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Diesel: Stocky, Handsome Mormon Fireman


Diesel is a big guy in town on vacation for a few weeks. He’s a straight-laced firefighter from Utah who saw my ad and wanted to do something wild for a change. Diesel is very quiet, shy and polite for such a big guy. He seems so innocent that it’s almost like he’s jacking off for the first time! The toy is a new experience for him and his face just beams as he learns how to use it. He says he hasn’t jacked off in weeks. Diesel is really turned on by the whole experience and cums quickly. He’s got a lot of cum, but even so, apologizes for not squirting more. Maybe next time Diesel.

The Attic 1: Bareback

Collin Simpson (Matthew Good) / Kaleb Stryker (Kaleb)

Nate Grimes explores his new step-grandpa’s house and finds something unexpected in the attic: an old gay porno flick cued up on the projector. Nate sits down to watch as the buff, shirtless Collin Simpson caresses handsome, blindfolded Kaleb Stryker. Collin sucks Kaleb’s cock, then feeds the bottom his hard dick before Kaleb climbs on top and stretches out his hole on Collin’s thick erection. The vintage erotica turns Nate on as he watches the muscular top pound Kaleb doggystyle and fuck him deep in missionary till they both cum, leaving Nate wanting much, much more…

The Master’s wishes

Max Konnor / Derek Cline

Max Konnor is the master of his domain and with the help of his two jock strapped henchmen he fulfils his and Derek’s fantasies of what it’s like to live a sexy Vegas experience. The two henchmen seductively undress Derek and prepare him for the masters taking. Max uses his incredible muscled body and his insanely huge cock to bring Derek to fits of ecstasy. The young man explodes his Cum everywhere and Max gives him a jizz shower Before the two henchmen cover derricks face in hot creamy loads.

Sucking It Up


For cases of very minor infractions, and specifically when one resident trespasses against another resident, we like to have the culprit humiliated with a sense of fairness. In this instance, the dipshit had stolen something from the fridge, and although frankly I didn’t give a damn, I thought it would be a good excuse to see this fucker choke on a massive cock. Although he wasn’t too happy about his punishment, once he had that cock in his mouth he sure did treat it right. It is literally one of the biggest cocks we’ve had around here, and yet his teenage throat could take the bruising. In spite of his excellent oral skills, he still was set to be blowing a peer of his, but we didn’t let his shame stand in the way, and I even stepped on his face right before he took that massive load into his mouth. Huge cock? Check. Cock sucking teenager? Check. Load in mouth? Check. He’ll probably think twice about taking other residents’ stuff in the future.

A Hot Fuck On Porn Night

Aaron was just gonna have a wank until his friend Ethan offered him a raw flip fuck.

Young Hunks Fucking Bareback

Cake Shop

Raging Stallion Studios

Raging Stallion’s busy, bareback bakery ‘Cake Shop’ takes you on a behind the scenes look at two guys, a gay bakery dream and some very special ingredients! A sexually intense, gay porn comedic romp written and directed by award winner Steve Cruz, ‘Cake Shop’ delivers a hilarious group of all natural, creampie kinksters who drop a lot of icing on each other’s cakes. Ex-lovers Wade Wolfgar and Jake Nicola set up shop, and their bareback bakery starts booming. Filling a special order for Donnie Argento’s first anniversary cake for his husband Sharok, Jake Nicola gets nasty with a raw three way right on the countertop. Donnie squats on a delectable dessert and Jake and Sharok bury their faces in the frosting, till their hardcore vers three way leaves Jake glazed in cum. Wade hires an assistant, sexy smartass Beaux Banks, who sneaks huge hung fuck buddy Devin Trez thru the back door to pound his back door. In the spirit of equality, the ‘Cake Shop’ caters to couples with differing beliefs, like a fictitious MAGA supporter played by Ricky Larkin and his antivax bride — till Beaux sabotages their big day and the new cashier, Draven Navarro, has to assuage the rage of the horned-up Ricky and drain his bull balls with a wet mouth and hot hungry hole. Health inspector Cain Marko pops by for a surprise visit, and Wade will do anything to make up for their code violations, including violating the inspector on the kitchen counter. With his job on the line, Beaux cooks up a scheme to ditch the cake shop for good. He calls up bad boy Romeo Davis for some booty call cum batter. As the health department finally puts an end to the rainbow confections, Draven Navarro comes up with a plan to save the business — by turning it into a porn studio with big dick stud Jason Vario fucking the daylights out of him. Jake and Wade face a bright new future, proving you can have your cock and eat it too, only at Raging Stallion’s ‘Cake Shop’!

