It’s about that time again for Cody to get repaid for doing all these gay-for-pay scenes. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, we have a deal with Cody that, for every couple of guys he hooks up with, we feed him a cute chic. That’s where Amber comes into the pictures. She found Cody on that popular social networking site that everyone’s on, and decided that she totally had to jump his bones. We showed Cody her and that was that!
The two meet on the streets of Southern California, where Cody invites the young vixen into his new apartment for a bit of a house warming celebration. Things heat up really quickly when they begins making out. First her panties come off, and then his pants come off. She sucks him, and then gets fucked. He even puts it on her ass, and when he’s ready to cum, he barebacks her until he’s right there, pulls out and unloads all over her face.
Basically everything you could ever ask for in a scene!