I’ve been pretty excited about this video for awhile now 🙂 The instant we put Dante up on the site, we got a flood of e-mails from members amazed at how hot he is and incredibly eager to see him in action. A common theme throughout these e-mails, apart from loving Dante’s hot face and awesome body, was that they wanted to see him with Lucas!
There’s just something about the prospect of these two studs with a couple of the most amazing bodies we’ve ever had the pleasure of filming here paired up together. And I was just as eager to film it as many of you were to see it!
Suffice to say, their performance blew me away and surpassed my expectations. Though Lucas is the veteran stud who always knows how to make a session hot, this is Dante’s very first action scene ever! He’s a total stud, but a total stud entirely brand new to getting it on in front of the cameras. Sometimes, that can make for an awkward video regardless of how hot the guys in it are.
But with Dante, he was ready to go from the start. He had been looking forward to this fuck session since very first laying eyes on Lucas and now it was all happening! Dante’s rockhard dick could hardly wait to get inside Lucas’ ass!
These two were feeling good and having fun! Amidst pants and moans and grunts, there are smirks and smiles and bits of playfulness. Lucas could not have looked any hotter as he got drilled, and Dante could not have done any better in his very first action vid on CF! 🙂