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Muscled Straight Twinks and Gay Athlets

Cortez: Brazilian Athlete’s First Gay Blowjob


The first thing I noticed about Cortez was his hot body, but when he takes off his underwear, I can’t take my eyes off of his big, uncut cock. Cortez’s eight-inch dick gets hard right away, and it doesn’t take much effort to slide in and suck it while he watches porn. Cortez puts his hands on my head as I deep throat him. He fucks my face me like a pro, thrusting deeper and deeper each time, until he shoots his big load all over my face.

Yoga Master

Arad Winwin / Alam Wernik

Blond twink Alam Wernik is excited for a workout with his new trainer. Dark-haired hunk Arad WinWin starts Alam off with some squats, guiding his muscular ass and thighs into perfect position with his strong hands. With all that squatting, Alam could use a massage, so Arad has him lie across his hard thighs as he gives the pretty twink a rubdown, then he rips open his pants and squirts oil all over his ass! The trainer ties the bottom’s wrists and spanks his perfect ass, telling Alam to suck his dick before teasing his little hole with his fingers and his cock till Alam is moaning in desire for his thick pole! Arad penetrates the bottom in doggystyle, then Alam gets to show off his squat form as he rides the top’s cock. The handsome yoga master fucks Alam in mish till the bottom cums, then gives him a hot facial. Time to finish the workout!

Graham Tickle Tortured


Graham undresses to his athletic socks and hops up on the table. Once his wrists and ankles are cuffed, the anticipation kicks in, but that’s nothing compared to what’s coming. First, Franco tickles Graham in his armpits and on his upper ribs, causing all of his muscles to tense up. He then moves down to Graham’s muscular thighs, which look like a statue’s when he flexes. Despite having a slighter build, Graham is crazy strong, so Franco adds rope to help stabilize him and lube to make sure his manly fingers have maximum tickle power. Graham is red in the face and swearing…and eager to torture someone else…but this session is far from over. Franco keeps adding more lube, tickling Graham’s size 11 1/2 feet with his fingers, soap savers and brushes. Graham looks around for a moment, trying to figure a way out, but when he realizes he can do nothing, he shuts his eyes and forcefully shifts his body, attempting to muscle through it. Franco climbs on top, tickling Graham’s quivering torso from above, until he finally rewards his tickle victim with a blow of his big, uncut cock and a little butt play.

Give me more! Sc.1

Rami Ferris, Timmy Williams

Pissing Boy Being Caught

Naughty Pissing Dudes Captured on Cam

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No Tell Motel 

Raging Stallion

A small unassuming motel sits just off the interstate from Los Angeles to Vegas, the ‘No Tell Motel’. Twenty miles from a town in either direction, this quiet roadside motel is frequented by weary travelers and by hot guys who want to hook-up where nobody will know their business: a place where no one is watching. But little do they know…someone IS watching! Join award-winning director Tony Dimarco and his cast of horny bareback fuckers just looking to get their balls drained, where nobody will know their business. After being on the road all day, Devin Trez links up with Brian Bonds to breed his hole. In an unexpected mix up, Dillon Diaz and Chris Damned end up in the same room, but both want to get off first before they find out why. August Alexander is stroking and cruising the apps when Brian Bonds bites and heads to the room for an epic flip-fucking that leaves them both spent. Mystery man Chris Damned sneaks into one of the guest’s rooms and jerks off on the bed while sniffing a pair of worn underwear. Kirk Cummings links up with old friend Drew Sebastian while someone secretly watches from the other side of the wall. At the ‘No Tell Motel’, not everything is as secret as it seems. Check in, get off and get out!

Boston: Macho Straight Guy’s First Gay Blowjob


Boston is a mechanic with a big grin who loves Asian girls. I thought that Boston might be a tough nut to crack, but he lets me jack him and suck his dick without any protest at all. He said he likes to stand up while he gets blown, so I get him off the bed and really go to town on that rod. I blow Boston right up until he says, “I’m gonna cum!” Then I jack his cock until he shoots a big load and make him taste his own cum. Check out the slow motion replay of his cumshot!

