Adrian Hart then leads Sherman Maus and Wrex Wylde into a steamy three way with Wrex Wylde’s hole being worshiped and used for all its glory. With church still in service, Wrex bends both Adrian and Sherman over the pew and punches both men’s holes in the name of God, having both men cum while Wrex’s fists are inside both of them, at the same time; praise be! Drew Sebastian seeks confession and Dale Savage listens as Drew confesses all his sins and desires. What does he desire? Married men and being penetrated! Finally, it’s Father Dale Savage’s turn to have his hole wrecked by devout parishioner Drew Sebastian. As Drew begins to confess his sins and desires, it’s clear that he was seeking Father Savage out for a divine purpose. When you’re ready to get more religious, you can count on the men of ‘Handful of Faith’ church guiding you on your fisting journey!

Enrique Blown


After a long night dancing at the club, Enrique just wants to bust his nut. He stops at the Straight Fraternity house and slides his veiny, uncut cock through the gloryhole. I make him hard in no time, sucking and jacking his cock faster and faster, until he finally unloads in my mouth. I make sure to clean Enrique’s foreskin and head off, too.

Something For You: Marcos Oliveira, Valentino Sistor

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Valentino Sistor passes by a remarkably interesting balcony on his walk, a balcony with Marcos Oliveira sporting his huge hard-on. Of course, Valentino takes the invitation, sucking and flip fucking his way to pleasure.

Fist Bus 2

Raging Stallion

You may have caught your thrills on a city bus or maybe even a bait bus, but we guarantee you’ve never experienced the intense and wild ride on “Fist Bus 2.” With director Tom Moore in the driver’s seat and a quartet of the filthiest fist fuckers on the road today, you better hold on to your holes, because these kinky pigs get up to their elbows in kinky fun. First up is dirty daddy Brian Bonds, cruising a remote desert highway on the outskirts of Las Vegas, when he swoops up smoking hot British babe Drew Dixon, hoping for a lift. Soon, Drew’s getting the ride of his life in the back of this sex club on wheels. Then, hairy daddy Drew Sebastian and the smoldering stud Julian Torres, lending each other a hand as they cruise the Highway to Heaven, hand in glove. These hot and horny handballers learn that, like the desert pleasure playground they’re all heading to, what happens in this bus stays on the bus in the latest ass slamming and hand cramming fisting spectacular, “Fist Bus 2.”

Bruce Initiates Joey


I have Bruce here to break Joey in, starting with tea-bagging, then cock-sucking and rimming. Before you know it, Bruce was shooting a load all over Joey’s face and Joey shot a big load, too. I introduce the guys to each other and get to know Joey. He talks about his first time jacking off and having sex with his girlfriend. I tell the guys to kiss and strip down. Let’s see what Joey thinks about having Bruce’s big dick in his face. Joey gets to tea-bag Bruce and soon he’s got his dick in Bruce’s mouth. I get the guys to stroke each other’s dicks, then it’s time Bruce gave Joey’s ass the royal treatment with his tongue and one slow finger. Bruce flips around for a quick 69 before he shoots his hot jizz all over Joey’s face. Joey follows right after with his own thick load.

Casting Couch #436: Manuel Reyes, Sir Peter

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Manuel Reyes is new to gay porn and today is matched with the colossal Sir Peter. After swapping cock sucking skills, Sir flips Manuel around and fucks him deep, hard and raw.

Surprise Prostate Inspection

Boys Halfway House Incident #271

Generally visitors aren’t allowed at the Halfway House except under supervision, and during appropriate times. That said, this isn’t a prison, so anyone can walk through the front door if someone lets them in. Well, this dipshit had some bimbo over and got caught, and he definitely suffered the consequences. Since this isn’t his first stint at the House, we knew he was a good cocksucker and could take a dick, and because of that knowledge, he got no mercy. He also had an inkling of what would be happening to him. First, his throat was thoroughly roughed up with the Manager’s thick cock. He can work his way around a dick, this one, but after a while he was tearing up because his poor little mouth was getting face fucked to the limit. So, of course, it was on to his hole.

Teen hole is the best, whether it has been used or not, and this guy is no exception. Because he’s such a delinquent, he’s gotten fucked a lot before, too. So his ass was somewhat ready for the onslaught. He gets banged out in missionary and doggie, and by the time that is over you can see in his eyes that he is wishing he had followed the rules. But then we made him ride cock, and with every stroke the Manager’s cock was feeling better and better. Laying him onto his side, he got fucked even more from behind. At this point the resident’s hole was completely used up, just like he is. For good measure, he took a big gooey load of jizz right on his tongue and was made to swallow it. Nothing like a surprise prostate inspection to keep a resident on his toes.

