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Hung Muscled Hunks Being Fucked


Council flat cocksuckers – Day time fuck in our flat 
His soft in the beginning and my mates said to leave all that In the footage 
coz its really Horny watching Such a beautiful dick, on him get erect 
WOW One of my favorite things is watching a guy get hard 
(Could literally watch it for hours) 
So This is ! ! Dedicated to the cock sucking loving guys ! ! 
Credible rightful Real sincere dick sucker – blows this boy off and gets him solid 
I don’t know who the ‘Shameless’ bottom lad is? LOL 
All I know is that when his getting Dicked his still got his Jock Strap on – which 
means his such a bottom he never actually takes it off 🙂 YES YES YES we love 
that – means he Really is a cumdump type of lad 
The fucking in this vid is PERFECT! When his pushing is dick in and out you can 
see the arse of the bottom lad really being pulled and starched…..A GR8 slight 

he puts that boy on his knees to fuck him in the arse 
N leaves him SEEDED with cum hanging out his arse 
…..And to the Finnish boy (I think thats what you call someone form Finland) 
Noticed you had a LOVELY arse – like really hot LOL 
Your crazy good looking – do you ever bottom mate? 
Pls get back in touch – we ALL wanna fuck you well bad if your up 4 it 
****Somehow we have lost touch with you…if you are reading this then please get 
back in touch handsome**** 

Kirk Gauguin & Allan Aimée


Do you enjoy sex in public? Kirk Gauguin and Allan Aimée clearly love being watched. Kirk finds Allan sitting apart from the other boys by the pool and after a quick make out, he puts his hard cock into his mouth. Allan doesn’t care if the other boys are watching because he is finally with the guy he’s always dreamed about.
Kirk is a very experienced lover but Allan gives the best blowjobs. After rimming Allan’s bubble butt, Kirk slides his manhood into Allan and they fuck hard without a care for the watching boys, who get steadily hornier. After Kirk cums over Allan’s ass, he plays with his lover’s hole until Allan also shoots a thick creamy load.


Ya’all gonna love this SEXY 28 minute video “Fireside Fuck- Big C Breeds & Flips With Caysen Matthew”. I had played with Caysen off cam the week before, and the sex was bomb! So I hit him up late night when I was horny, and he showed up an hour later ready to get down… I lit the fire out back, poured some wine, and we smoked some bud. The sex was insane– He starts riding my throbbing cock nice n slow. I end up fucking him in all sorts of positions, with an insane breed missionary. Caysen is not only super flexible, he’s also verse with a nice boy dick, so of course I jumped on after breeding him and rode a load out. He blows a nice load with muy dick in his mouth! Enjoy!

NOTHING TO LOSE: Craig Marks, Louis Ricraute

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Craig Marks confesses his desires for Louis Ricaute and leaves him a note. Meeting up, Craig sucks Louis’ monster cock then gets his hot, pink ass fucked


When your brother’s the guy who’s taught you everything about yourself and your body and made you take care of his needs it’s tough to watch him go off to serve. The waiting, the worry, and the longing is unbearable. The memory of his touch and his smell and the spasms your body went through when he was in you is so hard to be without. Then that happy day comes when he comes home and two brothers pick up right where they left off. That day has come for Liam and Mason. To all who served proudly like these two, Thank You!

DRENCHED: Dylan, Adam, Jeff & Joaquin


Today we bring you an extraordinary 4 way with Adam, Dylan, Jeff, and  Joaquin! We’ll leave it to the viewers to see for yourself why it’s so special but will give you a hint: there is a lot of fucking involved, both by Adam and also Dylan and everything ends in a classic and signature cumshot from Adam, drenching all of his mates in one powerful blast that is not to be missed!


Some jealous assholes call us sloppy and call our cumdump house a “slop pad”. Lol, little do they know their guys are always stopping in to dump a few loads. Guess we can’t blame ’em for calling us sloppy sluts, probably hear us sucking dick from down the block. We know what these guys are missing and love giving them the kind of nut they need to bust.

