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Big Dicked Hunks Barebacking

Casting Couch #427: Victor Ferraz, Santi Sexy

Santi Sexy spots his new neighbor, Victor Ferraz fresh out of the shower. Santi heads over to meet and suck Victor’s cock. Victor’s huge cock stretches Santi’s throat and ass before feeding him his load.

Reese Blown

Young straight dad Reese sneaks off from his girlfriend to get a blowjob from someone who really knows how to deepthroat his big dick. Reese drops his shorts and sticks himself through the hole. I blow his big dick until he’s rock hard, then I deepthroat him how I know he needs it. Reese moans as he unloads in my mouth and I suck him dry.

Love Tub Part 2: Bareback

David Skylar has heard tell of the special hot tub that makes people horny, and he’s come to give it a try. As David waits for the promised sexy ladies to arrive, the warm magical waters get his cock super hard, but the only person around to help is handsome hunk Vinny Blackwood. Although David is normally totally straight, something about the Love Tub makes him accept Vinny’s offer to suck his dick! David even decides to go down on Vinny and eat his ass too. Vinny wants that big dick in his ass so David fucks him doggystyle and then Vinny rides him by the side of the Love Tub. David’s impressed with how well Vinny takes that pounding, then pulls out to cum on his chest before the bottom blows his load.

Love Tub Part 1: Bareback

Bound by the Senses: Smell: Bareback

Olfactophile Pierce Paris tries not to get caught as he sniffs the sweaty guys in the locker room, but his arousal is obvious to handsome and fit Lukas Daken, who knows just what Pierce needs: a close-up whiff of his pits. Pierce kisses all over Lukas’s chest, breathing in his manly musk, then inhales the scent of his cock before sucking it. Pierce sticks his face deep in Lukas’s ass before bending him over for a doggystyle fuck, then sitting on the bench so Lukas can ride his big cock! The guys fuck in missionary till the bottom blows his load, then it’s Lukas’s turn to appreciate the smell of Pierce’s cum with a facial.

Sean & Josh: Bareback

For a guy who’s taken off his clothes on camera dozens of times, stripping off in the great outdoors shouldn’t present a challenge, but Sean might surprise you! “I’ve never been to a nude beach. You would think that I wouldn’t be as nervous as I am…” says Sean with a laugh. “Don’t be nervous,” coaxes cute scene partner Josh, who doesn’t hesitate to strip down and rock out with his cock out. Once Sean gets up the courage to bare all, it’s all fun in the sun as these guys splash in the surf and leave butt prints on the sand before returning to the studio for a hot flip fuck and swapping creampies.

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Latin Men: Part 3

Although Brazilian hunk Alexander Muller’s native tongue is Portuguese and Mexican-American hottie Angel Rivera is fluent in Spanish, when it comes to their lustful Latin passions they definitely speak the same language. Alexander describes just what he loves about Brazilian guys: not just their gorgeous looks and gym-honed physiques, but also the passionate nature that comes across in every touch, kiss, and caress. Alexander and Angel talk dirty in Spanish and Portuguese as they 69 before Alexander penetrates Angel’s ass in doggystyle. Angel feeds Alexander his cock before hopping on for a ride, and Alexander fucks Angel in spoon till the bottom cums, then gives him a hot facial.

Gonzo Garage: Bareback

It’s Lev Ivankov’s first day working at the garage, and his boss, Ryan Bones, quickly realizes Lev has no idea what he’s doing. Ryan shows him how things work around here, starting with putting Lev on the tire changer and feeding him his cock. Effortless rotation at the touch of a button is perfect for switching between pounding Lev’s mouth and his ass before Ryan really shows Lev who’s in charge by fucking him in standing doggystyle. Lev rides Ryan’s dick till his boss puts him in the creeper seat and cums all over him!

Hot Rock Confessions Part 3: Bareback

Theo Brady is an unruly top who knows how to rim, and since getting out of stir he needs a job… and some good dick. In his new gig as a towel boy at the spa, Theo gets to dick around to his heart’s content while seeing all the dicks on display in the sauna… and he wants Lance Hart’s. Theo presents Lance with a special towel and helpfully gives him his keys, then makes his move when he brings Lance a fresh towel in the steam room to fuck the silver fox doggystyle. Theo eats Lance’s ass and sucks his cock, then takes a hot and steamy bareback fuck as Lance pounds him in mish and doggystyle before cumming on Theo’s face and taking a facial in return.

