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Raw Fuck Winter Holidays

Get Away Sc 2

NakedSword Originals

Boyfriends Beau Butler and Diego Sans are out in search of their friend Michael Boston. He’s been missing since he went on a boat trip with a mysterious local. The pair stumble upon an abandoned resort, windows busted out, pool drained and riddled with rust and weeds. Could this possibly be the resort from the website – the resort that they were told was fully booked so they rented a house? Realizing that they’ve been scammed, they are more frantic than ever about finding their friend and getting off this eerie island. As the sun sets, they search with flashlights, but the boyfriends are chased down and run off the road by a sinister SUV. They vow to find Michael and leave in the morning. Diego showers off but there is something eating away at his mind. He’s seeing things and can’t seem to get a hold of himself. Diego’s boyfriend Beau decides to ease his mind. Beau takes Diego out by the pool so they can enjoy their lush ‘Get.Away.’. Poolside, they both strip and Beau instantly wraps his lips around Diego’s thick cock. When Diego wants a taste, Beau bends back and holds his legs up so his man can feast on his scruffy fuck-hole. When he’s ready, Beau bends over, and Diego enters him raw from behind. After getting pile-driven bareback by Diego’s dick, Beau sinks down to impale himself on his boyfriends’ pole. Switching positions again, it’s Beau’s turn to lay back until he oozes his load out all over his cock. Diego makes sure to keep pumping Beau’s ass until he creams his boyfriend with his thick load. The rain quickly comes as soon as they do. They rush back into the house but right as they open the door – BAM! Someone is there to greet them.

Get Away Sc 1

Mark Laysson & Tim Moffie


On New Year’s Day morning Tim Moffie and Mark Laysson wake up naked. Their hardons make it obvious that more „fireworks“ are coming soon. Tim seduces Mark so intensely that he quickly grabs Tim’s hard cock and starts to suck it. Tim of course returns the favor and gives Mark an extra present of a nice rimjob. When Mark cannot hold on anymore, he sits on Tim’s cock and the two enjoy some intense anal sex. Their New Year’s celebrations can end only one way – in huge creamy cumshots.

Ricky’s First Time


Ricky and Lee just met today. I tell them they’re in a contest, and whoever gets hard first wins a blowjob from the other guy. Ricky grunts at Lee to go down. Lee protests, and Ricky slaps his face a little with his cock. It doesn’t take long for Lee to start sucking Ricky’s dick. When Ricky is ready to cum, he looks to Lee to get on his knees and finish him off. Lee jumps up and lets him shoot a big wad on his face and mouth. The guys then sit on the couch together, and Lee strokes his dick until he’s hard he’s moaning loud. I go in for a close up and see all the cum on his dick and hand running down to his balls. While Lee collapses on the couch, Ricky is still stroking, ready to bust another nut. Ricky surprises everyone when he steps over to Lee and shoots on his face again.

CASTING COUCH 457: AJ Sloan, Babylon Prince

Kristen Bjorn Productions

AJ Sloan is inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by Babylon Prince. After swapping cock sucking the guys flip fuck each other full of cum

Andrei & Niko


It’s all about the body today as we paired up our 2 fittest and athletic models for this flip flop special. Although we have seen Andrei regularly this year this is just Niko’s 4th outing during 2021. Although both guys have had to move aside in the filming roster for the newer guys they are still very much part of the team and we keep inviting them back when we need a real professional to show our newbies a thing or 2 about sex. In part 1 we have Niko on top with the guys swapping places for part 2. While we think both parts of this special are equally as good as the other, one of the highlights comes in part 2 when Andrei sends Niko into ecstasy with his rimming abilities. Kudos also goes to cameraman Luke Hamill who definitely put his eyesight at risk to film Niko’s magnificent cum shot!

Falcon Icons 2010s

Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios celebrates the iconic men of its legendary history with a specially curated collection of scenes featuring the finest fan-favorite models from each decade. In the 2010s, with the rise of social media and the proliferation of gay porn on every corner of the internet, the Men of Falcon dominated on video and online. Reaching a whole new global audience, their commanding sexual prowess and details of their personal life became fodder for bloggers and fans alike. Rising to the challenges of technology and the audience’s demand to see their favorite social media stars in action, Falcon delivered some of their biggest stars and most scorching-hot raw content yet. Featured Superstars: Brent Corrigan, Cade Maddox, Ryan Rose, Sean Zevran, Landon Conrad, Paddy O’Brian, Skyy Knox, Sebastian Kross, Devin Franco, Andrew Stark, Austin Wolf, Alam Wernik & More

Falcon Studios

Falcon Icons 1980s

Ashton Silvers & NastyNik – RAW Fuck

Peep Show

Four guys showed up to fuck. NastyNik really loves a chance to bottom, though he is versatile. He had been doing a lot of breeding/cream-pie action, so we made sure he got the cum fucked out of him. Ashton has a nice big cock, perfect for stretching him out for Vander. Over the coming holidays, Ashton and Vander TagTeam him, and there will be some double-penetration action too. For the upcoming Christmas holiday, look for Vander fucking NastyNik. But these two really go at it, and I am so impressed by the way Ashton has such great sex skills despite his age. Ashton blasts Nik’s hole with his load, and shoves the rest in him. This one of those videos where we just stopped once to catch our breaths. Magic!

