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Islas Carnarias Sc 2

It may be the middle of the night in the Canary Islands, but sleep is the last thing on the perverted minds of Sir Peter and Craig Marks. With Sir’s hard cock aching to escape his swimsuit, Craig lends a helping hand and mouth as he services the girth of Sir Peter’s meat. Sir then guides his cocksucker into position for a bareback poolside pounding. With his legs draped over his top’s shoulders, a wide-eyed Craig lets out a series of gasps and whimpers as the hung top works his thick dick into Craig’s eager hole. An insatiable Sir continues to rim, face fuck, and work his muscular bottom into multiple positions until Craig is stroking out his load and opening his mouth for Sir’s creamy cum.

Damien & Michael

Michael Boston makes the first move as he and Damien White kiss on the couch, pulling off first his shirt and then Damien’s before trailing his mouth down the top’s chest. Michael swallows Damien’s cock, then bends over to get his hole filled. Damien enjoys the view as the bottom rides him, then pulls Michael against him as he penetrates him in spoon. Michael orgasms as they fuck missionary, then Damien pulls out and cums.

Jake Goes To A Gloryhole

Beefy Jake plays football at one of the local community colleges and heard from one of his teammates that he could get a great blowjob at this gloryhole. He comes in the back door and steps up to the hole, but doesn’t know who’s on the other side. Jake sticks his thick tool into the hole, and I go to town blowing him. I suck and jack his dick with fast strokes until he’s moaning with pleasure and busts his nut. I beat Jake’s load so it’s frothy, then suck him clean.

Casting Couch #475: Sergey Blue, Dani Brown

In a raw ass flip fucking session Casting Couch 475 brings Daddy Sergey Blue and Dani Brown together. The guys flip until blowing their loads, Sergey eats all

Dax and Leon Back For More

Dax and Leon are back, and it’s Leon’s turn to be the center of attention. But first, I make the guys teabag each other, which is a new experience for both. Leon reluctantly licks his balls while Dax presses them in Leon’s face. Leon is happy to return the favor and make Dax lick his sensitive nuts. After the teabagging, the guys start getting each other hard. It’s Leon’s turn to get off now. I know that Leon loves to have his nipples played with, so I lick his nipples while Dax strokes his cock. With a big moan, Leon shoots his huge load.


Burley young bloke can’t wait for his mate to finish in the shower to get his rock hard cock wet. Can’t shower in peace without being made to suck on his mates dick. Returns the favour with a tounge up his ass then filled by a great big cock sliding up his hole. Slams his ass on the cold hard floor till he cums up in side of him. Poor boy will have to shower all over again.

21-Year-Old Black Guy Jacks Off

College student Bo wants to get into porn, so he agrees to jack off on camera for me. He rubs himself through his boxers to get hard, then slides them off and stands over me stroking his black cock. I have him show his ass before lying back and making himself cum. It seems Bo likes a little asshole play!

You’re Just Daddy’s Hole

There is no better feeling for a naturally submissive boy than to know he is Daddy’s hole. The place Dad plants his DNA. Boy Paul is truly one of these special creatures whose pleasure comes from knowing he was born to be Daddy’s cumdump and the warm fulfilled feeling it gives him is the gift he gives to men. Will and Liam Angell are now two of the lucky men he carries in that beefy Marine ass.

Adonis At The Gloryhole

Adonis stops at the Straight Fraternity gloryhole to have his balls sucked dry. He slides his long, uncut cock through the hole and into my eager mouth. Adonis strips off the rest of his clothes, and I blow his downward-pointing boner until he’s moaning and thrusting. He unloads loudly down my throat, and I suck his big, sensitive sausage completely clean.


I had been eagerly anticipating Nico’s visit for a long time! I think he’s so sexy and I can’t get over how nice his cock is. After picking him up from the airport (and getting some road head) we stroke, suck, and edge until we can’t hold it any longer. We swallow each other at the same time! He spends 3 days in total with me, and I’ll be posting a huge variety of vids! Stay Tuned!

Trophy Bottom

A man works his body until he is a huge powerful muscled bull. That man then lays back and spreads himself wide open for his hole to be taken and pleasured. Around here we call that a Trophy Bottom and Trent Ryder is the best example you will see. Will Angell takes a ride on this stallion and gets sucked in by the Bull.