Lachlan & Manny: Bareback

Clean-cut newbie Lachlan is back, and Sean Cody pro Manny is “a little bit bummed” that he didn’t get to be the first to taste that dick! “I thought I break them in and they break me in, and it’s like a mutual breaking-in and we’re just all happy and contented and there’s cumshots everywhere,” Manny explains. But just because this isn’t Lachlan’s first time doesn’t mean he’s any less excited to shoot with Manny: “He’s built like a Greek god. I’m glad that he’s able to teach me, because I’m still learning.” Power bottom Manny’s ass gets the pounding he was hoping for today. Would Lachlan ever consider letting Manny teach him to take a dick? He’s not ruling anything out!

Red Hot: Dann Grey, Diego Summers

Dann Grey and Diego Summers forgo the gym for hot sex. Hot sex doesn’t begin to describe the deep throat cock sucking, intense ass eating and raw ass fucking that leads to huge loads of cum.

Anal Fucking and Deep throat Blowing

The Gay Simple Life Ep3: The Cupcake Baking Challenge – NakedSword Originals

Day 3 of ‘The Gay Simple Life’ begins when sexy guest star Dakota Payne, dressed in tighty-whities, sneaks into the boys room with the pups to wake them up. Although groggy and apprehensive of what’s in store for them today, Josh and Calvin snap out of their morning funk when they see their sparkling white chef outfits. They immediately begin embellishing the starched white smocks, turning them into ‘kitchen couture.’ The superstars emerge from the house with their matching Chihuahuas and embark on their next adventure: the cupcake baking challenge. At a local catering company Josh, Calvin, Molly and Poop are greeted by Jonathan who shows them around the kitchen. Dakota and Josh lock eyes and decide “fuck these cupcakes,” they want each other instead! They find themselves alone in the kitchen so Josh and Dakota take the opportunity to work on their own batter. Dakota hops up on the counter to make out with Josh as both studs strip off clothes as they passionately kiss. Dakota lays back on the counter and hangs his head over the edge to take a throat fucking from Josh. They switch it up with Josh slurping on Dakota’s dick before Josh lifts him up for an impressive standing 69, spread-eagle complete with an intense rim job on Dakota. Josh’s spit lubes Dakota’s tasty hole, as Josh lies him back on the stainless-steel counter and slides his huge uncut dick deep inside, fucking him raw.  After they both spray cum all over each other and gobble up every drop, they sneak off to find Calvin and the pups. Jonathan, done catching up on work orders for the holiday season, comes back to find ass prints on his counter and evidence of a whole lot of bareback, ball-draining fun.

Latin Men: Part 2

Take a trip to Puerto Rico with Latin hotties Brock Banks and Dillon Diaz. Brock and Dillon agree that their fellow Puerto Ricans are all about intensity, excitement, and drama, and love nothing better than getting their passions inflamed with some sexy dancing to get in the mood before progressing to other things… like passionate kissing on the bed. Dillon sucks top Brock’s cock, then Brock licks and fingers Dillon’s hole before giving him a deep dose of dick in piledriver! The studs 69 before Brock pounds Dillon’s ass till the bottom cums, then finishes with a hot facial.

Latin Men Part 1: Bareback

Is It Frosted Glass or Is the Sex Just Steamy: Bareback

Pierce Paris is annoyed when his unromantic man Tyler Berg forgets all about their one-year anniversary, but Tyler asks for another chance to make it a night to remember…by having some fun with waiter Drew Dixon! Pierce follows Drew into a deserted hall, and Tyler watches as the hot waiter sucks his boyfriend’s cock, then gets dicked down in doggystyle. Pierce makes his man watch before finally allowing him to join in on the fun, fucking Drew’s mouth as the hot waiter rides Tyler’s dick. The best anniversary gift of all is when Pierce gets to cum on Drew and Tyler’s faces.

The Cock Nurse

When Nurse Kaleb Stryker sees the size of his patient William Seed’s bulge, he has a very special treatment all ready for him. Kaleb pulls the curtain and hops up on the gurney to suck his patient’s cock, assuring his fiancee that William will be totally fine after Kaleb gets him all fixed up. After Kaleb’s tests are complete, it’s William’s turn to test the sexy nurse’s tight hole! William fucks Kaleb doggystyle before the nurse rides that big cock. Kaleb’s “ass treatment” makes William feel all better and once Kaleb cums, William pulls out and gives his happy nurse a facial.

