I knew when I shot Dyson’s solo, that I might be able to talk him into doing a Serviced video.
He has an innate sensuality, and a playful flirtiness that is directed at anyone who is shining a spotlight on  him. The perfect balance of exhibition and humbleness.
The one thing I didn’t count on was the “Friend” factor. Flint, the Prince Twins, and other are all part of crowd of friends that hang together. Each was concerned their buddy would find out they were doing “more” work.  Not all of them have stepped up their game, but once one was in, the rest seemed to relax. As long as I didn’t mention it to their friends and who was doing what, it was all good. I think they are all going to avoid looking at the site.
Dyson did great too! He’s not a gyrating mad man, but you can tell he is enjoying every moment of getting his dick fully serviced.
I’m still not sure if he will go beyond a cock sucking, but I totally enjoy this guy and feel that he would be great performer no matter what situation he is put in.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy some new angles to the Serviced series, as well as uber-sensual Dyson!