1 HUGE POLICE GANG BANG – 13 men 2 cop holes

13 Real men fuck 2 hot as hell REAL Cops all bare, nasty and fucked-up for simply hours on end with gallons of cum going into their unwilling furry uniformed holes. Two cops try and search the wrong property where a gang of labourers and horsehung tradies have had enough and the MET are about to get a training session that is not part of the Police guide book. Huge bare cocks are forced up them continuously in a quick-fire never- ending tag-team fuck of endless throbbing breeding cock which is just plain merciless on these straight uniformed virgin holes which are going to get seriously and totally fucked up for life.

Jesse Warner and Blake Barnes

18-year-old Latin cub Jesse wants to break into porn, so I match him up with Blake to see what he can do with this straight guy’s big white dick. Since they’re both wearing black, I have Jesse and Blake undress each other right away. Happily, Jesse’s wearing a jockstrap, so I tell Blake to give his furry butt a smack. To ease the tension more, I joke with the guys about gay stereotypes. Jesse and Blake stroke their cocks side-by-side, and Blake notices Jesse’s got some junk in the trunk. They stand up to compare asses and both look great! I tell Jesse it’s time for him to suck cock, and he goes right down on Blake’s big white tool. It looks like young Jesse knows how to give a blowjob, and from the sound of it, Blake’s not complaining. I tell Jesse to play with Blake’s balls and move his hands around so we get a good view of Blake’s shaft as he deep-throats him. With a little more stroking, Blake is ready to cum. He stands up and busts his nut, aiming for Jesse’s face. It takes a little longer for Jesse, but when he cums, he sprays a big, watery load all over Blake’s leg.

Breeding Younger Dudes


I have a blast with Jimmy, he’s a horny bastard like me and we can’t get enough. We decided to head to The Slammer to get into some trouble. We ended up meeting a super sexy muscled up Dad and took him back to my place. Jimmy swaps oral with him, then flips… The next day I took on Dad 1-1 and breed his smooth ass real good. Lots of authentic sex here guys, get that lube out!


Do you like the idea of being watched? What started out with normal boys talk naming each other’s dicks turned into sucking and fucking on the balcony in the warm summer sun. Did I mention there isn’t a dick under 8 inches? Which makes watching Adrian and Mitch pass Evan back and forth fucking him that much hotter! After a 30-minute fuck fest, both Evan and Adrian dumped their loads inside Mitch, which made him bust his all over himself too. This is how you make three hung boys very happy!

Dean At The Gloryhole


Sometimes the easiest way to relax is with a blowjob, and no one knows that better than Dean. He uses the Straight Fraternity gloryhole to unload before heading off to bed. Dean steps up to the gloryhole and drops his athletic shorts. I suck his tasty cock and balls until he cums in my mouth. Then he quickly pulls up his pants and jets out with a satisified look on his face.


If you think Macho Dog got used hard in Part 1 you’ll wonder how he takes it in Part 2. Daddy Will Angell gets that deep-down hunger to use a boy that can take it rough and this wild beast has no limits. This all-natural masculine furry-bellied beast of a man can satisfy any Alphas needs no matter how dark and perverted they are.

SEX DESTINY: Jason Rock, Louis Ricaute

Kristen Bjorn Productions

As Jason Rock makes his way down the narrow lane his Sex Destiny is right around the corner, manifesting as the very sexy and handsome Louis Ricaute. Lingering glances are exchanged, that unspoken word is conveyed, and the connection has been made.  

Louis Ricaute and Jason Rock have an air of familiarity with each other and that this Sex Destiny is no happenstance meeting, but the will of the sex gods themselves. They know that Jason’s desires for strong, burly, hairy, hung men is fulfilled with the exact match in Louis.  

Louis and Jason make their way to Louis’ nearby flat. Once inside familiarity turns to raw passion and all out desire. As their lips meet and tongues begin exploring the other their hands are also exploring what has been an undefined desire brought to fruition in this moment, this time, this place, the thing gay porn romances about. 

As the clothes are stripped away, their contrasting jock straps enhance the masculine, muscular, hairy bodies. Louis strips Jason of his jock strap and begins pleasuring his rock-hard cock with his mighty mouth. Jason takes control and strops Louis of his jock strap and takes the massive, thick cock into his mouth. Jason wraps his fist around the huge cock and still has ample cock to choke on. Louis arouses his sensitive nipples as his cock is filled with pleasure. 

