1. Occupation: Self Employed
  2. Sexual orientation: Bi
  3. Favorite position: Cowgirl
  4. Astrological sign: Aquarius
  5. Age you lost your Virginity: 16
  6. Biggest Turn on: Soft skin
  7. Biggest Turn off: Overly Hairy
  8. Biggest Celebrity Crush: Fergie
  9. Favorite food: Pastries
  10. Best physical feature: Cock

  1. Age: 20
  2. Cock Length: 8”
  3. Cock Girth: 6”
  4. Cut or Uncut: UnCut
  5. Home state: Montreal
  6. Height: 5’9”’
  7. Weight: 150
  8. Shoe Size: 11
  9. Waist size: 34
  10. Eye color: Dark Blue/Green
    Some of Samuel’s favorite things to do are hitting the clubs and dance, travel around the world, and play music. Other things that this 20 year old likes to do are workout and get off.
    Samuel is joining us only a few days after coming back to his hometown from Paris, where he says he had a wonderful time.
    Enjoy as this hunk does what he does best; getting himself off