Teen Keeps Begging For Dick

Raunchy Bastards#343

Patrick Raposa was a great find, not only because he was a newly minted 18 year old, but he was eager to explore. Explore he did! His first time down I got the opportunity to pop his cherry, which was amazing. He was eager to come back after that first experience, too. The next time he came down, I filmed even more with him. Both myself and the other guys – we were all fucking him all day long and some nights, too. This guy’s hole didn’t get a break.

The night before he left for back home during the last trip, a few of us hung out together and I was expecting to take him to the airport the next day without doing any more videos. This hornball, however, was begging for one last fuck before he got on the plane. It wasn’t for the money, either. I think we turned Patrick into a serious cock addict. He fucking loves cock, and loves it even more when his hole is all slippery with cum. My favorite kind of teenager!

Time To Pay


This lowlife seems to think the Halfway House is just another house party, where one can disrespect the occupants and do whatever one pleases. Well, he has another thing coming, and that starts with a fierce dressing down. Caught red handed, this guy has a loss of words when confronted, but before long the same tongue caught by the cat is licking and slurping on a nice fat cock.

He’s a good cocksucker, and can get face-fucked like a seasoned pro. So there’s that. But even better, he has a nice inviting ass. The Manager fucks the hell out of him right there on the back hallway, too. It’s a nice, long, deep fuck – just the kind he deserves. This one needs to learn, that when it’s time to pay, he’d better pay. With his ass, with his mouth. And he needs to keep paying for the duration of his stay. Just for some extra humiliation, after the Manager dumps a load on his ass, he grabs some jizz with his fingers and shoves it in this miscreants mouth. Even as he lays there covered in jizz, ass beat out and displayed, he might not realize it, but the payment has just begun.

Bareback Anal Fuck, Blow Job and Facials

Taylor Makes Me Give Him Head


Taylor has never fooled around with a guy, but he says that he’s always wondered what it would be like. After he uses a jack-off sleeve to get hard, I stroke his cock for a second to see if he’ll react. I can tell Taylor is digging it, so I tell him to take charge and tell me what he wants. Taylor makes me give him head while he’s standing up, saying things like, “okay, now suck my dick.” While he strokes himself, I’m licking his ass just like I knew I’d be, and in the end, he cums down my throat. Straight guys are so predictable!

Homo Sweet Homo

Pierce Paris / Felix Fox

Felix Fox is determined to get this house, and when he pulls up neck-and-neck with rival buyer Codi Vore, he resolves to do whatever–and whomever–it takes! Luckily, realtor Pierce Paris seems immune to Codi’s feminine wiles, but definitely responds to Felix’s flirting as the blond twink grinds his ass against Pierce’s dick. The guys get Codi out of the way and Felix sucks the top’s cock, then Pierce fucks him doggystyle. The top flips Felix upside-down to pound his hole in piledriver, then Felix rides him on the couch. Pierce penetrates the twink in missionary till Felix cums, then pulls out and showers him with a hot load.

Justin & Ben


Please don’t get too excited when seeing Andre in the intro to this clip, as he runs away before the action starts, but he is replaced by fellow sweetheart, Justin Saradon, so we hope that will make up for it.  Justin’s partner today is Ben Radcliffe, who with only a 1/2 dozen scenes under his belt, falls into our ‘flirting with porn’ category. Some of you have recently remarked that there were not enough twinks here on BelAmi, so we hope that this scene goes a long way to making up that apparent deficit. Daniel has 1 more scene to be released and it will be coming up in next year’s final ‘Summer Loves’ series…

Deacon & Blake: Bareback

Sean Cody

“Fuck, that ass is so nice,” says Deacon, getting a handful of blond Blake’s booty. The guys undress each other, kissing and running their hands over one another’s fit bodies, then Deacon lays Blake on the bed and fucks his mouth. “Fuckin’ eat that hole, yeah!” Blake moans as Deacon’s mouth finds his ass, and he isn’t shy to tell the top just how rough he likes being fingered and fucked missionary. Blake takes that cock deep in doggystyle, then rides Deacon reverse, encouraging the top with his dirty talk. Deacon bends the bottom over on the couch and pounds him till Blake cums, then pulls out and covers that muscle ass with jizz!

Casting Couch #451: Max Fendez, Sir Peter

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Max Ferenz is inducted into the Society of Select Men by Sir Peter. Max’s abilities and holes are stretched to the limits by Sir’s monster cock and huge load

Jordan & Dean


Dean definitely falls into our ‘Flirting with porn’ category, having only 2 scenes under his belt before moving on to other things. There is this little gem with Jordan Faris, and his nother scene is available over on Freshmen and features Orri Aasen as his partner.
In addition to the hardcore material Dean also made a casting a photosession, both of which you will see in the Realted Content section on the right hand side of the update.

Claude Sorel & Hugo Diorr


It’s been a while since Claude Sorel appeared on Freshmen and hopefully this romantic encounter will make up for the wait. Claude finds beautiful youngster Hugo Diorr in the shower and doesn’t need an invitation to join him. After some intimate touching and kissing, the couple move to the bed and the real action begins.
Hugo might look young but he doesn’t lack experience and his bottoming skills and the duo’s chemistry lead to volcanic cumshots.