Jason gets flipped and his furry ass cheeks spread wide as Louis begins tongue fucking that hot hole. With Jason’s ass nice and wet, Louis rams his monster cock deep inside of Jason’s raw ass. Louis finds that Jason needs some more spit and he also wants to enjoy the flavor of that hot ass, so he swaps cock for tongue and repeats this several times to satisfy both men’s needs.  

With another flip Jason lowers his ass onto Louis’ throbbing cock. Jason goes for a wild and intense fucking that brings both men closer to the edge. Instead of edging the guys flip again and this time Jason is on his back with Louis pounding his ass hard and deep. Louis picks up his pace and is ramming Jason’s ass with a fevered pitch before unloading his thick, creamy load of cum all over Jason’s drenched ass. Louis leans in and begins felching his hot load, which triggers Jason to shoot his hot load of cum. 

May your Sex Destiny be as hot as Louis and Jason’s.

First Finger


Corey doesn’t know it, but he’s about to catch a finger. I get Corey to relax by asking him questions about what girls he’s been fucking and joking with him about dating them. I peel him out of his tight pants with a laugh and a smile. I blindfold Corey and rub his smooth body. I stroke his cock, and when he gets hard, I suck him. Corey’s got me so turned on that I sit next to him and guide his hand to my boner. Then I eat his ass and start toying with his hole. With more rimming and lube, Corey is ready for my finger. I slowly work it inside him while he jacks his cock. At one point, he lifts the blindfold to make sure it’s just a finger! I work his hole until he shoots a big load, then I blanket him with my cum.


Look at this fit fucker! Proper lad, clear skin and proper nice cock. Hard guy with sexy tattoos. Lucky guy sucking on his cock smelling his delicious pubes. He fingers are up his ass and they are jerking their cocks. A massive creamy flow of cum spills everywhere. Shoved it back inside. You can feel his balls slapping your as whilst he’s loading that cum deep inside his asshole.


Our sexy otter Bud Jay is back after shooting his first video with us five years ago, and he’s looking hot and hairy. He’s come a long way since then, he can take a fat cock like a champ now, we were super horny after obstaining from sex for a few days in anticipation of this shoot and his hairy tight little ass did not disappoint. We fucked his sweet piece so hard and deep I think we pumped a gallon of jizz into his fine ass! Nothing hotter than a cream pie hole.

PROTEIN: Alan Vicenzo, Lionel Lilac

Kristen Bjorn Productions

The benefits of cum/protein are taught by Lionel Lilac and Alan Vicenzo thru cock sucking, ass eating and fucking. Monster cock loads are eaten by the winner


I had been chatting with this lean sexy fuker on Twitter, and knew we’d hit it off. We planned a sleepover, and couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We flipped the night away, taking breaks just to shower, eat, and jacuzzi. The next morning we woke up eager for more– In total I busted 4 times and he busted 3! Kick ass chemistry and tons of sexual energy– And he wants more… Stay Tuned!

Straight Stud Aiden Tripp Turned On By Tickling


Straight stud Aiden has agreed to let Franco tickle him hard. He’s been tickled before, but nothing can prepare you for Franco’s brand of tickling! Franco begins with gentle tickling on Aiden’s belly and sides. He pulls Aiden’s shirt over his head and slowly works up to his sensitive nipples and armpits. Aiden slides down the chair, wriggling to get away, not realizing that with his hands tied above his head, he’s only exposing more of his body to Franco. After digging into Aiden’s armpits, Franco takes off Aiden’s shirt, straps his arms down to the chair and pulls his pants down. He tickles Aiden’s naked body with his pants around his ankles, as Aiden does whatever he can to get away and keep Franco out of his most ticklish spots. Down to nothing but his dress shoes and sheers, Aiden uses his brief freedom to jack a hot, spurting load out of his big dick before the tickling continues. Aiden’s size 13 socked feet are next, and he breathlessly giggles as Franco attacks them. His hilarious laughter even has Franco in stitches! Franco pulls Aiden’s soaked sheers off his sweaty feet and tickles his willing victim barefoot with his fingers, feathers and brush, then returns to Aiden’s torso for one last assault that totally exhausts him. 

