When it comes to being a bottom, I’d describe Travis as “reluctantly insatiable”, among other things.
What might that mean? Well, if you were to ask Travis how it felt to get fucked and how much he liked it, he’d probably just describe it as, “OK” or “Not so bad”. When you actually see him getting fucked, however, it’s clear he totally loves it and can’t get enough of it.
Indeed, when Travis got tag teamed by Jeff and Derek and double penetrated for the first time, he expressed after words that it was only “Alright” and that it took a lot of work to do it. He even mentioned he’d be pretty scared to do it again, not sure if he could handle it. When I showed him the video of that intense 3-way and pointed out the look on his face and just how hard his dick was throughout the experience, however, he had to admit, “Well… I guess I really did like it more than I thought. It was pretty good!”.
He took to this 3-way in similar fashion. When I approached him with the idea of bottoming for both Noah and Dawson, his eyes got rather wide and he said, “Damn… Noah’s got a big dick and Dawson fucks fast and hard. And I gotta take ’em one after the other?”.
I just smiled at him and said, “Is that such a bad thing?”, to which he got this rather pensive look on his face, eventually broke out into a smirk, and said, “Well… not really!”.
So, Travis was looking forward to it! Dawson and Noah were looking forward to it! And I was looking forward to filming it!
Despite this being a tag team vid, it wasn’t a “gang up on Travis” kind of situation. The guys really had a blast during the foreplay, with each getting in plenty of cocksucking, as well as getting sucked quite a bit. The guys are all over one another, and there are certainly a lot of fun positions to try out when you have 3 hot, ripped, horny guys sharing a bed!
Eventually, it is time for Travis to get fucked and as that’s happening, his dick once again shows us how much fun he’s having. That he’s got a big dick is hot enough, but seeing it swing and sway around hard and pulsing while the other guys plug his hole is hot as heck!
At the end of their hot fuck, all 3 of these studs cum in quick succession and Travis is totally painted in jizz!