It’s time to welcome back the very sexy Oli for another hot fuck session and this time it’s the ever-popular Kai who gets to plough his smooth tight ass! Why? Well, Oli really liked the look of Kai and the feeling was totally mutual… our Navy guy wanted to get pounded good and proper and Kai was in just the right mood to service his deepest, darkest desires 😉 Mmmm… two horny guys together, both needing it real bad… I think we’ve got a ball buster on our hands here!
Indeed, these fellas were all over each other right from the first moment they met. Once the cameras were rolling the intense magic and awesome desire they felt for each other’s bodies just couldn’t be contained – Kai and Oli were turning in to lust-crazed guys who needed to lick and suck and kiss and touch like there was no tomorrow! And after giving each other a damn good blow job these two switched around to enjoy an amazing sixty-nine… man, were they enjoying themselves or what?
But that was just the foreplay… Oli wanted to feel Kai’s big thick prick buried deep inside his ass more than anything else on Earth! As Oli bent over the arm of the sofa, Kai plunged his uncut cock right in to the hilt so that his big low-hanging balls slapped against the cheeks of Oli’s tight hole… and then began the fuck of Oli’s life! Yep, Kai screwed his fuck-buddy just the way he liked it – doggy, riding and then on his side until he could take no more and Oli’s cock spunked a massive load! But Kai had one more treat in store… Oli was due a nice facial 🙂

OK, so we’ve decided to make an exception for this Sunday’s release and somehow I don’t think anyone’s going to complain! You see, normally the guys only get one chance to get their hands on each other’s hot bodies and big dicks, but when Jesse agreed to go further and fuck a fella for the first time he insisted it should be with Robbie. I guess both guys really enjoyed their dildo making shoot together because Robbie was equally as keen to take things further with Jesse… happy days!
Robbie naturally takes the lead and leans in for the first lingering kiss. Jesse’s trembling lips soon relax and some very slow, sexual kissing ensues. Hands soon wander to find and fondle each other’s hardening meat through their jeans and the lust sure begins to take over! Robbie carefully frees Jesse’s big swollen cock and begins to kiss, lick and suck while Jesse closes his eyes and lays back to savour Robbie’s hot mouth. And it’s not long before he’s returning the favour and gaining his first taste of man meat – Jesse happily sucks in as much as his inexperienced mouth can take which drives Robbie wild!
But what Robbie really wants is to feel Jesse’s big dick sliding in and out of his ass and somehow I get the feeling Jesse was very eager to fuck too! Robbie takes is nice and slow though, mounting Jesse’s virgin cock until he’s sitting down on all 9½ inches of it! Mindful that this is Jesse’s first time fucking ass, Robbie whispers words of encouragement to his nervous partner who quickly relaxes and enjoys the sensations 😉
So much so that Jesse decides to take control and he delights in sliding the length of his meat into Robbie’s tight hole with firm, hard thrusts. Flipping his partner on to all fours, Jesse goes really wild and pounds his thick rod deeper and deeper into Robbie… which is enough to send him over the edge! Spraying rope after rope of hot jizz the length of the bed, Robbie’s well and truly drained… and then Jesse shoots his own spectacular load too 🙂

Seeing as our lovable Nathan B simply adores being man-handled by bigger guys I thought is only right to let him have some more fun – especially when Danny R entered the frame and joined our stable of hot studs! I mean, it didn’t take a “eureka” moment to know this was going to be an absolute humdinger of a hot, lusty, sex session and man, these guys sure did enjoy themselves before, during, and after the cameras were rolling 😉
Immediately there’s passionate kissing and licking as they peeled away their shirts and searched each other’s chests with their hungry finger tips. Just as you’d expect, Nathan sets in for some serious Danny worship… slowly he works his hands from his neck down to those lovely firm pecs, and then further downwards to his real target! Danny responds to Nathan’s sensual touch by fucking up into Nathan’s teasing hands, riding into the massaging rhythm which only increases the powerful feelings coming from his hard cock… and all before Nathan’s mouth devours that meat!
Then Danny takes control and stripes his fuck bud bare, revealing Nathan’s big cock and more importantly his sweet eager ring. Taking the lube, Danny begins to work that ass, first the thumb, then the finger, finally two – and all the while Danny’s cock is throbbing and pointing skyward demanding attention! Totally horned up they scramble for a condom and Nathan takes his seat right on that rock solid cock 🙂
With Danny pounding upwards – in and out – Nathan’s in his element and moans from the exquisite pleasure that each thrust delivers! He turns to face his fuck buddy but Danny has other plans – a change of position puts Nathan onto his shoulders which allows Danny to bury his fat cock even deeper into Nathan’s hole. With such an intense fuck Nathan simply can’t hold off – and his own throbbing dick erupts without him even touching himself!!! Yep, why use a hand when a cock up your ass can do it all for you 😉

