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Cal is a local scally lad who I had been very keen to get on the site for some time.  He’s a postie – wish he did my round as I got some fat old ugly fucker!  Anyway he drove down in his new(ish) souped up Renault Clio chav-mobile!  In real life he’s not actually like a typical scally lad, in that he can actually hold a conversation and smile occasionally!  He had had a haircut that morning (with sexy tramlines) just for the shoot.  Cal wore Nike trainers, Adidas trackie bottoms, YSL polo shirt, Mackenzie hoody and Airwalk cap.  To start off, there was the usual messing around with hands wondering up trackie tops and down trackie bottoms.  Then slowly items of kit came off and Cal began wanking off, whilst at the same time smoking and drinking.  Although mainly a bottom lad, Cal had never used a sex toy before (hard to believe I know!) but luckily for us he was game enough to try it.  After taking it easy to start with, Cal soon relaxed and began to enjoy the experience as he took the dildo deep inside his man-hole.  He later admitted he did actually enjoy it!    Then we went into the bathroom and whilst lying in the bath Cal engaged in a golden shower, as he pissed all over his body, and occasionally into his face and mouth as well.  Next he had a more conventional shower, where he soaped up and gave himself a good rub-down.  Finally it was back to the bedroom where, after a further wank, this fit chav boy exploded his cum load all over his body and face.  He then scooped up some of his goo juice and swallowed it.  A fantastic end to a well horny shoot.  Afterwards Cal said this was the most relaxed and varied shoot he had done to date, which was great to hear.  Hopefully it won’t be long before he’s back to do more shoots for UKSL.


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This is the second part of our hot, horny exclusive 3-sum featuring Leo, Danny L and Paul.  In part 1 we saw Leo wanking off, the other lads spotting him and tying his hands up and forcing him to wear a blindfold as they forced their cocks deep into his mouth, and then getting his arse loosened up for the hot fuck session to follow.   Paul forced Leo to lick his trainers again in order to undo the rope tying his hands up.  Once free, Leo was able to join the others in a circle suck off session.  These hot dirty boys were loving the taste of scally lad cock and couldn’t get enough down their mouths and throats. [this may go into part 1 depending on length of respective edits]  Then it was onto the fucking!  Leo was forced to bend over the end of the sofa and was spit-roasted by the other lads.  Paul is a great fucker (as many young women in East Anglia will testify!) and Leo felt the full force of his 8-inch piece of uncut meat pounding his tight hole.  Danny chilled out as Leo sucked his dick while being fucked.  Next it was Danny’s turn to ramp his rock hard powertool up Leo’s hungry ass!  As Leo sat on the sofa Danny fucked him hard from the side, sliding his dick up and down inside him.  Meanwhile Paul sat on the arm of the sofa and kissed Danny and was sucked off by Leo before sucking off Leo himself.  Well horny!!  Then the lads did a daisy chain fuck, with Danny in the middle.  These boys fucked the hell out of each other and the moans and groans could probably be heard not just next door but the next house along!  We got some nice video and stills from underneath the lads so you can see both cocks pounding away simultaneously!  It was a tough job filming it – but someone’s got to do it!!   Finally the lads wanked off to some hot gay porn and shot their respective loads.  Both Danny and Paul shot their creamy cum straight into each other’s mouth and swallowed it all up!  Leo needed a bit more help before he came – in the form of another fuck by Paul.  That did the trick as he spunked up all over his chest.   The end of probably the hottest shoot ULSL have done to date!



Leo featured in the second film UKSL made so it was good to get him back for another shoot after more than a year!  Terry, on the other hand, had only recently done a solo shoot for us.  It didn’t take long for these chav boys to get down to business.  They started by snogging, before moving to nipple play and some serious cock sucking.  Both these lads have nice big thick juicy cocks and Terry, in particular, gave Leo a fantastic BJ, taking it deep to the back of his throat.  Whilst being sucked off, Leo took off one of his trainers and started giving it a good sniff!  Next these horny lads moved on to some well horny arse play!  Both of them had nice clean shaved arses, which allowed us to see their respective fingers enter deep into each other’s fuck holes.  The boys used spit to loosen the other up.  Then it came to some fucking, and Terry volunteered to take Leo’s big powertool.  Leo proceeded to fuck Terry in three different positions and we got some nice close-ups of his dick pounding Terry’s willing man cunt.     Finally the boys took turns to spunk their creamy cum loads over each other’s body, Leo in particular taking a huge amount of jizz juice – very hot!!


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