Gay Chicken, Spring Break Edition – Part 2


It’s Joey and Greg’s turn to try to beat Justice and Cali’s Gay Chicken score. These guys don’t call ‘Chicken’ once, and the action is smokin’ hot. It all begins with a wet kiss. Competition number two is cock-touching. Even though they joke about not wanting to touch each other, they both get hard and are willing to jerk on the other’s rod. Nobody Chicken in this room! Next, it’s Joey’s turn to suck on Greg’s dick and give him a slow blowjob. Greg grabs his head and pushes him onto his cock. Then Greg gets on Joey’s cock and sucks it like an old pro. “I hope my Mom doesn’t see this…” In the bonus round, the two try to get each other off. After sucking on Greg some more, Joey plays with his balls until Greg shoots a big load all over Joey. He even tastes his cum for the first time. Not to be outdone, Greg goes down on Joey and tries to get him to bust. He needs a little help from me, but Joey blows his nut and also takes a big slurp of his own jizz.


Jorge the randy handy man is checking out some wires in a building block. The janitor, Amir hands hime the keys and also lends him the massive tool in his pants. Licking his butt out in the basement and getting his dick wet he fucks Jorge on the stairs. Jorge ends up drenched in cum after being destroyed by this hairy dominant male.

Henrik Bjorn & Thom Jacobs


This update is almost like a „fairy tale“. Henrik Bjorn is exploring the beauty of the Czech countryside when he unexpectedly experiences a summer fling. Bjorn decides to spend the night in a local guesthouse where he meets Thom Jacobs.
Seductive looks soon develop into a more intimate make out session and rapid undressing. After mutual blowjobs and a rimjob, Thom finally feels his lover’s cock inside him. The sex gets wilder and the two boys climax with big creamy cumshots. We can only wonder what might happen when this story continues.


Meet Trevor: he’s 5’9″, 160lbs, from LA, and can take dick like a champ. He’s not bad to look at either. He and Gino were hitting it off all weekend so I knew this was gonna be some hot, passionate fucking. Gino laid back while Trevor serviced him… but grabbed him by the throat at one point, pulled him in to tell him how he hot he is, kissed him, then shoved his head back down to his hard cock. It doesn’t matter which position Gino pounded him in — doggy style, missionary, cuddle-fuck — Trevor wants more. The cuddle-fuck was what did them both in though, as Trevor busted his load with Gino railing him. And Gino wasn’t far behind, nutting all over and inside Trevor’s hole.

21-Year-Old Army Stud Utah Gets Blown


Cuba stopped by the house with Utah to see if I was home. We hung out for a little while, and Utah asked if he could make a video for some spending cash. Done! Utah has turned 21 since he was last here, and he got a few more tattoos on his hot body. His cock is still nice and fat, ready for me to suck on. It takes nothing to get this young guy hard, and just a few strokes of my hand had him almost ready to cum. I made him wait a while though. Utah is one of my favorite guys, and I took my time sucking his rod and licking his sexy balls. One of the things I like about Utah is how expressive and reactive he is when he’s horny. He was moaning and gripping the bed as I brought him close to nutting. Finally, Utah shoots a huge wad for me. I suck the rest of the cum out of his cock, then torture him for a minute…his cock is so sensitive after he cums.

Hardcore Gay Porn

Sweet Meat Sc 2

NakedSword Originals

Wearing only heels, a crop top, and barely-there shorts, farmer fucker Diego Sans is ready to pounce on a denim-clad Blaze Austin. With Diego’s meaty, hard dick out and ready, Blaze gets on all fours and sucks it to the base before sitting on the very edge of a swing to expose both his purple thong and his hungry hole. Diego chows down on the man’s ass and slides himself inside Blaze to fill him up with his bareback cock. After some 69 action between these panty-wearing country boys, the backwoods bottom finds himself lying naked in a wheelbarrow with Diego’s raw cock being pumped in and out of him. Soon both farmhands are uncontrollably milking themselves and covering Blaze’s bod in a thick layer of their country cum.


Featuring Jake Diesel!!!