Straight Dudes Being Seduced by Gays

Cock Hunter

Raging Stallion

Enter the dark and steamy bathhouse where hot and hairy men are ready for anonymous, energized encounters. Seven all-natural studs are on the prowl in ‘Cock Hunter’, Raging Stallion’s latest intense, bareback feature shot by award-winning director Tony Dimarco. The studs are hairy, horny and beefy, and they’re on the hunt, cruising through the dark halls of the club, to find the hottest cocks to suck and ride raw. When Logan finds Donnie face down ass up, the two flip-fuck until they both explode all over each other. Jake Nicola finds Drew Sebastian wrapped in nothing but a towel, and offers up his hairy hole for Drew to empty his cock in. After finishing up at the glory hole, Brian Bonds is lead to the steam room to top Dev Tyler’s hot, eager hole with his thick bare cock. Sean Harding is wandering the halls looking for the next big dick to breed him when he chooses Wade Wolfgar to give him a warm, wet creampie. After all these hot studs are done, they connect in the main room of the bathhouse for an over-the-top orgy, switching up and sharing holes, leaving everyone’s balls drained. Next time you’re craving anonymous loads, be a ‘Cock Hunter’, head to the bathhouse and leave all of your sexual inhibitions at the door.

Milo Bound


While I get something from the other room, 19-year-old Milo discovers my ankle restraints. He tries them on while he reveals that he’s about to be a new dad. I get him to strip while he talks more about his girl and tells me his stats. I help Milo into the wrist restraints, and he puts on the ankle cuffs. When he says there’s no way I’ll string him up, I psyche him out by running a rope through a bolt in the ceiling. I blindfold him and clip his wrists together. ThenI rub Milo’s torso and for a second he struggles. I tie his ankles to the legs of the couch, then start sucking his cock. Since he’s stopped resisting, I tilt the couch back and slide Milo’s butt forward so I can get at his ass. I suck Milo’s dick then untie the ankle ropes and put his feet up on the couch. I blow him some more, then give him his first rim job ever. He’s into it, so I rim him in an even more vulnerable position…on all fours. I flip Milo on his back and finger his hole while I suck him. When he cums, I lick some of it off, but I don’t stop stroking. I torture his cock while he tries to fight back. Still blindfolded, he doesn’t realize his wrists are bound together by one simple clip.

Casting Couch #433

Valentino Sistor Gianni Maggio

Beginner Gianni Maggio shows newcomer, Valentino Sistor how to perform his best in front of the camera. Valentino shows that he is an expert when it comes to sucking huge cocks and taking it real dee and raw.

Evan Tickle Tortured and Milked


Evan hasn’t been tickled since the last time he was here, so he’s forgotten just how intense it can be. Franco puts him face down on the tickling table and restrains his wrists and ankles. He tickles the backs of Evan’s legs and beautiful size 9 feet for a few minutes before tickling him on his ribs and sides. Evan screams loudly and breaks free briefly, so when he starts flopping like a fish, Franco climbs on top to pin him down and deep tickle him. Evan swears hysterically when Franco tickles his bare feet, first with a denture brush, then with his beard and fingers. For the second half, Franco flips Evan on his back and keeps tickling his feet with a soap saver and other brushes. Evan squeals and begs for the tickle torture to stop, but there’s plenty more to come. His furry, lean body bounces around along with his big, uncut cock as the tickle becomes arousing. Finally, Franco jacks Evan’s meaty tool and sucks him dry, then finishes by torturing his sensitive cock.

Blake’s First Bareback


Blake told me he was especially horny, so I figured I could push his limits. I know he loves a good handjob, and after getting him all worked up with my hand, I told him to turn over so I could jerk him and lick his ass at the same time. It was his first rim job from anybody, and it really opened his eyes. Next, it was my turn to bend over so he could shove his hard cock up my ass. Once Blake found his rhythm, he really started pounding me. To show his cum shot I flipped him over, sucked him off and got a big load out of this rock star!

Fucking and Sucking Muscled Black Studs

AJ Solo

J Blackwood

Tall and muscular AJ Blackwood already has a very impressive set of abs, so you can only imagine what they look like when AJ can actually get to the gym! This gorgeous Miami stud says he loves pretty boys with pretty feet, but what AJ is most into is a man who can vibe with him. “I really am a vibe person, if we don’t connect on a chemistry level we ain’t fucking. It’s not all about looks.” This vers top starts things off by stroking his cock at his desk while checking out some porn on his phone till he cums. AJ moves to the bedroom, where he oils up his perfect physique and shows off his feet, then strokes his big Black cock before penetrating his ass with a big dildo and shooting another massive load.

And Action

Adrian Hart / Devin Trez

Two actors are rehearsing their parts for an upcoming play. It becomes awkward when they realize they have to kiss. It’s awkward because one of the actors is straight, and one of the actors is gay. When they rehearse, every time they stop short of giving the real kiss. Adrien takes the lead and both the actors commit to the rehearsal and decide to go for it. After the kiss they are so committed that Deven lets go of his inhibitions and the two studs take each other over with their huge dicks and tight assholes.

