Ambroz is what many people might consider a somewhat unusual boy.
He’s only 18 years old – but he’s already decided just what sort of sex life suits him best.
Naturally, it’s with boys…
But what our young hottie Ambroz really likes is something that not many boys of his age have gotten into as yet.
Without getting into the specifics, let’s just say that Ambroz likes things just a little on the rough side.
Hence the fact that you can see a barred door featuring in some of the pictures.
“My new boyfriend is setting up a dungeon in his basement playroom so we decided to take the pictures for the HMBoys website there”, Ambroz tells us with a wickedly mischievous smile.
“We haven’t got very far with redecorating the room as yet.  We want the walls to be painted completely black rather than the colours that are there at the moment.
“But we had one bit of good luck when we found that barred door at an architectural salvage yard.  It’ll be great for any prison role-playing or anything like that.”
Of course, here at HMBoys we’re a pretty vanilla sort of crowd.  The idea of locking someone as cute as Ambroz behind bars couldn’t be further from our minds.
So instead we’ve decided that, if we ever get the chance, we’ll be sentencing him to a long period of what we’ll just call community service.