Live Wired: Sc 4

After answering some fun and flirty interview questions, handsome stud Greg Riley gets on his knees to service Ricky Roman’s thick cock with his wide-open mouth. When Greg hops onto the bed on all-fours, though, Ricky redirects his attention to eating Greg’s warm and hairy manhole. Then, after they 69, Ricky flips Greg onto his back and slams his bareback dick right up Greg’s chute. When Ricky pulls out, Greg shoots his huge load onto his own stomach before Ricky adds to the puddle on Greg’s furry belly.

Moonshine Melonballer

Cousin Asher just may have bit off more than his ass can chew. He wanted to make something fancy for the big potluck dinner we’re having, so he went and picked himself a watermelon from the farm down the way (don’t worry, they won’t notice) and then decided to make some of them Moonshine Melonballs. Only problem is that to get the moonshine, he went into Uncle Drew’s stash and.. that night not end well. No matter, though. Right now he’s teaching cousin Jack how to make them Mellonballs and while they’re at it they decide to fuck one of ’em because what ELSE are you gonna do with an extra watermelon? Anyway… before long Jack got hisself balls deep up in Asher’s hole and then they keep fucking good and hard until they both blow big loads RIGHT AT THE SAME TIME. That’s how we roll at Lot 45.

Cum Facial

Estheticians Joey Mills and Big Dick Fig take great care of hot client Dom King when he arrives for his four-hands facial. They have him change into a towel, taking a peek at his hot ass and big dick, then start things off with a massage. As Fig oils up Dom’s ass and legs, Joey sneaks under the table and sucks his cock! Then it’s time to start the facial, and Joey fucks Dom’s mouth and sits on his face, then rides his cock as Fig fucks Dom’s feet. The tops double penetrate twink Joey, then spit roast him! Joey cums hard as Dom pounds him in doggystyle, and Joey is the one who takes a facial before both guys cover Dom’s face with cum!

Bussy Control

Sam Ledger’s boyfriend leaves him an unforgettable surprise: a MenSexGear Saddle RC Prostate Stimulator to enjoy while he’s away. Sam tests its limits, sliding the ultra-soft silicone design that can be controlled remotely into his hole before he gets dressed. But as its 10 unique vibration patterns come to life in the middle of his job interview, Sam finds himself in an unexpected and thrilling predicament. Malik Delgaty gets the full story out of the twink, and soon Sam is sucking the hot interviewer’s cock and getting fucked on Malik’s desk. Malik picks the bottom up for a stand-and-carry and flips him upside down to suck him. Primed by the Saddle’s persistent vibrations in his ass, Sam cums as he rides the top, then takes a facial.

Levi & Hayden

Tall, dark-haired and bearded trainer Levi is in the gym teaching some of his favorite upper-body exercises, where he’s joined by blond Hayden who shows off his own favorite workout. Later, as the guys disrobe in the locker room, Levi sees Hayden watching him and beckons him over. The guys kiss and suck each other, and Levi rims the bottom, then fucks him from behind against the lockers. Hayden rides Levi and cums all over the top’s cut abs, then the guys flip fuck as he pounds Levi doggystyle. Levi rides the hairy hunk on the floor till he cums!

Twink Fucker – Uncut

Every twink in the city wants to test their hole against masked, muscular top the Twink Fucker, and best friends Jake Preston, Shae Reynolds, Niko Vaz, and Sam Ledger are no exception. Sam is the first to secure a dick appointment, and he gets slammed on the bed and pounded till he takes a facial. Just as Sam leaves, Niko arrives and hides under the bed where he hears every second of Shae getting bounced on that cock till he takes a load on his face. The Twink Fucker finds Niko in his hiding spot and swaps the twinks, putting Shae in the drawer while he uses his still-hard boner to pound the brown-haired hunk’s face, then lets Niko ride him. Shae and Niko meet Sam outside and the three sneak back in to watch as Jake arrives to get pounded. Once they’re discovered, the Twink Fucker takes his biggest challenge yet, putting all four twinks right where he wants them to use their holes and have an orgy!


We are going to let you in on a private moment. This is not about you the viewer. This is about Jason and what he needed. We all have things that challenge us and letting a guy fuck him on film was one of those things for him. So, here you have Jason Collins and Will Angell, two true friends who respect and trust each other having a moment together. This is not going to be some slamming fuck fest like you might expect from us, no bothering with camera angles and production value. Just a real moment of care and connection between true friends.


