It’s not hard to see why Nicholas Luv and Jay McQuay are at the top of their game.  Both guys work out regularly, so their bodies are awesome.  But that’s not all they have in common.  Both studs also have cocks that are 6.5 to 7 inches in length AND 6 inches around!  That’s thick enough to choke a horse… but not a cockhound!  Nicholas Luv has already crossed the line and experienced a REAL blowjob from Mike.   Jay McQuay, on the other hand, is playing hard to get.  Now we all know how Mike loves a challenge.  Mike figured if Jay could meet another cool straight guy who has crossed the line, then it might make his journey a little easier.  Therefore, a little boy-bonding was in order.  And few things help boys bond better than jerking off together.   And boy, did these guys bond.  Before the shoot, they talked about chicks, cars… more chicks… more cars… and more chicks!  Then they stroked their thick cocks while watching hot porn, busting a nut side-by-side.  By the end of the shoot, they were bosom buddies, telling jokes and laughing hysterically.  Nicholas told Jay that getting head from a cockhound like Mike would rock his world.  After all, girlfriends suck dick out of obligation.  Cockhounds suck dick ‘cause they luv suckin’ dick… and that makes all the difference.   Nicholas planted the seed and Jay was definitely intrigued.  Whether or not the seed takes root, well… only time will tell.