One thing I have learned about Degan- he likes to sit on a big cock! He just zones out and goes to his happy place!
Barett (of one or two r’s..I can’t seem to stay consistent on his name!) certainly is packing some meat.
Barett did struggle with the condoms in his video with Stash, so he was relieved we were doing all the testing and going with out.
Degan also admitted it felt a lot better, well, maybe he said ‘warmer’.
Again, I got Degan to bust with a cock inside of him. I myself am not so sure. Barett says he was fucking him, and frankly, I don’t think Degan can bust without one jabbing him. It just looks a bit suspisciously like maybe he wasn’t.
Barett busts all over Degan’s ass (who once again is all but asleep after nutting.) rubbing his load all over his ass at butthole!


Vance seems to have taken a liking to bottoming especially if he gets to top.
His one requirement – Not to have the guy’s dick too big.
Vance and Zane’s schedules aligned and I was a bit optimistic (and evil!) thinking Vance could take Zane’s big ‘ole cock. And boy does he ever! It’s fun to watch Zane fuck him, not realizing how big his dick is, splitting Vance in two.
The great thing about Zane, is he is equally happy being fucked, and Vance literally fucks the cum out of him.
Flip Flop fucking, kissing, and cum play!


Nash is a blonde version of Teo! Lots of energy and enthusiasm for making good porn. Very keen on improving his body and getting his life in order.
I met him just as he was getting Focus in his life and it was a treat to see it in action. He spent almost a week with me as we had all kinds of travel changes and issues.
Definitely a “gay for pay” type of guy, he still seems a bit unsure about doing more, but from all accounts, he says he is ready to go all the way.
So stay tuned for much more Nash!


All these lean boys lined up for blow jobs!
As always, but not always succeeding, I try to balance the oral duties. This time out Sebastian is up for getting London off.
Sebastian is actually one of the straight guys that not only decently skilled, but enthusiastic about giving head. He’s Just not keen on getting cum in his mouth. And I have yet to find hardly any of the straight guys that will rim. I think Zane is my only one.
London is quiet, but “present” in this video. He looks at the camera a couple times as if to say, “Look what I am doing, come join me!”
His dick just seems to get bigger and bigger through out the’s a big ‘un!
Some great angles as I am free to move about and get up close and personal. In fact there is a moment half way through where London rubs his foot on my dick as I had straddled his out-stretched leg. He then laughs about it. Seems a little out of the place, so if you are wondering why he got goofy, it’s cuz he got goofy!


This is a such a perfect pairing! The two visually look so great together, and their energy is palpable!
Tris has got that whole dirty boy thang going, and it appears he tapped right into Dyson’s well of naughty sexual energy.
Smooth and sensual to rough pounding piggy– all in one amazing video!
The video comes with 3 cumshots as Tris rides Dyson’s cock, all but forcing him to jack him off till he cums.
Dyson then winds up to fill Tris’s eager mouth with his cum, and in the interim, Tris recharges and busts again, his cum filled mouth and cum soaked face pushing  him over the edge.


I kept this one simple for a couple reasons.
I was WAY surprised when Javen called me a week or so later saying he needed to get caught up on his mortgage, and would do an oral scene.
The one caveat, he needed the money in very short order. I DO try to spread these vids out amongst other performerns, and knew I was getting way too many of me (LOTS of EDGE vids on the horizon!), but hey I was free, and he sure is cute.
So he was very nervous and surprised he was getting his dick sucked by a guy, though when I told him it was too short notice and I would be the instigator, he said he would rather I do it since he knew me. Another reason I often end up in the driver’s seat.
But there were other reasons I kept it simple. By the time I would get him hard, he would almost nut. You can see once, at about the 3 minutes mark, where he tells me to ease up. His dick would quickly wilt. Then I would get him hard and ye then would signal me he was too close again.
Each time he would get close, I had a little bit of time to showcase his erect dick, and then it would wilt. So he was either On, or Off. And when it was On, it was ready to fire.
I for sure know its not my cocksucking skills. He told me before hand he loves blow jobs and they are the sure fire way to make him nut. He wasn’t lying!
I gave up on the dick sucking and tried to do a bit of anal action.
He was just not going to get relaxed for a rimming. He was all clenched up and despite his willingess to show his ass off for the solo AND saying he was looking forward to it, he was really hard to get him in “Cat in Heat” mode.
So I gave up on that pretty quickly and then just decided I wanted to just make him cum straight away. Since we had to stop a couple times I figure it would be easy to make him nut
The build-up is continually shot as I take him from wobbley to spurting.  On an energy meter, the graphic would by shaped like a pyramid! He quickly builds up to the pinnacle!
He’s one VERY sexy dude. I think he has his bills squared away, so not sure if I will see him again, so enjoy him now. Or pray for more late payments in his future!

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