Fat Tongue, Fatter Dick: Bareback

Johnny Rapid / Matthew Camp

Johnny Rapid has been wanting to film with social media star-turned-pornstar Matthew Camp for quite a while. Johnny interviews Matthew about his life, his quick rise through the porn ranks, and his turnons, and then Matthew gets to ask Johnny a few questions too. Then the guys head inside by the fire because Johnny’s ready to fuck! He didn’t realize just how big Matthew’s cock is until he’s got his lips wrapped around it, and Matthew impresses Johnny with his dick-sucking and ass-eating skills before giving him every inch of that cock in doggystyle. Johnny wants to ride that dick, and then Matthew folds Johnny in half as he pounds that hole before fucking him in piledriver till Johnny has to tap out! Johnny’s about to cum when Matthew beats him to it with a massive load all over his chest before Johnny blows his wad.

The 5th and final part of the TOM of FINLAND series ‘FUTURE EROTICA’

François Sagat / DeAngelo Jackson / Ty Mitchell / Mickey Taylor

How will sex and erotica evolve into the future? This question is answered in the final instalment of the Tom of Finland Series co-directed by the iconic porn performer Francois Sagat alongside Alter Sin featuring animation from artist Jason Ebeyer.

MEN explore the future of Finland’s legacy in a world where the virtual is the real, as Francois Sagat transports himself to a biodigital sexual playground and calls on fellow erotic devotees DeAngelo Jackson, Ty Mitchell, and Mickey Taylor to enact his every fantasy.

Francois watches as the lingerie-clad twinks suck each other’s cocks while he embraces the ebony stud, then directs the action according to his whims as Ty, Mickey and DeAngelo fuck for his pleasure as much as their own. After viewing the twinks share a facial from DeAngelo, Francois reawakens in his own world, covered in cum.

Man On Man: Juanjo Rodroguez, Leonardo Lucatto

Man on Man, macho y macho, the sex drive of Juanjo Rodriguez and Leonardo Lucatto is a match up made in gay porn heaven. The guys five each other a good face fucking before Juanjo flips Leonardo around and fucks him wild and full of cum.

Super Ticklish Jason Jones


21-year-old Jason is very excited to be tied up and tickled, smiling, watching everything happen and even popping a boner. He jacks his dick (and Franco’s!) while he’s being bound, but then the tickling begins. Jason laughs hysterically as Franco tickles his inner thighs, and when he reveals that his balls are especially ticklish, Franco uses his beard and a feathery little paintbrush to tickle them. Franco tickles thighs, ribs and bellybutton while Jason swears and cackles. He’s so incredibly ticklish everywhere! Franco slips his fingers under the ropes and tickles Jason’s sweaty torso while he laughs loudly and struggles for breath. The torso tickling is so intense that Jason will say anything to get Franco out of there, begging him to tickle his feet instead. Franco honors his request, sucking his toes and soles and tickling his bare feet with his fingers. Jason’s face turns red and he howls with laughter when Franco applies the brushes, first to one foot and then the other. His screeching laughs become more and more hoarse, but there’s still more to come! Franco tickles Jason’s foot with a soap saver, then returns to his thighs and balls, this time bringing the brushes with him. He tickles Jason like crazy on his balls and ribs before finally allowing him to jack off and achieve a full, exhaustive release.

First time Barebackers

First Time Jitters: Bareback

Alex Mecum / Shane Amari

Handsome and muscular Shane Amari is a little bit nervous before his first scene ever as he introduces himself and shares a bit of why he wants to do porn. Shane picked Alex Mecum as his scene partner because they’re friends IRL, and he knows he’ll have a great time whatever they end up doing. Alex wants to help show off Shane’s assets by eating his ass, while Shane is looking forward to making Alex’s cock disappear in his mouth! First it’s Alex’s turn to penetrate Shane’s firm ass doggystyle, and then these hotties flip fuck as Alex rides Shane’s dick. Shane pounds Alex doggystyle till he cums, so Alex takes a turn fucking Shane mish and creampies his hole.

