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Bareback Fucking Sucking and Cumming Guys

BARE: Sleaze in the Keys Sc 2

NakedSword Originals

Bubble-butt bottom Michael Boston is sleeping naked in bed when Calhoun Sawyer comes in and wakes the stud up with a deep rimjob to his smooth hole. After getting eaten out, Michael spins around on the bed and services Calhoun’s massive member. Now that his throat has been fucked, it’s time to bend over and take every inch of Calhoun’s meat. Inch by inch, Calhoun slams Michael’s hole while he holds a split. The bareback jack-hammering continues in multiple positions from Calhoun’s monster until Michael lays back, giving Calhoun total access. With a dick deep in his amazing ass, Michael beats his meat until his thick ropes coat his abs. With Michael covered in cum, Calhoun takes his cock out of Michael’s spent hole and unloads all over his eager bottom.

BARE: Sleaze in the Keys Sc 1

Get Physical


Bo Sinn doesn’t want to cooperate when nurse Marco Bianchi comes in for his physical therapy, but not because he’s grumpy… because he’s horny! Bo’s big, bandaged dick is hard and wants attention, especially after he checks out Marco’s muscle ass. Marco leads Bo to the special physio chair and removes the bandage from his cock. But when he goes to take his patient’s temperature, Bo decides it’s Marco’s turn in the swing! Bo pushes him down and then fucks his mouth. He gloves up, then rips open the nurse’s scrubs and fingers his hole before fucking him in the swing. He puts Marco on the floor to fuck his hole piledriver. Marco hops back into the swing and jacks his cock till he cums as Bo penetrates him in missionary, then fills him with a creampie.

Roommate Relief

MEN: Benjamin Blue / Edward Terran

Benjamin Blue gets revenge when his roommate Edward Terrant interrupts his TV watching with a loud video call by pouring a beverage over his head! Already annoyed, Edward grumbles when he goes to put his soaked clothes in the dryer and finds it’s still full of Benjamin’s last load. Benjamin spots his naked roommate on all fours with his tempting ass poking out of the dryer, so he quickly undresses, sneaks up behind him, and fucks him doggystyle! All Edward’s annoyance at his roommate evaporates when he gets that hard cock, and he sucks Benjamin’s dick, then hops up on the washer to get fucked mish with his legs over the top’s shoulders. The bottom rides Benjamin, then bends over the appliance to get fucked doggystyle till he cums, and Benjamin shoots an oversized load on Edward’s face!

HARD LUCK: Diego Summers, Santiago Rodriguez

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Diego Summers stop over to cheer up Santiago Rodriguez. The guys are in their jock straps for some deep throat cock sucking and raw ass fucking

First Time Fondled

Raunchy Bastards #302

Cole Church is definitely my reward for something I must have done right recently. When he pulled up in his pickup truck, I knew that he was legit. He has a history of military service, and it shows. He also likes sizing people up. Well, I guess after a few hours I must have passed his test, because he didn’t clock me when I grabbed his cock during his audition solo!

This scene is wonderful on so many levels, and not just because Cole is one of the most stunningly handsome guys I’ve gotten to lay my lecherous hands on recently. What sets this apart is the absolute genuine “straight baitness” of it all. Cole is the person who would be voted least likely ever to touch another dude in a sexual way. . . and yet it happens.

I had prepped him beforehand on the way the porn biz works, and all of the money he could make doing various things. He was so insistent, however, on doing only what turned him on – I thought it might be a lost cause. I suppose, though, the wheels started turning in his mind, and the fact that he was recently unemployed and he needed to move to a new place helped greatly. I did a photoset, pushed his boundaries a little, and then when I started videoing him, he seemed fairly at ease. I had been complimenting him incessantly up until that point, but unlike a lot of guys I photo and film, I meant every word of it. The praise and compliments helped A LOT. He has a great face, perfect lean build, and a cock any porn director would be happy to have swinging around on set. I didn’t compliment him on his asshole out-loud, but when I got a glimpse of it I almost started drooling.

