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Some people say three is a crowd, but Cody Cummings loves the idea of having the beautiful Madison Mason and the smooth hunk Wade drooling all over his huge cock.
At first Cody and Madison are making out in the bath tub when Wade decides to show up unexpectedly and join in the hot fun. The boys waste no time in stripping down the sexy blonde girl to reveal her beautiful, luscious body. Madison gets fucked so hard in the bath tub by Cody’s pulsating cock that she can barely contain herself.
They then decide to take the action to the bedroom where Wade pounds her, forcing the young chic down on to Cody’s rock hard dick. They continue to use her until Wade decides he wants a piece of Cody deep down his throat, which of course, Cody gives to him.


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Cody loves to play pool, but as he says, he likes to break balls more than stack them. That’s where the 19 year old Philippe Delvaux comes in. This young gay boy loves anything to do with balls, especially the balls on Cody Cummings.
After catching Philippe staring at his ass, Cody decides it’s time to put the pool cue down and pull out his trouser snake to teach the slim boy from Belgium a lesson in proper etiquette. What that means is, Philippe is in for about 20 minutes of cock-in-the-mouth.



Guess what?
Cody Cummings is having a problem with his gorgeous cock. The problem with it is that it just won’t seem to go soft and the beautiful nurse Kelly Summers is here to help our good friend Cody out.
The nurse sees him lying on the bed and yup, his big dick is already hard and aching for some pleasing. She wastes no time in sucking on the thick shaft of his. Once she has warmed up his throbbing member he takes the medicine right to her and gives the nurse a great fucking.


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