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I met Michael Cox at a party one night and thought he was just adorable.  He knew what I did, and asked if he could talk to me for a minute.  I took him to a private room, and he drops his pants and asked, “What do you think?”.  I wasn’t expecting THAT, but it was a the beginning of a VERY fun night.  Turns out his friend brought him to the party just to meet me.  Michael needed some cash to fly home for the Holidays, and I’m always one to help a man in need!  Anyway, Michael tells me that he into girls AND guys, but he’s never done anything with a guy.  He was Rock Hard telling me about his fantasy with a guy, and I can hardly wait to help him out with it!


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Scott is straight, but very open minded. He got out of the Marines a few months back and has been working a construction job. When he found out about my massage series, he called me up to see “how that worked”. He thought about it for a few seconds and said, “sign me up”. I invited him right over! What he didn’t tell me, was that he’s never gotten off from a hand job before. I worked all the magic I could conjure up in my hands and I’m proud to say…he can’t say that any more! HA! Let me tell you though, it took over an hour of playing with his rock hard dick, and I enjoyed every second! I left in all the good parts because I just thought it might be too boring watching the steady 40 minutes of stroking that it took to get this stud off! I worked up more than just a sweat, but like I said…It was GREAT! Hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed working Scott over!


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Vince said he had a massage at the Mall in a chair, but that’s it. He was so excited to get a real massage, and even more excited about the “happy ending”. I could feel Vince’s ass twitch with every close pass by his hairy hole, so I thought I’d see how far he would let me go. He lets out a moan when I slipped a finger in, and muttered, “that’s going to make me cum really fast if you keep doing that”. I backed off a couple of times to keep him on the edge until he couldn’t stand it any more and then I kept going. “Amazing” he said, and was SO happy, he couldn’t stop giggling. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one too!


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