Sitting on the Burglar

Ty Mitchell / Bruce Beckham

When Bruce Beckham is about to get caught red-handed burgling Ty Mitchell’s place, he lies down on the black couch and tries to blend in! It works, as bleary-eyed Ty walks out of the bedroom… and sits his bare ass on Bruce’s ski-masked face. But Ty quickly notices something’s different when his couch starts moaning and jumps up to find his trinkets in the burglar’s bag. Bruce wants to steal another taste of that ass, convincing Ty to sit on his face and then his cock. Ty sucks the burglar’s big dick and rides him reverse, then Bruce pounds his hole in missionary and doggystyle. Bruce creampies the sexy bottom, then sucks his own cum out of Ty’s hole before asking for a facial!

Bart & Helmut Part 1


Our feature scene this week is Helmut Huxley topping our Hungarian delight, Bart Cuban. It is probably enough for most of that both of the guys is incredibly sexy, but as an added bonus, they both also give us outstanding performances here as well.
Bart is one of our most intuitive lovers, always knowing just the right thing to do to give his partner a great time.
(In hindsight, it was probably not the best idea to have Helmut teach Bart English… the poor guy is now going to go around calling everyone’s nipples “pimples”)

Johnny McLeod & Kirk Gauguin


We met handsome Johnny McLeod for the first time in a photoset in issue 249. After much positive feedback from all of you, we decided to produce his first hardcore video.
Johnny has some trouble communicating in English with his partner Kirk Gauguin but more than makes up for this with his great skills in bed. Kirk is the lucky guy as he gets to savour Johnny until the very last drop.

Double Dip That Dick

Gabriel Clark / Sunny D / Tommy Tanner

Tommy Tanner and his boyfriend, Sunny D, are trying to get ready for a family visit, but the kitchen sink is clogged! Tommy calls a plumber, but Gabriel Clark is so hot, it makes Tommy forget all about the kitchen sitch and try to get Gabriel to lay some pipe instead. Tommy admires Gabriel’s crack as the hunky plumber bends over under the sink, and licks a finger and sticks it into his hole, then turns around to get face down ass up in the fridge. Gabriel needs no more encouragement to pull down Tommy’s shorts and fuck his hole doggystyle! He puts the trans cutie on the counter to fuck him missionary, then they head into the living room so Sunny can get in on the fun. The guys make out and Sunny sucks Gabriel as Tommy sucks Sunny, then Tommy rides his man while swallowing the plumber’s dick. Then the tops switch before Tommy 69s with Gabriel while getting fucked doggystyle by Sunny, and the lucky trans stud takes two facials!

Dax & Kyle: Bareback

Sean Cody

“You’re so hot,” Dax says as he runs his hands over Kyle, putting his hands down the cutie’s jeans as they kiss hungrily. Kyle sucks Dax’s cock, and both guys shuck off their jeans before Dax slaps and eats Kyle’s cute booty, then fucks him doggystyle. Fuuuuuck,” Kyle moans as he takes Dax’s dick, throwing his ass back, then he turns on his back to get fucked missionary. Dax isn’t ready to cum just yet, so he says, “I’ll ride yours,” as the guys flip fuck. Kyle penetrates the bearded hunk missionary and Dax can’t believe how big that cock is as it makes him blow his load. Then it’s Kyle’s turn to give Dax a truly huge facial!

Horny Studs with Uncut Cocks



When Thyle Knoxx ignores Bo Sinn to flirt with a fireman washing his truck, Bo knows there’s only one solution: tie up the firefighter and steal his uniform! Once Bo’s wearing the iconic pants, with the fireman’s jacket open to show off his muscular chest, Thyle rubs Bo’s bulge and kisses down his hard abs, then pulls out that big cock and sucks it. Bo pushes Thyle up against the side of the truck to fuck him from behind, and the bottom rides him on the running board. Thyle gets on his hands and knees in the grass to get \”fire drilled\” in doggystyle position, then Bo fucks him nice and deep on a stack of tires before cumming all over his hole.

Hooking Up With Johnny B

Johnny B / Michael DelRay

If you’ve always wanted some quality time with your favorite Men hotties, today’s your chance to get up close and personal with Johnny B. Johnny caresses his lean body in the locker room, slipping out of his cut-offs and rubbing his cock through his black lace thong, then stroking it sensually till he cums. He’s joined by Michael Del Ray, and the guys suck each other before Michael fucks Johnny missionary on the bench. Johnny bends over to take Michael’s dick nice and deep in doggystyle, then rides the top. Johnny orgasms again and Michael blows a hot load on his hole!

Buttering His Popcorn

Felix Fox / Joey Mills

Felix Fox and Joey Mills came to the movies on dates with their girlfriends, but they only have eyes for each other. After flirting in the concession line, the guys sit next to each other and sneakily hold hands before Felix slides his dick through a hole in his popcorn bucket and Joey strokes it! Joey does the same, but when the girls notice their boyfriends jacking each other off, they storm out. The horny twinks openly suck each other’s butter-flavored cocks before Felix fucks Joey piledriver on his seat! Joey rides the top’s dick, then Felix lays the cute twink on his back before penetrating him doggystyle as the usher sneakily watches. Felix gives Joey a hot facial, and the bottom jacks his cock till he cums.