Three Brothers Part 3: Bareback

Theo Brady / Zane WIlliams / Jack Hunter / Michael Del Ray

Zane and Jack drag their brother’s now-ex Theo Brady into the living room so he and Michael Del Ray can talk things out… or fuck things out. Theo sucks Michael’s cock and Zane begins eating the twink’s ass as Jack watches and strokes his cock. Zane fucks Theo doggystyle till he cums on his ass, then it’s Jack’s turn to penetrate the bottom in mish while Michael fucks Theo’s mouth. Jack jizzes on Theo’s stomach, and then Michael pounds his ex’s hole hard. Theo rides Michael till he cums, then the top gives him a facial before the three brothers give Theo the bum’s rush. Bros before hos!

Three Brothers Master Cut: Bareback

Working Up A Sweat

Zak Bishop / Sharok

Sharok tries to get some work done while his man, Zak Bishop, goes outside for a workout, but the sight of Zak’s toned body sweating right outside the window is too distracting! When Zak comes back inside, it’s Sharok’s turn to work up a sweat as he sucks Zak’s cock and eats his ass, then plays with Zak’s hole while the bottom sucks his cock. Sharok gets his muscles pumping as he pounds in and out of Zak’s pert ass in doggystyle, then Zak rides his man’s big cock. The guys cool down with some spoon and Sharok fucks Zak in mish till the bottom cums, then pulls out and adds his spunk to the mix. Time to hit the showers!

Hard Days Night

Dillon Diaz / Ricky Larki

Hard-working bodyguard Dillon Diaz comes home from a long day of protecting his rich client. Exhausted, he gets shoulder rubs from his very affectionate man Ricky Larkin. These two alpha males take care of each other’s huge cocks and lickable holes before some intense Flip Flop Fucking.

Terms And Conditions

Kaira Love / David & Micky

Kiara catches Micky, her stepfather, fondling himself while watching her and her boyfriend David getting it on. Kiara has known about her stepdad’s sexual interest in her for some time, and David allows Micky to partake in the fun—so long as he takes David’s rock hard member up his ass.

Suddenly: Lucio Saints, Jonathan Miranda

Call it happenstance or destiny, but when Jonathan Miranda passes through the town square and suddenly finds himself the object of desire to the international porn star Lucio Saints, every sense is on heightened awareness. As Jonathan continues along, he notices that Lucio is in hot pursuit. Jonathan decides to ditch into a doorway to see what happens and before he knows it Lucio has joined him in the doorway and is groping him. The thought of having sex in public has Lucio on overdrive as Jonathan takes his massive, hard cock out. Both men are constantly scanning the streets for any passers by as Lucio drops to his knees and begins sucking on Jonathan’s throbbing cock in the doorway of a local shop. Jonathan’s nerves have him constantly on the look-out, but not enough to stop him from dropping to his knees and begins sucking on the international stars’ cock. Jonathan leads Lucio back to his flat where the action continues. The guys strip down with no nerves or prying eyes to slow them down. Lucio takes Jonathan’s huge cock into his mouth and swallows him whole. Jonathan is impressed with Lucio’s expert cock sucking skills as he continues to swallow and pleasure his pulsating cock. Hunger has taken over and Jonathan pushes Lucio back so that he can suck on the legendary cock of Lucio Saints. Jonathan does everything he can to choke down the monster cock in front of him. With Lucio’s cock dripping wet, Jonathan squats his ass down onto Lucio’s monster cock as his fat cock flops around with every thrust. After a long, hard, raw ass fucking, Jonathan flips Lucio and slips his fat cock into Lucio’s sweet ass. With Lucio on all 4’s, Jonathan is able to get up on his feet and go as deep as he wants. Lucio’s ass proves to be too much temptation for Jonathan as he unleashes a fractional part of his load up his ass, but immediately pulls out and moves into position to shower his load all over Lucio’s face. As Lucio is licking and sucking all the cum flying in his face, he lets his own huge load of cum flies like a rocket headed into space.

