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What a sweet shy guy Sebastian Taylor is. He comes off all quiet and easy going but he’s definitely not shy when he is in front of the cameras. He is a work out fiend and has decided to get all nice and sweaty for us. Sebastian loves to work up a sweat so he can show us his sweaty tanned chest. First he takes a stroll on the treadmill and then makes his way to the dumbbells. By the time he sits down to bench press he starts to fondle himself and forgets all about working out. Instead he decides to pull his lovely throbbing cock out and masturbate on some of the gym equipment. Sebastian loves to watch himself in the mirror especially when he’s stroking his dick in front of it. Cum see what Sebastian Taylor leaves dripping down the mirror, Im sure you will enjoy it…


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The sexy, cool Dylan McLovin is hard at work in the junkyard but hard work also comes with fun breaks. The young hunk notices nobody is around and starts to feel his beefy chest up and down while keeping a keen eye out for any unexpected visitors.
He leans up against a nearby truck and whips out his cock for a good stroking session until he hears someone approaching, or so he thinks. He makes a break for it and decides the shower is a better place to get his rocks off.
This stud is all dirty and horny and needs a cool shower so he can shoot out his load.


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Tristan Bull is back and his horns are hard and ready. He decides to have a nice relaxing playful session in the hot tub. This guy’s cock is gorgeous especially when submerged underwater.
He strokes his long shaft in the hot tub to warm up his hard dick. After the refreshing hot water he takes his lovely cock and balls into the house where a porno magazine awaits and finishes with a big load all over his hairy chest.


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