Jax & Marcus: Bareback

Sean Cody

Jax is back in the studio today with short and cute twink Marcus, and he’s excited to get his hands on him, especially his ass! The guys undress each other, and Marcus can’t help exclaiming, \”Wow, that’s such a big dick!\” as he takes Jax’s pants off. \”It’s all yours!\” Jax tells him, and Marcus sucks it to his heart’s content before Jax lays him on the couch and fucks him in missionary. Marcus takes Jax’s cock nice and deep in doggystyle, then rides him. The bottom cums as Jax penetrates him bent over the couch, and Jax shoots a huge load on his tight ass.

The Stripper Clown

William Seed / Brent North

Brent North isn’t impressed when clown William Seed shows up to his bachelor party and starts awkwardly making balloon animals… until it turns out that William’s actually a very serious stripper. William shucks off his clothes and Brent runs his hands over his cut chest and abs, squeezing his muscle ass, then eagerly sucks the stripper’s hard cock. William penetrates the groom-to-be doggystyle, and Brent rides the top’s cock, then takes that big dick missionary till he cums. William puts Brent face down, ass up to fuck that hole, before giving him a facial to remember.

Jason & Dylan


Today we are continuing our little run of scenes that we held back for one reason or another. This encounter between Jason and Dylan had 2 problems for us, 1stly it is without a proper introduction, and 2ndly Jason is ‘recovering’ from a bit of a sunburn, so he looks a little patchy… Apart from there 2 things we think it is quite a good scene, both guys always turn in great performances as either tops or bottoms, and it is a little surprising that we had not filmed them together before now.

TIE ME UP: Felipe Ferro, John Rodriguez

Kristen Bjorn Productions

John Rodriguez and Felipe Ferro play with sexual control as John is sucked, fucked and ass eaten until he blows his creamy cum into Felipe’s hungry mouth

Luigi & Junior’s Big Day


It’s a big day for Luigi. He’s having a lot of firsts with Junior, including eating another guy’s cum. I start by asking for a kiss and see who can get hard first. The winner gets a blow job from the other guy. With some hand action, Luigi bones up real fast. He pushes his pants down, and Junior goes right on it. He knows what he signed up for today. Junior strips, and while he’s standing up, I think he should slap his dick on Luigi’s face. Then it’s time for payback, and Junior’s on the couch with his boner down Luigi’s throat. He’s really enjoying himself and holds back as long as he can. Finally, he shoots a big load on Luigi’s tongue, and to my surprise Luigi swallows and sucks the rest of Junior’s cum down! Junior reminds Luigi that it’s his turn now. Luigi gets ready, and Junior goes down on him. After a while of sucking and jacking, Luigi takes over and start stroking himself off. Luigi’s dry, so I throw him some lube and he gets hard again instantly. With his dick lubed up and Junior helping him, will Luigi be able to cum with another guy?

Hoyt & Matt


TWe’re happy to welcome Hoyt back on the site after an absence of almost 6 months in this scene with Matt Thurman. It is sometimes hard to believe that we have been working with him for 7 years already, and although he is not in front of the camera anymore, he is still part of the BelAmi family working on some other projects for us. Matt is quite a good partner for Hoyt, having similar physiques and appearances and sexually they are very compatible. Although Hoyt started out as a versatile model he evolved into an almost exclusive top for us, which is where you will find him in today’s scene. Hoyt will be back with us again soon when we start our new season of Summer Loves early in the new year but you will not need to wait so long for Matt, who is back again in a couple weeks.

Straight Gets Off To Bareback Breeding

Raunchy Bastards#317

Ryder is a fairly quiet guy, but he seems happy and quite healthy. He needed to make some money for a vehicle, and a friend of his who had done some gay4pay encouraged him to hit me up. He only lived a few hours away, and he was eager to get into the biz. So, I told him we’d do a photoset to start him off, and he got a ride. He showed up all smiles, and those smiles continued until I grabbed his cock during the photo shoot. He definitely got a lot more serious, but when I encouraged him to suck my dick, he was quite good at it, to my surprise.

So, after some good cock sucking, I turned to his hole, and I ate him out good. Once I felt that I had prepped his ass, I lubed up my cock. As I eased it in, all I can say is that it felt fantastic. There’s nothing like a straight young man’s ass getting stretched out for the first time. It was terrific. And I found that it didn’t take too long to get him loosened up for some pretty deep and hard thrusting. To my surprise, while dear Ryder was being fucked raw, he managed to keep his dick hard, and when I asked him to cum while I was pounding his hole, he came buckets. Go figure! This straight boy sure didn’t have a problem with an old man’s cock in his ass, and shortly after he showed me his appreciation in the form of a jizz shower, I came inside of him. Well, now Ryder has been bred, and he found out that he might just like it!

Anal and Oral Gay Sex Porn

Around The World With Kai


Kai says he’s curious to find out what it’s like to have a guy feel him up, and he tells me I can go wherever I want. I love Kai’s long cock, so I stand him up and suck on it to get him hard. Next, I bend him over and play with his sweet ass while stroking his cock and tickling his balls from behind. I bring the focus back to his cock and stroke him with my clear jack-off sleeve. He gets close to cumming fast, so we stop for a second. Once back at it, I go down on his big dick until he’s ready to shoot. “It feels so good!” he says right before busting a big nut. I finish sucking Kai off, but before I’m done, I convince him to taste his own cum.

