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Built from head to toe with hairy muscle and tattoos, Junior Stellano is escaping work with an afternoon jerk. RJ enters and is quickly transformed from co-worker to cocksucker, first working on Junior’s balls and then back to that massive rod. Junior then works his way down RJ’s hairy chest to his cock, taking the whole thing in his mouth. With RJ rock hard, Junior lays him back, licking his lips before diving in and warming up RJ’s hole with his tongue. When he’s finally inside him, Junior fucks like a champ as RJ whines and whimpers like a good bottom.

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Up on top of a tractor, RJ Danvers sets to work on Tristan’s big cock, lubing it and his balls up with saliva while jerking himself off. Tristan gets really worked up by RJ’s hot mouth to the point that he shoves his dick in so rough, it looks like it’ll rip through his cheek. Soon RJ’s hole is loosened up by a giant spanner before he gets his chance to ride on Tristan’s juicy tool.

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We here at HairyBoyz don’t think you could have got a couple more evenly matched than Bruno Bond and Junior Stellano. Both have the most amazing muscled arms, built chests and delicious fur spread across their bodies. Seeing as they’re so similar, it wouldn’t be far unless we let them fuck each other’s asses in this video tosee who was the better top… but you’ll have a hard time deciding who’s better between these experience performers.

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You’re going to be so envious of Colton Steele by the end of this video. Not only does he get pounded by one hairy hunk, but he gets to choose between two furry fuckers to plant their cocks in his hole! He switches rides between the ultra-fuzzy Cole Streets and porn star Tristan Jaxx (could you get a better assortment). This is a furry three-way not to be missed on any account.

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Antonio is nothing if not forward when it comes to approaching guys. Perhaps it’s his donkey dick that gives him the confidence to just come up behind a sexy guy like Xander Solis and just start groping and kissing him. Whatever it is, Xander is certainly happy to get down on his knees and worship Antonio’s monster cock before letting it enter his hole and fuck him deep.

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It’s like Lord of the Flies in this hot threeway video, except the tribe of buff spunks wage war on each other’s asses in the jungle. Jake Deckard takes the lead as alphamale of the group, getting his younger companions to pay their dues on his thick tool before he puts it in their holes. All three guys build up quite a sweat in this outdoor orgy and they make sure the lush surroundings get plenty of nourishment from the fountains of cum they produce.

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Slammed against a wall and handcuffed by Sergeant Scott Tanner, Steve Cruz is put at the mercy of his rough captor, but we all know that’s just how Steve prefers it. He starts by deep-throating Scott’s thick cock before chowing down on his blond, furry butt with equal measure. To cure his insatiable appetite for cock, Scott slams Steve’s ass in a plethora of positions while he cries out “Harder, Harder!” and both boyz leave their cum on Steve’s furry abs.

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Everyone’s favorite furry pocket rocket, Steve Cruz, teams up with tall, muscle dude Max Schulter in this kinky video. Not only do these hot spunks spit beer all over each other, but Max decides to break Steve’s hairy ass in with the bottle. He gets so into having that thing up his hole that he’s virtually unrestrainable when Max finally sticks his cock up there.

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We couldn’t think of a better team-up than Dirk Jager and Remy Delaine. Sporting some great facial hair and a shaved head, Dirk starts by shoving his gorgeous cock down Remy’s throat which he deep-throats to perfection. Dirk’s rock-hard abs look fantastic as he slams his cock up Remy’s hairy hole and Remy moans with satisfaction throughout the whole ass-slamming ordeal.

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Pistol Pete and Bruno start their steamy video by passionately kissing – tongues flying everywhere – and feeling each other’s impressively built bodies. Pete works his way down to Bruno’s big pecs, sucking on his nipples while Bruno cries out in pleasure. Still wearing his leather vest, Bruno then shoves his cock up Pete’s hole, his muscles barely containable beneath his skin as he puts everything into plowing that sweet hole.

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When you have a ripped, hairy body like Michael Soldier, you can afford to boss people round, which is exactly what he does to delivery man Buck Phillips. He throat fucks the hungry cock eater, shoving his big dick in and out with aggressive force and even sticking his fingers down there. A bit later he lubes up his fingers with saliva again and goes exploring in Buck’s hole before inserting his cock in for a hot and heavy ride.

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When sexy, young Jackson Wild asks for a hand from Damien Crosse while undertaking barn duties, we’re not quite sure a good, old fashioned grope was what he had in mind. But he certainly doesn’t seem to be disappointed and is soon deepthroating and gagging on Damien’s uncut cock. His own thick beauty is then given the same treatment before he’s bent over and fucked senseless by his helpful workmate who smokes while slamming ass and leaves a thick load of spunk on his ass.

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Antonio Biaggi well and truly gets a number done on his cock by Dominic ‘The Mouth’ Sol. Dom gobbles every last bit of it, almost worshipping the thick piece of meat with his mouth – and at this size, it deserves all the worshipping it gets. All the while, RJ Danvers jerks his long cock, getting off to the hot oral taking place just next to him. As reward for his unwavering service, Dom’s hole is completely destroyed by his well-hung buddy while RJ blows a load on his face.

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Oh. what it must be like to be deep throated by Damien Crosse. If Francesco D’Macho’s throbbing hard cock and moans are anything to go by, it’s quite the experience you’d imagine. This ridulously hot, hairy couple then get into a 69er, Francesco continuing to throat fuck his furry buddy. Then he burries his thick cock deep in Damien’s hole, inspiring screams of pleasure. They swap positions, Damien then topping the giant muscle hunk before unloading a massive load in his mouth and given some back in return.

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After being spied on by some nosey neighbors, Scott and Manuel are left to enjoy having their cocks sucked by Damian outside of their tent. Scott plays with Manuel’s sexy nipple ring and kisses him passionately while they are being pleasured before Manuel gets down on his knees to take up where Damian left off. In return, he gets his hairy hole rimmed by his friends before having it hammered by his blonde and brunette tops.

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RJ Danvers & Junior Stellano

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