Selden, of course, is not his real name.
He didn’t want us to give that out – and, in any case, it’s one of those Eastern European things that sounds nothing at all like it looks, so putting it in print wouldn’t have helped you much anyway.
But even we were surprised at his suggested alternative – “Selden”.
It turns out, though, that Selden is a place where our boy spent a couple of very happy months last year.
“I got to go on an exchange programme”, he tells us.
“An American boy got to come to my country and, in return, I got to go to the US and stay with his family .”
For most of last summer, this HMBoy  lived in Selden – a small community on Long Island, about a 60 miles drive eastwards from the centre of New York City.  
“It was great being so close to everything”, says Selden.  “When the traffic wan’t so bad, I could get into the city in just over an hour – 90 minutes at most.”
He obviously loved New York and, not surprisingly given his striking good looks, he made quite a few new friends there.
“I’d done quite a bit of research on the internet before I arrived”, he tells us, “so I knew exactly where to go to hook up with hot guys.”
Selden proved so popular, in fact, that now he’s got a whole address book full of contacts - and plenty of invitations to stay over the next time he visits.
And that shouldn’t be too far in the future, ‘cos one of the guys he met is good friends with the head of foreign students’ admissions at a well known college.
In any case, he won’t be staying in Selden, Long Island, again.
“The boy I exchanged with found my stash of gay porn in my bedroom back at home”, he explains as he poses for us in the kitchen while his folks are away for the day.
“And I haven’t heard a word from him or his family since he got back to America.”