Let Me Handle It

Ty Mitchell / Roman Todd

Ty Mitchell thinks he’s home alone and the coast is clear, but his roommate Roman Todd walks in and catches him with his dick in his hand! Ty’s been busting nuts left and right lately, so Roman decides to show him how to do it the right way. He lubes up his hand and starts stroking Ty’s cock, then has the tattooed hunk lie back against him and puts his headphones in Ty’s ears to set the mood as he caresses his chest and jacks him off. The guys start kissing and before long Ty is sucking Roman’s cock before he rides it! Roman bends the bottom over to fuck him doggystyle, then penetrates him from behind in spoon. Ty moans loudly as Roman pounds him missionary while the top handles his dick the right way, and he shoots a huge load before Roman pulls out and cums on his hole.

Blind Man’s Hands


Johnny and Allen are in for something different. I blindfold Allen first, then Johnny. The guys are a little unsure about not being able to see, but they do what I want. To keep them close to each other, I have Johnny reach across Allen and then tape their left hands together. While Allen blows Johnny, I make my move. First I take off Johnny’s boxers, then I cop a feel on Allen. I move back to Johnny and work his nipples and balls before jacking his dick into Allen’s mouth. I tell Allen to get his big dick hard and make Johnny feel it. While he’s stroking Allen’s cock, I go down on Johnny, then I push his head toward Allen’s crotch. Johnny knows to start sucking, and it’s not long before Allen cums. I suck Johnny’s balls and cock, and Allen works his chest and neck, but Johnny’s having trouble getting off. I want to see that load, so I set his hands free and let him finish himself off. He’ll never know who did what to him.

Pleading Horny

Chris Damned / Felix Fox

Deviant Chris Damned is led to court in chains, accused of sticking his dick through a painting. Cockspert witness Felix Fox arrives, confident that he’ll prove Chris’s guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt, but ends up proving Chris was falsely accused! To apologize, Felix sucks Chris’s cock, then Chris bends Felix over, pulls out his butt plug, and fucks his hole. The bottom asks Chris to unlock his cock cage, then the top fucks him missionary, and Felix rides Chris on the judge’s box! Chris fucks the expert bottom doggystyle till Felix cums, then accepts his apology with a facial.

Marc Tickled Hard


Franco immobilizes straight boy Marc with ropes and wrist cuffs and begins tickling his socked feet with a soap saver. Marc tries to resist, but there’s nothing he can do! All that comes out is high-pitched giggling and cackling laughter. First he threatens, then he begs and bargains, but the tickling continues. Franco tickles Marc on his stomach, thighs and sides with his big thick fingers, then sticks it to him in his armpits with a paintbrush. Even after undoing a few of the leg ropes, Marc still can’t do a thing to make it stop, and when he bounces too much, Franco simply climbs on top to pin him down. Marc tries to contort his body and roll away from Franco’s probing fingers, but it only leaves him breathless with nowhere to go. What Marc doesn’t understand is that no surface of his body is safe, and that no matter how hard he tries to get free, he can’t escape the tickling. Franco tickles Marc’s size 8 1/2 feet hard with a hairbrush and soap saver while he begs hopelessly for it to stop. At last, Franco milks a huge load out of Marc and tickles his bare foot with a handful of cum.

Dick Signal Uncut

Ace Quinn / Malik Delgaty / William Seed

When his dildo just won’t do, Ace Quinn rigs up a dick signal to light up the night and bring all the tops to his yard. He gets three sexy contenders, and picks hung stud Malik Delgaty to suck to his heart’s content before getting pounded. The other two secretly watch as Malik penetrates Ace doggystyle and missionary before breeding his hole. When Ace finally notices they’re still there, he pulls William Seed over for round two! William fucks Ace’s face and lies back so the bottom can ride him, then fucks him in superman pose before shooting another load in that hungry hole as Ace cums. All in a night’s work for these hung heroes!

Ken and Warren


Ken is a horny college professor who’s always fantasized about having a Daddy-boy experience with one of the hot straight guys in his classes. Fantasy becomes reality for him today as I arrange a day of fun for him and gay-for-pay stud Warren. Warren walks in in nothing but a towel and starts making out with a very pleased Ken. Ken strips to a jockstrap, and Warren sucks his nipples and big hard dick. Ken rides Warren’s cock while Warren strokes his swollen purple tool. Warren lies back and lets Ken blow him, then jacks off into Ken’s eager mouth. For laughs, I give them a bag of huge dildos…and one smaller butt plug. Warren works the plug into Ken’s ass until he begs for him to shove it in. This is one happy bottom Daddy.

Deacon & Dale: Bareback

Sean Cody

Deacon says \”This is giving me good motivation\” as he and Dale take turns spotting each other in the gym, doing some pushups and pullups. As Deacon bench presses, he sucks Dale’s hard pole. Dale fucks the top’s mouth and then bends over the bench for Deacon to rim his hole before he sucks Deacon’s big cock. \”Oh fuck me,\” the raven-haired bottom moans as Deacon’s tongue penetrates his ass once more, then he gets his wish as Deacon fucks him doggystyle. He rides that dick until Deacon picks him up and puts him on his back on a block, before the guys move to the swing where Dale cums hard. The top rewards him with a nice, long creampie.

Big Bad Hazer


I’ve had enough of Lance showing off at team games. While the other guys hit the showers, I strip and blindfold Lance, then spank and paddle him. When Lance gets defiant, I flip him over and rim his ass roughly. Looks like he likes it! I suck Lance’s big hard cock and play with his ass and balls until he starts cumming. Then I swallow his load and toy with his super-sensitive cock until he curls into a ball. I paddle his ass a couple more times and walk out, leaving him to think about what he’s done.