Group Sex with Ebony Buds

So You Wanna Be A Cum Dump 2 – Treasure Island Media

The rules are the same, these whores agree to get ass up, face down, and fucked by any dick we bring in. You wanna talk about “no load refused”? They don’t know who is coming or how many loads they are getting. Lucky them, the fan-favorite bottom has been promised his own full out gangbang.

Casting Couch #430: Aaron Caban, Santi Sexy

In this episode of Casting Couch our Expert, smooth skinned and muscled Santi Sexi takes on our strapping, big dicked Beginner, Aaron Caban. Santi starts off by sucking Aaron’s big, uncut cock until it is fully hard, and then Aaron returns the favor by swallowing Santí’s dark man meat. This may be Aaron’s first appearance on vídeo, but it’s apparant that this isn’t his first time at the rodeo! Aaron shoves his huge dick into Santi’s tight hole, and fucks him doggy style. Santi flips over so that he can get Aaron’s dick in as deep as possible. The two men fuck frantically until they blow loads of hot cum. Aaron then slides his cock back into Santi’s ass, using his own cum as lubricante.

Pranking My Stepbro: Bareback

Ever since his new stepbrother Collin Simpson moved in, Theo Brady has pranked him relentlessly, and this will be the best goof yet as he prepares to secretly stay in Collin’s room all night long. Theo is shocked to find a suggestive pic of himself in his stepbro’s bedside table before he hides in Collin’s closet. Collin takes a post-gym selfie and then lies down on the bed to jack off, until he notices Theo recording him! Collin has Theo suck his cock, then makes the bottom beg for him to eat his ass. The prankster is now at his prankee’s mercy as Collin pounds Theo’s ass till he cums, then makes Theo swallow his jizz.

Dick Swap

After he receives a mysterious package, Jarret thought it would be fun to play with his new toy. Creeping DeAngelo thinks it would be even more fun to play a trick on him and swap out the toy dick for his dick. As DeAngelo cleverly disguises himself and Jarrett sits on DeAngelo’s dick, second roommate Elijah hears the prank in full effect and wants to surprise Jarret with a third cock. Watch this hilarious yet sexy threeway where Jarret’s sexual frustration and limits are truly stretched and put to the test!

Poker Night Orgy

Casey busts in on the game that his stepdad Drew Sebastian and his buddies, Link Parker and Ryan Carter have started. To Casey‘s surprise, the men aren’t cutting cards they’re sucking big huge cocks and finally Casey gets to be part of the game. The prize? Casey takes all the cocks, bareback up his beautiful ass!

Bound, blindfolded and Raw Sucked Off

Bare: Big Dicks & Bubble Butts, Sc. 2 – NakedSword Originals

Adrian Hart and Arad Winwin are making out heavily and rubbing one another’s rock-hard bodies and bulges. Adrian goes for it first, pulling down Arad’s jeans and filling his warm mouth with Arad’s meat. After getting his cock throated, Arad bends Adrian over the couch to eat out his smooth hole while he jacks his cock. With Adrian’s hole slicked with lube, Arad slides his bare cock into the eager stud and quickly starts to pound Adrian’s tight, raw ass. After taking it bareback and doggy-style, Adrian hops on to ride Arad before laying back and taking the full power of Arad’s driving cock until they both bust their loads on Adrian’s heaving abs.

BARE: Big Dicks and Bubble Butts Sc. 1 – NakedSword Originals

Better In Person: Marcos Olveira, Massimo Arad

Gay porn stars Marcos Oliveira and Massimo Arad hook up to make it better together. Deep throat cock sucking leads to sweaty ass eating and raw ass flip fucking.

Thomas Tickled

Jeff and Franco tie Thomas to the table with rope and tickle his smooth upper body while he honks with laughter and tries to squirm free. They tickle his armpits, sides and bellybutton, then count his ribs with a light tickling touch. Thomas tries to keep them off his thighs by clamping his knees together, but a little lube and their fingers slide right in. They tickle Thomas’ bare feet with soap savers and brushes while he snorts and laughs like a crazy monkey. Letting his feet cool off, Franco climbs on top of Thomas and tickles his side gently while Jeff tickles Thomas in his pits. Thomas’ toes curl when they tickle his belly and back, and his eyes roll into in his head when they take turns sucking his dick. With all three of their cocks out, the sex vibe is high. Franco cums first and shoots an enormous load all down Thomas’ leg and the side of Jeff’s face. Then Thomas busts his nut on Jeff’s other cheek. Jeff uses his face to wipe both loads on Thomas and tickle tortures his cummy stomach with Franco.