Ahhh… Scott… his name rhymes with “hot” for a very good reason! I’ve been talking to this handsome fella since he applied to model in September last year but he didn’t want to rush things. You see, Scott really wanted to make sure he was fully fit and looking his best for us at BLAKEMASON so we thought we’d wait until the spring before filming him. Arriving in true straight man fashion (driving a white van!) this Alpha male proves he’s got the personality to match his fine looks 😉
A general builder by trade and a weights fanatic at the gym, it’s no wonder how he keeps that amazing physique; strong muscular arms, tight chest, perfect arse and a trickle of hair from head to foot – lovely! But when teamed with the good looks of a fashion model, a sharp hair cut, beautiful deep hazel eyes, kissable lips, and a cheeky London swagger, well all I can add is that Scott truly is a dream of a man.
Down to business, we decided to film Scott where it all began, the original BLAKEMASON bedroom. Knowing Scott is a naturally horny fella, we gave no instructions apart from have a good time and show us what you’ve got 🙂 Quick to undress, Scott isn’t afraid to show off his soft cock, but it doesn’t stay that way for long – he’s soon sporting a mighty 7½ inches of fat uncut dick! He rolls around the bed and bedroom with a smile on his face and was even happy giving us a magnificent shot of his hairy arse whilst bent over!
He sure does give a very horny performance, ending with what looks like a week’s worth of cum all over the wooden floor! And if that’s not enough for you, there’s a lovely 8 minutes bonus film of Scott too 😉

Jay, our gorgeous blue-eyed stunner is back and he’s looking even better than ever! His smiling, fun-loving personality always shines through because he REALLY loves getting fucked… and man did he enjoy this one!!! You see, Jay simply loves a manly top to service his needs and when Matt B caught his eye he was smitten. And Matt B likes beautiful guys and so the allure of Jay’s eyes, slim body and sturdy uncut dick sent his testosterone levels soaring 😉
No surprise then that when Jay and Matt B arrived they were more than a little excited… and after a quick shower they jumped on the bed and eagerly started playing with each other! Jay was throbbing hard even before the cameras rolled and Matt was equally raring to go – and so off they went on a passionate, desperate fuck where both guys needed to cum 😉
Matt took immediate control and got stuck in but Jay more than matched his enthusiasm. Some very heavy kissing leads to rampant stripping and sucking of hard uncut cocks before the guys move on for a blinding 69 and then a rimming 69! Yep, Jay digs into his partner’s hairy arse with his eager tongue while Matt grunts and moans in delight before passionately warming Jay’s sweet hole!
But these guys really wanted to fuck and get off so it’s not long before Matt enters Jay and begins to thrust away. Make no mistake – this is a power fuck where the guys get lost in their own and each other’s pleasure – it’s horny, frantic and lustful as they roll around all over the bed.  Finally though, Jay gets sent over the edge by the pounding he’s getting and his dick sprays cum everywhere… while ends my giving Jay a fantastic facial 🙂

It’s time to welcome back the horny, slim and totally gorgeous Justin B for his first ever duo fuck film… and I thought Damon, another recent hot addition to the site would make a perfect partner for him! I sure wasn’t wrong… after a little warm-up these two guys were raring to have that real, intimate yet uninhibited man sex that BLAKEMASON is so famous for! Grab a seat, unbutton your jeans and enjoy 😉
The guys begin with some serious kissing and heavy petting but pretty soon the tops are off and the jeans are down. Justin works Damon’s rock-solid dick through his boxers while his balls flop out in to full view! Feeling that chunky uncut cock throbbing away in his hands, Justin’s quick to peel back the boxers and swallow that meat – and judging from Damon’s reaction he’s damn good at giving head 🙂
But hey, Damon likes so suck dick too so the guys switch and then end up in a playful sixty-nine, right before Justin’s ass get’s a thorough working over  by Damon’s tongue and fingers. Man, does Justin love all that attention or what – so much so that he can’t wait any longer to sit down on Damon’s dick and ride it! What else can I say, other than these two had a great time… Justin spunked his load with Damon deep inside him and then asked Damon to give him a facial – perfect!!!