Breeding The Happy Camper


When James Fox sees sexy hitchhiker Bo Sinn by the side of the road, he decides to pick him up over his boyfriend Thyle Knoxx’s objections. Thyle goes for a nap in the back, so Bo takes the passenger seat and takes out his huge dick with a naughty wink. James pulls over so he can suck Bo’s cock, and Bo blows James in return. When Thyle catches the tattooed hitcher rawing his man doggystyle, he takes off in disgust! The horny guys head outside, where Bo bends James over against the side of the camper, then James rides Bo’s cock. The bottom lies down in the lush grass to get his ass pounded in missionary till he cums, then takes a facial. But James is about to find out why picking up this hitchhiker was a mistake…

G.I. Derek’s Gay Head


Derek got out of the Army just a few weeks ago. He tells me about beating off with another guy and other sex tales before he strips down and gets hard for me. I take one look at Derek naked and know I have to make a move on him…even if I get my ass kicked. I’m nervous while I oil up Derek’s body, and I guess he’s a bit nervous, too. Lots of tension in the air! Derek doesn’t say anything when I oil his cock, so I go for it. I get Derek on the bed and jerk his hard cock until he busts a big nut all over his sexy stomach. Check out the slow-motion replay! The next weekend, we go out with some of the Straight Fraternity girls, and Derek ends up back at my place on my bed again. This time he just kicks back and relaxes while I suck his cock dry. I love having a hot stud like him pump cum in my mouth.

Dick Signal Part 1

Ace Quinn / Malik Delgaty / William Seed

Ace Quinn’s favorite toy just isn’t getting the job done, but he has a bright idea! He straps the dildo to a spotlight and hauls it outside to send up the dick signal, and not one but three tops show up to help this guy in need. Ace invites the men inside to see who measures up to his needs, and chooses hung stud Malik Delgaty. Although Ace tells the other two guys they can head out, they secretly stay to watch as Ace starts blowing Malik, deepthroating his thick cock as the top spanks his ass. As Malik penetrates the bottom doggystyle, he notices the watchers, smiling and winking as they stroke their dicks and enjoy his performance! He pounds Ace in missionary and breeds his hole with a creampie. Ace is glad the other two haven’t left yet, because he needs more dick!

Couple and Threesome Gay Hardcore Sex Videos



What can be easier than going online to hook up? It turns out that sharing an apartment with Jeremy Robbins is the easiest path to getting laid in Prague.
Both of the boys are supposed to be online chatting, but their primal urges get the better of them and they decide to expend some sexual energy in lieu of making some cash. It is a good thing that Jeremy loves to get fucked, as Jens is on fire in today’s update and looking for a bottom who loves it hard and fast.

Warren and Ryan


Blonde-haired, blue-eyed and similarly built, Warren and Ryan look so much alike they could practically be brothers. The guys tell me about their recent sexual experiences before I have them stand up and strip. Since they’re about the same height, I think a nice long kiss would be perfect to open this gay-for-pay hookup. Ryan goes down on Warren and when he gets hard, I make them switch roles. Warren tries sucking Ryan’s cock, but when he chokes, I get them to switch back. Ryan licks Warren’s nipples, sucks his cock and fingers his hole, making him moan louder and louder. They breath heavy while they stroke each other’s cocks, then Warren leans back for Ryan to jack him and play with his ass some more. Ryan makes Warren nut and even tastes it, but when it’s his turn to get off, Warren won’t let him fuck him. I throw Warren the Pocket Pussy to use on Ryan instead, put on some straight porn, and it’s not long before Ryan shoots his big load.

Ashton Montana & Riff Dornan


It’s time for our monthly double feature, this time featuring Ashton, Riff and Kieran. Part one opens with Ashton acting the bossy bottom and telling us about his plans for the filming. This first encounter between him and Riff is the more romantic and erotic of the two scenes. In part two they are joined by our resident wild man, Kieran Benning. Riff has two chances here to make his bottoming debut but prefers instead to top in both parts. This is not the first time we have seen Ashton and Riff together – they had a fling over on BelAmiOnline just over a year ago. We hope that you will enjoy seeing all three guys together again today.

Cock Snap


Dann Grey arrives at photographer Diego Reyes’s studio for his photo shoot dressed in a tailored jacket and white button-down, but as Diego starts snapping pictures, he realizes those clothes gotta go. He has Dann slip off his jacket, then unbutton his shirt before finally taking that off too. Diego pulls out Dann’s hard cock and hands his model the camera so he can concentrate on sucking it. Dann snaps pics as the photog blows him, then bends Diego over and rims him, fingering his hole. The handsome top fucks Diego doggystyle, then lies back to watch the bottom ride him. Dann penetrates Diego missionary, making him cum, then shoots a huge load all over Diego’s muscular chest and abs. He picks the camera up to get a few more snaps of Diego sucking out every last drop!

