Take a gander at Tyler’s pictures and you’ll know why I was so excited when I first saw his application!
Tyler’s been a fan of the site for awhile, and decided to send in an application to see if he might be able to take a shot at filming a video with us. Well, there was no doubt he was an ideal match for CF! I was blown away by his pictures and simply had to get him in for a shoot right away! While my usual routine involves going through applications over the course of the day and setting aside the ones I want to follow up on at some point in the evening, I literally immediately stopped everything I was doing and set about contacting Tyler the instant I saw his app!
Once Tyler did come out to shoot and I got to meet him, he just continued to get hotter and hotter! You’ll see why in this video!
Tyler is not only hot as heck – a tremendously handsome face, a wonderfully ripped and muscular body covered in a nice tan – but also engaging, charismatic, and intelligent. He had no problem at all relaxing during the interview, answering my questions, and sharing details about himself with us while regularly smiling and laughing.
If Tyler didn’t win you over at first glance, he’ll likely have done so after you hear him speak for awhile! This was certainly one of those interviews where I had to remind myself, “Oh yeah… got to get him to jerk off as well!” or else I’d have just sat there listening to him speak for hours on end! If, for some crazy reason, you’re still not sold on him after his interview, just wait until he strips down to reveal that body and cock!
So, if your reaction to seeing his video is similar to what my reaction was to seeing his application, and you can’t help but immediately