Parent Problems – BAREBACK

Armand Rizzo cannot get along with his dad, so he spends a lot of time at his uncle Cali‘s house. Armond doesn’t know how to take discipline well, that is until uncle Cali takes over. After a little spanking, Armand wants more and the two horny men are more than willing to help each other out. Mr Cali has one of the biggest dicks in the business and he uses it to split open Armand’s mouth and asshole. To finish it off Cali spills a huge load of come in Armond’s face!

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Twilight alum Cam Gigandet has leaked a photo of him showing his huge cock on camera!

Latin Men Part 1: Bareback

What can you expect from a Latin lover? Mexico’s most muy caliente, Boomer Banks and Alexander Savage, are here to show you! Mexican men are known for being sensual, sexy, and passionate, and Alexander and Boomer bring their pasión to this scene as they kiss hungrily in the shower, rubbing each other’s cocks and exciting their senses. Boomer sucks Alexander’s dick and Alexander licks the beefy tattooed stud’s ass, then fucks him doggystyle before hopping into a headstand as Boomer backs that ass up onto Alexander’s cock! Alexander fucks Boomer on the table till he just has to pull out and cum, then slides his dick back inside as he feels Boomer orgasming around him.


If there’s one thing step-brothers Aspen and Dante Colle like more than mom’s cooking, it’s picking up some stranger and having their way. Neither Aspen nor Dante are very particular, but when they speed past hitchhiker Lance Ford in his little short shorts, they realize they’ve struck road gold. Dante tries to play it cool but Aspen goes with a much more direct approach, and though Lance is taken back at first, he eventually warms up to the idea of taking these two up on their offer for a ride. It’ll turn out to be the ride of Lance’s life, as he soon finds himself in a good ol’ boy sandwich, with a healthy double helping of country cock to feast on. Enjoy!

Bait: Chandler Scott; Straight: Chase Ryder

Just recently, Chandler Scott packed his bags and moved to South Florida! And, since he was running low on funds, he decided to contact Caruso to see if he could make some fast cash and get laid in the process. Caruso couldn’t pass him up, especially with his new and sexy haircut! Chandler is hot, hung, and he knows how to handle a big dick! And, since his sexual evolution that started right here at, Chandler actually prefers cock! It was only after filming two scenes that Chandler realized that he actually loved having a big cock in his ass! It was something that he had been missing out on for all of these years!

Next up is Chase Ryder! This blue-eyed hunk is hot from head to toe and his cock is absolutely beautiful! Chase says he’s straight and he came here to fuck a girl but when Caruso asked him if he’d be fine with another guy’s cock rubbing up against while fucking the girl, he didn’t seem to mind at all. So, Caruso told him that it sounded like he’s a pretty open minded guy to which he agreed!

Caruso put both guys to the test and told them to get hard and stay hard while he finds out the status of the female talent. When he came back, both guys were still rock hard and horny! Then, Caruso told them the bad news… no girl today but if both guys will have sex with each other then he can still shoot the scene. Chase said he didn’t know if he could do it but he knew he needed the cash so he finally caved in. And, during the entire conversation, bad news and all, Chase’s huge cock never stopped throbbing!


Jesse Nice doesn’t waste any time sucking Alex James’ huge thick cock! He takes the meaty cock down his throat. Alex wants a taste too so he returns the favor. Jesse’s tight asshole is ready to get fucked and Alex gives him just what he wants! He fucks him in a few positions until he has him on his back and fucks the cum right out of him. Seeing all that cum makes Alex horny and so he pulls out his throbbing cock and shoots his load.

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Family Cums First Part 2: Bareback

After Bar Addison finds out his new stepdad Greg McKeon fucked his boyfriend, he kicks Daniel out and then demands to know why Greg never came on to him. Now that Greg knows Bar is interested, he’s raring to go, and Bar drops to his knees to show that he’s the best cocksucker in town. Greg is impressed by his stepson’s deepthroating skills, and sucks Bar’s hard dick before fucking the hot twink on the dining room table! Bar loves that stepdad cock in his tight hole and he cums as Greg pounds his ass doggystyle, then takes Greg’s load all over his face… right as Bar’s mom gets home!

