Basically, this guy’s a player, and quite a handsome one at that. He’s also packing a big dick.
He’s had his fun on a few of our other sites, so we wanted to get him onto StrokeThatDick so we could find out some of his more intimate details.
This guy’s also quite the athlete, having being training in mixed martial arts since he was 3 years old, meaning, don’t mess with him.

Occupation: Odd Jobs Here and There
Sexual orientation: Straight
Favorite position: Being ridden
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Age you lost your Virginity: 14
Biggest Turn on:  Round ass
Biggest Turn off: Too tall
Biggest Celebrity Crush:  Megan Fox
Favorite food: Pizza
Best physical feature: Cock

Age: 21
Cock Length: 9”
Cock Girth: 6”
Cut or Uncut: Cut
Home town: Austin, Texas
Height: 5’8”’
Weight: 155
Shoe Size: 9
Waist size: 32