Ross is back!!!!
It has been an unbelievable three years since we last saw Ross, our tall, lanky hunk with the monster cock.
As I recall, he had disappeared because of a girlfriend or something. Those damn girlfriends!
I always get a big kick out of hearing from my old school guys. Kind of out of the blue, Ross sent me an e-mail (still using his same e-mail address no less) asking me if I’d be interested in casting him again.
I was really excited to see what he looked like. People can change a lot in three years and you just never know. I asked him to send me some recent photos, which he did, and it didn’t look like he’d changed all that much.
And, most importantly, his dick was still huge!
When he finally did arrive, it was like no time had passed at all. He did look a little more mature, but the most sup rising change was in his personality. He was such more mellow and calm!
We hadn’t really talked via e-mail about what he was going to do. In person, he asked about getting fucked.
I immediately remembered the last time he got it up the ass, which was an intense experience to say the least.
But after talking to him for a bit and getting to know this new Ross, I almost felt like he was asking because he really wanted to do it.
I wanted to put Ross with a newbie. And Jake was the first guy to come to mind. They both have have tall, lean builds and they both have big, thick cocks!
We didn’t make any plans beforehand as to who was going to do what. Both Ross and Jake were up for fucking or getting fucked.
Did someone say flip-flop?!!
I think that this new Ross makes a really good bottom. With his first time long since out of the way, he really seemed to just relax and enjoy it.
I was really surprised when he kept asking Jake to “put it all the way in,” to “go faster,” and to “do it harder!”