Alex Rosso and Felipe Prado

Felipe Prado’s back is arched and his ass is up in the air as he waits for a self-stroking Alex Rosso to join him in bed. Once they’re together, Felipe enjoys every inch of Alex’s fat cock that’s pumped into his gaping mouth before turning around to have the hung top rim and bareback his tan-lined bubble butt. Felipe’s hole quickly becomes accustomed to his partner’s big dick, and, soon enough, the sound of Felipe’s moans is eclipsed by the overpowering claps of Alex pounding Felipe from behind. Alex continues to show off his impressive topping skills as he drills Felipe in multiple positions all while Felipe jerks himself off to the sensation of an oversized hard-on going in and out of his willing hole. Alex then pulls out just in time to coat his fuck buddy in sticky white ropes before Felipe soaks the bedding with his own load.

The Cock’s Guard

Thomas Johnson has been hitting all the big tourist spots on his trip to London, and most important of all is, of course, Fuckingham Palace. When he gets a wink from hot guard Cole Hughes, Thomas decides to do whatever it takes to get a reaction, grinding on the guardsman and sucking his polearm. After the changing of the guard, Cole and Thomas find a quiet pavilion where Cole can suck Thomas and rim his hole, then fuck the bottom doggystyle. It’s Thomas’s turn to tongue the top’s hole before lying back to get shagged hard in missionary, and he swallows the guard’s cock. Thomas orgasms as he gets a good rogering from behind, then Cole spaffs on his arse!

Kieran & Carter

Dirty blond hunks Kieran and Carter are feeling playful in the park as they touch each other’s chests and peek down their shorts. Carter is looking forward to sucking Kieran, and eagerly undresses him to do just that back at the studio. “Put that fucking big dick in your mouth,” the top tells him before putting him on all fours to rim him. “Oh, I love it when you eat my hole!” Carter moans, and is soon begging to get dicked down. Kieran gives the bottom what he wants, first in missionary before Carter rides him. The bottom begs for it harder in doggystyle and cums so hard he collapses to the bed, then asks for Kieran’s load all over him, and the top is happy to oblige!


Nick Fitt was craving some tally’s on that white ass! He hit up Juven to get whored out by all of his homies! The bigger the better for this horned up cock craving bottom! All the homies jizzed on his ass and bounced! Nick Fitt’s husband also stopped by and joined in on the action!

asting Couch #492: Tex Pat, Lucio Saints

Tex Pat is inducted by superstar Lucio Saints into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. With no limits Tex’s mouth and ass are fucked full of Lucio’s cum

GEAR2022 – PART 2

Masks, chaps, pads, and more! Get suited up, because GEAR is the fetish fashion event of the year… and these guys certainly came dressed to impress.


1111Jared and I always started every morning off together with oral, and of course sometimes that turns into full on fucking. It was a hot summer morning, and we both woke up super horny…We turned on the cam to show off how much I enjoy bottoming for the Hubby’s pretty pink boy cock. We been together 10 years, and I never taken his pretty cock or granted! Lucky me…

Blake Barnes Viciously Tickled

Blake can’t stand being dominated and tickled, but he agreed to come back for another session if his girlfriend could be there. Franco said yes, but on the condition that Blake piss himself, so Blake has been drinking lots and lots of water all day and holding it in. Franco ties down his hands and feet and begins with an electric toothbrush in the side of Blake’s sneaker. While Franco tickles his size 12 feet, Blake begins to pee a little. Blake begs for Franco to stop so he can go relieve himself, but Franco is being vicious and won’t stop tickling him. Blake flops around in his own piss while Franco tickles his bare sole, knees and inner thighs.


111Sometimes something very special comes along and it is like two puzzle pieces fitting together. From the moment they met Will Angell and Wolf Thor were made for each other. The hypnotic rhythms of his “Yes Daddy” responses lull Will into a trance, but the best is yet to come, or should we say cum? This boy has body shuddering ass orgasms. It’s not often a boy shows Daddy Will something new and you’ll be as blown away as Will was.


Tonight it’s all about Danny Ice! Seeing as he is one of our favourite event frequenters, it only made sense to give him the stage to show us what he’s got. It’s an Anonymous Twitter Top Takeover!

Casting Couch #493: Zeb Hadid, Jacob Lord

Jacob Lord inducts Zeb Hadid into the Select Society Daddy Style! Hot, hairy, handsome, hung and horny, suck it, swallow it, shoot it and flip! Daddy knows best

Damian Blown

Damian presses his muscular body against the wall while I blow his uncut cock through the hole. He gets hard super fast and loves how I suck his balls and veiny dick. It doesn’t take long before this hunk unloads his heavy balls all over my mouth with a big groan. Before he pulls out, I lick his meat clean.


Sometimes a man’s scent worms its way inside your brain and its better than poppers! Will Angell could pick Rusty Taylor out of a crowded dark room by his aroma alone. Those warm musky fumes full of pheromone’s put Will into a hypnotic state where all he can…


Lucky for us one of our stagehands decided to record Robbie & Darron’s entire shoot with his cellphone. The result: a voyeuristic journey and new perspective like you’ve never seen before.

Zach’s 4-Handed Tickle

Since Warren is in town, Franco invites him over to help him tickle his newest victim Zach. They strap Zach down and blindfold him, then begin tickling his torso. Zach tries holding it in, but his fidgety body tells another story. With four hands tickling him at once, the tickling sensation is pretty intense. Zach twists his body from side to side, arches his back and struggles to escape with no success.