Frat Men, Frat Boys, Frat Hunks – straight guys – pics and videos

Mick is our Quebecois exchange student. He grew up in the US, but his background is French Canadian. Here’s Willie. The obvious dick jokes aside, we’d happily curl up in bed and spend some free time with him as long as we go to see that smile in the morning. This curly guy has a […]


  Tucker is our Big Dicked Mountain Man from West Virginia. And he is Rough and Rugged in more ways than one. He can be found Going Down the not so familiar path from time to time just to try something new. It seems that’s how he ended up here with us. Were all really […]


Welcome Fratmen Brian. If there ever was a boy next door… Well, he’s gone away to college now, but you don’t have to wait to see what he’s been up to…


A big strapping jock from Virginia.  If you can’t tell already, he spends most of his free time working out.  When he’s not at the gym he’s out with the guys at the local pool hall.  Although he’s got the Mr. Popular personality he does enjoy his time alone…