Warren Blindfolded and Bound

After shooting a few other videos for me, Warren knows the drill. He confidently strips naked and lets me tape up his wrists, wrap his ankles to the chair and blindfold him. I rub all over his smooth, sweaty body and lube his cock. It’s easy to get a young guy like Warren going. I jack his slick dick a few different ways, then finish him off with my Pocket Pussy. He splatters his big load all over the floor, but he stays hard, so I offer him more to cum again. I give Warren the j.o. sleeve back to try and cum again. He rips off his ankle straps and strokes and strokes his cock. He even plays with his asshole a little (which I’ll try next time!). But will he be able to cum again?

Coach Andreas at the Gloryhole

Coach Andreas wants to make sure no one sees it’s him, just in case. He pulls his dick out of his jock and sticks it in for a blowjob. Andreas moans loudly as he fucks my mouth and quickly shoots his load. While he’s still in the hole, I stand up and spurt my hot jizz all over his cock, then eat it off.

Banging Raw Gay Studs

Blind Lust

As horny, musclebound Collin Simpson caresses his body all over with his eyes closed, it feels so good that he decides to put on a blindfold to heighten the sensations even further! His lover Diego Sans enters as Collin plays with his cock and his hole, and Diego softly strokes his man’s legs before focusing on his back and ass. Collin sucks Diego’s cock and the top plays with the blindfolded bottom’s hole before fucking him nice and deep in missionary, then spoon. Collin rides his guy’s cock and Diego fucks Collin doggystyle till he has to pull out and cum, then Collin strokes himself to an intense climax.

Archer Shoots A Big Load

Archer looks like a sweet guy, but once he starts working that cock of his, you can tell that he’s got a bad streak a mile wide. With his fit body and furry chest, Archer is one of the cutest guys I’ve had on the site in a long time. He loves to show off, too. It doesn’t take him long to get close to blowing his load, and what a load it is! I can’t remember a guy who shoots more than him. The jizz just keeps cumming and cumming like a fountain. See it again in Slo-Mo…

Cocked & Loaded: Cole Keller, Santiago Rodriguez, Viktor Rom

Cole Keller is hosting a gay porn party with Santiago Rodriguez and Viktor Rom. With these guys there is only deep throat cock sucking and raw ass fucking. Cole raises the bar and gets double fucked in two various positions. You have to see these huge loads of cum.

?PART 1 of RISE of the SIRENS series

Surfer Matthew Camp has no idea when he meets Beaux Banks that Beaux is more than the gorgeous naked stud he appears to be. The guys fuck on the beach before Matthew learns Beaux is a half-siren on the trail of the dangerous mermen who attacked a pair of divers. Collin Simpson and JJ Knight capture Beaux, thinking he’s the killer, and their excitement is so high that they need to fuck before taking their revenge. Meanwhile, Matthew’s friend Colby Tucker investigates the scene of the crime, finding a hot fuck and a bit more than he bargained for from hungry siren Paul Canon. Just as Beaux gets free from JJ and Collin and reunites with Matthew, he’s tracked down by his undersea husband Angel Rivera, and Matthew must duel the hungry Angel, dominating him as he fucks both sirens at once!

Banging the Bully

High school reunions can be stressful–especially for Adrian who doesn’t look forward to seeing Andre, the school bully. When Andre finally recognizes Adrien, and sees how much he’s grown up, the two engage in quite the grown-up grudge fuck.

Guilt Trip

Brian Bonds wants to go with Zario to the big poker night, but it’s the one night Zario gets to hang with his friends. Brian gets pissed and Zario knows exactly how to make him happy. He uses his huge cock and tight ass to put a smile and some cum back on Brian‘s face. The bareback fucking will leave you breathless!

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