The Rinse Off

Noir Male – Adrian Hart / Dillon Diaz

Taking a shower is a chore, but with a hot buddy, it’s an experience. Watch as Dillon and Adrian soap up and passionately rinse each other off, rubbing their hard dicks together through their wet underwear. Dillon Diaz and Adrian Hart start fresh from the shower and end up getting so dirty in “The Rinse Off”. Watch as they suck, rim, and fuck each other during mind-blowing sex. You’ll need a shower after these two sexy men get you feeling hot and dirty right along with them.

Casting Couch #439: Javi Grey, Santiago Rodriguez

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Our newest “beginner” to enlist with the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men is Javi Grey and is joined by Santiago Rodriguez. As Santiago enters the room, Javi is already stripped down to his underwear and they both get into the action rather quickly. Javi drops to his knees and takes in the sheer amazement of Santiago’s magnificent cock. Unable to resist what is right in front of him, Javi leans in and begins sucking on Santiago’s full cock. While Javi is servicing Santiago’s cock with his hot lips and hungry mouth, Santiago also has a hunger that needs to be fulfilled. Javi is bent over and Santiago begins feasting on his hot pink ass, darting his tongue in and out then running his wet tongue across Javi’s taint to his plump balls and down the length of his cock shaft to his engorged cock head then back to the perfect pucker hole. Santiago continues this intense action until he can sense the twitching in the surrounding muscles of Javi’s pucker hole. Once Santiago senses this movement, he knows it is time and rises up and rams his hard cock balls deep into Javi’s wet ass. Santiago gives Javi a thorough fucking in this position before he lays back and lets Javi take his cock for a wild ride as he lowers his ass onto Santiago’s throbbing cock. Javi rides the full length of Santiago’s cock as his own cock slaps around with pleasure. Just as the pleasure builds the guys swap positions and this time Javi is on his back, legs spread wide as Santiago slips his ragging hard-on into that sweet ass. As Santiago picks up the pace of fucking Javi’s cock is getting stronger with each thrust deep inside his ass. Javi’s cock has reached maximum capacity and he is left with no other option but to explode. Santiago’s fucking has reached a rapid-fire thrusting that only forces Javi to shoot his thick, creamy load of cum all over his heaving chest and ripped abs. With all this action playing out in front of him and Javi’s ass muscles tugging at his cock Santiago creams that perfect pucker hole with his load of cum, making sure that the majority of it finds its way into Javi’s ass along with his drenched cock.

Hard Mechanic

Br̦mo РBo Sinn / Skyy Knox

Sky Knoxx takes his car in to the garage, but when he arrives he finds Bo Sinn jacking off with a stroker, and he wants to get his hands on the mechanic’s hard tool. Bo spots Sky checking out his bulge and even sniffing and licking his toy, so he gets out his cock while asking the bottom to pass him a wrench. Sky sucks Bo’s dick and balls, then Bo fucks his mouth hard and deep before pounding his ass doggystyle. He lays Sky on the rolling creeper and fucks him in missionary, then the bottom rides his dick reverse. Once Sky cums as he’s getting his ass bred, Bo finishes up the lube job with a big creampie.

Levi & Brysen: Bareback

Sean Cody – Brysen / Levi

Brysen’s excited to be back in the Sean Cody studio with new model Levi, and although they start out with some soft and tender cuddling, things soon start to heat up. Since he was last with us, Brysen’s been taking lots of bike rides… and other rides too! “Fucking my boyfriend a lot, or getting fucked by my boyfriend a lot, that’s my best hobby.” Tall, muscular, and bearded Levi has a blue steel gaze guaranteed to make you melt, and he’s always down for some fun. “I like all the dicks,” he laughs. This top starts out showing Brysen’s cock some love as he sucks and deepthroats it while teasing his hole, then fucks Brysen mish. Levi’s happy to oblige when the sexy bottom asks for some choking. It’s not long before Brysen’s covered in cum as he blows his load and Levi pulls out to do the same right after, but Brysen’s hole wants more!


