falconstudioscom-leo-giamani-fucks-beaux falconstudioscom-leo-giamani-fucks-beaux-2

This is the first time Leo and Beaux have been paired together which is something they’ve both been looking forward to. Beaux has bottomed a few times before and liked it, but he’s never had anyone as big as Leo is purported to be. They start making out, kissing and fondling each other. Aroused and hungry, Beaux slides Leo’s pants down and starts to suck his cock. Leo is indeed a big boy; his cock is huge. And Beaux really knows how to work his mouth around his partner as he sucks away, licks the shaft of his meat, swallows his balls, bites his nipples, and plants occasional kisses on his thighs and belly. Then Leo just plows right in, jamming his dick far up into Beaux’s tight chute. He pumps vigorously from behind, then lays back so Beaux can ride him. Then the two sit down side by side and jack themselves off, grunting and grimacing as they each blast jets of spooge.


falconstudioscom-ty-colt-fucks-rusty falconstudioscom-ty-colt-fucks-rusty-2

It’s always a treat when we pair up two horny straight guys for a man-on-man scene. This is a first for Ty who’s never fucked another dude. None of his friends or family knows what he’s gonna do. But this all-American cutie is up to the challenge and ready to throw caution to the wind.
Rusty, on the other hand, has been around the block a couple of times. He’s just hoping Ty’s got a big dick … well, not too big! In any event, he’s game and ready to show the rookie a good time! He’s lucky he has a girlfriend who’s pretty openminded and doesn’t consider this cheating. We’re lucky we get to watch her man get it up the ass!
The guys peel off their clothes. Rusty immediately goes down on his partner, swallowing his big cock. Ty goes gaga with the expert cocksucking. Then juiced up and ready for the main event, he slides his dick up Rusty’s ass and starts to fuck him. The sensation is sublime. Rusty orders him to go “deeper … faster … just like that … fuck me”. Ty happily complies, meting out the punishment Rusty’s crying for. Both guys are enjoying every second of this adventure. Rusty lays on his back, with Ty’s hard dick still up his hole, and starts to jerk off. He climaxes, shooting his load across his belly. Ty then pulls out and he cums, showering more manjuice all over his appreciative fuckbuddy. Wow!


falconstudioscom-matt-murdock-fucks-marc-stone falconstudioscom-matt-murdock-fucks-marc-stone-2

Marc is bottoming and Matt is gonna run roughshod on his ass. Matt is cocky and ready; Marc looks game … but  a bit wary.
Macho Matt sits back and relaxes as Marc gets on his knees and starts to suck his cock. The big stud is finding it hard to concentrate on the pussy magazine he’s flipping through ‘cuz Marc’s doing a pretty good job blowing him. Matt strips off his clothes, getting more and more into the zone and Marc continues gnawing on the swollen cock, ensuring a super stiff prick to pierce his mangina.
All hopped up, Matt slams his dick into his submissive buddy’s hole. He’s balanced the girlie rag across Marc’s back and ogles the sloppy cunt shots for inspiration while he pounds away. Hey, a hole’s a hole … it doesn’t really matter what crack you slip your dick into, just as long as it’s a tight fit and totally fuckable. Matt works up a sweat, while Marc oohs and aahs.
The guys then sit back on the couch and finish themselves off. Matt gets his rocks off and unloads while Marc looks on. It’s a touchdown for Matt; he’s pleased and exhausted. But it’s hard to get a read on Marc as he just takes off.


falconstudioscom-leo-fucks-rusty falconstudioscom-leo-fucks-rusty-2

Rusty’s thrilled just sitting next to Leo and Leo is all buzzed up with the prospect of hot sex with Rusty. They’re just two happy fellas who can’t stop talking about how hot the other one is. Rusty gets the ball rolling telling Leo that “since you’re gonna fuck me, you can blow me a little”. Leo is up to the task and wraps his lips eagerly around his buddy’s dick and sucks away. Rusty is quickly aroused and soon rushes to return the favor. He grabs Leo’s cock and – after comparing it to a baguette – chows down. He tries valiantly to get it entirely down his throat. Leo is panting; he’s ready to bust a nut, but holds back and zooms down on Rusty’s rod again. Then he gets behind Rusty, gently coaxes his thick dick tightly inside his asshole and starts to fuck him. It stings; it smarts; it hurts; but it feels so good. Leo continues plugging away with Rusty now on his back stroking himself to climax. Leo then pulls out and he cums across Rusty’s belly, squeezing out every drop of jism. Exhausted and satisfied, they