Horny Campers

Nic Sahara / Michael DelRay

After Michael Del Ray and Nic Sahara pitch their tent at their campsite, Nic crawls inside for a rest, but Michael is pitching a tent of his own in his shorts. He sneaks inside and rubs his cock over the sexy bottom’s booty, getting Nic all hot and bothered. Michael goes outside to take a leak in nature and catches Nic jacking his pole when he returns, so he sticks his wood through the tent flap for Nic to suck. Nic swallows the top’s erection and Michael comes inside so he can return the favor before telling Nic to sit on his rod. As Michael fucks his ass mish, Nic rubs his wood like he’s trying to start a campfire till he cums, and the top pulls out and blows a big load on his hole!

Hancock: Muscular Army Guy With Big Black Cock Blown


Hancock has only been out of the Army for a few weeks and he needed to make some money, so he ended up on my doorstep with his hot body, uncut cock and an open mind. Hancock’s cock is beautiful, and I told him at the beginning of our meeting that I wanted to suck him off. Surprisingly, he said, “well, I’ve never done that before, but I’m cool with it as long as I get paid.” I think he liked it more than he thought he would. Once I got going, he didn’t even look at the porn I had put on for him. He just put his head back and enjoyed it until he got ready to nut. Hancock shot a huge load of spunk and moaned while he pumped it out. Mission accomplished!

Lucky’s Tickle Pleasures


Franco and Caesar belt graduate student Lucky to the tickling table for some evening tickle fun. Even though Lucky foolishly reveals the most ticklish areas of his body, Franco chooses to explore him all over first to find any secret spots. Lucky laughs hysterically as Franco tickles him in his armpits and between his legs, but it’s nothing compared to when they tickle him covered in lube. Franco gives Lucky a sensual kiss before he and Caesar take turns lying on top of Lucky to immobilize him for foot tickling. Giggling loudly and struggling with his powerful legs, Lucky tries everything to escape the torture of his size 11 1/2 feet. The guys suck his toes and lick his feet at the same time, then return to the tickle stimulation. After enduring fingers and brushes, the intensity goes up another notch with the arrival of a couple of soap savers. Then, when Caesar has trouble finding the magic trigger on Lucky’s inner thighs, Franco shows him how it’s done. They blindfold Lucky and push the sweet guy until he’s tickled out. Lucky sits up and describes the experience, including telling some stories about tickle wrestling with his big brother when he was younger.

Gay Men Fucking Doggystyle Raw

MEN’s Fab 3 Part 3 – A Gay XXX Parody

Calhoun Sawyer / Sean Zevran

The only thing gardener Calhoun Sawyer does on his days off is play video games for hours, so the Fab 3’s culture expert, Sean Zevran, wants to encourage the Southern charmer to discover a new hobby or passion that could help him to blossom. Sean encourages Calhoun to volunteer, and Calhoun volunteers to suck Sean’s cock! The guys strip and Sean swallows Calhoun’s boner as the sexy gardener fingers his hole, then firmly plants his tongue inside. Sean rides Calhoun’s pole, and Calhoun takes a quick break to deepthroat the bottom before fucking him doggystyle. The Southern top gives the culture expert a huge facial, and Sean licks Calhoun’s cock clean as he jacks off and cums. Another amazing transformation complete!

The Wrong Rubdown

Adrian Hart / Silver Steele

Big Daddys Silver Steele shows up for his weekly appointment with his masseuse Nick Fitt. Nick‘s friend Adrian Hart is at the house and has a brilliant idea to pretend he’s the masseuse when Nick is called away on another job. After Silver finds out he’s been duped by the hot young stud he takes matters Into his hands and flips the switch. This hot interracial sex trip will have everyone feeling relaxed and satisfied.

Intensive Cum Unit Part 1: Bareback

Michael Jackman / Nate Grimes / Zane Williams

Doctor Nate Grimes can’t concentrate on his own patient when hottie Zane Williams is getting a sponge bath from Nurse Michael Jackman just on the other side of the curtain. Nate sneaks over to find Michael giving Zane’s cock some special attention. Dr. Nate takes over the handjob, then sucks the patient’s cock with his nurse assisting before they line up to eat each other’s holes. It’s the doctor’s turn to get fucked by Zane first, then Michael rides Nate’s cock before getting fucked doggystyle by Zane. Nurse Michael then gets to penetrate Dr. Nate till he pulls out and cums, before the sexy nurse takes a facial from both Zane and Nate!

