We’re sure that you’ll like this one.
A lot.
When we first met him we were absolutely knocked out.
Here was a young guy with a very impressive set of equipment.  And, as you can certainly see in the pictures, he definitely knows how to use it, too.
If we know anything about the adult entertainment business – and, after all these years, we ought to! – we think that this young man has got a great future in front of him.  XXX websites will be beating a path to this guy’s door and, if he’s not a superstar in a few years, we’ll eat our jockstraps.
And, now we think about it, the model he’s used isn’t too bad, either!
And, as it’s probably the model that you really want to know about right now rather than the photographer, we’ll tell you something about him.
Jared’s a hot nineteen year old who completely shares our enthusiasm.
“I was photographed by another studio”, he tells us, “but they didn’t really have a clue.
“This new guy is a real professional.  He uses a Hasselblad camera and he’s got enough lights in his studio to light up the whole of San Diego.
“On top of all that, he’s got a great team of guys who know all about using make-up and hairstyling to make a model look as good as possible.”
You’ll be pleased to hear that, impressed as he is, since his HMBoys photoshoot Jared’s signed a long-term contract with his photographer, so maybe we’ll be seeing even more of him in the months to come.