Timmy is our thugged out Cuban straight guy ready to get some nice hot pussy.
Of course the closest he would get in our game of bait and switch is a nice tight ass and that`s only if our bait boy can get him hot enough to give in.
It normally isn`t that difficult for T.J., our experienced bait boy, to turn straight men right into some gay action. Straight or not you still can`t help to notice how hot he is with his dark, smooth, sleek, toned up body and the face to go with it.
When it comes time to work it up he didn`t seem too uncomfortable with another guy in the room. TJ`s plump shaft stood straight up. It never takes him long because he gets off on just the thought of seducing straight men.
Timmy sat on the sofa working up his thick piece thinking he was going to get laid. When they got the news the girls weren`t showing he became quite angry. He wanted the extra cash but had his limits, he felt getting a blowjob from a guy doesn`t make you gay. He`ll take a blowjob from anyone. Wonder if our bait can get him to take anything else?

When Gregg answered the ad for straight porn actor, he seemed pretty laid back and easy going so we thought maybe he had done this before.
Little did we know he was just divorced for the 3rd time and now he was ready to make up for all the fucking he’s missed out on.
When he walked into the studio, his jeans were so tight it looked like his bulge was going to burst out of the front. We brought in TJ, our bait boy, pretty damn hot himself, but what can you expect though from a sexy young nightclub dancer.
The guys hit it off really well and were ready for the girls. Of course you know the rules, first we have to see how they can perform. We told them to strip down and show us what they can offer. They took their shirts off and the light glistened off their smooth ripped bodies, but when their pants came off we know these guys were meant to be porn stars! Both had huge, thick cocks and no trouble getting them up. Gregg was rock hard and ready for some new pussy.
When we told him the girls couldn’t make it, he was so disappointed. He had been saving his big load just for this and really needed to get his rocks off. TJ’s mouth was watering the whole time as he watched Gregg stroke his piece.


012-084 Wining these straight guys over is sometimes very hard work. When they find out the girls aren’t showing up they don’t always take the news lightly.
J.P., our straight guy in this scene, didn’t take the news well at all.
At first we thought our videographer was going to get his ass kicked, but once we got this angry New Yorker calmed down we offered him a chance to make even more cash – the only catch is he would have to go gay for pay. Even more pissed off he says “fuck it” and that’s just what he did. As our bait boy,Chance, dropped to his knees and swallowed the straight boy`s long hard shaft, JP kept his eyes shut and attempted to enjoy the ride.
Our producer wanted more and so did Chance. With another offer we wanted to see if J.P. would go further. It appeared we pushed this angry guy to his limit and we cracked him. He bent Chance over the couch and shoved his swollen cock up his ass. He was so pissed he took out all of his aggression on poor Chances ass. He was so embarrassed by giving in the he couldn’t even look him in his eyes. He rammed his cock in Chance as deep as it would go until Chance could barely breath. We thought we better let them take a break before someone got hurt. Chance wanted more but could we convince JP to finish what he started?
Mike is another one we found just walking down the street.
Once we had him safely in the vehicle, he stripped and showed us his smooth, hairless body and a dick that hopefully will grow much bigger. He has a smooth, white ass which he fingers after lubing up.
Unfortunately, he was never able to get his dick hard, so we ejected him from the car in just his pants, throwing his shoes and shirt out the window to him. As we drive off he shoots us the bird!
012-070 After picking Josh up at the Post Office, we took him back to the office where he stripped down and worked up his dick to an impressive size.
Showing us his furry ass, he continued to stroke until he blasted an impressive load all over his belly and pubes, but he wouldnt succumb to our pleas to taste his own cum.
Jah Lil was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. Hes always had a thing for Puerto Rican girls with an attitude but most of them couldnt give him what he wanted. Jah Lil loves to bust a nut in random places and he does it about 3 to 4 times a day. While working at McDonalds he would see hot chicks and have to run to the bathroom to shoot a quick load. Now hes decided to come to a porn studio to reveal his passion and stroke his big fat cock just for you. And for all those Puerto Rican bitches that never would give him what he wanted, your loss!
Jah Lil starts talking about fucking girls and his cock begins to grow. Within a matter of seconds he whips out his 8 inch juicy dick and begins to stroke it. He turns around to give us a shot of that round ghetto booty while pushing his throbbing cock between his legs. You can see from his expressions that he cant continue this fantasy much longer and while clinching his jaws he sprays his hot milky cum all over his big thighs.
002-078 Have you ever fantasized about fucking on someones car in public? If so we have something in store for you. Thanks for an awesome viewer named Eddie, we have turned his dogging fantasy into reality. Eddie is always played by Jayden Halloway. The match couldnt be better.
Mario Angel and Gaston Marcelo are the main stars of this scene. If you have a thing for Latin boys then you wont want to miss this!
Mario Angel is tall, has a swimmers build, smooth tight skin, silky black hair, and dark brown eyes. Hes a total top and youll see why. With massive cock like his you wouldnt want it to go to waste either!
Gaston Marcelo is packing some true Latin flavor. He has long wavy brown hair, rich mocha skin, dark brown eyes, nice tight ass, and a fat Latin cock.
Watch Mario bend Gaston over someones car and ram his tight hole. It will leave your dripping!
Age: 22

Height: 5ft 9in

Weight: 160

State: Florida

Orientation: GAY


Age: 23

Height: 6ft 5in

Weight: 190

State: Florida

Orientation: BI

Now, who walks in the HOOD on a Rainy Saturday night?
I bet you a 5 Spot Slimgoodin wont be doin it again for a long fuckin time. Sexyone and his big long strong Mandingo dick is out lookin for someone stupid enough to be fucked and walkin through da hood. And sure enough! we roll up on this DUMB, I MEAN SUPER DUMB, I mean the P.DIDDY of DUMB boy walking down the street and boom, Bam, slam, I’m going to fuck you! This boys whole life changes in a flash. He gets 11 inches of ghetto Dick down his throat and into that tight, DID I SAY DUMB! ASS! things will never be the same.
004-067 What not to do on a Friday in da Hood in front a Liquor Store. Walk by the mother fucker! Thats what!
N-Ice should have known to turn around and get on the other bus around da hood. No, this stupid bitch decides hes feeling lucky and tries to walk through the Hood. Not today. Not any day with Jah Lil out on the streets.
Dont ride your bike in Da Hood with Kacorot roaming the streets if youre a Young White Bitch Boy ON A BIKE with a Big Smile!
Otherwise, youll find your bike and you in a car with BIG 12 INCH SLAB OF MEAT Stuffed in your mouth and a Big Nut shot all over your face. Some of you queens might even like this.