baitbuddies-rio-and-leo-1 baitbuddies-rio-and-leo-2

Our new baitboy (Leo), is very sexy. He`s toned with a rock hard, jock bod.
We knew we were going to need someone that could stand up to the straight boy that we were bringing in today because we were really going to turn his whole world upside down. Leo wouldn’t have a problem with it. Just like us Leo is a total Nymphomaniac and really gets off on the idea of turning straight men.
So, here we go again being up to no good turning poor innocent straight men GAY! It’s the one word that most straight men fear and in this video we were almost afraid to say it.
We brought in out straight boy (Rio). He was very hot. He had one ripped body and a huge cock to go with it. This boy was one ruff and tuff guy. Rio had that mean rugged look going on and you just knew he wouldn’t take shit off anyone, especially some fags.
We put these hot studs together and had them, well just Rio, ready to tear up some pussy. We didn’t quite know how to break the bad news in a way that Rio wouldn’t flip out and beat everyone’s ass. There wasn’t going to be an easy way about it after getting this muscle-jock all worked up for nothing. Watch as the madness unfolds in this racey and edgy video.

baitbuddies-ben-stefanie-and-andrea-rossi-1 baitbuddies-ben-stefanie-and-andrea-rossi-2

Look who is back and ready for some more hot action, it`s the one and only Andrea Rossi. He is straight from Italy and straight from one hot cock to another.
We love to have him here and love to watch him work his magic on our poor innocent straight men that have no clue what`s about to happen to them. Andrea is too gorgeous for words with he ripped, tight, bulky -body, and a huge, fat cock to add to the package.
Ben (the victim) came in wanting to make some cash and get some pussy while he was at it. This young buck was just ready to get to business, get off, and get his money. When Andrea saw him he knew he had to turn this boy. He was HOT, HOT, HOT! Tall, slim, and toned, not to mention his HUGE cock! This thing was unreal. I would hate to be on the receiving end of that thing but the look in Andrea`s eye stated he felt different. He was ready to this guy and did anything he could to get a hold of his massive hunk of meat.
When we delivered the bad news Ben seemed to get really pissed off. Could Andrea get Ben to go gay for pay or was this young stud going to beat his ass, and not in a good way?

baitbuddies-christian-and-cody-juels-1 baitbuddies-christian-and-cody-juels-2

Well look who`s back and ready for more hot action. It`s our very own, hot-jock, Cody Juels!
We loved Cody so much from previous videos so we thought we would bring him back again to watch him work his magic on our innocent straight men.
Christian is our newest and probably youngest straight boy. Tall, swimmers build, red hair, blue eyes and a dick that is out of this world. This young buck was just ready for some hot action. You know how boys his age think when they`re “young, dumb, and full of cum”.
Cody was dying to get some of Christian. He knew Christian was way to shy to say no and would just go with the flow. It`s hard to resist Cody anyway. With his ripped, buff body, puppy dog eyes, and sweet charm, its really hard to say no. Would Cody get his way or will Christian just go running home to mommy?

baitbuddies-shane-rock-and-paolo-1 baitbuddies-shane-rock-and-paolo-2

It`s so wild and crazy we could barely stand it. Who would have thought we would throw a girl into the mix. Well we did, and boy did it get hot!
Renee James is one of our latest additions to BaitBuddies. She is just what we needed to lure these guys in. Word started to get around and guys weren’t as comfortable with all the testosterone in the room so we thought we could use her to help ease their worries. She is one hot chick who gets down to business and has these men doing whatever she says.
Paolo was brought back in again to trick our hunky straight men. Like we said before we need someone who can stand their ground if the situation gets out of control. Paolo is so hot who could resist him anyway? The one thing that may scare them away is his huge, thick, horse dick!
Shane Rock is our latest straight victim and too hot for words. This guy is so big and buff he had us all a little worried. We thought we would get to know him before trying anything because with one punch he could tear anyone up. Renee really got him going and horny. She had him strip down and work his manpiece up. In no time he was rock hard and ready to go. He sat there on the couch, huge dick in his hand, sweat beading up on his forehead, sexy dark eyes that were just screaming fuck me. Lets see how far we can push him…

baitbuddies-jacob-and-adam-1 baitbuddies-jacob-and-adam-2

Our videographer had to go to Texas so he took a friend with him to help trick a cowboy or better yet hot Texan-jock into doing some gay porn. There`s nothing like big beefy country boys.
Adam (our bait) was really excited about this one. We were excited too. Adam is one hot guy and we were dying to see him get busy. Tall, brown hair, hazel eyes, nice cut body, and a juicy, fat cock. He talks a lot about sex but we`ve just never seen him having it, well at least not yet…
Jacob (the victim) was just what the doctor ordered. This guy was about 6`3”, ripped body, brown hair, hazel eyes, and a huge dick that was ready for some pounding. We knew if we pissed this guy off he would probably fuck us all up so we thought we would take things slow. The only problem was this young buck needed to bust a nut. His hormones were raging and the promised girls weren`t there. Could Adam replace them and be just as good? You tell me…

baitbuddies-luis-rivera-and-eduardo-lacoste-1 baitbuddies-luis-rivera-and-eduardo-lacoste-2

Luis our straight victim was just too yummy. His sexy smile, dark hair and eyes, tall, slim and toned body was enough to make your mouth water. Oh yeah, and did I mention the HUGE cock? He really needed to get laid and we had just the plan to help him out. Just what did Luis get to do with this enormous piece of meat?
Eduardo (our bait) came in strutting his stuff and boy did he have something to strut. The body he had was enough to make you drop to your knees. Next you add the face, the cock, and you have one hot package. He teamed up with Mason (our seductive girl director) to convince our newest straight guy into doing some guy on guy action. Who knows maybe if he`s lucky our straight boy might get a piece of Mason.

baitbuddies-jake-meadows-and-damion-kross-1 baitbuddies-jake-meadows-and-damion-kross-2

Damion came in ready to get down to business. He was tall, tan, smooth, and a body to die for. Damion was the perfect guy to use for the bait and had a long, thick cock that was out of this world. Hopefully he will have the chance to use it today.
To help Damion with his job we brought in another female “director”, Chasey, who was all about tricking a hot jock. She was pretty hot herself and we knew she would have no problem getting these guys to obey her commands.
Next was Jake. He came in ready to pound some pussy. Hmmm. Wonder if he likes man pussy? This guy had everyone a nervous wreck. We didn`t know how far this guy would go. He looked like a skin head so everyone was afraid to get the show rolling. Damion was really hot to hit this but was he the one that was about to get hit?

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