Global Entry: Portugal ft. Lobo Carreira, Rafael Ferreira

NakedSword has just landed in Lisbon and is already on the way to talk with ripped hunks Lobo Carreira and Rafael Ferreira about Portugal before filming the duo’s steamy flip-fuck. Once Lobo has swallowed down Rafael’s uncut cock and taken his face for a ride, the star flips his body upside-down and begins jerking off while Rafael stuffs him full of meat. With his own big dick stiff as a brick, Lobo then goes to bareback Rafael and pound out his muscular bubble butt until the versatile bottom is covered in ropes of jizz.

Dirty Cop Part 3

Harrison Todd gets so horny while driving, he just has to start stroking himself… but then he gets pulled over for driving erratically! When his glove compartment is full of dildos instead of his license and registration, officer Colton Reece brings him back to the station. Colton grills Harrison about his extensive rap sheet for indecent exposure, then tells the twink to try getting naked in the police station, which makes Harrison super hard. The dirty cop shows the law-flouting twink who’s boss as he fucks him on his desk doggystyle and missionary, and he pulls out and cums on Harrison, then chokes the twink while the bottom jacks off and orgasms. But he shouldn’t have left the scofflaw alone with his computer…

Funhouse Fuckaround

Dominant Papi Kocic starts kissing and undressing blond Cole outside. By the time the men enter their extravagantly decorated funhouse, they’re naked and ready for more. Cole sucks Papi, who pushes the bottom against a wall as they stroke each other’s cocks. Papi bends Cole over the table, rimming and fingering his hole before sliding his cock inside. He pounds the horny bottom against the wall before putting him on hands and knees on the plush bed, and both men cum as Cole gets drilled in missionary.

Dean & Victor

Twinks Dean Young and Victor De Orange’s casual day at home soon turns serious as the guys kiss and undress each other on the couch. Blond Dean sucks dark-haired Victor, who demands a taste of the bottom’s hole, then fingers him before sliding inside. Victor fucks Dean on his back, and the blond rides the top, then lets Victor hold his hands behind his back as he fucks him doggystyle. The bottom cums as Victor pounds him in missionary, then gets in position for Victor’s hot load in his mouth.

Tim & Kyle

Tim and Kyle meet up on the trail, where the guys show off their hairy chests and share some flirty kisses, and by the time they’re back at the house they’re hungry for more. Tim kisses down Kyle’s chest and sucks him, and then the top tells the redhead to sit on his face. Kyle’s tongue in Tim’s hole feels so good, Tim exclaims, “I need your dick!” Kyle responds, “Ride my fuckin’ cock,” and the bottom does just that. Kyle puts Tim on all fours and pounds him in deep, hard doggystyle. He flips him on his back till Tim asks for his cum on his face, then Kyle watches as Tim jerks off.

Austin & Allen

Tall, muscular stud Austin Wolf leans against a pillar outside by the pool, sensually touching himself as he soaks up the sun. Allen King approaches and the top gives him a rare smile before they kiss and head inside. Allen tugs down Austin’s jeans to suck his cock, and Austin gets the bottom’s hole ready with his tongue and his fingers before fucking Allen doggystyle. He lifts Allen onto the kitchen counter to fuck him deep in missionary, then climbs up to watch the bottom ride him. Allen orgasms and gets down to suck out Austin’s cum.

The Taste Of You

Black-haired top Cade Maddox puts cute bottom Dillon Roman’s hand on his dick as they kiss on the bed, and the guys slip out of their clothes. Dillon sucks Cade’s big dick, and the top puts Dillon on all fours to get his hole ready with his tongue and fingers before fucking him doggystyle. Dillon rides him and the guys 69 before Cade pounds the bottom on his back, then gives him a facial that both guys share.

Axel & Michael

While Michael is in the gym showing some of his favorite workouts, Axel is lifting nearby and notices the end of a jeweled plug poking through the bottom’s shorts! He has to follow Michael to the locker rom and watch him undress, and soon Michael notices the top with his dick in his hand. Axel tugs out the plug and tongues Michael’s hole before the bottom sucks him, then Michael rides the top on a bench. Axel pounds Michael on his back, then puts him up against the wall to drill him till he orgasms, and Michael gets to his knees for a facial.

British Twunk’s Gangbang

The tan-lined cakes of British Twunk are ready to be rimmed, barebacked, and double penetrated for the stud’s first-ever gangbang with NakedSword X Rhyheim. Hung fuckers Rhyheim Shabazz, Roxas Caelum, Marlon Costa, and Farley give this muscle jock the ride of his life as their big dicks pound his ass and stretch his hole all night long. Then, with his taint smothered in cum, British Twunk moves to the floor where the quad of tops flood his mouth and cover his naked body in the endless waterfalls of hot piss escaping their oversized cocks.