We met Kurt at the Action Bar in downtown Budapest.
It’s a great place.  From the street you walk down a few steps into a crowded basement.  At this time of year, it’s not only locals who are there but lots of tourists, checking out the local studs, exploring the darkroom or lusting after the strippers (very hot and performing every night at midnight).
Kurt, as his name suggests, is German and, when we found him, was on vacation.  (Well, if you want the literal truth, when we found him he was on his knees in the club darkroom – but that’s another story…)
Like all students, Kurt’s always a little short of cash, so, with minimal need of persuasion, he was quite happy to agree to becoming an HMBoy.
But we had a problem.  We didn’t want to shoot him in our hotel room – that’s such a boring setting! – but didn’t know Hungary well enough to think about going out of town.
Thankfully, Kurt was due to go to Lake Balaton the next day and invited us along for the trip.
So, ever eager to widen our geographical knowlege (among a few other things), we tagged along too.
As you can see, the lake – the largest in central Europe – is very beautiful and, by the time we arrived in late afternoon, most of the tourists and sunbathers had headed back to their accommodation.
That left the place pretty much to Kurt and us – and we certainly made the most of it!
From the time he slipped off that white shirt and blue shorts, he was obviously having a great time.
His cock was stiff right from the beginning and we even had to get him to slow down once or twice to make sure we got enough pics for you.
Of course, in the end he shot a nice load of splooge all over his belly and his hand.
And that was all the excuse he needed to dive into the lake for the end of a perfect Hungarian afternoon.