Truth Or Dildo

Scott DeMarco wants to play Truth or Dare, but Johnny Rapid would rather play Truth or Dildo! The guys ask each other plenty of personal questions, but when Johnny won’t say which pornstar he’s had the worst sex with, he has to take a big dildo in his ass. Scott stretches Johnny’s hole with his fingers, and lubes it up till he can slip the toy right in. Soon Scott is sucking Johnny’s dick and fucking his ass with the real thing. The guys 69 and Johnny takes Scott’s cock in piledriver till he cums, and then it’s Scott’s turn to blow a huge load. Time to play another game!

Sexy Muscle Sub

Masked dom Bruno Turbo leads his muscular bridled sub Dee down to his dungeon, slapping Dee’s pecs and pinching his nipples as the well-built submissive jacks his hard cock. Bruno removes the bit from Dee’s mouth so he can suck his master’s cock and worship Bruno’s ass. Bruno rewards his sub with a blowjob before restraining him and fucking his ass. Bruno cums on the sexy bottom’s ass and allows Dee to jack himself off till he produces a big load.

Coming Home Early – BAREBACK

Big dick, Trent King, decides to come home early because he’s not having fun on his vacation. He comes into his house that is being watched by his best friend Adrian, when he goes up to his bedroom he finds Adrian getting nasty. The two guys have always played grab ass, but they’ve never had sex until now. These two best bro’s give into their desires and soon they become a lot more than friends. Big hot cocks are about to go down willing throats and up tight hot asses.

Casting Couch #425: Massimo Arad, Mario Roma

Mario Roma and Massimo Arad get away for a romantic weekend. Tender kissing leads to deep throat cock sucking and raw ass fucking that leaves both men drained.

Horny Hung Hunks Anal Bareback Gay Sex Scenes

Dick From Above: Bareback

Joey Mills’s girlfriend was sure she booked a private room at the hostel, but when they get there they find they’re sharing with tall ebony hunk DeAngelo Jackson, a top who always claims the top bunk. When they get back from the club, Joey is horny but his girlfriend wants to go straight to bed, so he gets in the bottom bunk and jacks off. DeAngelo lets his big cock fall through a hole in the mattress, and Joey swallows that big black dick before the sexy top joins him to suck his cock and fuck him hard. The cute bottom rides DeAngelo till he cums, then takes a huge facial.

Bi Curious 7 Scene 2

Talent: Helena Moeller / Don Diego / Mark Black

Creamed! Sc.1 – Rodion Taxa, Jaro Stone

After a very hot foot rub, Jaro makes his way up Rodion’s body till he’s greeted by Rodion’d bulging jockstrap, which he can only take a further look, and ultimately taste of! Rodion notices at this stage that Jaro is too hard, and his cock is sticking out of the underwear he’s wearing, so without thinking too much, Rodion starts sucking Jaro’s long meaty shaft! Jaro, now fully excited, has Rodion on all fours whilst he rims his sweet hole preparing him for the deep fuck that is to come! The excitement and build up is such that after a few positions Rodion can’t help himself and ends up cumming all over his body whilst Jaro is fucking him!

Roller Dick

Damien Kyle is on wheels and coming in hot! After nearly two years, this hot stud is back in porn for his first ever topping scene, so he came to the best: Johnny Rapid. Damien and Johnny zoom around the park and then head back to Johnny’s where Damien wastes no time getting his dick out for Johnny to suck. Damien goes down on Johnny and then bends him over the pool table to pound his ass while Johnny’s still in his rollerskates! Damien wants to get fucked too, so Johnny breeds that hole and Damien rides Johnny’s dick till he cums, and Johnny paints Damien’s abs with his load.


Liam Daniels may not be as tall or big as Johnny B but he is more dominant and once his cock got hard Johnny was all over it sucking every inch of that hard dick. Liam throat fucked him until he couldn’t take it no longer. Liam loves to take control and he does just that with Johnny’s sweet smooth ass. Once Johnny had enough of that cock in his mouth Liam bent his ass over the bed and slowly eased his throbbing dick into his tight hole balls deep. Johnny opened up quick and Liam could feel his hole take his cock. Liam was fucking that raw tight ass until he pulled his dick out and began stroking it over Johnny’s sexy ass. Johnny continued stroking his own cock until he blasted his load all over the sheets. Liam could hear Johnny and smell the cum which made him shoot his load all over Johnny’s ass.

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