Get Away Sc 2

NakedSword Originals

Boyfriends Beau Butler and Diego Sans are out in search of their friend Michael Boston. He’s been missing since he went on a boat trip with a mysterious local. The pair stumble upon an abandoned resort, windows busted out, pool drained and riddled with rust and weeds. Could this possibly be the resort from the website – the resort that they were told was fully booked so they rented a house? Realizing that they’ve been scammed, they are more frantic than ever about finding their friend and getting off this eerie island. As the sun sets, they search with flashlights, but the boyfriends are chased down and run off the road by a sinister SUV. They vow to find Michael and leave in the morning. Diego showers off but there is something eating away at his mind. He’s seeing things and can’t seem to get a hold of himself. Diego’s boyfriend Beau decides to ease his mind. Beau takes Diego out by the pool so they can enjoy their lush ‘Get.Away.’. Poolside, they both strip and Beau instantly wraps his lips around Diego’s thick cock. When Diego wants a taste, Beau bends back and holds his legs up so his man can feast on his scruffy fuck-hole. When he’s ready, Beau bends over, and Diego enters him raw from behind. After getting pile-driven bareback by Diego’s dick, Beau sinks down to impale himself on his boyfriends’ pole. Switching positions again, it’s Beau’s turn to lay back until he oozes his load out all over his cock. Diego makes sure to keep pumping Beau’s ass until he creams his boyfriend with his thick load. The rain quickly comes as soon as they do. They rush back into the house but right as they open the door – BAM! Someone is there to greet them.

Get Away Sc 1

Mark Laysson & Tim Moffie


On New Year’s Day morning Tim Moffie and Mark Laysson wake up naked. Their hardons make it obvious that more „fireworks“ are coming soon. Tim seduces Mark so intensely that he quickly grabs Tim’s hard cock and starts to suck it. Tim of course returns the favor and gives Mark an extra present of a nice rimjob. When Mark cannot hold on anymore, he sits on Tim’s cock and the two enjoy some intense anal sex. Their New Year’s celebrations can end only one way – in huge creamy cumshots.

Ricky’s First Time


Ricky and Lee just met today. I tell them they’re in a contest, and whoever gets hard first wins a blowjob from the other guy. Ricky grunts at Lee to go down. Lee protests, and Ricky slaps his face a little with his cock. It doesn’t take long for Lee to start sucking Ricky’s dick. When Ricky is ready to cum, he looks to Lee to get on his knees and finish him off. Lee jumps up and lets him shoot a big wad on his face and mouth. The guys then sit on the couch together, and Lee strokes his dick until he’s hard he’s moaning loud. I go in for a close up and see all the cum on his dick and hand running down to his balls. While Lee collapses on the couch, Ricky is still stroking, ready to bust another nut. Ricky surprises everyone when he steps over to Lee and shoots on his face again.

CASTING COUCH 457: AJ Sloan, Babylon Prince

Kristen Bjorn Productions

AJ Sloan is inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by Babylon Prince. After swapping cock sucking the guys flip fuck each other full of cum

Andrei & Niko


It’s all about the body today as we paired up our 2 fittest and athletic models for this flip flop special. Although we have seen Andrei regularly this year this is just Niko’s 4th outing during 2021. Although both guys have had to move aside in the filming roster for the newer guys they are still very much part of the team and we keep inviting them back when we need a real professional to show our newbies a thing or 2 about sex. In part 1 we have Niko on top with the guys swapping places for part 2. While we think both parts of this special are equally as good as the other, one of the highlights comes in part 2 when Andrei sends Niko into ecstasy with his rimming abilities. Kudos also goes to cameraman Luke Hamill who definitely put his eyesight at risk to film Niko’s magnificent cum shot!

Falcon Icons 2010s

Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios celebrates the iconic men of its legendary history with a specially curated collection of scenes featuring the finest fan-favorite models from each decade. In the 2010s, with the rise of social media and the proliferation of gay porn on every corner of the internet, the Men of Falcon dominated on video and online. Reaching a whole new global audience, their commanding sexual prowess and details of their personal life became fodder for bloggers and fans alike. Rising to the challenges of technology and the audience’s demand to see their favorite social media stars in action, Falcon delivered some of their biggest stars and most scorching-hot raw content yet. Featured Superstars: Brent Corrigan, Cade Maddox, Ryan Rose, Sean Zevran, Landon Conrad, Paddy O’Brian, Skyy Knox, Sebastian Kross, Devin Franco, Andrew Stark, Austin Wolf, Alam Wernik & More

Falcon Studios

Falcon Icons 1980s

Ashton Silvers & NastyNik – RAW Fuck

Peep Show

Four guys showed up to fuck. NastyNik really loves a chance to bottom, though he is versatile. He had been doing a lot of breeding/cream-pie action, so we made sure he got the cum fucked out of him. Ashton has a nice big cock, perfect for stretching him out for Vander. Over the coming holidays, Ashton and Vander TagTeam him, and there will be some double-penetration action too. For the upcoming Christmas holiday, look for Vander fucking NastyNik. But these two really go at it, and I am so impressed by the way Ashton has such great sex skills despite his age. Ashton blasts Nik’s hole with his load, and shoves the rest in him. This one of those videos where we just stopped once to catch our breaths. Magic!

Teen Keeps Begging For Dick

Raunchy Bastards#343

Patrick Raposa was a great find, not only because he was a newly minted 18 year old, but he was eager to explore. Explore he did! His first time down I got the opportunity to pop his cherry, which was amazing. He was eager to come back after that first experience, too. The next time he came down, I filmed even more with him. Both myself and the other guys – we were all fucking him all day long and some nights, too. This guy’s hole didn’t get a break.

The night before he left for back home during the last trip, a few of us hung out together and I was expecting to take him to the airport the next day without doing any more videos. This hornball, however, was begging for one last fuck before he got on the plane. It wasn’t for the money, either. I think we turned Patrick into a serious cock addict. He fucking loves cock, and loves it even more when his hole is all slippery with cum. My favorite kind of teenager!

Time To Pay


This lowlife seems to think the Halfway House is just another house party, where one can disrespect the occupants and do whatever one pleases. Well, he has another thing coming, and that starts with a fierce dressing down. Caught red handed, this guy has a loss of words when confronted, but before long the same tongue caught by the cat is licking and slurping on a nice fat cock.

He’s a good cocksucker, and can get face-fucked like a seasoned pro. So there’s that. But even better, he has a nice inviting ass. The Manager fucks the hell out of him right there on the back hallway, too. It’s a nice, long, deep fuck – just the kind he deserves. This one needs to learn, that when it’s time to pay, he’d better pay. With his ass, with his mouth. And he needs to keep paying for the duration of his stay. Just for some extra humiliation, after the Manager dumps a load on his ass, he grabs some jizz with his fingers and shoves it in this miscreants mouth. Even as he lays there covered in jizz, ass beat out and displayed, he might not realize it, but the payment has just begun.