Allow me to introduce the incredibly sexy Leighton! This fine fella simply couldn’t wait to become the newest guy to grace the screens of all you BLAKEMASON fans… and all I can say is “thank you God” for blessing us with such a fantastic treat! Leighton’s smouldering good looks, killer smile and warm personality are matched perfectly by his swimmer’s body – yes, this fit chap is actually a lifeguard and I sure wouldn’t mind getting the kiss of life from him 🙂
Being 23 years old, Leighton has impeccable dress sense and likes to keep himself looking as hot as possible at all times (how hard can that be for him, eh?). But man, was he nervous as hell or what when he arrived at the studio – he even admitted to not sleeping a wink the night before! I decided this was “charm offensive” time and did my best to relax this stunning young man…
So after our initial chat, Leighton slowly warms his uncut dick through his pants and then reveals his superb 7’’ cock as is begins to grow and throb. Happily he jerks away, tugging his foreskin over the head of his meat while rubbing his hands over his gorgeous tanned skin and down his fit swimmers physique! And let’s just say that towards the end, this lifeguard makes a spectacular splash all of his own 😉

You know, I just love the strong, masculine type of guys just as much as the lovable, huggable twinky types. You could say I like variety pure and simple and so when the very down-to-earth Benjamin applied to feature I was straight on the phone! He’s the kind of guy who just wants to have sex and have fun… but the dirtier the better. And as it turned out this spunky fella really likes trainers and knows how to play to the camera’s just fine 😉
Confident and assured, our initial chat is relaxed and informative (and confirms Benjamin’s sexual appetite all too well!).  But I wanted to see the goods and so this fit man quickly yet gently rubs his dick into a semi before removing his underwear. Once free, Benjamin finds his pace and teases us with some terrific foreskin action along with some playful attention to his hairy hole!
Pretty soon I think he had forgotten I was even there, spitting down onto his cock and then sniffing his trainers and rubbing them over his cock! Well, I couldn’t stop him enjoying himself, could I? As time went by it became clear that Benjamin had definitely lost himself in a frenzy of self gratification, and before long he was shooting rope after rope of hot cum… on his chest, arm, and even a little on the wall behind him!

It’s been a little while since Dave has jumped onto the BLAKEMASON bed, and we felt it about time he came back for a romp around the bed with a guy of his choosing… and he chose Harrison. With one mention of Dave’s name, Harrison had booked his tickets, and was counting down the days. You see- Harrison and Dave are from the same ‘neck of the woods’ and see each other out often, but have never managed to hook up… until now
So with their overwhelming urge to get it on we held back no longer, they have both fantasised about what they want to do to one another, so rather than encourage or suggested, we sat back, hit record and watched a BLAKEMASON classic in real time. They begin with the long awaited first kiss, Harrison runs his hands down Dave’s muscular frame, teasing his cock through his tight boxers.
Moans and groans are exchanged while in an intense suck off, with each taking turns on the other, Harrison keen to deep throat Dave to the hilt. Then into a scorching sixty-nine, where Harrison couldn’t resist a quick lick of Dave’s tight ass, before settling back onto his cock. They break and Harrison climbs on top, wanking both cocks, as they kiss and lick each other. Harrison asks Dave to fuck him, and sits down on his cock, which leads to an exciting, passionate, mind-blowing, experience for them both… ending with them shooting within seconds of each other 🙂

Meet the super sexy Eddy. Fresh from a holiday to Thailand, Eddy just couldn’t wait to come and show off his tropical tan, and his oh-so-fit body! A youngster at only 19 and a complete newbie to modelling, Eddy couldn’t think of anyplace he would rather make his debut performance than here at BLAKEMASON 😉 Eddy, a true amateur sure gave a first time performance to be proud of!
To say Eddy was a little nervous would be an understatement, so we let him take his time, calm down, and once ready he stepped out the shower to show us what he is made of. So not to knock him off his stride, we saved the chat until after, so Eddy towels off, picks a comfy spot on the bed, and sets about his debut jerk-off…
His hands find his cock straight away, and he begins wrestling with it, while playing with his balls, and softly tickling his hole. Soon his member is standing proud, and in need of attention. He soaks himself in lube, and slowly jerks his cock. His nerves ebb away, and Eddy is soon giving powerful strokes, humping his hand, and moaning. Knowing he’s not going to last much longer, Eddy lays back, his moans and heavy breathing are incredibly sexual, pushing him closer and closer to the point of no return, before well… in Eddy’s own words, he needed that 🙂

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