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Family Cums First Part 2: Bareback

After Bar Addison finds out his new stepdad Greg McKeon fucked his boyfriend, he kicks Daniel out and then demands to know why Greg never came on to him. Now that Greg knows Bar is interested, he’s raring to go, and Bar drops to his knees to show that he’s the best cocksucker in town. Greg is impressed by his stepson’s deepthroating skills, and sucks Bar’s hard dick before fucking the hot twink on the dining room table! Bar loves that stepdad cock in his tight hole and he cums as Greg pounds his ass doggystyle, then takes Greg’s load all over his face… right as Bar’s mom gets home!

Truth Or Dildo

Scott DeMarco wants to play Truth or Dare, but Johnny Rapid would rather play Truth or Dildo! The guys ask each other plenty of personal questions, but when Johnny won’t say which pornstar he’s had the worst sex with, he has to take a big dildo in his ass. Scott stretches Johnny’s hole with his fingers, and lubes it up till he can slip the toy right in. Soon Scott is sucking Johnny’s dick and fucking his ass with the real thing. The guys 69 and Johnny takes Scott’s cock in piledriver till he cums, and then it’s Scott’s turn to blow a huge load. Time to play another game!

Sexy Muscle Sub

Masked dom Bruno Turbo leads his muscular bridled sub Dee down to his dungeon, slapping Dee’s pecs and pinching his nipples as the well-built submissive jacks his hard cock. Bruno removes the bit from Dee’s mouth so he can suck his master’s cock and worship Bruno’s ass. Bruno rewards his sub with a blowjob before restraining him and fucking his ass. Bruno cums on the sexy bottom’s ass and allows Dee to jack himself off till he produces a big load.

Coming Home Early – BAREBACK

Big dick, Trent King, decides to come home early because he’s not having fun on his vacation. He comes into his house that is being watched by his best friend Adrian, when he goes up to his bedroom he finds Adrian getting nasty. The two guys have always played grab ass, but they’ve never had sex until now. These two best bro’s give into their desires and soon they become a lot more than friends. Big hot cocks are about to go down willing throats and up tight hot asses.

Casting Couch #425: Massimo Arad, Mario Roma

Mario Roma and Massimo Arad get away for a romantic weekend. Tender kissing leads to deep throat cock sucking and raw ass fucking that leaves both men drained.

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Dick From Above: Bareback

Joey Mills’s girlfriend was sure she booked a private room at the hostel, but when they get there they find they’re sharing with tall ebony hunk DeAngelo Jackson, a top who always claims the top bunk. When they get back from the club, Joey is horny but his girlfriend wants to go straight to bed, so he gets in the bottom bunk and jacks off. DeAngelo lets his big cock fall through a hole in the mattress, and Joey swallows that big black dick before the sexy top joins him to suck his cock and fuck him hard. The cute bottom rides DeAngelo till he cums, then takes a huge facial.

Bi Curious 7 Scene 2

Talent: Helena Moeller / Don Diego / Mark Black

Creamed! Sc.1 – Rodion Taxa, Jaro Stone

After a very hot foot rub, Jaro makes his way up Rodion’s body till he’s greeted by Rodion’d bulging jockstrap, which he can only take a further look, and ultimately taste of! Rodion notices at this stage that Jaro is too hard, and his cock is sticking out of the underwear he’s wearing, so without thinking too much, Rodion starts sucking Jaro’s long meaty shaft! Jaro, now fully excited, has Rodion on all fours whilst he rims his sweet hole preparing him for the deep fuck that is to come! The excitement and build up is such that after a few positions Rodion can’t help himself and ends up cumming all over his body whilst Jaro is fucking him!

Roller Dick

Damien Kyle is on wheels and coming in hot! After nearly two years, this hot stud is back in porn for his first ever topping scene, so he came to the best: Johnny Rapid. Damien and Johnny zoom around the park and then head back to Johnny’s where Damien wastes no time getting his dick out for Johnny to suck. Damien goes down on Johnny and then bends him over the pool table to pound his ass while Johnny’s still in his rollerskates! Damien wants to get fucked too, so Johnny breeds that hole and Damien rides Johnny’s dick till he cums, and Johnny paints Damien’s abs with his load.


Liam Daniels may not be as tall or big as Johnny B but he is more dominant and once his cock got hard Johnny was all over it sucking every inch of that hard dick. Liam throat fucked him until he couldn’t take it no longer. Liam loves to take control and he does just that with Johnny’s sweet smooth ass. Once Johnny had enough of that cock in his mouth Liam bent his ass over the bed and slowly eased his throbbing dick into his tight hole balls deep. Johnny opened up quick and Liam could feel his hole take his cock. Liam was fucking that raw tight ass until he pulled his dick out and began stroking it over Johnny’s sexy ass. Johnny continued stroking his own cock until he blasted his load all over the sheets. Liam could hear Johnny and smell the cum which made him shoot his load all over Johnny’s ass.