Every Father fantasizes about making love to his son. The uncontrollable desire to be inside his boy brings out the deepest need in a man. When the love, the longing, and that thirst is finally realized it satisfies his appetite like only that forbidden fruit can. Jake Diesel has begun to learn how to quench his father, Will Angell’s thirst like only he can. Will and Liam Angell


Koldo and Roc have been working together for some time and they love being on the job together. They often end up getting distracted by each other throughout the day. Roc cant resist Koldos sexy pits and kisses them at every opportunity, not to mention burying himself round his cock. In this back room Roc takes Koldos cock and cum before spraying his own jizz all over himself. Mikey Lee


Our buddy Leo has always had a thing for big bearish men, so I instantly thought of our old friend Marco Bolt, we have shot Marco in a few other videos and he’s always an excellent top to direct. I really love seeing these two uncut horse cock latin sex fucks go at it, I love watching a thick man cock crash its way into a tight little muscle ass, in this video I could not help but jump in and add my cum to the mix, so during a water break, I had to fuck sexy leos throat and jerk off onto his face as he was getting pounded out by big sexy latin man bear Marco, you will love this one, enjoy. –Hunter & Cole


PIT ROAST (TIMFUCK VOLUME 16) is a gut-breeding collection of 3-way spit roasting fuck scenes. The only thing that a Treasure Island Media bottom loves more than dick (besides cum!) is TWO dicks!

Drew Dixon takes on RYAN POWERS & SETH KNIGHT.
MAX ROMANO whimpers while getting fucked by ROMEO DAVIS & DADDY CREAM.
Horny top MARCO NAPOLI gets to fuck both holes of THE MORGAN TWINS.
ALESSIO VEGA is paired up with fellow uncut Latino machomen ESTEBAN & GIAN LUCA.

As a special bonus, we have included the classic Paul Morris scene with MOONBOY getting fucked by the legendary meat of AUSTIN SHADOW & JED PISSTON.

SPIT ROAST features scenes filmed all over the USA, directed by Dice, I. Que Grande, Paul Morris, Max Sohl, Scum & Kyle Ferris.

Muscle Stud Orion’s Surprise Hand Job


Orion thought he was coming in today for a solo jackoff shoot, but I had other plans for him. This criminal justice student has an stunning body and an amazing cock, so I definitely thought it was worth pushing my luck. Once he was all hot and on his way to cumming, I stepped into the scene and started jacking his cock and playing with his asshole. When I started rubbing his nipples, he couldn’t hold it anymore. He lost it all over those hard abs with a big, satisfied moan.

Joel & Raphael


Today was originally reserved for a new scene for Robert Boggs, but as he is running a bit behind schedule we decided to call on Joel and Raphael to fill in the blank. This is a selfie/home video filmed by Adam and Joel so we didn’t want to bring it to you on one of our main update slots, but it turned out quite well. Both guys look great and Raphael demonstrates a real love for big dick!


​​Daddy Will has found a Russian Bear Cub to come breed Liam’s hole. He forces our bottom boy down and presses his weight into him so there is no escape. He stuffs his hard bear cock deep up Liam’s eager and gaping hole for hours and dumps two loads of raw spunk, one after the other. If there was any doubt that Liam is a hungry cock slut made to worship big bear cock there is none now. Liam and Will Angell


Will Angell has created a monster. That’s what happens when you turn your youngest son on to the pleasures of cock. Little did he know when he fed his young man Trip Richards his meaty Daddy cock for the first time the lad would get so hooked on it, Will would never get a good night’s rest again. The boy keeps sneaking into Dad’s room and helping himself to his father’s fat piece of meat and it looks like Dad just can’t say no to him. Will and Liam Angell


I love “working” with new guys and showing them my authentic way of shooting, and as you will see Cade liked it a whole bunch! He is a sexy, verse. muscley hunk with a super edgey head tattoo! I had him over a few nights prior for a tryout, and we ended up flipping like crazy in a super hot off cam session (I still think those are VERY healthy & necessary!). Anyway, he wanted to keep it simple for his first vid and like so many of the boys—–He wanted to be BRED hard!Cory & Jared