Hung Muscled Hunks are Fucking and Being Fucked

Sebastian Audition


The first time Sebastian jacked was when he found his stepdad’s Hustler magazine. Later, he found a bunch of porn videos in a different closet. Sebastian loved the close-up shots of dick and pussy, so when he gets naked, I put on a porno for him to watch. He slowly strips to his sexy underwear and is very focused on his cock, smiling the whole time he strokes himself. After a bit, Sebastian forgets all about the video and becomes totally focused on himself. He puts a rubber band around his cock because he loves the way it makes him harder. Sebastian moans loudly, “Yeah! YEAH, BABY!” After shooting his huge load, he laughs and smiles again, too wiped out to speak.


305 pounds of human Bull-meat pressing you into the bed! No escape until he is done forcing his roided muscle load deep up your guts. Liam Angell can barely speak when Davin Strong wraps his gigantic arms around him and takes ownership of his hole right in front of his Daddy. Will Angell loves this massive Bull turning him into a cuck while he takes over Liam so much he shoots a huge rope of cum to baptize the new Alpha.


My choice of scene partners seems to always revolve around who wants daddy’s big dick the most, and this newbie does not disappoint. He had been fantasizing about my cock for years, and as it turns out we have some mutual fuck buds… Anyway, the dude’s ass is literally a 10, both in aesthetic and feel! I swear it’s the smoothest boy pussy, and you can see my euphoria as I glide my thick throbbing cock in and out.

Trent’s Audition


Smooth, blonde Trent answered an ad I ran for young straight guys willing to masturbate on camera. Trent’s planning on going to college this spring. He’s laid back like a beach bum and doesn’t flinch when I tell him to get out of his clothes and stroke it. He tells me about the first time he had sex with a girl. This 6′ 2″ guy has got about 8 inches to work with and says he likes it rough. When Trent says he’s a big shooter, I tell him to aim for his face. He jacks his big dick and ends up juicing all over his stomach and side.


In the shadows of a dark room a bearded bloke emerges from the darkness and approaches a proud manly fucker. The lose no time in touching each other’s bodies and snogging their faces. Gliding their tongue over the sweaty hair, they take a taste of each others arm pits. Flies already down, out appears a giant thick cock ready for the sucking its about to receive.

Antony’s Tickle Pleasure


At 5′ 3″ and 110 lbs, 20-year-old Antony is just a little guy whose friends sent him to Franco for his first bondage tickling experience. Lucky him! Antony giggles and squirms as Franco tickles his armpits and sides, but he has no chance of getting out of these restraints. Franco pulls down Antony’s shorts and blindfolds him, then invites Bradley to join in the tickle fun. They remove Antony’s shoes and socks, lube up their fingers and tickle his both of his adorable size 7 feet at the same time. Next they slick up his torso with lube and give him a four-handed tickle that he obviously loves! While Bradley tickles him, Franco plays with Antony’s cock until he cums, but this tickle experience is far from over. The tickle tops return to his feet, which are even more sensitive after Antony has shot his load. They keep pleasuring Antony with their tickling fingers and brushes until it seems he’s worn out. But even after being partly freed, Antony is still susceptible to his captors’ sneaky tickling pleasures.


The Big Red Bull in all his glory. Fox Rifler is a dream come true for Liam and Will Angell. Handsome face with sexy red fuzz all over him and the biggest, most powerful thighs and ass you’ve ever seen! As if his sheer beauty wasn’t enough this bull gives cock as well as he takes it. He is a man that can satisfy anyone no matter their pleasure.

Army Man and His Buddy Play Gay Chicken


Derrick brings his buddy Christian in for a shoot, and we end up playing Gay Chicken. I love to see two hot guys kiss, so I always have a kissing challenge. Neither calls ‘chicken’ so I make them use lots of tongue in this kiss. Next it’s the blowjob challenge. Both tell me they don’t want to lose, so I know they’ll go far. Christian gets a mouthful of Derrick’s cock and really seems to like sucking it. Then Derrick puts Christian’s dick in his mouth. Christian even pushes Derrick’s head into it. I have the guys stroke each other, and they stay hard the entire time. No chickens in this room! The final challenge is to jerk each other off to climax. Christian gets lubed up, and Derrick jerks his friend until he nuts. Then Christian strokes Derrick like a champ and he blows a huge load. You can’t tell me he didn’t like it!


