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Mitch Hair type: Shaved Ethinicity: Eastern European Cock Type: Uncut You’ll recall that, just a few weeks ago, we made the acquaintance of HMBoy Benj. He was – just in case you can’t recall him, in spite of his striking good looks – pictured in the middle of a large field of virulently yellow oilseed […]

HmBoys presents

Jacob – as you can clearly see before he takes that shirt off – supports the England soccer team. And that causes problems for him. He lives, you see, in Scotland. “I left school last year”, he tells us. “But before that I was always getting into fights with the other lads because I didn’t […]

HMBOYS – Luther

Those of you who’ve ever stayed in Prague will recognise a typical city loft apartment at once. This one’s where we stayed when we were last recruiting potential HMBoys in town. On that visit, most of our boys had been signed up at the city’s gay hotel Villa Mansland [see the review in our Conner’s Corner […]


After reading last week’s text about HMBoy Maciej, you might have assumed that finding our HMBoys takes us all around the world. Well, that’s often the case, of course, but in our experience it’s just as likely that you’ll find them right on your doorstep. Take Rici, for instance. One night when we were all […]