Cock Hunter

Raging Stallion

Enter the dark and steamy bathhouse where hot and hairy men are ready for anonymous, energized encounters. Seven all-natural studs are on the prowl in ‘Cock Hunter’, Raging Stallion’s latest intense, bareback feature shot by award-winning director Tony Dimarco. The studs are hairy, horny and beefy, and they’re on the hunt, cruising through the dark halls of the club, to find the hottest cocks to suck and ride raw. When Logan finds Donnie face down ass up, the two flip-fuck until they both explode all over each other. Jake Nicola finds Drew Sebastian wrapped in nothing but a towel, and offers up his hairy hole for Drew to empty his cock in. After finishing up at the glory hole, Brian Bonds is lead to the steam room to top Dev Tyler’s hot, eager hole with his thick bare cock. Sean Harding is wandering the halls looking for the next big dick to breed him when he chooses Wade Wolfgar to give him a warm, wet creampie. After all these hot studs are done, they connect in the main room of the bathhouse for an over-the-top orgy, switching up and sharing holes, leaving everyone’s balls drained. Next time you’re craving anonymous loads, be a ‘Cock Hunter’, head to the bathhouse and leave all of your sexual inhibitions at the door.

Milo Bound


While I get something from the other room, 19-year-old Milo discovers my ankle restraints. He tries them on while he reveals that he’s about to be a new dad. I get him to strip while he talks more about his girl and tells me his stats. I help Milo into the wrist restraints, and he puts on the ankle cuffs. When he says there’s no way I’ll string him up, I psyche him out by running a rope through a bolt in the ceiling. I blindfold him and clip his wrists together. ThenI rub Milo’s torso and for a second he struggles. I tie his ankles to the legs of the couch, then start sucking his cock. Since he’s stopped resisting, I tilt the couch back and slide Milo’s butt forward so I can get at his ass. I suck Milo’s dick then untie the ankle ropes and put his feet up on the couch. I blow him some more, then give him his first rim job ever. He’s into it, so I rim him in an even more vulnerable position…on all fours. I flip Milo on his back and finger his hole while I suck him. When he cums, I lick some of it off, but I don’t stop stroking. I torture his cock while he tries to fight back. Still blindfolded, he doesn’t realize his wrists are bound together by one simple clip.

Casting Couch #433

Valentino Sistor Gianni Maggio

Beginner Gianni Maggio shows newcomer, Valentino Sistor how to perform his best in front of the camera. Valentino shows that he is an expert when it comes to sucking huge cocks and taking it real dee and raw.

Evan Tickle Tortured and Milked


Evan hasn’t been tickled since the last time he was here, so he’s forgotten just how intense it can be. Franco puts him face down on the tickling table and restrains his wrists and ankles. He tickles the backs of Evan’s legs and beautiful size 9 feet for a few minutes before tickling him on his ribs and sides. Evan screams loudly and breaks free briefly, so when he starts flopping like a fish, Franco climbs on top to pin him down and deep tickle him. Evan swears hysterically when Franco tickles his bare feet, first with a denture brush, then with his beard and fingers. For the second half, Franco flips Evan on his back and keeps tickling his feet with a soap saver and other brushes. Evan squeals and begs for the tickle torture to stop, but there’s plenty more to come. His furry, lean body bounces around along with his big, uncut cock as the tickle becomes arousing. Finally, Franco jacks Evan’s meaty tool and sucks him dry, then finishes by torturing his sensitive cock.

Blake’s First Bareback


Blake told me he was especially horny, so I figured I could push his limits. I know he loves a good handjob, and after getting him all worked up with my hand, I told him to turn over so I could jerk him and lick his ass at the same time. It was his first rim job from anybody, and it really opened his eyes. Next, it was my turn to bend over so he could shove his hard cock up my ass. Once Blake found his rhythm, he really started pounding me. To show his cum shot I flipped him over, sucked him off and got a big load out of this rock star!