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Come on in and watch Dylan McLovin worship Brodie’s tight, fit body. Dylan makes sure his hands cover every inch of Brodie’s muscular physique.
It’s not long until Dylan has Brodie’s cock in his mouth, slurping up and down.
Dylan gets his buddy so riled up that Brodie Dylan and bends him right over to show him just how hard and deep he can go.
Cum and watch these two muscular hunks explore and fuck each other.



It’s that time again? What time you ask? Orgy time, but of course!
This week, we present you with Shane Erickson, Alexy Tyler, Christian Wilde & Spencer Reed. These four studs are absolute sexual freaks. They’re so horny all the time, we couldn’t resist throwing them into a room together and letting them go out.
There’s plenty of blowjobs and ass pounding to last you a lifetime in this scene. We even let it run over our normal 20 minutes to make sure you don’t miss ANY of the action.4 beautiful men, 4 insanely intense orgasms and one large living room. Sounds like a good time to us!



For this week’s update, Marcus and Brodie decide that it’s time to pound some ass. Well, actually, Brodie takes control and gives Marcus a bit of an anal brutalizing.
From doggy style to missionary and tons of blow job happiness in between, these two have a great time. Brodie gives it to Marcus so good that the muscled hunk explodes while his buddy is still inside of him. Brodie then pulls out and unloads his balls all over his moaning friend, bringing to a close another smoking hot NextDoorBuddies scene.


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