Well, long story short, I whipped out my cock while I was filming him jerk off. Please watch this video straight through, and pay attention to every detail of his facial expressions and eye movements. He was trying so hard not to look at my dick, even though he heard me pull my zipper down. He knew exactly what was going on. And at time he closed his eyes and sighed, as if he might be in a dream he could easily wake up from. And yet, his cock was rock hard. So there’s that. In addition, as I pushed him further and further, he put up no resistance. Before long we were jerking each other. I even got a chance to rub my spit-moistened finger around his hole, and work it in a little bit. Other than cumming, that was the highlight of my day.

Cole cums first, as I’m getting him off. And he cums buckets, seriously. Not long thereafter he turned his attention to getting me off, and I’d say it was only a matter of minutes. He seemed relieved and almost happy at the end, before he caught himself and intentionally wiped the smile off of his face. Then he was all back to his former self. He’s going to be a tough one to crack, but I think there are already some kinks in his armor, so I have a lot of hope that this won’t be the first and only time he gets fondled.

Gung Bodybuilders Fuck for Gay Porn

Ty Tucker Milked


When Ty Tucker (aka Spencer) showed up really early for his last shoot, I left him in the back room while I set up the studio. I didn’t realize he uses all his free time getting off! I catch Ty beating off to some straight porn and decide to take advantage of the situation. Good thing I always have a camera set up! I suck Ty’s cock and balls and see how far he’ll let me go with his hole. Ty is obviously enjoying the rimming, so I lube up my finger and go in to massage his prostate. I slide my slick finger in and out to stimulate him as I jack his cock. With Ty’s feet up in the air, I milk every last drop from him.

Brysen & Dustin

Sean Cody

Porn newbie Dustin has only shot once before, so he wants to hear from Brysen what it’s like to have so many scenes under his belt. Brysen says that his erotica habits are a lot more varied now: \”I like to change it up a little bit. Now I’ll watch all kinds of stuff.\” Brysen wants to know what Dustin’s into, not just on screen but in real life, and the hottie’s description sounds a whole lot like Brysen! \”Just somebody that’s beefy, tattoos, such as yourself. It’s a big turn-on for me.\” Brysen usually tops, but he’s excited to get Dustin’s big cock in his ass today, and he starts things off by sucking him, then straddling Dustin and having his way with that dick. Brysen rides Dustin reverse, then the newbie fucks him till Brysen’s begging for more! The guys cum, and it’s time for the bottom to become the top…

Better With Clothes On

Klein Kerr / Rico Vega

There’s nothing hotter than a sharp-dressed man, as Rico Vega realizes while watching his boyfriend Klein Kerr don a crisp white shirt and sharp tailored blazer. Rico rubs his cock, then lets his robe slip off and grinds his ass against Klein’s bulge. The top realizes he doesn’t have to go out just yet and runs his hands all over his tattooed boyfriend’s body, kissing him passionately. Rico unfastens Klein’s belt and drops to his knees to suck his cock, then gets on the bed on all fours as Klein rims him. The top lets his shirt fall open as he fucks Rico doggystyle, then sucks the bottom’s hard dick. Rico rides Klein reverse, and this passionate couple gaze at each other as Klein fucks his man missionary till Rico orgasms, then pulls out to shoot his hot load on the bottom’s abs.

A MATTER OF TRUST: Heracles, Lucio Saints

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Bodybuilder Heracles needs to trust his coach, Lucio Saints prior to competition. Lucio’s monster cock stretches Heracles’ mouth and ass before eating his load

Zorro Rushing


This 20-year-old with a “Z” on his wrist has a grandfather who did porn, and he’s seen the clips to prove it! I grease Zorro up, and it isn’t long before he’s stroking his hard wood for the camera. It’s my turn to help Zorro get his rocks off with a good hot toy in his hands. “It feels real!” Nothing feels more real than the real thing, so I stroke Zorro off to a creamy conclusion.

