1. Occupation: Student
  2. Sexual orientation: Straight
  3. Favorite position: Anything outdoors
  4. Astrological sign: Libra
  5. Age you lost your Virginity: 15
  6. Biggest Turn on: Pale skin
  7. Biggest Turn off: Not too much
  8. Biggest Celebrity Crush: Doesn’t Like Celebs
  9. Favorite food: Is Pretty Open To a lot
  10. Best physical feature: Slim Body

  1. Age: 21
  2. Cock Length: 6.5”
  3. Cock Girth: 5”
  4. Cut or Uncut: Cut
  5. Home state: Arizona
  6. Height: 5’10”’
  7. Weight: 150
  8. Shoe Size: 11
  9. Waist size: 32
  10. Eye color: Brown/Green

He’s 21, he’s from Arizona, and his name is Jack. He likes to skate, he likes to party, and he loves to get off.
For this scene, he’ll be doing just that in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in on the bed.
Enjoy, because you know Jack did.