Leather bear, army stud and wrestler walk into a hotel room. No this isnt the start of some hilarious joke its actually after a fetish party and these three come together in union for a fetish fucking. Leather bear is there ready on his knees on the bed, watch how he keeps his shades on almost the entire time. as the army stud and wrestler walks in hes gagging to get some cock in him. Sucks cock gets his ass tounge punched and then taken turns on fucking his leather bear asshole.

Casting Couch #472: D. Dan, Kike Gil

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Daddy D. Dan gets a huge happy ending from Kike Gil and his amazing massage skills. Nothing hotter than a Daddy and his Cub.

Hardcore Gay Porn Videos


Sometimes a man comes along that is a perfect fantasy. From his handsome chiseled features, the thick ginger pelt of hair on him, to the way his armpits smell. For Liam Angell this fantasy is Cain Marko. The boy has dreamt of the day he could experience this God of a man in person. You’re about to witness the fulfillment of that fantasy. The raw desire and emotion are obvious on Liam’s face. When asked to describe the experience he could only utter the word Euphoria!


Every boy is different, but Daddy Will Angell knows them all. Inside and out he understands what a young boy needs. Skip Marshall is a total Daddy-pleaser who puts himself in Will’s capable hands and lets himself go completely until drained by orgasms they collapse into each other’s arms. Welcome to gay family life.


I started crushin on this sexy new boy the second I met him. We had chatted online, and he was extremely endearing and sweet. In person, he’s even sexier! We spent a few hours at the house getting to know each other before jumping in the car and heading to the Ranch. After a few days together we really built up some amazing 3 Way chemistry.


After arranging a Grindr stranger to come over for a shag he watches some porn online to ready himself for a complete pounding. Some dirty plumber in a boiler suit comes in the unlocked door and he’s ready and waiting just to get cock slammed into his enitre ass hole. It glides in soo perfectly, so wet and sloppy. Two big lads bashing their horny bodies together, finalised in a dirty facial cum shot.

BLINDLY: Max Hilton, Jason Rock, Gianni Maggio

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Blindfolded Jason Rock pleasures Max Hilton and Gianni Maggio. Gianni’s monster cock is sucked then he fucks both raw asses spraying them with his cum


Do you want to be a big bull just like your Daddy? Macho Dog sure does, so Will Angell has begun his forced feedings. Thousands of calories until the young Bull Dog grows big and furry and round just like his Pops. All things start with feeding and all rewards are based on growth. This dog howls and grunts like a pig as Daddy Will gives him the first of many rewards by stretching his tight pink hole wide open in what is only Part 1 of this feeding session.


-Big Jubilee Weekend – OMG that cute little Twink boy Fucks 19yr British Trent boy By Skinny, Thick Dick FIT beautiful Joshyy gets his huge 8 inch (The one from the porn awards). Wait till u see him pounding shit outta our st8 acting sexy CHAV mate 2x 10/10 hung & impressive STUNNING LADS! Cocky forward sexy lad wants to be a BB cum give to Stunning Lad with Dirty mind.


Imagine finding out your father has been a dirty cumdump your whole life. Hunter Vulpex learns how much his father Liam Angell loves cock in his ass. Uncle Will Angell makes Liam admit right to his sons face that he’s a dirty cocksucking whore and he even wants his son’s cock in him too. As the two suck and service Will the secret is out. Will breed Liam’s fuckhole while making him suck his boy’s dick. The surprise is young Hunter is a fucker like his uncle.


Oiley and greasy from a hot and sweaty bike ride he comes home to his submissive caged up cum slut. Hes been sitting thinking about his master’s cock since he left. Soon as he walks through the door he crawls over for one purpose – to serve his alpha biker bloke. He absolutely destroys his hole especially after ramming that extra large finger dildo. He ridden pounds his spunk over the subservient cage whore and sends him back behind bars.

SNAPSHOT: Augusto Arias, Bastian Karim

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Taking Snapshots of Augusto Arias and Bastian Karim turns to deep throat cock sucking and hot ass fucking with a delicious and wet creampie.

