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Candi was just have a day at this house she came across filled with boys.
She walks by the door only to find L.L. wacking off in the living room. This was too perfect. He lets her in and she really gets this guy excited. He sat there stroking his thick uncut cock as he dreamed of Candi. She makes him stand up to show that Puerto Rican bubble butt.
Wasnt long after that this guy squirted his hot, thick load in the air.

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On our way to the Home Depot to pick up a battery, Candi decided it would be a great place to find a big manly dick.
Just then Chad walked out and she knew he was the one. Chad is an electrician but from his body you would think he lifts heavy objects all day. He whipped out his massive cock, worked it up, and busted a load like no other!

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Lazaro was hangin out when Candi got a hold of him.
She explained she was hunting for big dick and wanted him to really hang out. He whipped out his big uncut piece of meat and started to work it up. This guy really had a nice cock with a big plump head. As Candi worked her magic he couldnt take it any longer so he shot his hot load in the air like a erupting volcano!

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Santino was taking a stroll when Shane spotted him and just had to talk to him.
Shane told him that he was looking for a guy for his sister and thought he was hot. Santino liked the picture Shane showed him a decided he would meet her. Once in the truck Shane advised him she was a size queen and that he better check out the goods before she does. Santino had no problem showing his goods and why would he with a hot cock like that. Santino got a liitle horny and plugged a finger in his asshole and then decided to jackoff.
Watch as this guy squirts cum like a firehose!

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Joe Diego was just chillin in the park when we rolled up with Brianna on her search for big cock.
This guy had one bangin body and a great face to go with it. Wasnt long before we had him in the backseat of the car strokin his plump dick.
Within minutes this guy poped a hot thick load and like usual we dumped his ass right back where we found him.

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