We had recently met & chatted with this gorgeous man while presenting at the GayVN Awards a few weeks ago. Chris has worked with most of the top studios, and has proven himself to be an outstanding performer. Although he is more Top, he puts in his best bottoming efforts here in this CRAZY hot flip session with Jared. I’m a handsy videographer, and of course I jump in a few times and bust a load with Chris at the end! This is one of those vids you can definitely watch over and over! I’ve already blown countless loads just editing it!!! Chris wants to flip with me next, Stay Tuned, & Enjoy!Cory & Jared


Love it when we can start off with a few guys at once instead of one at a time, searching for more. Better when we have more dicks than holes to fill. These buds heard about our cumdump house and decided to pop by. Railed us for hours, we could barely stay on our phones to look for more dicks. Hope they come back for more, best dickings we’ve gotten in a while and sooo much cum from each of them.

Uncut Muscled Buddies Fucking and Sucking Raw

RIDER: Cole Keller, Apolo Adri

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Based on a true story, Apolo Adri makes a delivery to Cole Keller that leads to muscle worship, deep throat cock sucking, raw ass fucking and being fed cum

Jerome & Ian


Today we Ian Roebuck’s very first scene he filmed with us and it is with the insatiable Jerome. Physically, our 2 guys are quite similar, lean, blond, and handsome so we expect this to be quite a good pairing. After today’s outing we only have one more scene to come with Ian and that will come later this year over on Freshmen where he will be paired with Hungarian stud, Mael Gauthier.

Raw Ramming Sc.2


Craig Kennedy, Ray May

Back to Greece Part 5


Life is tough for the boys when they are on location in Greece and they real have to slum it, as you will see in today’s documentary. The big fascination today is Jon’s balls, with even Peter agreeing that Jon’s balls are bigger than his own dick! Jon has told us before that they sometimes are a problem. If he ever goes out commando, he has a habit of sitting on them, which you can imagine is not all that comfortable. Take a look here as we explore not only Jon’s balls, but Elio’s butt, Niko’s body and a raft of other exotic treats.

ImperialMuscle Tickled


I laughed a bit when I met this guy names “ImperialMuscle,” but I have to admit that his body and his feet are pretty amazing. The name isn’t far off because ImperialMuscle is at the pinnacle of fitness – he’s also a fun guy who doesn’t take himself very seriously. He thought he was ticklish, but he didn’t realize he would be quite as ticklish as he is. He has gorgeous feet that are also very ticklish and his armpits and 8-pack abs are very ticklish too.

Mark Laysson & Jens Christensen


Not only was Mark lucky enough to have one of his first scenes with dark haired hunk Peter Annaud, but he backs it up with blond jock Jens Christensen for here 2nd scene here on Freshmen. Mark is one of a few stunning new guys we are introducing to you during the first half of this year that are still hard at work filming with us.
Big dick, geat body and movie star face, Mark makes a welcome addition to the team. We start off today in the shower, but things move along quite quickly to the bedroom where he is soon enjoying Jen’s big dick planted firmly between his butt cheeks. Luckily for us there is plenty more of Mark coming up in the future, but this scene completes his introduction

RAILED – Hot Gay Bareback Fuck Fest

Travis Smith & Richard Lennox

Twink boy Travis has his dreams fulfilled when he’s fucked by that big raw porn star cock!

Billy & Kenny


Kenny only ever filmed 2 scenes for us and a casting and this is the last of the pair of scenes (The first being with his scout, Andre) We would have liked to do a bit more with Kenny, but it turns out that he could be a little unreliable and we rarely had him show up for a scheduled shoot. He has gone on to shoot for some other studios in Prague, but regardless of that, we hope you enjoy his last outing here on BelAmi today.

Fuck Buddies Know What To Do

Sean Taylor & Taylor Mason

We’re so glad to have Sean and his big dick back, and you can bet Taylor is, too.