Ty Shine / Bruno Cartella

Ty Shine sees his hot neighbor Bruno Cartella bent over in his veggie patch, and sneaks closer for a better look at that booty. Bruno asks Ty for some help wielding the hose, but Ty ends up soaking Bruno as much as the plants, so the gardener slips out of his wet clothes and spreads his ass as Ty watches, speechless! The horny bottom puts one of his prize cucumbers side-by-side with Ty’s cock, sucking first one and then the other, then asks the top to fuck his hole with the long, hard vegetable. Ty slides the cucumber into Bruno’s hole before replacing it with his cock, fucking him doggystyle and getting super deep in piledriver. Bruno rides Ty’s dick till he cums, and Ty plows him mish, then pulls out to give Bruno a facial.

Buddy Tickle Tortured


Buddy is a 21 y.o. straight construction worker and amateur bull rider who hasn’t been tickled since he was little. Like a lot of novice ticklees, Buddy is okay with being tickled as an idea, but when he hops up on the tickling table, nerves quickly kick in. Franco cuffs Buddy’s hands behind his back and lays him face down for a test tickle. He’s crazy ticklish! Franco tickles Buddy’s hamstrings before telling him to flip over to tickle his front. Buddy screeches and thrashes violently as Franco tickles him in his armpits. At one point, Buddy breaks one of the ropes, but this bull can’t buck Franco off. After lowering his arms to reduce the pain, Franco tickles Buddy in his bellybutton and on his ribs. This guy may be strong, but no matter what he tries, he can’t stop the tickle torture. Franco tickles Buddy through his athletic socks, then on his cute, size 9 bare feet. Finally, Buddy is able to sneak out of one of the wrist restraints, and in a rare turn of events, he gets in a split-second tickle of Franco. He even breaks the tickling table in half! When everything is put back together, Franco exacts his revenge. He tickles Buddy hard on his ribs, munches his sensitive feet, then sits on his chest and tortures his inner thighs. Franco tickles Buddy’s neck with turkey feathers and his bristly beard, then drives him nuts tickling his ears. To end the marathon tickle, Franco tickles Buddy’s soles and sucks his big toe. Oh, and one brutal final tickle between his thighs.

Jax & Cody: Bareback

Sean Cody – Cody Seiya / Jax

Jax is very impressed with newcomer Cody’s abs, and Cody is extremely excited to work with Jax. “There’s not a lot of guys like you where I’m from, and I want a guy who can throw me around,” the cute Asian bottom explains. “That’s funny, because I’ve literally been waiting for someone I can throw around. Someone I can pick up and just fuck!” Jax replies. These hotties are definitely on the same wavelength as they begin making out and undressing each other. Cody lets Jax admire his cut physique as he rides his big cock and takes a big creampie, and then it’s Jax’s turn to show off as he picks Cody up for a stand-and-carry!


Aitor Fornik / Manuel Scalco

Manuel Scalco’s beard is getting a bit unruly, so he asks his boyfriend, Aitor Fornik, to give it a trim. As Aitor starts running the clippers over his man’s face, the horny top distracts him by pulling out his hard cock! That big dick needs attention more than Manuel’s facial hair, so Aitor gives it a long, luxurious blowjob. Manuel undresses the bottom and eats his hole, then fucks him doggystyle. They sit on the couch where Aitor can climb on Manuel’s cock, then head into the bedroom where Manuel bends Aitor over the bed till he pulls out and gives the bottom a facial. The guys cuddle up as Aitor jacks his cock and shoots a big load onto Manuel’s face.

Raw Bareback Hardcore Gay Sex

Happy Fuckin’ Birthday Johnny Rapid Sc 3

NakedSword Originals

After hearing about how tight Apollo Fates’ hole was, Jax Thirio makes it his mission to find out for himself. These studs are into each other and they want it now, so they head up to the bedroom where Apollo gets right to work servicing Jax’s girthy member. Savoring every inch of Jax’s dick, Apollo makes sure not to forget Jax’s big balls need to be slurped. Jax wants a taste too, so he bends Apollo over to devour and finger-fuck his hole. Ready for full service, Apollo’s tight hole welcomes a bareback fuck from Jax’s throbbing rod. Apollo takes it like a champ, moaning and screaming in multiple positions before ending up on his back where Jax covers Apollo’s sore hole in warm cum. After giving Apollo a taste of his load, Jax slides back in and pounds Apollo’s prostate until Apollo lets loose thick ropes of cum that cover his smooth abs.