Quarantined Couple Fucks Raw

Bryan Rebel / Jesse Avalon

When you’re quarantined with your man, there’s not much to do but fuck, and couple Bryan Rebel and Jesse Avalon want to show you what they’ve got. The guys kiss passionately as they strip off their clothes, and Jesse deepthroats Bryan’s cock. Then it’s the handsome top’s turn to make Jesse feel good, swallowing his cock and eating his ass before letting you watch him sink every inch of his dick into the bottom’s tight hole. Jesse rides Bryan and shows off his flexibility by spreading his legs wide as Bryan fucks him mish before begging to take the top’s hot load on his face.

Keep My Mouth Busy

Casey Everett / Dillon Diaz

Casey is getting ready to watch TV, but he’s got something much better on his mind, his stepfather’s cock. Casey’s stepmom is out of town and Dillon decides to keep Casey company in front of the TV. Things start to get a little uncomfortable when Casey moves in for the kill, or should I say for the cock! These two horny men take care of each other’s needs with lips, tongues, assholes, and cocks. Popcorn anyone?

Barebacking Bro Buddies

Bro Buddies

Falcon Studios

Tucked away in the Las Vegas suburbs, is the Bro Buddies house rigged at every corner with cameras and bareback hunks fucking with zero abandon at every chance they get. Award-winning director Tony Dimarco takes nine horny studs and their fans on a wild, in-depth ride full of hot men and even hotter sex. When Colton Reece initiates a shoulder massage on Greyson Lane, the two studs spend the afternoon exploring Greyson’s holes. Michael Boston is just trying to enjoy a game of pool but Jax Thirio wants a piece of Michael’s succulent bubble-butt, so he pounds the eager stud on the stairs. In the midst of a prank war, Steven Lee and Johnny Ford take a break to drain their balls with a bareback romp in the bedroom. Cade Maddox catches Josh Moore and Dylan Hayes having fun upstairs in the bedroom and the three have a scorching threeway that leaves Dylan soaked with everyone’s load. So, when you need to bust a nut, log on and tune into the studs in the Bro Buddies house as they suck and fuck their way to drained balls, live on camera.

Remote Control: Episode 6

Clayton Fox / Harri Oakland / Mickey Taylor / Ronnie Stone

Tattooed, British vers couple Mickey Taylor and Ronnie Stone are spending their time reading, enjoying tasty candy, and going for walks in the woods, as Mickey tidies their place in his own special way. Meanwhile in the not-too-distant countryside, housemates-with-benefits Clayton Fox and Harri Oakland are working out in the fields, tending to their coops, and baking together. Although these couples might not be able to meet up in the flesh just yet, they set up a hot video call. Experienced Mickey kicks things off by showing the guys Ronnie’s inked ass, then tells his man to get his cock hard so he can display his dick tat! Clayton wants in on the action, sucking Harri’s cock, and soon Mickey and Harri are both teasing their bottoms’ holes and fucking them doggystyle. Ronnie is the first to cum, and Harri and Clayton watch, jacking their cocks, as Mickey tastes it. Clayton shoots his load just before Mickey gives Ronnie a facial, then Clayton waits in position for Harri’s jizz to cover his face.

Remote Control: Episode 5

Blake & Asher: Bareback

Blake / Asher

By now, tall, blond hunk Blake and tanned, sexy stud Asher have been around the block more than a few times, which is why these vers hotties are experts at getting each other out of their clothes for this Sean Cody flip fuck. Blake sucks Asher’s cock hungrily as Asher plays with Blake’s ass, fucking him missionary before Blake rides his cock, then pounding him against the wall till the guys cum hard. Then it’s time for Blake to top, eating Asher’s ass and fucking him doggystyle before these guys make out in missionary until another pulse-pounding orgasm that leaves both their top and bottom sides satisfied!

Czech Hunter 530

This cutie was absolutely out of money when I met him. He was supposed to start at a new job next week so his wallet was empty. Not to mention the job was pretty crappy so my easy cash got him interested. The guy just moved from a small town to Prague. I was lucky because his new flat was still empty, no roommates yet. He took me there and eagerly tried to earn money. The dude had a great body covered in tattoos, it was very sexy. Also he had a girlfriend, who he wanted to marry. Having sex with me didn’t bother him too much because it’s not cheating when you’re with a dude. Those were his words. I really appreciated this attitude while he was gobbling my balls and dick. His ass wasn’t exactly ready for my cock but the guy sucked it up. I gave him a nice stretch and then unloaded on his face.

Stepdad of the Year

Jesse Zeppelin / Michael Boston

While most guys can’t stand their stepdads, Michael has what seems to be the stepdad of the year. Stepdad Jesse is a man’s man, and Michael is just the man to take care of his stepdad’s every need. When mom is away, stepdad Jesse knows how to take care of his stepsons’ ass and shows the young man how to take care of daddy’s cock. Everybody wants Michael’s stepdad Jesse, but lucky Michael gets him first.

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