Barebacking Anal Gay Sex Videos

Trailer Trash Boys Vol. 2: Scrub It Boy – Ducati Studios

Trenton Ducati has had it with Taylor Reign and his excuses! It’s his turn to scrub the filthy trailer park public restroom – and he knows it. There’s only one sure way to teach him a lesson. Trenton whips out his fat cock and shoves it down Taylor’s throat. Trenton claims Taylor’s cock and juicy ass for his own in a raw fuck-down that has the whole trailer park talking!


Don’t miss this Crazy Hot 27 minute Part 1 of “3 Way Fuck With Porn Star Adrian Hart”. I woke up to Jared showing me pics of this hottie on Grindr. Apparently, Adrian lives just a few miles from the new house!! The two were sexting hot n heavy and set up a mid day session for us all. We had workers at the house finishing up some customizations, but that didn’t stop us from gettin our freak on. We suck and fuck like crazy in Part 1, with all the cumming in Part 2 to Folow… Enjoy!

Cuckboys Part 1

Markus Kage has been trying to improve his sex life with his husband Thyle Knoxx, but talking about it and even couples therapy haven’t helped, so it’s time for a different approach. Markus brings in ebony hunk DeAngelo Jackson and makes Thyle watch as DeAngelo shows what being great in bed actually looks like. DeAngelo is way better at sucking Markus’s cock and eating his ass than his husband, and he gives Markus the kind of long and strong fucking he hasn’t had in years. Markus rides DeAngelo’s long, tall dick till he cums, and after DeAngelo leaves a big load all over his chest, he tells his hubby to make himself useful and lick it up.


MIlitary brat Inaki has never felt a sense of belonging before moving in with the Black Godz. This week, his mentor, Lawrence Portland, makes the boy feel at home by sinking his thick cock deep into his pulsing asshole for a raw pounding!

Casting Couch #424: Mario Roma, Carlo Monte

Carlo Mote and Mario Roma meet up prior to their official shoot to go over some finer points. As usual sex dominates all encounters. The cock sucking is deep and wet before the raw ass flip fucking leads to some delicious cum eating.

Fucking Horny Studs

Trailer Trash Boys Vol. 1: TV Repair – Trenton Ducati

‘Casual Connections’ deliver steamy bareback encounters that satisfy. Stunning studs share intense sex and leave self-restraint at the door. Award-winning director Tony Dimarco and his cast of eight hung and horny buds deliver intense, raw encounters, where all inhibitions go out the window. Devin Franco and Josh Moore ditch their morning routine to stretch out Devin’s hole all over the master bathroom. When Nic Sahara comes home from a rough day, he cheers himself up by getting his holes filled by Steven Lee’s massive cock in the living room. Jacob Peterson literally opens up for some fun with Josh Moore, getting his tight hole pounded by Josh’s humongous uncut rod. Damon Heart uses his talented bubble-butt to go for the ride of his life on Cade Maddox’s hole-stretching cock until both of their balls are left drained. Then, when Skyy Knox wakes up Josh Moore with a fresh cup of coffee, Skyy gets what he really desires when Josh stuff him full of his uncut cock. When it’s time to get off, turn to the men of ‘Casual Connections’ for some no-strings-attached, passionate bareback fucking.

Off The Grid Part 3: Bareback

Isaac (Leander) has tracked his fiance Abe (Gabriel Phoenix) to the hotel where he stayed the night, but Abe takes off as soon as Isaac catches a glimpse of him. Isaac chases Abe into a hedge maze, using the dating app Grid to find where Abe is hiding and to talk him into taking him back. The lovers return home, where they get reacquainted with each other’s bodies, and Isaac hungrily devours Abe’s ass and cock, unable to get enough, before riding him reverse. Abe makes Isaac’s ass his own, making his man cum as he breeds that hole before adorning Isaac’s cheeks with his jizz!

Out Of His System

Julian Grey, has always had a crush on his sister’s fiancé and on their wedding day he decides to confess. When he helps the groom, Marquee D’Angelo, get ready, things get very hot in the changing room and the two men feel their desire for one another. They decide to fuck one last time to get it out of their system. Will their desire for one another continue after the wedding, or have they really gotten it out of their system?

Candlelight: Nalid Turan, Vitorio Mendez

Vitorio Mendez has lit the candles and Nalid Turan follows the trail to a perfect, romantic experience. The guys swap deep throat cock sucking that leads to raw ass flip fucking.

Jingle Balls Cock: Bareback

Pierce Paris and JJ Knight have hung up the stockings, trimmed the tree, and left out the milk and cookies for Santa, and they’re all ready for their first Christmas together, but the red-suited man who creeps into the house that night isn’t Saint Nick, but sinner Michael Del Ray! Michael helps himself to some treats and opens a present, soon fucking his ass with the dildo JJ intended for Pierce. Pierce comes downstairs and catches the burglar red-handed, so he sticks his candy cane up Michael’s ass…and Michael loves it! Soon it’s JJ who hears a noise as Pierce pounds the intruder’s hole, and the couple make their holiday merry by fucking Michael’s mouth and ass till he cums, then leaving huge snow-white loads all over his face.