Gay Men Fucking Straight Students

GOOD COMPANY: Jonathan Miranda, Valentino Sistor

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Jonathan Miranda and Valentino Sistor spot each other on their balconies, and Jonathan heads over for some deep throat cock sucking and raw ass flip fucking

MenPop – Part 3

JJ Knight / Michael Boston / Adrian Hart

While Adrian Hart and Michael Boston are waiting for cam guy JJ Knight to arrive so they can start their hot livestream, they make a fun story for Michael’s MenPop account. But before they can start shooting, they have to decide who’s bottoming with a game of Rock Paper Scissors! Michael wins that honor, so he and Adrian undress each other, and he sucks the top’s dick as JJ gets it all on video. Their action is so hot that their viewer gives them a tip, so they thank him before Michael takes more than just the tip of Adrian’s cock doggystyle. It turns out Adrian will bottom today after all, because JJ gets so horny he starts to fuck him too! Power bottom Michael takes both their dicks in a hot double penetration, then Adrian rides JJ as he sucks Michael’s cock before both JJ and Adrian cover Michael’s face with jizz and he cums all over his abs.

MenPop – Part 2

20-Year-Old Student Jaycen Groped


20-year-old Jaycen needs to make some money, and with a fit body and big dick like his, I know just how this student can do it. Jaycen is pretty shy and quiet, so I ask him a few questions to start relaxing him. When I finally tell him to undress, he’s nervous, but he does it. He mentions that he might need some help getting a boner. I distract Jaycen with my new jack-off sleeve while I stroke his dick through his briefs. After he stiffens up, I pop his huge cock out of the leg and decide I’ve got to go down on that monster. I switch to the sleeve for a bit, but soon put him back in my mouth. Jaycen says he can cum if he jacks himself, so I lube him up and let him start. At the end, I take over and stroke a thick load out of his big dick.

TRICKSTERS: Delan Benobe, Andy Star

Kristen Bjorn Productions

International Superstars Andy Star and Delan Benobe start their day hard and horny. Deep throat cock sucking is required before a passionate raw ass flip fuck

Jax & Nikolai: Bareback

Sean Cody

It’s chill, tattooed Nikolai’s first time in the Sean Cody studio, and he gets chatting about how he tends to be very easygoing when it comes to the kind of people he finds attractive. \”I’m a very flow person. Just let it flow and whatever happens, happens.\” Meanwhile, Jax is getting antsy with all the talking, because he’s been cooped up alone with his hand and he wants to get to the fucking! \”I’ve been missing booty,\” he laughs. The guys head into the bedroom where they make out and undress each other, and Nikolai gets his first taste of Jax’s big cock. But after he starts riding the sexy top, Jax suddenly creampies his ass after only a minute! Luckily, it’s not long before this sex-starved stud is ready to go for round two.

Clean That Mess


Bo Sinn finds his roommate, Alex Montenegro, has made a huge mess in the kitchen, and when Alex refuses to clean it up, Bo makes an even bigger one. He pushes Alex to the floor and uses his mouth as a cereal bowl. When Alex is on his hands and knees mopping up the spilled cereal and milk, Bo rips open Alex’s briefs, slides a funnel into his ass, and fills it with hot piss. After Alex releases it onto the floor, Bo spanks him, then feeds him the breakfast of champions: his dick. The bottom rides Bo on the floor, and the tattooed hunk pounds his roommate in doggystyle, bending him over the counter. Bo puts Alex on his back to give that messy hole some deep fucking till Alex cums, then makes another mess in Alex’s mouth. Looks like this bottom has a lot of cleaning up to do!

