Cortez: Brazilian Athlete’s First Gay Blowjob


The first thing I noticed about Cortez was his hot body, but when he takes off his underwear, I can’t take my eyes off of his big, uncut cock. Cortez’s eight-inch dick gets hard right away, and it doesn’t take much effort to slide in and suck it while he watches porn. Cortez puts his hands on my head as I deep throat him. He fucks my face me like a pro, thrusting deeper and deeper each time, until he shoots his big load all over my face.

Yoga Master

Arad Winwin / Alam Wernik

Blond twink Alam Wernik is excited for a workout with his new trainer. Dark-haired hunk Arad WinWin starts Alam off with some squats, guiding his muscular ass and thighs into perfect position with his strong hands. With all that squatting, Alam could use a massage, so Arad has him lie across his hard thighs as he gives the pretty twink a rubdown, then he rips open his pants and squirts oil all over his ass! The trainer ties the bottom’s wrists and spanks his perfect ass, telling Alam to suck his dick before teasing his little hole with his fingers and his cock till Alam is moaning in desire for his thick pole! Arad penetrates the bottom in doggystyle, then Alam gets to show off his squat form as he rides the top’s cock. The handsome yoga master fucks Alam in mish till the bottom cums, then gives him a hot facial. Time to finish the workout!

Graham Tickle Tortured


Graham undresses to his athletic socks and hops up on the table. Once his wrists and ankles are cuffed, the anticipation kicks in, but that’s nothing compared to what’s coming. First, Franco tickles Graham in his armpits and on his upper ribs, causing all of his muscles to tense up. He then moves down to Graham’s muscular thighs, which look like a statue’s when he flexes. Despite having a slighter build, Graham is crazy strong, so Franco adds rope to help stabilize him and lube to make sure his manly fingers have maximum tickle power. Graham is red in the face and swearing…and eager to torture someone else…but this session is far from over. Franco keeps adding more lube, tickling Graham’s size 11 1/2 feet with his fingers, soap savers and brushes. Graham looks around for a moment, trying to figure a way out, but when he realizes he can do nothing, he shuts his eyes and forcefully shifts his body, attempting to muscle through it. Franco climbs on top, tickling Graham’s quivering torso from above, until he finally rewards his tickle victim with a blow of his big, uncut cock and a little butt play.

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