Jim Durden & Niko Vangelis


There is a little theme to this weeks hard core scenes in that we get to see 2 of our guys with fantastic meaty asses bottoming for 2 very enthusiastic fuckers. First up is our very own Greek god, Niko Vangelis bottoming for Jim Durden. Jim is one of the few guys that we have that is quite verbal in sex (he is actually quite verbal all the time, so this comes as no surprise). He is also our least inhibited model. There is never any need to direct Jim to be more adventurous in sex, but rather a need to restrain his sexual enthusiasm so that the cameramen can keep up with him. Niko obviously enjoys the energetic ppounding he gets from his buddy today, shooting a massive load while Jim hammers away at his prostate!

Gay Porn Bareback Sex Movies

Train My Hole Sc 2

NakedSword Originals

Andre Donovan has never bottomed for anyone, but boyfriend Reign just beat him in a series of horny games and now he has to open up his hole for the very first time. Still on their balcony, Andre bends over as Reign’s entire face disappears between his cheeks. Reign rims and fingers the first-time bottom before letting Andre swallow his hard cock. The two move inside as Reign gives his boyfriend’s ass a hard slap and slides his meat into his untouched hole raw. Unable to control his reaction to being filled up by Reign’s perfect dick bareback, Andre moans and grasps for his man as the hung top pumps himself in and out of Andre’s newly-stretched hole. Reign pulls out of his tight ass just in time to cover him in a sea of ropes with Andre adding to the mess seconds later by stroking out his own load of thick jizz.

Horny Hooligans

Alejo Ospina / Daniel Montoy

Watching their soccer team’s victory makes futbol fans Alejo Ospina and Daniel Montoya so excited, they kiss each other. As Alejo’s buddy takes him over to the foosball table, he keeps making hot eye contact with the sexy fellow fan, and Daniel sneaks over and sucks him under the table! The guys suck each other, and Alejo rims Daniel, then slides a foosball handle into his hole before fucking him doggystyle. Daniel rides the top’s dick, then Alejo pounds him on a bench in missionary. Daniel rides the top reverse, stroking his cock till he cums, then gets on his knees to take Alejo’s load in his mouth. GOAL!

A DEBT TO PAY: Cole Keller, Gianni Maggio

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Gianni Maggio, head of the Porn Syndicate disciplines his cohort, Cole Keller, by means of deep throat cock sucking of his monster cock and raw ass fucking



Apart from having hot sex together, there is another connection between our stars today in that both Hoyt and Eluan have mainstream modeling careers outside of their work for BelAmi, but today they are paired up together as our feature scene for Summer Loves this week.
Although Hoyt always tries in on with the new guys, our production team firmly ban him from fooling around with newbie Frederick (As we know you will ask, you will get to meet young Frederick in detail in March on Freshman) and send him on his way with our tall and sexy Slovak, Eluan. For those of you who like your sexy hot and sweaty, this one is for you as Hoyt gives Eluan a masterclass in anal pleasure.


Damn – all the Latin power tops are in this movie. MAXIMO PUGA has got a huge fucking cock with perfect egg-shaped balls and he knows how to use that dick. EDWIN CORREA is a great and brave bottom for taking on that big meat. Edwin services the cock first and then bends over and spreads his cheeks for the big meat. Surprise – Edwin is such a slut, that cock fits right in. No wasting time opening up the hole, Maximo can dig right in and fuck.

Maximo and Edwin move to the bedroom where the top gets the bottom on his side to give us a nice view of the fucking. Edwin then sits on Maximo’s cock and does his best to milk it with his ass muscles, but the top is too horny and thrusts back trying to get himself to cum.

Maximo announces he wants to cum, but not before he has Edwin taste his ass on his cock sucking all the way down. The top then has the bottom back on his side and fucks away fast hard and as deep as he can go until he shoots. The look of relief and satisfaction on Maximo’s face and in his smile is obvious. He really needs to cum. Maximo sticks his fingers into Edwin’s hole and handfucks him until he nuts.