Happy Fuckin’ Birthday Johnny Rapid Sc 2

Work (That Ass) From Home

Markus Kage / Jeremy London

Jeremy London is late for an important video meeting, so he hurriedly puts on his boxers and a shirt as he looks for his laptop. His boyfriend Markus Kage chuckles as Jeremy tries to use the vibrator lying on the table as a mouse, activating the vibrations with his phone. The toy gives Markus an idea: As Jeremy tries to stay professional with his boss, the naughty top crawls under the table, rips a hole in his man’s drawers, and slips the vibrator into his hole! When Markus turns up the toy, Jeremy has to log off as he cums hard all over his webcam. Jeremy starts sucking Markus’s cock, then rides it on the floor before the top picks him up and puts him on the table to fuck his ass missionary. Jeremy bends over for some doggystyle till Markus pulls out to cum all over the vibrator. Jeremy slides it back inside, then gets back to work!

Casting Couch #440: Jonas Brown, Mario Roma

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Jonas Brown, the beginner in the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men hooks up with Daddy, Mario Roma. Deep throat cock sucking leads to Jonas’ ass being fucked deep and raw with a face full of cum.

Tyler Tickled Hard


Hunky stud Tyler is so ticklish that he starts giggling uncontrollably as Franco gets him situated face down on his table. Franco tickles Tyler’s furry butt and inner thighs, causing him to squeal and contort his huge, muscular body. Tyler laughs hysterically as Franco tickles his big feet with his fingers, beard and tongue, and he goes totally nuts when Franco flips him face up and tickles his armpits and ribs. Franco jumps back and forth between Tyler’s pits, thighs and feet, driving the muscle man wild. It’s an exhausting series of tickling sensations that only pauses when Franco swallows Tyler’s big black cock. Tyler shows his appreciation by sucking Franco in return. Franco cums all over Tyler, but Tyler just can’t cum like this. So Franco climbs back on top and wraps up the session with chest tickles.

Tony & Jax: Cum-Eating Dare


Tony and Jax write down two dares for the other guy in a game of Truth or Dare. For the first dare, Jax has to give Tony a handjob to get him hard. Then Tony has to give Jax a nice long blowjob. Tony gets the favor returned and then some from Jax. It seems there isn’t a dare that Tony won’t do, so I plan something that will really push his limits. After some cock grinding and mutual stroking to work the guys up, Tony shoots a big load on Jax. The catch is that I make him lick it up. Finally, Tony receives a hot facial, which I make Jax taste, too.


Jeremy London / Trent King

Trent King thinks his roommate Jeremy London is out like a light when he strips off and starts using a stroker on his huge, hard, uncut cock, but Jeremy was faking so that he can sneak a peek at what his roomie’s got in his pants. Jeremy gets so horny listening to Trent masturbate, he hops down from the top bunk to give him a hand. Trent lets Jeremy take a turn with the toy before they put their cocks together and both fuck it at once! Jeremy puts his dick tip inside Trent’s foreskin, then the guys 69 before the horny top fucks Jeremy doggystyle. Jeremy rides his buddy till he cums, and Trent jacks his huge dick till he “bros” his load.

Hung Studs Fucking Doggystyle


Aitor Fornik / Manuel Scalco

Manuel Scalco’s beard is getting a bit unruly, so he asks his boyfriend, Aitor Fornik, to give it a trim. As Aitor starts running the clippers over his man’s face, the horny top distracts him by pulling out his hard cock! That big dick needs attention more than Manuel’s facial hair, so Aitor gives it a long, luxurious blowjob. Manuel undresses the bottom and eats his hole, then fucks him doggystyle. They sit on the couch where Aitor can climb on Manuel’s cock, then head into the bedroom where Manuel bends Aitor over the bed till he pulls out and gives the bottom a facial. The guys cuddle up as Aitor jacks his cock and shoots a big load onto Manuel’s face.

The Tourist: Guido Plazas, Santiago Rodriguez, Valdo Smith

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Valdo Smith immediately spots the sexy tourists, Santiago Rodriguez and Guido Plaza. The guys return with Valdo and share some deep throat cock sucking and deep, raw tag team fucking and a salacious double fucking.