Buddies Fucking Bareback and Jizzing

Lake Need Sc 2

NakedSword Originals

While their buddies are out fishing, Jack Bailey and Blaine Porter sneak off to Blaine’s room to get to know each other a little better. As soon as they get in the bed, Blaine’s shorts come off and Jack turns into a cock connoisseur. After gobbling down Blaine’s thick meat, Jack gets the favored returned with Blaine deepthroating Jack’s pole. Now that both studs are ready to go, Blaine lifts up Jack’s leg and slides his massive cock deep inside. Jack’s cock bounces side to side as Blaine stretches his smooth hole. Jack wants to feel Blaine at new bareback depths, so he climbs on top to slide his hole down Blaine’s pole. Jack submits to Blaine once more as get gets on his back to get pounded until he empties his nuts all over his stomach with Blaine deep inside. Blaine keeps stroking his meaty dick until he shoots a thick load that goes in Jack’s mouth.

Lake Need Sc 1

WARM ME UP: Santiago Rodriguez, Jose Quevedo

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Manuel Scalco hooks up with newcomer Jorman Brown. Jorman and Manuel share cock sucking skills before flip fucking each other raw and a handsome facial

Jizzing His Socks Off

Malik Delgaty / Dale Kuda

Malik Delgaty is visiting his stepbrother Dale Kuda, who’s grounded for inappropriately drilling the furniture. Dale’s been doing nothing but beating his meat, but Malik hasn’t cum for weeks, so Dale tells him to go ahead. As Malik strokes his big cock, Dale pushes his sock puppet through a hole in the bunk bed for his stepbro to cum in, but even after a load so big it leaks on Dale’s face, Malik is still horny! He pokes his cock down through the hole and Dale sucks it, then comes down to fuck the bottom superman style! The guys try to be quiet as they fuck missionary, but they must be making a racket as Dale jizzes in the sock while getting pounded in doggystyle, because just as Malik cums all over Dale’s ass, his stepdad catches them!

Nicky & Cam: Bareback

Sean Cody: Nicky / Cam

Today we have a familiar face–and a familiar cock–at Sean Cody. \”I’m back!\” announces Nicky. \”And I’m sorry to keep you guys waiting.\” He’s very excited to work with gorgeous Cam, and the bearded bottom is thrilled to be paired with Nicky. \”I looked you up and I was like, ‘Wow!’ It’s very big.\” Cam’s looking forward to getting manhandled and filled with man meat. Both these hunks are great kissers, so they really enjoy themselves as they start making out and taking off their shirts. Cam gets down on his knees to suck Nicky’s big cock, then bends over to get stretched out in doggystyle. Nicky cums on Cam’s face, and these guys are ready for a whole lot more.

Outdoor Blow Job by a Submissive Whore Guy

Tough Dude Having a Blow

Dirty Boy Bitches Sucking and being Fucked

Straight Studs Barebacking

DESIRE: Cole Keller, Marcos Oliveira

Kristen Bjorn Productions

A weekend away allows Marcos Oliveira and Cole Keller to get acquainted. Cock sucking, ass eating and raw ass fucking fill this cabin with desire

Hairy Stud Caleb’s First Gay Blowjob


Caleb is a handsome guy and natural jock who said he matured physically very early in life. He also said he loves getting blowjobs more than anything, so I make him a gay challenge. I oil Caleb up and tell him I’ll give him extra money if he goes for a handjob or blowjob. After thinking about it, Caleb agrees to a handjob, but not a blowjob. I remind him how much he said he likes head, and to my surprise, he says yes! I start with the handjob, and by the time my mouth is on his cock, he’s fucking my face like a pro. Caleb lets out a grunt of pure pleasure when he shoots his load in my mouth. Mission accomplished!

It’s A Boy!

Benjamin Blue / Malik Delgaty

Benjamin Blue is giving his straight friend Malik Delgaty and his wife the gift of decorating for their gender reveal party, but he bends over and splits his pants just as he finds a dildo under the couch. Ben gives in to temptation and fucks his hole with the toy, then rides it on the couch… until Malik and his family arrive. Benjamin does his best to sneak away, but the toy stays behind, where one of the grandmas-to-be finds it! Malik gives his gay buddy a real cock to play with and Benjamin sneakily sucks it, then Malik fucks him doggystyle and cums on his ass just as his wife does the gender reveal. Malik isn’t done, fucking Benjamin in missionary and piledriver before Benjamin orgasms and the top gives him a facial!