Victor Tickled Hard Again


It’s been almost two years since Franco has seen Victor, so when he recently passed through town, Franco had to have him in for a tickling session. Victor whines and squeals as Franco tickles his thick, hairy body with a feather, and his face gets red and furrowed when Franco tickles his wide, size 10 feet. This muscle man can’t do anything to stop the tickling, so after a while he holds his breath and tries not to squirm. But every time Victor goes silent, Franco amps up the intensity, leaving Victor swearing in Spanish and begging for him to stop. Franco uses scalp massagers, brushes and fingers to tickle the aggression out of Victor. He finishes the straight stud off with a deep-throat blowjob of his big, uncut cock, slurping up his load after he cums.


Cocky Boys



Boyfriends in real life, Trent Marx is no stranger to blowing Marquis Thompson’s fine cock until it cums. It is his duty after all and he is a good Charlotte! Trent works over Marquis licking his pits and caressing his balls until that sweet sperm is shooting on his tongue.

Smelly Hockey Fuckers


Aiden Jacobs can’t help it, his sweaty hockey teammate Tony D’Angelo smells so good, he has to try to sneakily sniff his jock strap. When Tony catches him, he pushes the blond bottom to his knees and fucks his mouth, then pulls off his skates and rubs his feet on Aiden’s face. Aiden can’t get enough of licking and sniffing the top’s pits, then puts his skates in the air as Tony fucks him missionary on the bench. Aiden gets dicked down doggystyle, then rides Tony till he cums on the top’s chest and takes a creampie!


In this Bruthaload Blowjob scene, Venom is double serviced by Mike Maverick and Dizzy Antonio. The cocksuckers take turns sucking Venom’s beautiful dick with Dizzy also sucking off Mike. Venom feeds Dizzy a big load and Mike squirts on Dizzy’s back (a waste of cum we know!!!).

Hardcore Gay Sex Videos

Gang Bang Orgy

Dark Alley

Owen Hawk’s muscle ass is the main course in this latest RFC orgy, but every hole is a go as these ravenous studs pound each other out, leaving their balls empty and their holes leaking with cum.

Viggo & Elio


Today we have thing a little unusual for you. Viggo and Elio have provided us with a scene they originally filmed for their OF pages. We made the deal with them that they could borrow our cameramen and location, provided they would also share what they film.
Happily agreeing to the offer, they made this scene for us. Not everything that they filmed is really usable, but whenevr we get something from them that we think you will like, we will bring it to you here.

Virtual Fuckery


Ashton Summers has been dreaming of monster cock, so he’s super excited to put on his VR headset and find himself in a virtual world where he gets to play with an enormous dong. To really get into the game, Ashton pulls out a big dildo and sucks it, then starts pounding his bussy, unaware that his roommate Bo Sinn is watching through the door and jacking his dick. Bo decides to give Ashton the real monster cock he craves, holding the toy to pound the bottom harder, then replacing it with his big man meat. Games are fun, but there’s nothing like the real thing, and Ashton can’t get enough as Bo pounds him mish. The gamer cutie rides the top till he orgasms, then Bo blasts Ashton’s ass with cum!

Riis Erikson & Justin Saradon


Justin Saradon shares with his friends a spicy story about a really hot guy. Even though it starts by „accident“, we still get a happy ending.

Justin invites newcomer Riis Erikson over to his apartment. After Riis takes a shower, they start to make out. Kissing quickly leads to mutual blowjobs.
Justin is the first to offer his butt as he really needs to feel his lover’s cock deep inside him. Riis fucks his partner slow and then starts to accelerate until they decide to switch roles. We then get to see Riis’ butt in action until we reach the promised happy ending.

Cirque Du SoGay

Dante Colle / Dale

It’s Dale’s first time trying aerial silks, and his teacher, Dante Colle, is impressed with how well the cute, muscular gymnast does on his first attempt. As Dante corrects Dale’s form, the student slips down and ends up with his muscle ass nestled against Dante’s swiftly hardening boner! Dale turns around to pull down his coach’s leggings and suck it, and Dante rims the bottom. The coach flips Dale upside-down for a vertical 69, then stretches his hole in doggystyle. Dale learns that aerial silks are good for more than just a workout as he lies back and Dante fucks him missionary suspended in midair, then piledriver. Dale cums as he rides the coach’s dick, then sucks Dante and swallows his load.