Salty Boys Sc2

NakedSword Originals

Get into 100% bareback fucking with hot men who find a day at the beach deeply erotic! Latin stud Cesar Rossi and Scott DeMarco can’t take their hands and mouths off each other when they smell the salty air. Cesar returns for more seaside fun with sexy Scott DeMarco. Damien Crosse and Valentin Petrov are a pair of stunning men who love heading outdoors to fuck raw. While they’re out for a nice day on the water, Jay Seabrook and Sean Duran get inspired to dock their boat and fuck raw.

Salty Boys Sc1


A total blast! The best home porn you’ve ever seen! These home scenes were sent to us by two muscly guys. Awesome, shapely bodies and permanently hard cocks. Their life is a huge fucking spree. These two handsome guys fuck all the time! They’ll show their 69, a mind-blowing blowjob and incredibly passionate anal sex. Their foot fetish, anal dildo magic and streaming hot cum is the icing on the top. You’ll have to watch their video over and over again. The best gay porn we’ve had here! Big up for you, guys!

Russian Army Recruit Wanking in the Toilet

Russian Soldier Caught Jerking Off

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Blindfolded Blow Jobs and Raw Fuck Orgies

Cock Hunter

Raging Stallion

Enter the dark and steamy bathhouse where hot and hairy men are ready for anonymous, energized encounters. Seven all-natural studs are on the prowl in ‘Cock Hunter’, Raging Stallion’s latest intense, bareback feature shot by award-winning director Tony Dimarco. The studs are hairy, horny and beefy, and they’re on the hunt, cruising through the dark halls of the club, to find the hottest cocks to suck and ride raw. When Logan finds Donnie face down ass up, the two flip-fuck until they both explode all over each other. Jake Nicola finds Drew Sebastian wrapped in nothing but a towel, and offers up his hairy hole for Drew to empty his cock in. After finishing up at the glory hole, Brian Bonds is lead to the steam room to top Dev Tyler’s hot, eager hole with his thick bare cock. Sean Harding is wandering the halls looking for the next big dick to breed him when he chooses Wade Wolfgar to give him a warm, wet creampie. After all these hot studs are done, they connect in the main room of the bathhouse for an over-the-top orgy, switching up and sharing holes, leaving everyone’s balls drained. Next time you’re craving anonymous loads, be a ‘Cock Hunter’, head to the bathhouse and leave all of your sexual inhibitions at the door.

The Privilege: Lucio Saints, Cole Keller

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Cole Keller and Lucio Saints have admired each other from afar for a long time and today the privilege of hooking up happens. Cole sucks on that monster cock before his ass is pried open and fucked hard and deep. Cole is rewarded with a huge bukkake.

Ryker Blindfolded and Toyed With


Open-minded surfer Ryker thinks he’s here to audition, but he’s so hot that I’m going to have to use him for myself. I tell the 25-year-old surfer to get naked, blindfold him, then start rubbing his hairy naked body. I jump in to suck Ryker’s dick, and he leans back to enjoy it. I pull on his balls and suck and jack his cock. When he asks me if I like it, I push it to the next level and put my dick in his hand. I tap on Ryker’s neck and he knows what I want him to do. He leans over and puts my cock in his mouth, sucking on my big purple head. I reward him by going back down on him as his jacks my cock. I keep sucking Ryker until he busts his nut. Then I smear my dick with his cum and tell him to take off his blindfold. He goes down on me, tasting himself, and jacks a huge load out of me and all over his hands.

Home Alone Part 2: Bareback

Jacob Booker / Tony Prower

Latin twink Jacob Booker’s home alone and horny when Tony Prower rings the bell to ask him to sign a petition. The only issue Jacob cares about is getting some of Tony’s D, and he’ll sign whatever it takes to do it! Soon, Jacob’s got a handful of that big cock, and he shows Tony what that mouth can do before the top tongues Jacob’s hole and fucks him up against the wall. They head for the stairs where Jacob rides Tony reverse, and then Tony fucks Jacob piledriver till that tight ass makes him cum all over it. Jacob jacks off till he cums too.

