Seeing straight guys, that never otherwise would have even considered trying out being on the receiving side of anal sex, actually give it a shot, and then discover that they really like the way it feels, is something I have a ton of fun doing!
Really, there’s nothing that says only a gay guy would like the way getting fucked in the ass feels! It’s just that us gay guys are fortunate enough to be more apt to try it! Well, at CF, there’s no shortage of straight guys giving it a shot. There’s also been no shortage of straight CF studs who have mentioned to me, after one, two, and sometimes several bottom scenes being under their belt, that they’ve come to really like how it feels!

“I didn’t think it was possible at first, but it actually feels good!” are words I’ve heard often!
Connor and Cooper are a couple of guys that definitely have learned to appreciate how it can feel. Despite some initial awkwardness as they tried out having sex with another guy, both of them have been fucked and both of them discovered that it actually feels good! Sure, there’s still the issue of having another guy fuck them – something that can take some getting used to – but as far as the physical sensations go, they like it! During the course of some hot sex, with our cameras there filming it all, they’ve each eventually reached a point where they can’t help but focus entirely on the feelings and get caught up in how great it all feels, all other hangups or hesitation being tossed aside as they just feel so damn good!

Here, Connor gets to deliver those feelings to Cooper as he uses his big dick to plow Cooper’s hole. Of course, it’s not as if it’s an entirely selfless act on Connor’s part! Cooper has only ever been fucked once before, so it’s a super tight hole that Connor gets to have wrapped around his dick and both of these guys have themselves a blast