Derek Caravaggio & Olaf Mortensen


A change of plans doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Derek Caravaggio and Olaf Mortensen are left alone in Yannis Paluan’s apartment and how better to pass the time on a rainy day than with a great sex session? Olaf Mortensen is famous for his bottoming skills and Derek’ finally gets to experience why. Olaf savours Derek’s cock deep inside him in every position. Finally Derek flips him over and takes full control of the situation. This blond and brunette pairing enjoy every moment of their time together and we can only hope that Yannis will not mind too much when he returns to find his couch covered in cum.

Gawkers Part 2

Sean Peek / Thyle Knoxx / Dex Parker / Malik Delgaty

After Thyle Knoxx and Dex Parker get caught spying on Malik Delgaty and Sean Peek, Malik tells them to get their clothes off, because it’s time for round two. He has the three bottoms bend over on the bed and inspects their holes with a magnifying glass, but he can’t decide which is his favorite, so he oils up their asses and fingers them. Malik chooses Thyle to penetrate first, lying down between the other two and telling the cute bottom to ride him. Then Malik stacks the three asses and gives them each his huge cock in turn! Now it’s time to fuck for real, so Thyle tops Sean in missionary as Sean and Dex 69, and Malik pounds Dex’s hole. Thyle and Sean hop on the dildo exercise ball as Sean rides Thyle reverse, and Dex sucks Sean’s cock till he takes Sean’s load on his face while getting fucked doggystyle by Malik! Thyle creampies Sean and Dex cums, so the three bottoms get on their knees to take Malik’s load all over their faces.

Paul & Andre


Forever horny Andre Boleyn never misses an opportunity to seduce a guy, especially if it’s a stranger.  Andre had begun to explore Paul Cavill’s body and dick before our cameraman Adam Archuleta even arrived.
Luckily, Adam quickly finds our amorous couple and is able to capture fully the intense blowjob that Andre gives Paul, climaxing in Andre’s legendary cumshot.  If Paul comes across as a little shy, it is because this is his first sexual interaction with another guy on camera.

Gawkers Part 1

Malik Delgaty / Sean Peek

Sean Peek has regaled his friends Thyle and Dex with how hot his new roommate, Malik Delgaty, is, but instead of letting them meet him, he has them secretly spy on Malik as he does pushups in nothing but his little shorts. The guys hide in a closet as Sean pulls out his \”exercise equipment\” – a bouncy ball equipped with a dildo! Malik stares as Sean sucks the toy and then slides it into his hole, bouncing around in front of the muscular top and sucking his cock. The guys hidden in the closet stroke each other’s cocks as they watch their friend get fucked doggystyle. Malik pounds Sean’s hole super deep in missionary, then picks him up before Sean rides him on the floor till he cums. Malik isn’t the only one about to finish with a facial, as Thyle and Dex spill out of the closet and cum on each other’s faces!

Serge Cavalli & Cristiano Cruzo


There are many things you can do when you wake up horny: Have a cold shower, jerk off, or if you are a BelAmi model, you can call up one of your buddies to come on over and help you out, at least that is how it worked out for Cristiano today.
He hasn’t been with us all that long, but our handsome and charming newbie is already high on the list of potential partners with the other guys. The lucky recipient of his affections today is Serge Cavalli.



Our 3 guys today are probably the 3 shortest of all of our models at the moment, and together they almost constitute an overdose of cuteness. Probably the only thing that would make it cuter is if they were playing a game of strip twister at the same time!
As we know not all of you are interested in ‘cuteness’ we have made sure that the sex that goes along with it is extra hot and sweaty. Both Pip and Jorik are great bottoms and enjoy getting fucked more than anything else, but surprisingly Pip also wants his turn topping twinky Jorik first. As you would expect, everything ends up with gallons of creamy cum flying in every direction!

Gay Porn Bareback Videos

EveryBODY Sc2

NakedSword Originals

As the camera starts to roll, Aaron Trainer takes the lead and lays Leo Vice on the bed and begins to explore his body. After giving Leo’s cock a quick taste, Aaron goes straight to eating his ass out. With his hole freshly licked, Leo gets in between Aaron’s thighs and fills his mouth with Aaron’s massive cock. While Leo chokes on his cock, Aaron reaches back and teases his hole with his fingers. Taking control once again, Aaron pushes Leo’s legs back and works his girthy pole deep into the stud. The tight fit has Leo gasping for air, but soon, Leo lets Aaron pound him deep. Switching positions, Leo lays on his side to feel the total girth of Aaron’s pole inside him. In between thrusts, Aaron makes sure to pull out and tongue-fuck Leo’s sore hole before going back to beating it up. In the end, both hunks kneel in front of each other and blow their loads all over each other.

EveryBODY Sc1



Lino and Aldo are quite a pair. Always late with crazy excuses, always borrowing money and never paying it back… At least today they have come up with a decent plan on how to pay Rocco back for the money he lent them last month. A tag team fuck with 2 hot brothers has to be worth it no matter how much money Rocco lent them!
As soon as they get back to their place they waste no time repaying their debt, stripping Rocco of his clothes and giving his mouth, dick and butt hole some serious attention, and Rocco is loving every second of it. By the time they are done, Rocco is soaked in cum but certainly one very happy lad.