Conor & Blake: Bareback

Sean Cody

Outgoing and fun twink Conor is in the studio for his first film with hottie Blake, and he’s raring to go. The guys start by kissing and pulling off their shirts, and Blake pulls down Conor’s shorts to give him a sensual blowjob before getting on top to take it in his hole. Conor lays Blake down on his back and rims him, then fucks him in missionary. “Harder… I said fuck me harder!” Blake demands, and Conor does just that, even choking the blond bottom a little as he pounds his ass. Blake orgasms hard and loud as Conor fucks him doggystyle, then the top cums all over his tight ass. So how was Conor’s first scene? “It’s hard work!”

Cum In My Reality

Chris Damned / Theo Brady

Theo Brady is horny, but his roommate Chris Damned would rather fuck a fake ass in his virtual reality game than fuck Theo’s real one. Theo peeps on tattooed, muscular Chris during a stroke sesh, but he gets too horny and ends up shooting rope across Chris’s face! As Chris gets cleaned up, Theo tries out the headset while stroking a dildo, and Chris sees his chance, taking the toy’s place so his roommate blows him. Two can play at that game, so Theo swaps himself in for the fake ass, finally taking Chris’s hard cock doggystyle. The horny top realizes his roomie’s IRL booty is way better, especially when Theo rides his cock! Theo gives the fake ass a try as Chris fucks his hole from behind, then rides Chris till he cums, and the top enjoys Theo’s hole some more in missionary before he orgasms.

Seducing Horny Boys to Gay Fuck

Curly Twink Jerking Off and Cums

Amateur Jerk Off Boy Video

Horny Dudes Wanking on Cam

Uncut Latino Blindfolded and Hazed


I picked up Tony because he seemed adventurous and because I heard he has a big, uncut dick. I quickly tie Tony to the hazing chair and start feeling him up. I pinch and tickle him and get a taste of that foreskin. I come in at an angle and deep-throat Tony’s dick in one swoop. Then while I’m jacking him, I press on his balls and taint. I can tell by Tony’s bucking hips that he wants more, so I lube up a finger and stick it inside him. I finger-fuck Tony’s hole until he can’t take it any more. It’s time to make him cum. I squeeze Tony’s balls while I stroke and suck his dick faster and faster. He unloads all over my hand, and I lick his sensitive cock clean.

FamChaser 6: Practice with StepDad

Jax Thirio / Jesse Bolton

When Jax Thirio gets home, he catches his stepson Jesse Bolton fucking his ass with a dildo, saying he’s “practicing.” Jesse sees his stepdad’s cock is hard, so he unzips Jax’s jeans and starts sucking it. Jax rims the horny teen, then offers him a real dick to practice on, fucking him doggystyle. Jesse tries out controlling the action as he lowers his hole onto Jax’s dick, then he moans as Jax fucks him deeply in missionary till they both cum hard!

Bareback Anal Threesome

Raunchy Bastards #305

Jarvis Johnson happened to be visiting when Tyler Blue told me he was ready to try some guy on guy action. Well, I was so excited that I got the two of them into my bedroom faster than a freight train. It was definitely a fun time, and I was blown away at what a hot top Tyler is. Of course, it definitely helps that Jarvis’s ass felt so darn good. After some blow job action, we got right into the fucking, and I think Tyler and I fucked Jarvis for a lot longer than we would have someone else, just because his teen pussy was so inviting.

I began the fucking, while Tyler was holding Jarvis’s legs and simultaneously getting his pole sucked. I had intented to loosen Jarvis up a little bit to make it easier for my first time top. However, that hole really didn’t need any prep work, so I quickly let Tyler take over. Tyler went to town, too! Such a passionate top, which is rare for a) a beginner, and b) a porn newbie. Well, Jarvis did a great job of letting us both use his mouth and ass, and by the end of the session he was full of jizz on both ends. This is truly a spectacular fuck – the guys are both real, and you can see the pleasure on their faces (mine, too, I’m guessing!)

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