Hottest Gay Porn Movies


This horny bloke has sex on his mind all the time. He knows when he goes in to see the doctor and he’s gonna be naked he’s already thinking about his throbbing dick under his gown. Doing his best to keep his cock concealed, the doctor comes in and asks to get a closer look. As he is pressing on his body he cannot ignore the giant erection in front of him. Getting rather horny himself, he takes out his huge cock and the patient happily takes it all in his mouth. Now he’s only got one thing on his mind, shooting his load right up the doctors ass. Over the bed they fuck raw suck each other’s cocks and investigates his asshole. After cuming all over the doctors face he sure feels better now.


We filmed this a few days before we got the keys to our new ranch. We had been chatting with this sexy stud and were excited to finally meet up. He is a masseur, so of course Jared wanted to check out his skills. One thing led to another, and luckily I was there to push record! The two boys flip fuck each other and Jared blows a massive load all over him. From then on, it was all Daddy time for Ty! He sucks my big dick and takes it sooo damn good. The boy glides effortlessly when he rides, and my bone savors every second. After sucking a nice load out of me, he blows his load all over my chest. Beautiful eyes, beautiful boy, beautiful sex– You’re gonna like how we dick him down! Enjoy!


That cute 18yr Blond boy back 
Im on the phone to one of my mates organising a sex party 
My mate Scott is a complete sex addict and his got at the sleaziest lads on his 
250+ list ! 
After ringing him to sort out some cock for this cute lad 
We get over a big group- about 5 turn up in total – 
Remember these are REAL guys – BUT they are SO FUCKING SLEAZY 
It turned into a Big Crazy Orgy – I end up coming in someone I shouldn’t HAHA 
(he said he was a top and had a big dick but I shagged him anyway and he LOVED 
it mate!) 

– NO RACE or Size refused 
– NO Face Needed to be shown! 
– Can join us for a LONG session 
– Or Fuck N GO! The quicker you squirt your load in our arse the better 
THIS BOY SAID TO ME “ The older the guys we can get 4 the next orgy the better 
cos older guys ALWAY LEAVE THERE LOAS UP MY ARSE and they cum so 
Im not making this up…. This is what he said to me LOL – WE fucking this boy!! 

WE R not joking – Message us and you can fuck him too- 
Just send us a message and we will get back to you, 
If you have messaged before & not got a reply then pls message again as I lost 
access to that old login – 
we genuinely will meet with you (yes we need to ask for ya ID N stuff but only 
cos u gotta be older then 18, other then that there is NO UPPER AGE LIMIT to film) 
the older the better – (as long as ya can still get hard) 
BTW- My 18yr Manchester mate hasn’t got a twitter otherwise I would tell you how 
you can find him


Jared is one of the hottest sweetest guys we have had he pleasure of shooting with, he has a great personality, a handsome face bubble muscle butt and a big cock, what more could you ask for? We have been chatting for a few years and we never connected to shoot with us because he wasn’t ready to bottom yet, he prefers to top, but he was awesome enough to let us stretch his hole out a little lol.


Have you ever asked your roommate to take some sexy pics of you…and he ends up down your throat and breeding you too? Ian has. Rio’s big uncut cock is a thing of beauty so it didn’t take long before Ian was deep throating it and taking selfies with it. You can tell just by watching that Ian *loves​* sucking cock. They may be small, but both of these boys are packing some meat in their pants. Rio loves eating ass, especially in the doggy style position because it’s the easiest way to pull his boy back and slide his hard cock in him sending him into a state of full body ecstacy. You can almost feel like look of pleasure of Ian’s face as Rio thrusts in and out of his smooth hole. Once they flipped into missionary, it didn’t take long before they both busted their loads at the same time. You can’t really ask for a better roommate!


Sure a lot of people have a pair of lucky underwear, but that’s not what I mean in this case. Imagine being that lucky piece of tighty white fabric that gets to cup Jack Dixon’s hairy balls and huge fat fuck stick! To caress that fine round fuzzy ass as he moves and works out. To become damp and moist from the sweat of his taint! It would be heaven to cling onto that man’s gorgeous frame. What a lucky fucking pair of underwear.