Garrett & Vic: Bareback

Sean Cody – Garrett / Vic Ryder

Laconic Garrett is back in the studio for Vic’s first film, and although his mouth may not give much away, the holes in his jeans are showing quite a bit! “Nothing lasts forever,” Garrett deadpans as Vic peeks at his exposed cock. Vic has his hottest asset under wraps, but is happy to pull down his pants and give you a look at his bubble butt, which he says gets him compliments daily. “I work out like six days a week. I have to work for it.” Vic tugs the tip of Garrett’s cock through one of the holes in his jeans and licks it, then pulls the pants off so he can suck it properly. Once both guys are naked, Vic straddles the top and rubs his pert ass against his cock before slowly lowering himself down onto it. Garrett gets Vic face down ass up to rim his hole, then fucks him doggystyle. He penetrates the bottom mish and cums on his face, but he’s still hard enough for Vic to ride his cock till he orgasms too!

Wet Ass Peach

Ian Greene / Ty Mitchell

Ian Greene and Ty Mitchell playfully splash each other as they take a bath together. The pair dry off, and Ian pulls off Ty’s towel and swats at his ass with it, then gets to his knees and rims his juicy peach. Ty’s got a surprise for his man: a double-ended dildo! The guys play a fun game of anal-tug-of-war as Ty rubs their cocks together before he decides he needs to sit on Ian’s dick. He rides him on the floor, then Ian picks him up and bends him over the vanity to fuck him doggystyle. Ty rides the top reverse until he orgasms, then Ian puts him on the floor on all fours to penetrate him before cumming on that wet ass peach.

Casting Couch #445: Apolo Adri, Valentino Sistor

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Newcomer, Apolo Adri debuts along side Valentino Sistor for wild and raw sex. Valentino’s deep throat cock sucking sets the stage for some deep ass fucking

Tim Moffie & Elio Chalamet


Tim Moffie’s first hardcore video is finally here. After a series of training sessions with our coach Kevin Warhol, Tim is now ready to start filming officially and he couldn’t have picked a better moment to arrive at the apartment. Elio Chalamet wasn’t expecting to be in action today but the sudden change of plan is very convenient as this is exactly what his hard cock needs. Elio guides our newbie through the different areas of the studio and then through different stages of pleasure. Tim Moffie loves nothing more than to climax with a nice dick up his ass and that’s exactly what happens here. The video ends when Elio cums on Tim’s butt and licks up his load. It’s an unexpected and steamy conclusion to Tim’s first encounter.

Fuck Your Workout

Brömo: Bo Sinn / Milo Madera

When Bo Sinn’s upstairs neighbor Milo Mandera wakes him up early on a weekend with the noise of his workout, banging his baseball bat against the ceiling does nothing to stop the noise, so Bo marches up the stairs and pounds on the door. When Milo lets him in, Bo puts him up against the wall and tells him to cut out the noise, but Milo just leans forward and kisses him! Bo tosses the bottom on the couch and rips open his shorts to spank Milo’s ass, then feeds him his cock. Milo rims the top and sucks that huge dick, then lies on the floor to take it doggystyle. Bo works the bottom out as he fucks him nice and deep, and Milo rides him on the couch, then pounds him deep in mish. Milo asks for even more of that dick as he strokes himself till he cums, then Bo jizzes all over him.

Clyde & Chris: Bareback

Sean Cody

As Clyde undresses bespectacled hunk Chris, he just can’t get over how hot the bottom is. \”Oh fuck yeah, look how sexy you are! Fuck!\” he says before marveling at Chris’s abs that he just has to kiss. Not to be left out, Chris kneels to pull down Clyde’s jeans and lick the base of his cock before pulling it out and sucking it. Chris’s ass looks so good, Clyde needs to eat it before penetrating that super tight hole doggystyle, making the bottom moan \”Oh, fuck!\” as he eases inside. Clyde chokes the bottom a little as he fucks his hole in missionary, and it feels so good that Chris shoots a huge load. Clyde pulls out and cums, but both of these guys are still horny for more!

Pip & Fabien- Models of the Week


Be careful not to overdose on cuteness this week as we invite Pip and Fabien to join us as models of the week. This pair is a last minute replacement for our announced pairing of Helmut and Jacq (they didn’t jerk off at the end so we will have to find another time slot for them). While things are certainly colorful here today, we do not recommend trying this at home as we know how long it took to clean the boys off afterwards!

Allan Aimée & Jason Bacall


Allan Aimée is back this week with his new friend Jason Bacall. As we know both of these boys well, we were confident this would be a top-class encounter. And we were right! Jason demonstrates his skills to Allan in several positions until he shoots a nice warm load all over his ass. The video is not over until Allan fills Jason’s mouth.

Kirk Gauguin & Zac Haynes


The long-awaited return of Zac Hayes to our website is finally here. Zac is without doubt one of our best-rated models and we are happy to bring this little nugget to his fans.Zac is introduced to Kirk Gauguin who takes the initiative to slowly undress the Hungarian beauty. When Zac discovers what Kirk is hiding in his pants, there is only one possible outcome.Although our couple cannot understand each other’s languages, their intense moans of pleasure show how much they enjoy this encounter. After Kirk’s orgasm, just wait for our star’s massive self facial – it is incredibly hot!

Lance Thurber & Marcel Gassion


Is there anything that Marcel likes more than a big cock up his ass? Don’t worry about answering that, as the question is entirely rhetorical, as we all know the answer. Today’s XXL appendage may belong to Marcel…. but it is attached still to Lance Thurber. Not only is Lance’s dick extra long, it is also extra thick, so it is just about perfect for Marcel, who certainly knows how to make the most of it!

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