After Decker’s solo where he practicaly choked his dick to death to make it squirt, I knew Camden was gonna have his work cut out for him. I suspected I was gonna have to Stand at the Ready to help out.
There are a lot of Firsts for Decker. He’s had a male-female couple suck his dick, but he’s never sucked dick. He didn’t think he could kiss, but sucking a dick would be ok.
In fact, I figured I wouldn’t be able to make him bust either, but the energy changed, and Decker was digging be Serviced by me AND having Camden hold him down.
And Camden was persistant, he kept getting closer and closer to Decker’s mouth, and I was surprised to see them kissing. It was getting hot. I even fed Decker’s dick to Camden. HOT!
After 3-4 failed attempts to make him nut, I handed it over for Decker to finish off. As he is cumming I’m shaking my head in in wonder, thinking to myself, there was no way anyone could have made him nut.chaosmen_camden_decker_hires_5557.jpg

chaosmen_camden_decker_hires_5560.jpg chaosmen_camden_decker_hires_5561.jpg chaosmen_camden_decker_hires_5562.jpg chaosmen_camden_decker_hires_5564.jpg

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