PART II BIGGEST CUM-DUMP ever FILMED with 70+ Plus guys
Well cute N Fit CumDump Lad desperate 4 Anonymous CUM
We already had quite a lot of sleazy BB obsessed guys from our BB whats app group. Coming – then someone (not me) had the idea of advertising it LIVE online and putting the
location LIVE online on our twitter and Grinda – ALL 100% true – our tweets and posts are shown in our vid here! Then the masses turned out LOL FUCKING CRAZY MATE. Never seen anything like it. My biggest fantasy coming true. Seedy horny fuckers – ALL TOP – all wanting to spit there cum up our lad! Shocking – Misbehaving lad gets Sloppy hole AGAIN & AGAIN and I LOVE fucking cum in him.


Two of the work lads were slacking today, so they get a call in from the boss to come in and help out with a big load of mess. Thick cock Benjamin shows both of the lads what the real slacking is and forces his massive nob up them both and loosens them up for a good dickin. The lads love the thick cock down their throat as they both gag and beg for more, both taking turns jumping on the bosses fore arm dick. With all that nobbing and throat fucking, the 2 apprentices feed their boss with a mouthful of cum right after his desperate hole was filled.


For this video Hunter & myself had not cum in 4 days so we were dripping precum in anticipation. You will love watching how deeeeep we get into that hairy little tight ass, and he loved every second of that prostate ramming session lol.

GEAR2022: CAM 2 – PART 2

Whatever gets you off, put it on. It’s GEAR! Just when they thought we weren’t watching, guess what. Camera B is full of close-ups and inner glimpses of putting on a real amateur PPX event!


Don’t miss this short, but super HOT 8 minute video “Hot Fucking- Big C & Apollo Fates”. I threw together some of the recent clips I’ve made with sexy sub Apollo Fates. All the porn boys love fisting him, but I enjoy using his talented pussy to please my big cock. He knows exactly how to handle my girth with ease


Bobby G shows up to eat out Zach’s cummy hole and add his load to the mix.

Joe D. Wood

Joe’s been working construction all day. He’s super horny, but so worn out that he doesn’t want to deal with his girlfriend. He decides it’s better just to get a blowjob at a gloryhole with no strings attached. Joe sticks his fat cock through the hole, and I start going to town on him. I throat his shaft and slurp his head, tickling it with my bristly mustache. I gently squeeze his bull balls and rub a little on his taint. Joe moans the entire time, and finally he shoots his big load in my mouth. I leave Joe speechless by sucking his cock completely dry.


3 bros hotel suck and fuck internal cum in each other’s assholes. Enjoy the show.x.


Fresh from his IML 3rd place finish Dean Matthews may go by the moniker Bronze Boy, but here, to us, he is 100% Golden. Always top prize in the eyes of his brother Liam Angell. The two hold nothing back when they reunite after Dean’s leather tour. It’s so good to have him back.


Meet Isaac and Fernando. They’re boyfriends whose love for each other is only beat by their love for fucking each other. “We originally met as a hookup, fell in love, and have been fucking nonstop ever since!” Fernando has a huge uncut dick that Isaac wanted to see him use on someone, so instead of this video being just the two of them, Isaac decided to surprise Fernando with an anonymous muscle bottom they could both use as they please. My friend Pierce was more than happy to take their loads. They took turns tag teaming and using him however they pleased until they both came using Pierce’s hole and he came with Fernando’s huge dick in him.


??SHOCKING ?? Picking up used ‘Johnnies’
Safe ONLY? guy fucks this boy and cums Inside condom, pulls out and walks off leaving us with
his cum?
Picking up at least 8 used condoms : )))
anonymous Sperm? left by complete strangers Picking up used
condoms to drain N play with cum inside?
??WARNING ??? viewer discretion is advised


Johnny Di Carpio first time fist and who better to show him the ropes than aaron mark. Di Carpio had been curious about fisting ever since we met him. Whilst in gc fetish we met up again with rrn handsome blonde hung aaron mark. Hes always so ready to get his hole ploughed by everyone and anyone. di cardio saw his opportunity. Aaron is has a ripped body and johnny enjoys sticking his dick into the pro btm. After sucking and fucking, cumming all over aaron and loosening his tight muscle hole johnny jams his fist right up into mark. Begging him not to stop Di Carpio was sliding his handing inside Aaron for hours.