It took Lansing a while to come back and say he wanted to do a full-on video. And he actually suggested bottoming, which might not be a surprise to viewers.
And of course, Vance had recently show up at my door ready to work full-time. And yes, he has orders to get his fur back, so it will slowly be re-appearing with each appearance.
I think the two of them look amazing together. Vance can certainly fuck good, and Lansing has that demure body language that is sexy and says, “Come fuck me” in a subtle but strong way.
I’m not sure if Lansing will be back. This was the last video I shot with  him. I totally don’t know much about his personal life. He seems very quiet and shy to me. But I just get the feeling that filming this movie might have been a scary wake-up call to him that he was really into the gay sex.
So no calls back from him. I think maybe some day he might decided it’s ok to play with boys, but for now, I sense (but don’t know at all) that he figuring out who he is.