I guess it’s time for a slightly kinky number and our adventurous old friend Kai was well up for it! So what did we come up with? Well, we decided to keep him blind-folded and introduced newbie Kurt – hand on heart Kai had no idea who joined him on the bed! But somehow I think this must have been one of Kai’s fantasies… to be gently tied up, blindfolded and fucked by some anonymous big-dicked stranger because he sure seemed to love it 😉
And I think the same kind of fantasy (but from a different point of view!) must have been true for Kurt. He seemed to relish the idea of being in control and being able to have his wicked way with Kai! Gently teasing his new play-thing, it wasn’t long before he released Kai’s raging boner from the confines of his jeans and sucked away on his sturdy uncut cock… and Kai sure was loving the attention his beautiful manhood was receiving 😉
The action quickly moved on to Kurt feeding his own big dick into Kai’s mouth and throat, and then these two horny fellas settled down for a very hungry sixty-nining session where they worshiped each other’s meat! All the time Kai had no idea who he was servicing, but eventually he needed to feel that big wet cock deep inside his arse. Kurt was only too happy to oblige and sank all his meat into his blind-folded fuck buddy, thrusting harder and faster as Kai demanded more and more! I think you can guess how this kinky little adventure ends… 🙂




Craig is one of those completely uninhibited guys, that truly enjoys playing with his whole body, so when Lucas suggested he christen one of the models dildos he immediately chose Jesse’s, knowing he will be the first man to take Jesse inside him.
So after a short warm up, Craig sensually moves his new friend over his delicious chest, and tickles the insides of his furry thighs, before slowly inching Jesse into the depths of his very willing arse. Writhing with pleasure as each inch is slowly enveloped by that greedy hole. Satisfying his hunger, he turns his attention to his thick uncut cock, working it to full mast he soon becomes lost in a world pure pleasure, the pace quickens, breathing deepens until well, … all over the leather 😉




Guys, have we got one super-cute newbie for you this week or what! When Damon sent his pictures through saying he wanted to model my smile reached from ear to ear, and seeing his powerful boner sure had an effect all of its own;-) Yep, I was so in lust with this guy that I just had to film him myself… those big, brown, puppy-dog eyes had me captivated from the word go and his wonderful expressions sure won my heart!
Getting past his handsome face, beautiful eyes, slim body and big 8 inch uncut dick, it’s actually really hard to explain Damon. He’s a friendly and talkative guy with lots to say but he was just a little bit nervous too. This being his first ever shoot I took things nice and slow and after a quick introduction I let him get naked in his own time. Well, as it turned out this guy had a raging hard-on before I even stopped talking!
Slowly feeling his big dick through his jeans, then teasingly through his almost see-through underwear, Damon soon released his prized meat to the camera. Looking over at me as if to say “is it OK?” all I could do was smile! What a magnificent site he was as he stroked himself hard but slowly, lubing up and then presenting his gorgeous arse to the world too! And when he was ready, Damon shot a massive load right past his head before the remaining spurts covered his chin and chest 🙂




What’s this? Yet another bi-sexual guy? Yep, that’s 3 in a row now and I’m sure we’re not finished yet! So who’s this Jay fella? Well, he’s a really nice and sexy young chap who we had been trying to get down for a shoot since his application arrived before Christmas. But these fit twenty some-things are always busy busy busy! Luckily though our perseverance paid off big time… what a great body and lovely big juicy uncut cock this fella’s got to show you 😉
But before we go any further you should know that Jay’s a smiley character who seems almost fearless in his chat. He cheekily talks about himself, his coming out, his ex partners, and how he likes it in the bedroom! When asked how he would describe his physical appearance, Jay humbly replied that he has a defined swimmers body and an 8 ½’’ cock… and it doesn’t take long before he proves he doesn’t lie! Jay strips to reveal a perfect tight golden chest and abs, hairy legs and bulging boxers which he steps out of to expose his pert backside and a mighty-long soft dick 🙂
Clearly the master of his own meat, it only takes Jay a few sensual strokes of his uncut monster for it to reach for the sky! He begins wanking his dick slow and steady, but soon builds to quite a pace while using the chair to rest on. Then, as the heat builds he takes a seat to enjoy the final moments and as he gets closer and closer to that magical moment his big balls begin to tighten, his cock throbs and his whole body shudders to climax… lovely 😉
Oh, there’s also an 8 minute bonus film with this one too!
Model biog
Jay O is another of Britain’s finest and lives in the south east of England. He’s got a beautifully toned swimmers body thanks to doing plenty of lengths at the pool each week, and one can only imagine the looks he gets in the changing room when he lets his big dick flop out of his trunks!
As for his other hobbies, well Jay’s a big petrol head and he loves to talk all about cars. In fact he’s not really happy unless he is up to his elbows in grease or has his head buried in an engine… OK, I must stop writing now as the thought of Jay bent over the front of a car with lube on hand is getting the better of me 😉



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