After reading last week’s text about HMBoy Maciej, you might have assumed that finding our HMBoys takes us all around the world.
Well, that’s often the case, of course, but in our experience it’s just as likely that you’ll find them right on your doorstep.
Take Rici, for instance.
One night when we were all working late at Twink Towers, the boss, in an unusually generous mood, ordered in pizzas from the new restaurant around the corner.
Now, I wouldn’t say that our office has a local reputation, but it’s become obvious over the years that, whenever any sort of package is due, we only ever get sent delivery girls.
But thankfully, as we said, the pizza place around the corner is brand new – and they obviously haven’t got wind of our (entirely undeserved!) reputation as yet.
So that’s why Rici turned up at the door with our pizza.
Of course, it goes without saying that it was only because we were so busy with a particularly demanding photoshoot that we asked him to come inside and unpack the food for us.
And if, as he did so,  he caught a glimpse or two of the XXX action going on in the studio, it was hardly our fault.
Of course, as you’ll have guessed by now, it was only a day or two later that Rici turned up unannounced and unexpected on the doorstep again – even though this time we weren’t in the slightest bit hungry.
For pizza, that is…