Surprise Prostate Inspection

 Boys Halfway House Incident #271

Generally visitors aren’t allowed at the Halfway House except under supervision, and during appropriate times. That said, this isn’t a prison, so anyone can walk through the front door if someone lets them in. Well, this dipshit had some bimbo over and got caught, and he definitely suffered the consequences. Since this isn’t his first stint at the House, we knew he was a good cocksucker and could take a dick, and because of that knowledge, he got no mercy. He also had an inkling of what would be happening to him. First, his throat was thoroughly roughed up with the Manager’s thick cock. He can work his way around a dick, this one, but after a while he was tearing up because his poor little mouth was getting face fucked to the limit. So, of course, it was on to his hole.

Teen hole is the best, whether it has been used or not, and this guy is no exception. Because he’s such a delinquent, he’s gotten fucked a lot before, too. So his ass was somewhat ready for the onslaught. He gets banged out in missionary and doggie, and by the time that is over you can see in his eyes that he is wishing he had followed the rules. But then we made him ride cock, and with every stroke the Manager’s cock was feeling better and better. Laying him onto his side, he got fucked even more from behind. At this point the resident’s hole was completely used up, just like he is. For good measure, he took a big gooey load of jizz right on his tongue and was made to swallow it. Nothing like a surprise prostate inspection to keep a resident on his toes.

Kinky Horny Studs in Action

Deep In The Club

Club Inferno

“Deep In the Club” horny studs are cruising around in leather just waiting for an eager hunk to open up their holes with a hefty fist. Join award-winning kink director Tom Moore and eight piggy men who are wandering the club in search of busted holes and thick fists. Alex Killian finds Mike Monroe and Brian Bonds going at it when they invite him in, making sure they keep going until all three have had their holes stretched. Derek Cline finds Josh Mikael alone in his room and offers up his hole to fist. After Josh gets in, Derek takes charge and busts out Josh’s hairy, sloppy ass. When Alex Killian stumbles upon Dean Rogers stroking, he handballs the hairy stud before getting his own shaking orgasm with Dean’s fist planted up his ass. Next time you want to get “Deep In the Club”, make sure your holes are ready, your fist is gloved, and you’re not leaving until your balls are drained.

Best Friends Brendan and Corbin Cum Together


Brendan calls these two best friends “a package deal,” even when getting with girls. They talk here about jerking off and the first time they had a three way. When I ask them who has the bigger cock, Brendan points at his friend. Brendan is by no means tiny, but Corbin is really huge. I tell the guys to come up with a competition between the two of them, and they agree to have a cum race. The first person who cums gets to cum on the other guy. Corbin gets there first and shoots what seems like buckets of cum on Brendan. It just keeps cumming. Soon after that, Brendan busts his nut and it sounds like a good one!

Travelling for Dick Part 3: Bareback

Calhoun Sawyer / Kyle Connor

Calhoun Sawyer’s cross-country dick-hunting trip has taken him to Chattanooga, where he’s excited to hook up with muscular farmhand Kyle Connors for some ginger-on-ginger action. Calhoun loves how buff Kyle is, and Kyle is a big fan who can’t wait to get his hands and mouth on Calhoun’s famous cock. Country boy Kyle has some impressive deepthroating skills, and he’s more than impressed by Calhoun’s tongue in his hole, which soon has him begging for that dick. Calhoun fucks the burly bottom doggystyle, then blows Kyle’s mind by sucking his toes as he pounds him mish. Calhoun cums on Kyle’s face, then asks the other redhead to shoot hot jizz all over his cock.

Punch That Hole

Bo Sinn / Drew Dixon

Drew Dixon’s hungry hole needs more than just one finger… it needs all of them! Luckily, Bo Sinn is ready to lend Drew a hand. Bo teases Drew’s ass with just the tip, then slowly slides more and more digits inside until he’s fisting the bottom’s voracious hole. When Drew is good and stretched out, Bo fucks him doggystyle and that dick is so good, Drew licks Bo’s boots! Bo puts Drew in missionary and the bottom jacks off and cums, then gets on all fours to take Bo’s load all over his asshole.

Corey: Getting Off With Another Guy


I like Corey’s fat cock and smooth body. He starts out slowly getting his cock hard and playing with his balls. I try out a new clear jack-off toy with him and start to get a sense of Corey’s vocal sexuality. He moans and really starts to get excited as I stroke him. I lick Corey’s balls, and as I start to suck his dick, I can see in his eyes that this is an amazing first-time experience for him. He has one of the loudest and biggest orgasms yet!

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