So Much To Learn


There’s a new guys in the House this week, and despite knowing all about his record, he still seems so damn innocent. Since we knew from the get-go that this was not truly the case, out Manager on duty decided to explain to him – and then show him – how things work around here. You should see this resident’s face when the substance testing is brought up! He looked like he wanted to jump out of the window and run. Fortunately, our Manager was able to keep him in his room and get him out of his clothes before he had the chance to escape. From the first second he saw the bulge in the Manager’s crotch, this guy knew what to do. And what follows is a lot of dick sucking and fucking, to be sure.

This guy is so petite that he looked like his entire face was being impaled on cock, and he was able to wrap both hands around it while he was slurping away. But the real stretching wasn’t this dude’s jaws, it was his ass. The House Manager, after some good fingering, fucks him in missionary and doggie, then has him riding – both facing forward and backward. The thing is, the resident has such a pretty face, but his behind is truly a wonder. With a bubble butt like that it’s hard to decide which angle you want to see him getting fucked from the most! But at any rate, after a few different positions the Manager was going balls deep, and hard.

After so much fucking, this resident got fucked again some more in missionary and then again in doggie – it’s as if the House Manager doesn’t want to stop! But he also got so worked up that he gave this no-good lowlife a fresh creampie, and then had the delinquent slurp it up while he jerked himself to a climax, cumming all over himself. The Manager left our young resident naked, with his chest covered in his own cum, and the Manager’s cum dripping out of his ass. The Manager asks the guy to keep it a secret, and the resident agrees. Little does he know that every other resident is getting banged on the regular as well, and the this Manager cock won’t be his last!

Raw Ramming

Craig Kennedy, Joel Tamir


Drew’s Tickling Audition

my friends feet

Drew Harper has beautiful feet and I couldn’t wait to test them out to see how ticklish they are. They are very sensitive and he started squirming around immediately. Although he’s not a loud laugher, he’s still pretty vocal. Tickling Drew’s armpits, neck and belly-button brought a bigger reaction and he was sweating like crazy from the adrenaline by the time he was done.

Teaching Student Galiel

Boy Napped

Naked little Galiel gets a lesson in the pain of clothespins, it’s excruciating!

Good Buddies Help Each Other

Lust for boys

Straight buddies Jean and Fausto are about to jack off to porn, but they have better things to try.

Mature Men and Muscled Hunks in Action

Gang Bang Orgy

Dark Alley

Owen Hawk’s muscle ass is the main course in this latest RFC orgy, but every hole is a go as these ravenous studs pound each other out, leaving their balls empty and their holes leaking with cum.

Pierre Cezanne & Jens Christensen


At the start of this video, we meet a sexy couple discovering a picturesque Greek town. Knowing Jens Christensen and Pierre Cezanne as we do, we assume the tour will continue in private. Jens takes Pierre into his apartment where they do not lose a second before starting to make out. When they both take out their hard cocks and dispense with their last pieces of clothing, the real hardcore action can start. A mutual blowjob is followed by hard bareback penetration where Jens is the lucky bottom. There must be something in the water or maybe it is the Greek climate but we experience two more majestic cumshots from the two of them.

PERSONAL TRAINER: Apolo Adri, Alan Vicenzo

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Apolo Adri is in the market for a Personal Trainer and meets with Alan Vicenzo. Cock sucking, ass eating and raw ass fucking leave these muscle men drained

Ethan O’Pry & Jim Durden


When we were thinking of something nice to bring you as a welcome to 2022, the choice was pretty clear. Combining the wild, unchained energy of Jim Durden with the striking inner and outer beauty of Ethan O’Pry seemed the best option. Jim never stops surprising us and this video is no exception. After a passionate blowjob session, Jim offers his butt to Ethan who does not hesitate a second. After some sensuous rimming, he slides his hard manhood in. The chemistry between the two is clear to see as they both climax with volcanic loads of cum.