Every now and then all good boys deserve a special treat. Liam Angell is definitely the goodest of the good boys. His idea of the perfect treat is to be rubbed down inside and out by some big Daddies. Stroking the boy’s flesh to get him nice and relaxed, Daddies Rick Kelson and Will Angell know all the right buttons to press. In no time they have Liam moaning with pleasure and that makes his hole give in and open to accept them both, allowing the men to have their way with him and give him the ultimate treat every boy wants: Ropes of Daddy DNA shot deep inside.


Our super sexy hung buddy Landon, hit us up telling us how horny he is, he said he was leaking and dripping precum think about us fucking him again. So we told him to get that beautiful muscular ass peach right on over so we can fill it up. When he got here he walked in with rock hard cock showing through his jeans, that’s all i needed to see, when I asked him what he was in the mood for he said “ I want you guys to DOMINATE me” so that’s exactly what we did, we stripped him down and violated and dominated every sexy inch of him, from his toes to his big cock and delicious hole, this is a HOT fuck flick enjoy 😛

STREET PICKUP: Max Hilton, Lucio Saints

Kristen Bjorn

The streets are full of muscle worship when Lucio Saints gives Max Hilton a show. Monster cock sucking, ass eating and deep raw ass fucking follow

Straight Dudes being Seduced by Gay Men

New Arrivals Sc 2

NakedSword Originals

Bodybuilder Davin Strong and ex-cop muscle stud Nick Cranston may be completely new to the porn industry, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t already naked and ready to use their cocks for the camera. After getting on all fours to gobble down Nick’s dick, David lays back, spreads his impossibly thick thighs, and lets Nick’s tongue go to town on his hungry hole. Nick then brings Davin to the floor to pump himself into his muscular partner and watch his meat disappear between his massive cheeks. Ready to get barebacked himself, Nick switches things up by sitting on Davin’s face and taking a seat on his stiff dick for an intense flip fuck. Getting drilled down by Davin soon has Nick shooting ropes seconds before the burly fucker pulls out of his used hole to directly feed Nick his fresh load.

New Arrivals Sc 1

You Asked For It Sc 2

NakedSword Originals

Taboo porn-watchers that spend their days searching for ‘brother fucker’ videos need to look no further than this brotherly bonding session with JJ Knight and Tristan Hunter. These two bareback bros are as close as ever and aren’t afraid to share intimate experiences like blowing and rimming each other. Ready to fuck as only brothers can, Tristan watches in awe as JJ’s curved cock completely disappears into his ass. A verbal Tristan swears, huffs, and puffs as his big bro continually thrusts himself into his hairless hole until both are on the edge of cumming. With his legs thrown in the air, Tristan lies there satisfied as he bursts and then watches JJ nut all over his exposed abs.

You Asked For It Sc 1

Bred & Breakfast: The Come Inn Sc 2

NakedSword Originals

SET TO GET WET – New couple Colton Reece and Isaac X are enjoying their first weekend getaway together at The Come Inn, where the sun is always shining, and the water is fine. Needing to cool off after ogling gorgeous property owner Josh Moore, the couple heads out to the pool, their swimsuits bursting at the seams. Horned up and ready to play, Isaac devours Colton’s beautiful cock before bending over to accommodate a huge pool toy in his tight asshole. Now opened up and ready to fuck, Colton leads his boyfriend to an outdoor daybed where he gets on all-fours so Isaac can easily eat out his hair-dusted crack. Once Colton returns the favor, he fucks Isaac bareback, doggie-style and then sideways before taking Isaac’s thick meat down his throat. With Isaac already on his back and splayed out, Colton plunges his cock back into Isaac’s worked-over hole until he erupts. He licks his own cum out of Isaac’s ass and then leans in for an intoxicating kiss that tastes of both creamy DNA and musk – a down-and-dirty cocktail that makes Isaac explode across his stomach. Still rock-hard for his new man, Colton shoots a second load that proves that once is never, never enough.