Horny Buddies Hardcore Videos

Leander & Jean

Today might be the first time Spanish stud Jean Franko and handsome Australian ginger Leander have shot together, but they’ve both been waiting for this day for years. Jean slid into Leander’s DMs ages ago, and the pair have been flirting and trying to find a time to fuck ever since, so they’re both thrilled that day has finally come… and soon so will they. Their passion is palpable as they kiss and caress each other’s bodies, and Leander hungrily sucks Jean’s cock before Jean devours Leander’s ass. The feeling of Jean’s cock sliding into his hole was definitely worth waiting for, and Leander rides him hard till he cums all over Jean’s hard, hairy abs. The horny Spaniard quickly pulls out so he can adorn Leander with his own long-awaited load!


Our tall, sexy, all-American, horse-hung buddy Jordan came to visit us for a way-overdue session. We were delighted to see him again and we all had some laughs, and sword fights with him and his holes. We were seriously missing his sweet, tight ass and, as you can see in this vid, it was obvious he was missing ours! Woof! I still can’t decide if his head game is better than his bottoming skills; both were too hot to imagine. Jordan was on our dicks like they were his early birthday present!

YOUNGPERPS: Case #1912077-39

An agitated customer, Zak Bishop, gets into a fight with another customer, leading the Loss Prevention Officer on duty, JJ Knight, to detain him. While the young punk claims he was fighting in self-defense, the naughty Officer takes the suspect’s punishment into his own hands, stretching the boy’s hole with his engorged shaft.

BLACKGODZ: Body Worship

The Black Godz have paired disciples Marcus Lebronx and Derek Kline to worship Devin Trez’s body in an intense, orgasmic ceremony. The boys share Devin’s thick cock, taking turns downing his girthy shaft. Then, Devin and Marcus spitroast Derek and watch him shoot gooey protein on his stomach!

The Watcher Part 3: Bareback

After a very hard day, Kaleb Stryker needs a backrub, and his roommate Zane Williams is just the guy for the job. Zane tries to act like he’s too straight to touch another dude’s back, but Kaleb knows Zane’s been watching him fuck and loving it, so he tells Zane to keep going lower. Zane gets so turned on with his hands on Kaleb’s muscular ass, he just has to fuck it before feeding Kaleb his cock. Kaleb gets to fulfill his fantasy of finally getting pounded by his roomie on the kitchen counter, then sucks out Zane’s cum before he jacks himself off.

The Watcher Part 1

Fucking and Sucking Muscled Hunks


Jeb and Asher walk a secluded forest trail hand in hand, passionately kissing in the fall foliage and shucking off their shirts to pose among the trees. Surrounded by greenery, Jeb gives a teasing glimpse at his bush, but he waits to reveal his solid log until he and Asher are back at the studio, getting ready to warm up in a shower together. Asher undresses Jeb and licks and nuzzles his hard abs and his hard dick, and Jeb sucks Asher’s cock before they step under the hot spray and Jeb fucks the tanned bottom doggystyle. “You ready? Oh Jesus,” Jeb moans as he cums in Asher’s mouth, and Asher replies “Oh yeah!” before the guys clean off and get ready for more.

Body Worship: Matie

Vulnerable Matie hopes that his favorite Black God, Eric Ford, understands how much he means to the boy, so he pleasures the strong man’s thick cock with his wet lips. Then, he bends over for the God’s raw cock and gets his hole filled with gooey sperm.


*Slurp *slurp *munch *gulp *swallow….. That’s all there is to it! For those of you who enjoy eating a big piece of meat as much as we do, may we present MBP’s Guide to Fine Dining. Daddy Will and Trip Richards get 5 stars on Yelp for this. Will has finally met his match in the verbal arena too. Nothing like a bit of encouragement to help get that last bite down. Every belly is guaranteed to be satisfied after this feast.

Revenge Of The Cuck

When studs Rocky Vallarta and Logan Pierce got caught going hard at it by Rocky’s tank of a boyfriend, Ace Quinn, the situation takes a turn when Logan suddenly takes control. He orders Ace to sit down and ties him down with a rope while keeping eye contact with Ace. Hung Logan then starts face-fucking Rocky who’s eagerly waiting in doggystyle on the table. He then begins eating Rocky’s puckered hole for a good while before sliding his rock-hard cock bareback into Rocky’s bubble butt. The two continue fucking hard and inching closer to a jealous and watchful Ace, until they’re both thrusting and sweating on top of him.  In the heat of the action, Rocky blows his load all over himself, then Logan proceeds to give Rocky a nice, full facial. We do hope that Ace learned some new tricks to better satisfy his whore of a boyfriend.

Casting Couch #423: Salvatore Exposito, Santiago Rodriguez

Salvatore Exposito and Santiago Rodriguez hook up for an explosive sex encounter. The guys swap incredible cock sucking skills before they flip fuck each other raw with a hot creampie explosion.

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