Ethan O’Pry & Jim Durden part 2

Open Wide

Alex Mecum / Clark Delgaty / Malik Delgaty

Clark Delgaty is very nervous, so dental assistant Alex Mecum gives him a stress ball to squeeze during his checkup. But after bad boy dentist Malik Delgaty begins fingering Alex’s hole and fucking him with a toy, Clark finds himself squeezing Alex’s balls instead! Alex cums all over the patient, and Clark takes out his big hard cock for Alex to suck while Malik pounds that hole doggystyle. The tops switch off before Alex returns his patient to the chair and rides Clark’s dick while sucking the dentist’s instrument, then it’s Alex’s turn to open wide as Clark and Malik cum on his face while the bottom jacks off!

BelAmi X Sean Cody

Justin / Tom

Your favorite Sean Cody models are taking a dream trip to Spain, and they’re sharing a stunning villa with some of Europe’s hottest men, the guys of BelAmi! The hunky Europeans greet their new American friends with hugs and kisses over the dinner table, and the guys pose together for photos. The next morning, Justin decides to take an early swim, and Tom from BelAmi admires his form in his skin-tight bathing suit. The guys start kissing and suck each other’s cocks in the courtyard, then Tom rims Justin. Tom may not speak much English, but he understands as Justin says \”Don’t stop\” while the top fucks him doggystyle. \”Come to me,\” says Tom as he penetrates the bearded bottom in missionary, then leans in for a sultry kiss before Justin deepthroats his cock. The bottom rides Tom reverse, stroking himself till he cums, then gets ready for a nice morning facial.

Casting Couch #450: Samuel Redx, Antonio Miracle

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Antonio Miracle introduces us to Samuel Redx as they swap deep throat cock sucking and raw ass flip fucking before Samuel gets an ass full of cum

Cum in My Beard

Diego Reyes / Manuel Reyes

Manuel Reyes puts his work aside when his husband, Diego Reyes, begins caressing his neck and kissing his face. The hairy hunks rub their beards together as they embrace passionately, pulling each other’s clothes out of the way until Manuel can suck Diego’s cock. Diego undresses his husband enough to rim Manuel and finger his hole, then fucks him doggystyle. Manuel rides the top, and Diego lays the bottom on his back on the sofa to fuck him missionary. Diego wants every drop of Manuel’s cum in his beard, and as soon as he takes his husband’s load, he gives Manuel the same!

Pin Him Down & Breed Him

Raunchy Bastards#261

Hugh Depp called me a week before Christmas, and it seemed like he needed some help. He was very eager to come over for a visit. I didn’t have much time, but I really have a soft spot for Hugh. Although he’s straight, and doesn’t particularly like getting fucked, he sure does give the whole thing a lot of effort, and his easy-going attitude makes up for how fucking tight his hole is. I have probably mentioned this before, but Hugh is difficult to fuck. He’s very tight. That said, I like a challenge. So, I told him I might have time for a quickie.

Hugh showed up not too long after that, and it was definitely not a long, drawn out affair. After I ate him out for a bit, he sucked my cock (very well, I might add), and I fucked him good, hard, and deep. It didn’t take very long for me to dump a nut inside of him. After all, those screams and moans he made turned me on a lot. Afterwards, he even asked for a fist bump. What a champ!

Wedding Balls Part 1

Alex Mecum / Benjamin Blue

Benjamin Blue’s mom is getting married again for the fifth time, but what she doesn’t know when she sends him to check on his stepdad-to-be is that they’ve been having an affair! Benjamin’s pleas for Alex Mecum to marry him instead fall on deaf ears, but Alex agrees to one last blowjob for old times’ sake. As Benjamin is on his knees sucking Alex’s cock, they almost get caught by the bride, but that doesn’t stop Benjamin from pulling down his pants and baring his hole to entice Alex into fucking him. The groom undresses his future stepson and rims his hole, then fucks him up against the wall. Alex bends the bottom over a table to fuck him doggystyle, and Benjamin rides Alex’s cock. The top fucks him on the table until Benjamin cums, then fills him with a huge creampie. Alex won’t agree to Benjamin’s final appeal to cancel the wedding, but the sneaky bottom has a plan…

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