Bred & Breakfast: The Come Inn Sc 3

Bred & Breakfast: The Come Inn Sc 4

NakedSword Originals

COME AGAIN – As B&B owners Josh Moore and Beau Butler prepare for breakfast the following morning, unexpected guest Alpha Wolfe passes the kitchen. No sooner does he start talking to the proprietors than his hairy dick gets hard – causing his towel to the fall to the floor. There’s only one thing Josh likes more than a hairy hole…and that’s two hairy holes. Beau kneels on the floor and simultaneously sucks both guys. When they take their private party into the living room, Josh makes a feast of the two furry manholes before ramming his gigantic, uncut dick into both men. Josh, Beau, and Alpha eventually move into a bareback pile-up, with Alpha going deep into Beau’s delicious asshole while Josh gives Alpha’s ass a second workout. It’s not long before Alpha unloads inside Beau’s tight pucker, eventually eating his own jizz out of Beau’s glistening crack. After Josh cums in Beau’s mouth, Alpha squeezes out a second load onto Beau’s waiting tongue. Josh and Beau like their customers to leave happy – and full – because, after all, they always want their guests to come again.

Chris’ Audition


Open-minded 22-year-old Chris tells me about his sexual fantasies while rubbing his dick through his jeans. He gets a boner in his boxer briefs while talking dirty about another guy stroking his cock and encourages every guy watching to give it a try. When he invites me in, I eagerly grab his tool. What Chris doesn’t expect is that I’ve been planning on sucking his balls dry for a while and do just that. I swallow his load completely and leave him naked on the bed with a clean, pulsating pole.

The Nightstick: Oskar Ivan, Marcos Oliveira, Louis Ricaute

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Cop Louis Ricaute gets a call that leads him to Marcos Oliveira and Oskar Ivan. The guys service the hairy cops monster cock and nightstick with their asses

Reef and Jace: Straight Buddies Play Gay Chicken


It turns out that Jace and Reef know each other from several years back. They used to work together in another town. Now they have to get it on together in order to win Gay Chicken. Can you say, “awkward?” The first round is a big wet sloppy kiss. Nothing like that to rekindle an old friendship! Next they jerk each other until they each get hard. Amazing what guys will do to get the girl. In the blow job round, it looks like one of these guys might have actually done this before. Which one do you think? What’s a little 69 action between friends? The cumshots are getting mighty close. Jace gets Reef off with a huge cum explosion, then Reef returns the favor and Jace is covered with cum.

Evan Roped


After a long day as a manager at work, Evan likes to lose control. He hates being tickled, but he knows that Franco will restrain him and treat him like he deserves to be treated. Franco gets out the rope and ties Evan up. With ropes securely around Evan’s upper body, Franco starts the hardcore tickling. Franco goes everywhere Evan hates, but the worst part for Evan is when Franco attacks Evan’s size 9 feet with the brush!

Samuel Hazed, Jerked and Blown


Samuel has been in before for a test shoot, but I didn’t think he would come back because he acted so nervous. I get a call from him asking what else he can do to make fast money. He agrees to be hazed, so I tie him to a chair, blindfold him and get busy making him hard. Samuel is very vocal and seems to love everything I do to him, from nipple play, to stroking, to a slow blowjob. As he gets closer to cumming, he grows louder and louder. Samuel finally shoots his load with a big satisfied moan.

High Five


20-year-old Gabriel, who’s into both girls and guys, says he’ll try anything once and that everything turns him on the first time he tries it. He sucks cock and 69’s, but finally gets off with three guys jacking over him. It’s high fives all around as the guys celebrate, but once Braxton blows his load, it’s back on Gabriel, who gets paddled by everyone for being such a little bitch. When I tell Braxton and Gabriel to strip each other, it doesn’t take much for me to get a cock in Gabriel’s mouth. He shows his cute Puerto Rican ass, then asks if they can 69. Sure! The guys suck each other’s cocks for a bit, then Gabriel wants to stand and get sucked. He’s not fully hard, but he says he’s close to cumming, so I position Braxton under him. When Gabriel doesn’t cum, it’s time to try something else. I put Gabriel on his back and bring in my buddy Texas. This is what Gabriel wants! Tex cums on him first, and Gabriel busts rights after. Then I step over him and beat his face with my big dick. Braxton’s up next, and we get our mouths and hands all over him. Braxton held out the longest, so I let him choose how he wants to get off. He relaxes on the couch, and with a little help from Gabriel, finally busts his nut, hitting Gabriel in his eye! But that’s not enough punishment. Gabe gets the paddle for being a little bitch.

Casting Couch #465: Andre Cruise, Kyle Fox

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Andre Cruise enthusiastically expresses his desire to film with Kyle Fox. Kyle licks, sucks, eats, and fucks Andre deep and raw then feeds him his cum

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